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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 169

Episode 169



[Coco’s special ability: Gift of the Wild is activated.]

[Coco gifts you a portion of the stats of the hunter’s sharp hose.] [

Receive the Gift of the Wild.]

[Intelligence increases

by 2.] Kieeeee Eck!


[Coco’s special ability: Gift of the Wild is activated.]

[Coco gifts you a portion of the stats of Aisa, the fierce prey.] [

Receive the Gift of the Wild.]

[Dexterity increases by 2.]

“Haa… ..”


Over the past few days, Snowfall has been using Coco to expand the scope of her search on the fourth underground level of Alkatron.

‘It’s been three days and there’s still no news.’

At the time of the expedition’s departure, the total number of people reached about 100.

Among so many people, at least one person could have arrived at the 4th basement floor, but there was still no news.

Kang Seol guessed the reason.

‘Something has happened upstairs… or they are reorganizing their battle lines.’

Alkatron was spacious.

It was so vast that it would be appropriate to say it was vast.

It was highly unlikely that the scattered expedition team would regroup and reorganize in such a place.

‘But… the easiest way is to meet on the way downstairs.’

Gather the expedition team from above and head down.

The leaders of the expedition, who experienced the strength of the prisoners, probably judged it that way.

‘If it were me, I would have done the same.’

He actually wanted to head upstairs and join the expedition team.

However, at the moment it was very difficult to join from downstairs to upstairs, so he was doing the best he could.

Hee hee hee…

“Good job Coco.”


Snowfall swept the back of Coco’s neck.

Coco, who seemed like such a gentle dog, was also a predator on the fourth underground level of Alcatron.

“… Has it gotten a little bigger?”

It seems that the snowfall had made Coco gain weight, and Coco’s body was a little bigger than before.

Of course, since Coco can increase or decrease her body size at will, her body size was not that important, but it is true that she probably grew.

‘Because I’ve definitely grown.’

Snowfall’s abilities were now increasing at an incredible rate. It was all thanks to hunting down the prisoners who were literally trapped on the 4th floor underground.

Coco’s special ability called ‘Gift of the Wild’ gave Snowfall the power to grow significantly in a short period of time.

‘And if it were just that, it wouldn’t have grown this much.’

I also steadily increased my skill in cooking monsters.

There was a lot of rare game, so just eating the dishes made with the by-products gave a permanent boost to one’s abilities.

– Abilities are copied!

– ‘Chuck’, who hunts hard, ‘Chuck’, who chooses difficult adventures, gets upset and then just throws it away like a bamboo shoot.

– Snowman is invincible.

– Coco is a god.

– It was a good collaboration. Everyone, please take this and disperse.

‘As a result, Coco is good and I am also good. It’s a win-win.’

The gap in Kangseol’s abilities would probably be extreme even if he were to compete with a fairly high-ranking Jeonja.

‘Wouldn’t it be at least 3 times… no, 4 times?’

This is a situation where Kangseol’s abilities have increased to the extent that he himself expected.


But Kangseol was looking at Coco with an expression of displeasure.

‘To awaken my sense of battle, the best way would be to fight the battle myself.’

Coco’s fighting raises her abilities, but because she does not fight directly with Kangseol, she cannot have experience fighting against strong men.

Snowfall was especially disappointing.

‘But that doesn’t mean I’m playing around either.’

It wasn’t just his cooking skills that improved while he survived on the fourth floor underground for three days.

Hu Woo Woong …

Foodded …

As if the magician pulled out the pigeon from the hat, the dark red energy fled out of his hand and turned into a crow and flew everywhere.

The number was at least 10.

Kangseol has been researching methods and techniques for handling creatures.

Having used its power to the fullest during this expedition to Alkatron, I studied it to see if there was any possibility for further growth, and unexpectedly, positive results came back.

[enlightenment! The creature awakens a new ability.]

[The creature awakens hiding.]


crows disappearing as if swimming in the air.

In an already dark space, the crows, armed with hiding abilities and vision, were no different from stealth reconnaissance planes.

‘I’ll have to think about ways to use it in battle later.’

As I was handling the creature, I felt like my concentration had increased compared to before, so it was still unclear what effect this would have on the battle.

Anyway, there was one thing that Kangseol found out through these crows, and that was that this space was truly enormous.

