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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 173

Chapter 173:

Kang Seol felt the deadly force from Bornuil that seemed to penetrate deep into the skin.

‘Is this… possible?’

This kind of death was something that could only be experienced not by humans, but by monsters or demons.

‘Libra was under mental control? Or rather… Then what is that guy?’

An evil in the form of Borneuil answered his question.

“My name is Ur. “Have you ever heard of it?”

Frannan tilted his head.

“at all.”

“I see…how much time has passed?”

“Tell me, where are you and what have you been doing?”

Bornouil’s mouth was torn open.

“I am… a root.”


Hearing that, Kang Seol and Frannan’s complexions turned pale at the same time.

Bornouil realized that the other person had noticed what he was saying.

“Yes, those trees inside you. “It came from me.”

Kang Seol was inwardly astonished right now.

‘What this person is talking about is… the ability tree!’

That tree, also known as the skill tree.

Each person’s tree has a different shape, and its branches bear fruit to produce the fruits of one’s abilities.

‘Wasn’t the ability tree just born?’

So why did Kang Seol, who prides himself on having a thorough understanding of Pandea, know nothing about this?

A man named Ur said.

“I am the flame given to humans and the first mage.”

“The first… mage? “A mage?”

“… Don’t you know the magic?”

“You know if it’s magic.”

“Hmm… then at most it would have amounted to theft.”

“Hehehe… Hey, we don’t even want to know if you’re the first or a magician or something. “The only thing I’m curious about is why did they pierce poor Bornouil and steal his body?”

Ur answered Frannan’s questions quite sincerely.

“I woke up from a long sleep. “I felt that all the chains that bound me were loosened, and soon my consciousness was located where it is now.”

“So you’ve been asleep this whole time. So you took Libra’s body to get revenge on those who imprisoned you?”

“Yes. However, after looking back on this person’s memories, I fell into great confusion.”

“Bornouil’s… memories?”

“Yes. “Do you remember the name Cron?”

The expedition team’s faces hardened grimly.

“Cron? “This is my first time hearing something like that.”

“I see… This person’s memory was correct. “Is Cron… destroyed?”

“Hey, anyway, shouldn’t Cron or whatever just disappear?”

“Revenge was my biggest driving force, but it wasn’t everything.”

“Then what is the force that moves you now?”

Ur said.



“I will go out into the world again and absorb all the knowledge of the new world.”

“… and?”

Ur, in the form of Bornuil, revealed his true colors.

“Based on that knowledge, we will rule over all life.”

“… you’re crazy.”

“I’m just saying I can do it because I can.”

But at that moment, the voice of Bornouil the scale came out of Bornouil’s mouth instead of Ur’s voice.

“Frannon. “Are you leading all these people… to look for me?”

“Bornouil? Are you still okay?”

“Don’t worry about me. Rather, this person… must be stopped here.”

The gentle voice of Libra Bornuil, very different from before, enveloped the expedition team.

“This man is the worst and the worst. “I caught a glimpse of his image, but there was only endless darkness.”

“You give me homework until the very end.”

“… The fact that you, and not another Aspect, came here means that perhaps there is still hope.”


“Frannan, you are the only magician among the castles who is as dedicated as me.”

Frannan closed his eyes.

Memories of Bornouil teaching him in the past came back.

– Balance is embedded in all of Libra’s teachings. You have to realize that.

“Libra, then, I will consider this greeting to be the last. “Do you have any advice?”

“Do your best from the beginning. Like a wizard.”


Frannan laughed.

Bornouil said after seeing that smile.

“From now on, please do your best to… kill me.”

“… I’d be happy to do that.”


Bornouil’s voice disappeared like a spark. And then Ur appeared again.

“I’m going to suggest something annoying to you guys.”


“Is there anyone who will join me to open a new world?”

At that moment, a choice appeared in Kang Seol’s eyes. A very troublesome choice that is different from the usual one.

[Crossroads of life and death! In the depths of the Demon Lord Alkatron, you encountered Ur, who claimed to be the first mage. Ur offers you to follow him. What would you do?]

1. Follow Ur’s suggestion.

2. Change the conditions.

3. Persuade Ur.

4. [Danger: Death] Confront Ur.

Snowfall looked around at the faces of the expedition team.


Their tense faces made Kang Seol’s heart pound.


Snowfall, Iron Lion, and Frannan stood at the front.

