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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 177

Episode 177

: It was a truly amazing situation.

Only Ur, who took so much effort to seal it, can bring the expedition team back safely.

“Well… what is that…”

“… then what happens?”

The expedition’s agitation came.

Snowfall, Frannan, the few remaining mercenary lords, Chameli, and Mael stepped forward.

Each of them was a representative figure within the expedition team.

Of course, the title of Disciple of the Snowy Aspect weighed a little less than the others, but considering the achievements he made during the expedition, he deserved to be placed at the top.

In any case, they came forward to talk to Ur to sort out the situation or to better understand it.

The Ur in Kiki’s body seemed to have a good idea for a moment after frowning, and twisted its mouth in a mean way and said.

“Ah… I guess I was too hasty. good night! “I will take you out of this pitch-black devil world and send you to a world of brilliant light!”



It was clear to anyone that Ur had a grudge against the expedition team and would not cooperate, but as if something had blown his way, he suddenly came up with a solution.

But after all, Ur was Ur.

“Instead, I will go out into the world with you.”


“Hurry, break the seal and resurrect me. Then Ur will reward your loyalty.”

“This b*stard….”

“Puhahahaha! “What did this monkey just say?”

“You’re probably asking for a back scratch!”

– It runs really well lol

– But you guys… do you have any solutions?

– You’re not just laughing, are you? huh?

Ur’s cheeks were swollen.

It looked like the expression a monkey would make when it was very angry.

“Go Go Yan guys… Hmph!”

Ur crossed his arms and turned back.

“Then I understand that the negotiations have collapsed.”


“If dying here isn’t so bad, there’s no reason not to understand why you rejected my offer. Is it possible that they are not fully aware of their situation? hero? It’s good! “You probably want to be a hero.”

Ur’s words pierced the hearts of the hesitant mercenary lords like a dagger.

“The heroes who sealed Ur, the magic and root! But will future generations even remember your names? There is no way you would know what happened here, much less be curious! Because that’s human! “You selfish people!”

After speaking passionately, Ur seemed satisfied with what he had just said and tried to drive a wedge.

“You will be forgotten here with me! “Forever…”

one of the expedition members said while shuddering.

“I hate poetry…”

From that, the expedition members trembled with anxiety.

“I don’t want to die, Lord.”

“I didn’t even think about dying.”

“Rather than dying, it’s better to talk to Ur a little more…”

“What happens if you break Ur’s seal?”

“Unsealing it and then sealing it again….”

“If we unseal Ur, will there be any way for the world to know that it was we who broke the seal?”

In the end, the conversation continued to a point where it should not have flowed. Ur’s speech seemed to shake people’s hearts.

Frannan said, waving his hands.

“Let’s talk among ourselves.”

“Anyway. “There will be only one answer in the end.”

The actual leadership of the expedition team had separate conversations about the troubling issue.

“He… has made a troublesome deal.”

“If this continues, we will be cornered as he wants.”

“Is there any way to use it to escape without breaking the seal?”

“Wouldn’t it be impossible? As Bornuil said, that guy who entered Kiki’s body has no power right now. “It must have been left in the main body.”


People said, holding their itchy heads.

At that time, someone spoke sadly in a tone of abandon.

“Perhaps… perhaps it would be good for the world for us to be forgotten along with Ur.”

“This is ridiculous! What is that….”

“Then that crazy devil can’t help us with all his sincerity, so what are we going to do after the seal is broken? I’m sure you’re not planning on fighting that demon again, are you?”


“We must not forget. We lost to the author once. If it weren’t for Snowman, he would have been a corpse lying around by now. That devil has a life force tougher than that of a bug. “If it goes out into the world, it will probably cause a lot of trouble.”

Everyone was confused.

If I were to escape from here holding the devil’s hand, I felt like all my efforts so far would have been in vain, and it was extremely unfair to sleep here with the devil.

However, until this moment when everyone was making a fuss, Kang Seol had not said a single word.


Frannan asked him a question while he was thinking deeply. I was hoping that there might be some way for him to seal Ur.

“What are you thinking?”

“Ah… I just had a moment of doubt.”

“So what is the question?”

“If Ur is resurrected, what kind of body will it be?”


“If we have to resurrect him, which body should we resurrect, the original human body or the spirit body?”

Kang Seol’s question was unexpected, but Frannan didn’t bother to ask.

He was a transferor, and perhaps it was natural for him to think about his own safety rather than the world’s fate.

‘Are you planning to resurrect him?…’

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

However, Frannan did not reveal it and told Kang Seol.

“Hmm… Only dregs of magic power remain in my original body. “Maybe he wants to be resurrected as a spirit body?”

“Elemental body… It’s an elemental body…”

“I thought there was some way, but it seems there wasn’t.”

Chameli spoke in a dying voice.

“No matter how much I think about it, I can’t accept that devil’s offer. Like this, we are here….”