Tori, an involuntary resident here, also agreed.

“here? huh! It’s incredibly wide. “Maybe it’s much wider than the first basement floor?”

“Is it a structure that gets wider toward the bottom?”

“huh. maybe?”

The first structure that came to mind similar to the Alcatron was the pyramid.

‘It’s better to think of it as a cone. Still, the expansion should be limited… This is severe.’

I wondered if there was such a place for snowfall.

If it weren’t for Tori, there were several times when I would have lost my life.

‘I haven’t been able to relax since I came here.’

It seemed like something had gone wrong with the deal with Frannan.

Something that allows him to get his balance back and go back. Unfortunately, I don’t have any particularly positive thoughts at the moment.

‘There is a high probability that Libra is already dead.’

If he disappeared in such a dangerous place, there was a high probability that he would have died, no matter how great he was.

However, once you step in, you will have to check the lowest level of this place to go back. Tori said that too.

Today’s scheduled patrol time has already passed.

‘Is it almost bedtime? … Nope.’

Whenever I had an uncomfortable sleep here, I always had strange dreams.

In my dream, someone inside the tent spoke to me.

– ….

Because it was a strange and unique language, I asked Karen and Karuna exactly what I heard after waking up, but it was a language they did not know either.

“But today’s patrol progressed a little.”

Today I found out where the door to the 3rd floor was. But I couldn’t get close to it.

Because there were too many prisoners wandering around there.

This was the biggest reason why Kang Seol could not join the people upstairs.

‘First of all, starting tomorrow, we will gradually lure in prisoners to reduce the number.’

No matter how much time it took, Snowfall was going to do it.

* * *

The man, leaning against the wall, clutching his bleeding abdomen, looked at the troll and the woman and asked.

“You… what are you?”

“It’s a passing expedition.”

Mael answered the man’s question.

“Why are you just passing by? You left the injured person alone…”

“I did that because I didn’t think he would get angry if I helped him first because he hadn’t been asked yet.”

“Who gets so angry… ugh… keuugh…”

The man grunted and gritted his teeth in exasperation.

The man’s identity was Cheolsaja Daeju.

Mael said to Chameli next to him.

“Look at that, weren’t we right?”

“That’s right… The Iron Lion I know wasn’t this kind of person…”

The Iron Lion said, frowning at Chameli’s words.

“I hope the parish priest comes to his senses. Trolls are the enemies of man! These are the ones who will lose their reason and devour us humans at any time. “I guarantee it!”

“The Iron Lion is a prejudiced person. “That is excessive anxiety and delusion.”

“Ha… prejudice?”


The wire lion growled.

“If believing what you have experienced is prejudice, then I will live my whole life obsessed with prejudice!”

“What… what did you experience…?”

“My family… was all eaten by trolls.”


“My father was a peddler and was resourceful enough to deal with troll tribes on the border. And that resourcefulness ultimately caught up with our family.”

“No way…”

“The tribe you were trading with captured me and my family and took not only our goods but also our lives. I was the only one who desperately escaped and survived until now. Do you understand now? “Trolls… that’s what trolls are.”

At that time, Mael slowly approached the iron lion, making a sound like an animal would make.


“Ma Mael?”


“Look at that! He eventually shows his true colors…”


Mael said, sticking his finger into his mouth.

“Something got stuck in this for a while. Oh Wang Geon. There you go. It’s gone now. “Is this why tusks are so uncomfortable?”

“Mael… you were surprised.”

“Haha, I’ll tell you in advance so you won’t be surprised in the future.”

“Don’t be deceived, Bishop! “That guy…”

Mael put his face in front of the glowing iron lion’s face.

“Make no mistake human. “I don’t care if you hate our people, but please don’t force it on others.”


“Just as priests and bandits are not on the same scale, neither are we trolls.”


Mael attached something to the iron lion’s abdomen making a sound.

“Ugh! What are you doing….”

“I used medicinal herbs that work well. However, since it is a type of poisonous plant, you can sleep for a while and then wake up. “Please ease your anger.”



The iron lion’s eyes closed.

Mael lifted him up and carried him.

“Let’s go.”

Buk… Buk…

It wasn’t long before they were able to find the entrance leading down.

“You’re late.”

“Mr. Frannan? And Yofimba….”