“I don’t have time to explain to everyone, so I’ll just hit you in the head.”


[Frannon uses a quick lecture.]

[Communicates the intention to the target.]


Like lightning, an intention was conveyed to everyone’s mind.

“Especially my disciple. Your role is important. “I’ll take care of it here, so preserve your strength as much as possible.”

Frannan’s plan burrowed into his mind.

Kang Seol nodded and said.

“All right.”

Frannan smiled trustingly and walked slightly forward.

“Hey, my first friend. “Do you know the devil?”

“It’s a residue created from a combination of magic and malice. “Aren’t they trash at best?”

A sound came from the lantern that Snowfall was holding.



Frannan agreed.

“Yes, I thought so too. “At first.”

“… Initially? “Are you saying it’s different now?”

“Everything exists for a reason. The same goes for demonic spirits. “I once had a big fight with Bornuil, but it was because of the demonic research I was doing.”

“That’s fun. so?”

“Bornouil disapproved of my research. Because demons are dangerous beings. However, its power could never be denied. “I told him that I would stop my research on demonic spirits here.”

Frannan hums. He took out a pair of gloves from his pocket.

“Of course that was a lie. Research continued. And it was finally completed. Hey Bornouil, I don’t know if you’re listening right now.”

Frannan opened his palms.

There was a closed eye on each palm.

“Say hello. “It’s called teeth grinding and snoring.”

“What about demonic spirits?”

“After completing these two guys, I…”

Frannan smiled an eerie smile.

“Stronger than Bornuil.”


“This technique is activated when you clap your hands after explaining the principle to the opponent. “Is it easy?”

Frannan looked back at the expedition team and nodded.



The expedition’s formation instantly changed to surround Ur.

Thanks to the magic of Frannan’s quick lectures, everyone moves according to plan as one body.

“These guys really hate waking up. “I usually just sleep, but the moment I wake up, I hate the person I see for the first time like I’m going to kill them.”

“… so?”

“The person who is hated is exposed to the gaze. Not only for my teeth grinding and snoring, but also for other people’s gazes as well. The target’s magical power steadily decreases as it is exposed to gaze. And the moment the target’s magic power becomes equal to my magic power.”

Ur glared at Frannan.

“The subject dies. Well, it’s morning. Teeth grinding and snoring! “Get to work, you lazy b*stards!”


When Frannan clapped his hands, the eyeballs in his heart woke up.

【Who is it?】

【Who is it?】

Then I looked at Ur.

【Is it you?】

【Is it you?】

‘For now, do as he says.’

Since Coco was not someone who could move in detail, she was left to her own devices, and Kang Seol moved according to Frannan’s plan.

Frannan’s plan was simple.

‘Don’t miss it and look at Ur.’

It was a much simpler spell than fighting and beating him down.

Jiying –

[Ur: Bornuil uses divine power blockade.]

[Holy power cannot be used within a certain range.]

According to the information given by Frannan, Bornuil’s magic during his lifetime was mainly the ability to control space. Among them, it was said that the ability to block the source is a strength.

‘I said no one would be able to use the ability if I went later. First of all, it’s Chameli and the pilgrims.’

Ur waved his hand.

[Ur: Bornuil uses Sludge.]

[Gives a 50% movement speed reduction to targets within a certain range.]

Frannon counters this.



[Frannon uses Magic Circle: Magic Crushing.]

[Invalidates the low-level magic cast by the target.]


“5 minutes left! Everyone, keep your eyes on him!”


Ur snorted and used magic again.

[Ur: Bornuil uses a sandstorm.]

[Targets within the range have limited field of vision and take continuous damage.]


A sandstorm suddenly formed in the center of the fight.

Ur was planning to prepare another magic while avoiding the gaze of others.

“That’s a good idea!”

Frannan prepared another spell.

[Frannan uses high-level magic circle: magic imitation.]

[Imitates a mid-level or lower level magic cast by the target.]


A sandstorm that Frannan also summoned. Dragon Fist Winds of the same size were entangled with each other.


A strong wind blew so that everyone within the radius could not even open their eyes.

“Ugh… I can’t open my eyes…”


“Okay! “I’m keeping an eye on you!”

Ur laughed.

“Are you okay? “For me, I’m just grateful.”

At that time, Coco jumped towards Ur. Coco, who had wild instincts, sensed Ur’s weaknesses.