“… I think we will be.”


Someone’s voice heard her lament.

It was Kangseol’s voice.

“I think there’s only one way.”

Frannan asked, startled.

“what? how!”

“I… will take the author away.”

Now I finally understand.

Snowfall was planning to turn Ur into a shadow summoner.

“That’s crazy! He’s on a different level from a roaring demon spirit! No matter how much you…”

“Calm down and listen to what I have to say.”

“There’s no need to listen…”

“Mr. Frannan.”


Seeing Kang Seol’s serious face, Frannan had no choice but to surrender in the end.

“Hehe… tell me.”

Frannan calmly listened to Kang Seol’s story. The expedition members also made strange expressions at first, but as they gradually understood the meaning of the snowfall, their expressions became confused.


“Is this… perhaps…”

Kang Seol finished the story.

“However, I am not sure if this is possible, so I would like to ask for your wisdom.”

“Huh… heh… yeah, that could be possible.”

“Mr. Frannan?”

“No, it would be right to focus on the possibility. no! “This may be the only way.”

Mael also nodded.

“It’s one of the principles that make up the world. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to escape. “I just have a few concerns.”


“Snowman, are you okay? Being tied to the author….”

“Because there is no way. And after meeting him once, he will definitely help me on my way.”

Frannan asked playfully.

“What Mael is asking is whether you might be falling for the author’s trick. yes?”

As Mael shrugged, the snowfall shook the lantern.

Grief, who had been quiet in the lamp, was taken aback by the wind.

【It’s shaking, it’s shaking! Is it an earthquake again?】

Frannan said after seeing the scene.

“That won’t happen. However, the chances of him getting over it like we thought are slim. So I was thinking, why not use Bornouil?”

“What about scales?”

“Okay, if the old man made us suffer, he should suffer too.”

Everyone nodded after listening to Frannan’s continued explanation. The plan is now somewhat structured.

The expedition called Kiki from far away.

“Hey Ur!”

“Hmm… have you made up your mind? “There would have been no other choice.”

“We want to talk to Borneuil!”


“To seriously consider your proposal!”

“Hmm… good.”

Kiki’s eyes fluttered and an old man’s voice came out.

“Ohhohoho! “Did you find me?”


Frannan asked Bornouil if they could talk separately.

“Rest assured. Ur is not listening now.”


Frannan explained the plan to Borneuil.

“Oh ho… oh ho… oh hohohohoho!”

After hearing the plan, Bornuil spoke to the expedition team.

“Who came up with this ingenious method?”

“He is my student.”

“Frannan had a hard time taking in any students, but he finally did it. “It’s great!”

“Well… that’s how it happened. If you do it….”

“Willingly! I’m willing to sacrifice my body to make it happen! If this is the only way I can repay you, it’s Borneuil! You can do as much as you want. And… making fun of Ur is also quite fun. Oh hoho….”

After finishing the preparations, I woke up Ur.

Ur asked confidently.


“We will change the conditions.”

“condition? “Let’s hear it somewhere.”

“We cannot break the seal.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s probably a trivial matter.”

“But there is one way to get you out.”

“What is that?”

Snowfall stepped forward.

“Becoming my pet.”

“You’re crazy.”

“This is the only way. “We have no means of breaking your seal.”


Ur was lost in thought for a moment.

‘If only I had gathered my morale properly, I wouldn’t have suffered this humiliation… It’s a summoned beast… It’s fun. Well, if it’s just for a little while, it won’t be that bad.’

After leaving here, kill the summoner and you’re done. All you have to do is gather new strength.

‘I am the root of magic. How dare you try to turn me into a summoned beast?’

Ur gritted his teeth as he looked at the summoner’s shameless face. I also have a pleasant fantasy of seeing that face crumpled miserably.

“good night! “If that’s the case…”

“And there’s one more condition.”

“There are a lot of conditions.”

“The spirit of Bornuil is with us.”

“what? Even this person’s soul?”

“We are the ones who came to save the balance. That was the purpose from the beginning. If he is revived, his soul will be with him.”


I immediately realized what those crying were trying to do.

‘You’re going to use the old man’s soul to control me. They’re such idiots…’

It wasn’t Ur that could fall for such an obvious move. But now I decided to pretend to be fooled by them.

Borneuil actually had nothing to do with him, so it was just a matter of getting rid of him later.

“good night!”

“Abandon your monkey body and return to your spirit body. “The ceremony will take place soon.”


Ur said.

“You won’t say it twice, right?”

“We are risking our lives too, so let’s focus on each other.”

“good night. “You know the process, right?”

“Death is the beginning of a new birth. “Is there anyone who understands it better than me?”


Smoke came out of Kiki’s nose.

It was like a faint haze, seeping into the spirit body of Ur wrapped in the chain of reconciliation.

