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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 175

Chapter 175:

Assuming that Libra Bornuil’s combat power is classified into monster grades, his power will at least reach the transcendence grade.

This six-armed monster must have been at the transcendental level when it was alive.

‘A being who can handle transcendent level monsters at will…’

Before coming to Alcatron, Kangseol had never seen a transcendent level being except for Jamard.

However, this was already the third time in Alcatron alone.

‘… Coco Thump and even that muscular monster that looks like Gaugoku or something.’

In addition, Ur, the owner of the solitary confinement cell, treats them with contempt.

Even after becoming a Shenzian, Ur’s level was not visible.

‘What the hell are you…’


Ur must have gradually adapted to Kangseol’s movements and was barely able to block Kangseol’s fist.

“How did you gain strength at such a young age… How are you…”

Ur’s thoughts on dealing with Kang Seol were not much different. He too could not hide his astonishment at Kang Seol’s skills.


Taking advantage of the moment when Karen was caught off guard, a diagonal slash was aimed at Ur’s lower body.



“It’s a strange power. “Both of you.”

After blocking Karen’s slash, Ur said while looking at the twin knights.

“It’s not an ordinary shadow… The more I look at it, the more things there are that I don’t understand. Is it because the world has changed? Or are you special beings? I don’t know…”

The twin knights did not answer Ur’s question and continued their onslaught.



Perhaps thanks to their increased abilities in the Land of Plenty, the twin knights’ attacks were enough to draw Ur’s attention, even if they were not effective hits.




“Is this a mockery?”

Karen gritted her teeth and answered Ur.

“no way! Pure admiration! But… the power is suppressed.”

“… what?”

At best, there was only a brief conflict, but Ur accurately noticed the twin knights’ peculiarity.

“Nothing to be surprised. Ur is the teacher of everything in the world. How do you feel? “Let me serve you.”

Karuna, who could not bear to see Ur’s atrocities, answered on his behalf.

“The life I have regained has only one path.”

“I liked it for a long time, but…”



Ur is not intimidated by one-on-many attacks and gradually fights as an equal.

He said with a grin.

“There is only one word that can be used in this body. Where… how should I use it?”

After thinking for a moment, Ur issued a command.

〔Break down.〕

Kang Seol tried to prepare for the words Ur had uttered, but felt no response.


“Hmm… Maybe it’s because it’s poor magic power, but it’s slow to activate. “What happened?”

Confident Ur. But there was something even he didn’t expect.


A black object rose from the ground.

“hmm? “When was your guy here?”

Coco managed to penetrate into the snowy shadow space before Ur’s ability was activated. It was thanks to Coco’s power of shadow affinity.


Dark red flames were gathering in Coco’s mouth.

[Coco uses special ability: Flames of Purgatory.]


A huge fire poured down on Ur.



A dark flame that threatened to melt everything continued to sweep around Ur.


The heat was so strong that even Snow Seol was unable to intervene and was looking for an opportunity.

‘How on earth did they become so stubborn?’

The body occupied by Ur was able to withstand the fire without difficulty, perhaps because it had excellent elemental resistance.

Kujik… Kujijik…

We slowly advanced towards Coco, wading through the rumbling flames. Every time he moved, the ground caved under enormous pressure.



Ur suddenly stopped walking and looked back.


[Karen uses the flower of fire.]

[Absorbs heat within a certain radius.]

[The range of all fire attacks increases by 100%.]

[All damage received while spinning is reduced by 50. % decrease.]

[Deliveries 360% damage per rotation.]

[Rotates 35 times.]

Purgatory flames were passing through Ur and being absorbed into Karen.


Ur spread his arms wide, trying to block Coco’s fire with one side and prepare for Karen’s attack with the other.



[Karen uses Season: Sunset Drawing.]

[All the heat is put into a slash.]

[The heat deals 150% of the normal damage.]


Urdu probably didn’t know that Karen’s attack would unleash this level of power, so he suddenly turned his body and pointed both arms towards Karen.

However, the response was a bit late.





’s two left arms were completely cut off.

It seemed like the slash itself had taken a bigger toll than the fire.

[Land of Abundance is activated.]

[Karen has acquired the clue to the flames of Purgatory.]


Kang Seol decided to continue this momentum.



[Switches to fire and lightning stance.]

[All attacks cause flames.]

[An explosion occurs at the point of impact.]

[Thunderbolt spreads at the point of impact.]

[Continuous: Moving flames is applied.]

[Continued: Heat and warmth are applied.]

[Continued: Tingling is applied.]

Ur is shocked to see the snowfall changing momentum once again.







Ur flies up to the curtain that separates the expedition from the snowfall.


He hit the barrier loudly.

A truly overwhelming gap.