“no! Coco!”

A spell with a different feel from ordinary words flowed from Ur’s mouth.

〔You fly.〕


‘This feeling…’

– This… is an expression. Just now, a small amount of magic has been drained.

I felt a similar energy to the words used in Alkatron’s lighting system.

However, now this energy has been greatly amplified to the point where it cannot be compared to the energy from before.



Coco, a monster of the highest level, was unable to use any strength and fell backwards.

It seemed like there was a physical shock as he rolled around on the ground.

‘Monster b*stard…’


But Ur wasn’t alright either. He said, wiping his nosebleed.

“… It’s an old man’s body, so it has its limits. Is it just once in the future? “What happened?”

Ur grinned.

“Now I see there was a plan. Where!”

Magic bullets poured out from Ur’s hands.

Papak! Pop!


Something soggy crashed in front of Ur after being hit by a magic bullet.

“Creature… When did you summon it and hide it? “Who did it?”

“ha ha ha! Looks like my disciple got caught! “Hide it better!”

Kang Seol gritted his teeth.

Frannan’s original plan was to use the expedition’s eyes to chase Ur, but due to Ur’s interference, it was not as easy as expected.

Meanwhile, the crows that Kang Seol had secretly released helped Frannan with his technique on behalf of the expedition team, which had limited visibility.

Frannan, who realized this, counterattacked and created another sandstorm, causing Ur to notice the snowfall crows too late.

Frannan laughed. Because it took quite a bit of time thanks to snowfall.

“There is now one minute left. “If you can’t avoid our eyes, you’ll die in a moment!”

“That’s very kind.”


[Ur: Bornuil uses summon blockade.]

[Summoning cannot be used within a certain range.]

[Passive: Blood and blood are activated.]

[Summoning of beings connected by blood is not interrupted.]


As the crows released by Snowfall flew through the air unharmed despite Ur’s blockade magic, his face turned pale.

“Hmm… isn’t he just an ordinary guy? Annoying….”


[Ur: Bornuil uses chain bombing.]

[It hits all beings that are the same as the target hit by the bombing.]




When one crow was hit by Ur’s bombardment, all the crows exploded at the same time.


Snowfall screamed and staggered in shock.

“There you are! “I have to kill you first!”

[Ur: Bornuil uses a rotating stake.]

[Shocks the target and penetrates for the remaining damage to hit another target.]


A rock spear was formed and shot at Snowfall.

At that time, everyone around Kangseol jumped in front of him.

“Stop it!”

“Heavenly ….”

Chijiji support …

Nearly 10 people gathered at the same time to protect the snow. The rock spear could not pierce them.

“… I hate this about humans. This is also their strength…”

Ur laughed strangely.

“It’s also a weakness.”

“What do you mean?”

“Wizard, I watched carefully. However, humans cannot move forward because they trust each other.”

“… what?”

“I have already figured out your abilities. Surely… my old body wouldn’t be able to withstand such a demonic attack. “If the magic power is disconnected, you won’t be able to use it for a while, right?”

“How did you know that?”

“Because I am the devil. Now, let me stop your futile resistance.”

What Ur said out of his mouth were words.

And what it contains is a spell that will make all the efforts the expedition team has made so far go to waste.

〔Everyone close your eyes.〕

“Oh no!”

“If you close your eyes…”

But there was no one who could resist that. Even snowfall.

‘Damn… If this happens, there’s no choice…’

The only option left is for Kang Seol to hit with all his might.


But after a while, everyone opened their eyes at the same time and a strange scene unfolded.



The demonic spirit that escaped from both of Frannan’s palms was tightly gripping Ur’s body except for his head.

“Why are you doing this?”

Kangseol turned his eyes to Frannan.

‘How did the spell activate?’

Everyone closed their eyes due to Ur’s words, including Frannan, but somehow the spell was successfully activated.

Kang Seol soon learned the reason.

“I can’t believe it…”

One of Frannan’s eyeballs came out and was floating in the air.

And blood was flowing from one of Frannan’s closed eyes.

“Because he’s a wizard. “My motto is to do my best from the beginning.”

“… Right. “You didn’t trust other humans.”

“I believed it. Instead, he trusted me more.”

“… Right.”

Quad deud deuk!

Snoring and gnashing of teeth tore through Ur’s body.

“Isn’t this a high level of theft?”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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