“Ugh… there’s nothing I can do properly. Hey, I’ve separated the power, so you should be able to summon me at a level similar to yours. Now destroy my core.”

“If I’m sealed, doesn’t that mean I can’t even kill myself?”

“Is Kagon’s seal funny? “Just being able to transfer power and speak in a sealed state is nothing short of a testament to the greatness of Ur.”

“I get it.”

A huge rock stake was picked up by Snowfall and driven into the chest of the restrained Ur.


And then.

As promised in advance, Chameli took action.


[Chameli uses Reminiscence.]

[Target becomes immune to all damage and attacks.]

[Target does not feel pain.]

[Target cannot use all abilities.]

[For a moment . Afterwards, the subject is certain to die.]

“What? “What are you doing…”

Suddenly, Ur trembled and hung his head.

“Ohhohoho! Success! “For now, Ur has been put to rest.”

“Bornouil! There is no time! hurry!”


Bornuil, who had temporarily taken over Ur’s body, began to say something strange.

“I, Ur, will truly serve the Snowman until my last breath, and I will value life. Also, we will not hold any grudges against the expedition team, much less harm their lives. I will stay away from the evil of Ur and stay close to the good, and walk together as my master, the Snowman, leads. If you violate this!”

Ur… no, Bornuil’s eyes shone brilliantly.

“I will repent by disappearing from existence! Ohhohohohoho!”


Ur’s head hung low.

[Ur: Shays has been defeated.]


Snowfall put her hand forward.


Fazzzzzzzzzzzzz! That is!

Black energy swirled around.

The level of snowfall has increased significantly.

However, at that level, Ur will not be able to be harvested as a summon.

‘So I had the power transferred.’

Ur pushed all powers other than the original source into one place.

Because of this, the summoning difficulty has been lowered significantly, reaching a level where Snowfall can summon it.

And the plan was to use the previously transferred power as if it were an explosion to escape the expedition. It was a great fortune for the expedition that Ur was such a transcendental person.


[Successfully summons the sealed shadow of Ur.]

[Attempting transmission.]

[The level of the summoned animal is significantly higher.]

[No power except the source can be transmitted.]

[Magic Path . ) is fully passed on.]

[The Coordinator (Singularity) is activated.]

[Additionally, higher-level abilities are passed on.]

[Solo General is fully passed on.]

Hold on!

A tiny ghost escaped from the pile of chains.


The ghost was wearing handcuffs, and a small chain connected the handcuffs together.

Ur’s eyes sparkled.

He placed his hand on the body of the already dead spirit and spoke.

“First… let’s get out of this damn place.”


[The sealed Ur uses the breath of the whale.]

[Rises with explosive power.]

“Everyone, prepare!”

“Expedition! “Don’t fall!”

Soon they rose with tremendous force, breaking the ceiling of Alkatron.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!




A pillar of light so large that it could be seen from a very far away appeared on the ground.


They instantly rose into the air.

“Outside the bar!”

“It’s dazzling…”

“The sunlight… was it morning?”

“Now wait a minute! “It’s going down!”

“Everyone, don’t let go!”

[Chameli uses Consecration: Glide.]

[Falling speed is greatly reduced.]


“It’s a success!”

“We did it!”

“We survived safely… Ugh….”

The expedition team enjoyed victory before they even set foot on the ground.

Ur laughed at that sight.

He decided that now was the time to make his plans come true.

“Now you… you…”

Tak. Tak…

Everyone was unable to continue crying until the moment they landed on the ground.

After a while he said:

“Why? “Why do I feel like I shouldn’t kill you guys?”

“That’s right… Bornuil made a promise while you were asleep.”

Bornuil’s voice flowed from Ur.

“Ohhohohoho! Ur seemed busy, so I promised on his behalf.”

“You can make as many promises as you want… Wait…”

Ur looked down at his body.

After waiting for a while, Kang Seol spoke to the devastated man.

“A spirit must keep its promise. “It’s one of the world’s strongest rules.”

“Nonsense… How dare you me!”

“If you rebel against me, your existence will disappear this time, Ur.”

Ur shouted at himself as if he was causing a split in his ego.

“You made such a promise!”

“Ohhohohoho! “Did I get fooled?”

The lamp of sorrow approached Ur, who was floating in the air.


Bitan spoke to Ur.

【Hmm… Hmm… You know I’m a senior, right?】

“… What?”

【You know what. Well… Anyway…】

A small demonic spirit whispered into the ear of Ur, the elemental being.

【Let’s corrupt that b*stard together. If you help, we can do it quickly.】


【Do you want some beef jerky? I hid that kid secretly. Hehehe… how do you feel? The severity of the senior.】

“…No, this can’t be like this…”

Leaving Ur alone, who seemed to have lost the will to live, Kangseol checked the abilities of his newly acquired summoned beast.

And I opened my eyes round.


The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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