The twin knights who are knocking on the threshold of transcendence, Coco who is transcendental, and even Snow Seol who has fused with transcendental.

No matter how much Ur has power beyond the transcendental level, his original body is bound in chains.

It must be said that it is amazing that he has survived this close combat with snowfall with a body he is not used to.

But now that too is slowly starting to come to an end.


” “Don’t you have the strength to talk anymore?”

“Tsk… Tsk….”

“… Why are you laughing?”

“Because I look forward to your despair that will come later.”


“Hey summoner. As I bumped into you, I felt something. And what I feel will be my weapon to ensure your defeat.”

Ur is making noises that are completely incomprehensible.

He was still confident even though he was being beaten badly.

Snowfall was both unsettling and repulsive at the same time.

‘I think I’ve dragged it out enough to take time…’

If I were not careful, I could have given Ur time to recover.

At a time when my source power was slowly depleting, I couldn’t take such an adventure.



Kang Seol didn’t use an iron fist because he was worried that there might be some hidden trap that he didn’t know about.


[Karuna enters the Wolgwang Festival (月 天 天) three stages of





Ur got up and headed towards Kangseol.

Snowfall had no intention of avoiding the fight, so she even mobilized the twin knights and Coco to fight against Ur.

[Karuna uses the Moonlight Clash.]

[Karen uses the Red Lotus Clash.]


Ur falls down with the same momentum as he was running.

He plummeted to the floor miserably.

“Haha… I don’t like a body that can’t use magic either.”

“It’s over.”

“No, let’s enjoy it a little more. “Summoner.”

Ur’s body was almost cut into pieces.

He was only breathing lightly and it seemed like it would end soon.

He spoke his last words in a dying voice.

“Summoner… That thing will break soon….”


[Ur: Gaugoku has been defeated.]


The barrier that Ur had created soon disappeared.

The expedition shouted.

“I won! “I won!”

“You tough b*stard!”

“You’re definitely dead this time, right?”

Frannan approached the dead Ur and checked the body.

“I’m sure, he’s definitely dead this time too. I never thought I would actually win by clashing with my bare body. You monster…”


“So now we just have to wait for the seal?”

Snowfall glanced at the delighted expedition team and approached Frannan.

“What happened to you, Frannan?”

“Look up.”


Snowfall looked up at the ceiling.

As expected, sentences that appeared to be words were embroidered on the ceiling.

A warm energy came over my body due to the influence of the blessing activated by Chameli.

Kang Seol stared at the words in silence.

‘It looks… familiar. That sentence. I remember seeing this somewhere…’

But at this time, Kang Seol was tilting his head and thinking deeply. Suddenly, a scream came from the expedition camp.


“damn! no!”

Frannan and Kang Seol ran to them.

“Is there a problem?”

“That’s it…”

Mael showed a limp Kiki with a miserable expression.

“Kiki… died.”

“… why?”

Dead Kiki had blood dripping from her nose, ears, and eyes.

“Perhaps… an overload occurred during the interpretation process…”

“Then what happens?”

“It will be okay for now since Ur is dead, but he will definitely be resurrected someday, so hurry up and find other addicts of the Relic Society…”

At that time, Mael’s expression, which was naturally speaking, suddenly hardened.


“Why are you doing that?”

Mael pointed to Snowfall’s waist with his finger.

“Belt… since when did it start like this?”

“waist belt?”

For a moment, Kangseol looked down at the universe that was his belt. There was a large crack in the belt.

“Since when…”

Snowfall never gave any special impact to the belt. It was the same even when there was an all-out war against Ur.

‘Why… no, really?’

A memory passes through his mind.

– [Break down.]

“Is it really that time?”

Damn it…

His belt seems to be falling into pieces at this moment.

[Unexalted: All durability of the universe has been consumed.]

[Unexalted: The universe is destroyed.]

[Achieve the special achievement ‘If it falls into your hands, there will be nothing left.’]

[Obtain the special title “Nephew.”]


A huge amount of energy began to be released from space.

People were swaying as if a storm had occurred in the hall.

“Ugh…what on earth….”

“Huh, something came out of my belt.”

Kangseol sensed that the universe was damaged and what had been sleeping inside it came out.

He remembered what Blaine had told him a long time ago.

– This item is dangerous.

I probably said this.

– When the balance is broken, the individual powers of the spirits may slowly merge into one.


A huge black spirit had awakened and was looking down at the snowfall.


The black spirit replied with a grin.

“I’m disappointed. “I can’t believe you didn’t recognize me even though we broke up for a while.”

“You… really?”

The black spirit with his arms crossed laughed as if he was going to fall back.

“Kahahahahahaha! “Did you enjoy your brief victory, summoner?”


“How could Ur, the sorcerer, subdue you in a barbaric fight? “If I were to make you submit, it would have to be this power.”