“We are too.”

A space that quickly becomes crowded.

Nearly forty people were gathered here.

“Looks like you guys are the last. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“How long have you been waiting here?”

“Ten days.”


“At least the 3rd basement floor didn’t pull any weird pranks, so if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t have been able to gather here. But… didn’t you guys come too?”

“Who… ah!”

Frannan asked, his expression hardening.

“My student.”

“… Mr. Frannan. “I have something to tell you.”

Mael relayed to him what he experienced on the second basement floor.

“what? That earthquake at that time threw my student into that black abyss? Puhahaha!”

“Yes, it’s unfortunate, but it’s true.”

“It’s okay, you’ll be alive.”


“You know him too, right? “More vitality than that cockroach.”

Mael chuckled.

“you’re right. Me too…”

“Hey my friend! “Are you here?”


Jofimba, a dwarf with dull skin, toddled over and held Mael’s hand.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so tired of discussing with people who are ignorant of archeology. Mael, thank you for being alive.”

“That’s me.”

“I will generously provide you with the facts and possible inferences I have uncovered here!”

“Good! “How wonderful!”

“We are now in a very great space!”

Frannan noticed.

“Hey you guys. Be careful. “Many people died.”


“That’s right.”

Forty people. The number was less than half of the number of people at departure.

But it was still too early to give up.

There was blood in everyone’s eyes.

A pupil where despair and madness coexist at the same time. They headed downward.

“It’s a little late, but let’s go down.”

“depart! As everyone knows, the further down you go, the more dangerous it becomes! Trust your colleagues and stick close to them! “If you fail… you die.”

Low… low…

The energy gets darker as you go down.

“This is… Magi.”

“It’s a space I can’t understand at all.”

“If we even take the records of this place outside, the world will turn upside down.”

“Haha, well… we can just go outside…”

Frannan’s expression hardened.


“Get ready!”

Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssszt for

who who who who where where where it her it It was her who was herding she she her her she her her her She She her She She her she or or or or her her it it it it it


It was a very large snake.

A monster whose outline alone is enough to terrify the party. The energy I felt was also unusual.

Such a huge monster was rushing towards them at very high speed.

“Damn it…another monster I’ve never heard of. “As soon as I arrived, I was given a grand welcome.”

“It’s not just one guy… It’s not just that guy, there are two more.”

“It’s running this way. “Do they recognize us?”

“Everyone gave up the fight…”

“Oh my! Everyone run away! “They are running away!”

“escape? Running away? What are you saying…”

“Go back upstairs!” “Something… something is coming!”


Something flashed and a scream was heard.


Whoa whoa….

“Two guys have already been hit! “If the monsters are defeated, we are next!”


The giant snake that scared the expedition was eventually caught up by an unidentified black creature coming from behind.




Pieces of meat were instantly torn to shreds and fluttering in all directions.

Frannan decided.

The moment you show your back like this, the expedition team will be annihilated.

“… It’s already late. Everyone go up.”

“Mr. Frannan!”

“I will buy time. First of all…”

Then a voice came from the darkness.

“This voice… is it Frannan?”

“Oh my… this voice… you! It’s alive! “Hurry and escape this way!”


What appeared was snowfall.

Even though I stayed on the 4th floor underground, the smell of meat permeated my body, as if I had eaten well and lived well. The hair is also so shiny.

Kang Seol asked, tilting his head as if puzzled.


“We have to go back up! When he’s finished eating…”


A black and thick creature came right in front of Frannan’s nose at some point.

“… We will be next.”

“What’s next? There is no next time.”

Kang Seol stepped forward and held out his hand.

“Coco, come here.”

“What are you…”



The large wolf slowly shrunk down to a size slightly larger than a human.

“…is this your doing?”

“Yes, we have just finished clearing out the prisoners at the entrance. What about other people? “Are you sure you came alone?”

A mixture of shouting and mournful crying could be heard from behind.

“I can’t allow the Holy Highness to die in a place like this!”

“Alone to sacrifice for us….”

“If we’re going to die, we’re all going to die together! “I told you not to fall!”

The expedition team that had been running away with their eyebrows fluttering was all coming back as if they thought this was not the case.

Frannan said to Kang Seol.

“Did you hear? Just let me take care of it.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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