[Ur: Shays uses an air explosion.]

[The air explodes and pushes everyone away.]




The entire expedition team suddenly fell in all directions.

The same goes for snowfall. There were also people who had


and bleeding from their ears.

“I can’t hear anything!”

“What is that…?”


[Ur: Shays uses the cutting wind.]

[The cutting wind swirls.]



The cold wind that came out from Ur’s fingertips shattered the black stakes of the snowfall.

[The Land of Abundance disappears.]

“This overflowing magical power… It’s my first time using the elemental body as my main weapon, but it’s much better.”

“… Were you targeting my belt from the beginning?”

“Yes, I guess spirits, which are a bundle of pure power, are more appetizing than humans. “Have you been fooled?”

“Damn it….”

“Stop resisting. At best, humans cannot defeat me…”

At that time, Coco, who was looking for an opportunity, rushed at Ur, who had become a spirit.

“no! Coco!”

“This is why things that do not work are ….”


Ur: Shaze uses black awl.



Kangseol opened his eyes.

Although it was a relationship of being used and being taken advantage of, Coco faithfully performed her duties.

While he was even thinking about getting Coco later when everything was over, Coco passed away.

[The helper ‘Starving Coco’ has died.]

[The helper will not appear in future adventures.]

[Starving Coco leaves a trace.]

“This b*stard….”


A shadowy hand sprouted up around Kang Seol’s right arm.


〔Fly away.〕


Snowfall flew backwards and rolled around several times before finally coming to a halt.


Even bright red blood vomited from his mouth.

Due to the sudden pressure, Kangseol was stretched wide and could not move his body.

“Perhaps because it is a spirit form, the burden of words is on the enemy. hmm? “You’re doing something pretty clever here.”

Ur laughed as the ceiling was brightly lit.

“Do you think that something that doesn’t even know when Kagon existed can interpret the words that are the essence of Kagon’s magic?”



The expedition team was in despair.

The power felt from Ur now was much stronger than before.

“Are we all going to die like this?…”

“I don’t want to die…”

While everyone was shaking in fear, Kang Seol moved his eyes.

This was a possible action because Ur was intoxicated with victory.

‘Are you sure! I… definitely know that sentence.’

For some reason, it wasn’t important to him right now. Being able to interpret a sentence and spit it out.

At this moment, that was the only thing that mattered.

“Haha… this… will be annihilation.”

Kang Seol heard the voice and realized that Frannan was nearby. He also flew all the way here due to the air explosion magic from earlier.

Kang Seol spoke quietly to him.


Frannan also nodded, as if he sensed something strange about Kang Seol, and stood up and shouted.

“Hey there Ur!”

“Why are you doing that?”

“As for the offer I made earlier… do you still accept it?”

“Mr. Frannan! “What does that mean?”

“No! Do not!”

“What are you doing now!”

Since all members of the expedition had come this far, it was safe to say that they had risked everything.

But their leader admits defeat and becomes the enemy’s dog. Moreover, the enemy was an evil that would throw the world into disaster.

“I’m disappointed in you, Frannan.”

“die! “You dirty human being!”

He laughed, as if he was happy for this moment when the crying humans were sobbing in discord.

“Yes… humans are ultimately beings who hate each other. A condensed residue of negative things. “At best, it’s just something like that.”

“Then do you accept me?”


All the insults from the expedition team were poured out at Frannan. Frannan continued speaking without heeding anything.

“I am very useful. “There is still one good demon spirit left.”

“be not interested in.”

“Listen, how unusual this demon spirit is. It’s a magical spirit called Saechimdegi, and it can prevent the target from casting a spell by eating sound. “How is it amazing?”

“Why are you explaining that to me?”

“That’s because I’m going to use it for you.”


Frannan threw something into the air.

“What a prickly pear! “Isn’t he a little noisy?”

A small bead-like object with eyes, nose, and mouth appeared, and when it saw Ur, it shouted.

“It’s so loud!”

Bleep- Ur

shouted something, but his sound was all absorbed by the prickly pear.


Snowfall read the phrase written on the ceiling.

〔We suppress the evil within us with reason, not goodness.〕

When Ur was unable to use magic, he tried to rush to Kang Seol with his flagship.


The expedition team blocked the gap between Snowfall and Ur.

〔The source of all sins.〕

“… It’s okay!”


The prickly rash could no longer be endured and burst out.

But Frannan laughed.

Kang Seol was already completing the last sentence.

[You will never raise your head and see the light again.]

“No! “How could you…”

Kang Seol shouted.

〔Forget it with Alkatron, ur.〕


A huge tremor occurred in the cell on the fifth floor underground.


The letters on the ceiling glowed and a huge chain appeared, snatching the wrist of Ur, who had become a spirit.

“No way!”

[Alkatron restarts.]

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