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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 181

Episode 181:

The energy emanating from the Crown of Order was unusual, but its appearance was rather simple.

Like Son Goku’s long orphan, two decorations reminiscent of Trump’s diamonds appeared in a row in a straight and smooth circle at the very front.

The wizards burst out in bewilderment, forgetting their physical pain.

“That… is the crown of order!”

“Really? “Is this really the crown of order?”

“Are you sure! “I’ve seen it in the data!”

“Is it genuine?”

“You’re offering that as a reward?”

“What kind of activity did you perform within Alkatron? That’s such a waste…”

“More than that, why does Libra have the Crown of Order?”


Snowfall wore the crown of order.

The brief worry I had about what to do if it was stuffy or tight soon disappeared like melting snow.


The coffin began to be engraved on Kangseol’s head like a tattoo, as if it had never existed from the beginning.

Soon the terrible pain came.


“You can at least scream.”

Because of the location, the pain was more bearable than I thought.

“It’s bearable.”

“I guess you’re used to pain.”

People were shocked when the crown of order disappeared and even the traces of the tattoo disappeared.


It was because of the energy that radiated from the snowfall.

‘Is it because I got the qualifications?’

With as many as five Buddhist treasures gathered, there was absolutely no way the person who collected them was an ordinary person.

The fire exudation of the snowfall vibrated and radiated its energy.

“Huh! “What kind of energy is that?”

“It’s a great current! “The Crown of Order has this much power?”

“No, I don’t think that’s right? “That young man seems unusual.”

“Hoo… interesting.”


The energy that Kangseol gave off for a moment soon disappeared and he soon returned to being a young man with an ordinary appearance.

“It’s not enough, but I hope this item will be helpful on your path.”

“thank you.”


Zec –

A proof plaque with a scale symbol engraved on it.

[Obtain an honorary scale plaque.]

[The balance magic tower proves your identity on your behalf.]

“This might be helpful sometimes.”


The appointment ceremony ended with the awarding of awards to Kang Seol.

Because it was so busy, some people went straight back, but many people still stayed in the hall and enjoyed the afterglow.

“Hahaha! “Is it that young man?”

A man wearing a sign of Taurus came closer to Kang Seol.

“Hmm… I can feel the strong spirit in my heart! I can feel this hacket!”

A robe densely packed with muscle.

It seemed like it would be a bit of a collapse to call this man a wizard.

“Mr. Hackett, why would you say something like that in someone else’s body when no one would believe you even if you said it in your own person?”

An androgynous man wearing a woman’s pattern appeared and stopped the muscular man.

“Huh hum! Spirit can be felt no matter how far away. So, how far is the magic?”

– That’s…

– The shadow hand!

– also?

– So many shadow hands!

“Seup… They say you are Libra’s disciple, but too much interest in them can offend Libra.”

“Achacha! I didn’t think of that! Among all the troublesome tower owners, I met someone I wanted to be friends with, but I can’t leave a bad first impression.”

Great people appeared here and there.

“Nice to meet you, I am Tilond, the Aspect of the Crab. Let’s hear it…”

“It’s the Lion Aspect Streak. Feel free to call me Streak.”

People who pretended to know Kang Seol continued to appear, perhaps because they were interested in the energy he gave off on the stage or in his footsteps.

Among them were a scorpion and a sheep, which attracted attention with their noisy behavior before the start of the installation ceremony.

“It’s funny. It feels like I’ve been dragged in as an experiment. yes?”

A scorpion spoke to Kang Seol.

“… yes?”

A wizard who seemed to be serving Scorpion whispered to him.

“Johnny, it seems like your partner’s ability to empathize is lacking. “Rather than subtly sympathizing, let’s go a little more naturally.”

“… you know your voice is pretty loud right now, right?”


A scorpion accompanied by an acolyte wizard who looked quite shabby pointed to Snowfall and spoke.

“Libra has many blessings. Can’t we find this quick guy? “The guys who are in the top class now are all just flopping, but their talent is not good at all.”

The acolyte wizard whispered loudly again.

“Well… the budget… we don’t have as much of a budget as Libra, who is a regular protagonist of the kingdom’s projects…”

This time, Scorpion Jone seemed to be puzzled as well, so he asked without raising a loud voice.

“what? “No… the budget is that low?”

“We need to conduct proper research to receive research funds, but we always…”

“Stop! Don’t give away too much inside information! And your voice is loud!”


Meanwhile, Yang Santio put his nose to Snowfall’s head and fluttered his nostrils.


“… What are you doing?”

“It’s good energy. I wasn’t able to smell this before because I was in a hurry to check, but I think it will be of great help to us. It looks like you will be bumping into us often in the future. “Please stop by Aries Magic Tower sometime.”

“Ah… if the schedule allows.”

Who would respond like this to the proposal of Santio, the owner of the Aries Magic Tower?

It is customary for the royal capital of each kingdom to give a grand welcome when the head of the zodiac comes.


That was the end of the event after the appointment ceremony.

In order not to attract more attention, Snowfall returned to her lodgings after only important meetings.

* * *

The time has come to leave the beloved magic tower.

The first to leave were Iron Lion Neal and other mercenary leaders.

“I’ll have to do the math to figure it out, but I’ve already saved up enough money, so I plan to take on the job next time I have it. “Can I see you again then?”

“You mean me?”

Neal’s words to Mael were so gentle that even Mael was surprised.

“Yeah, I’m not bored while we’re together.”

“Well… it won’t be easy, right? “I’m not looking for work, I’m looking for traces of ancient times.”

“Haha… That’s right. Even though it looks shabby, it’s because it belongs to the Relic Society. Then…”

Neil left, leaving his last words to the remaining party members.

“See you again.”

[The attractive presence activates. Gain additional favorability.]

[Gain the helper ‘Neil the Iron Lion’.]

[‘Neil the Iron Lion’ is of Heroic rank.] [

Helpers have a chance to appear in every adventure.]

[They are divided according to their affinity. Helps the player.]

The next people to leave were the remaining members of the Relic Society and pilgrims.

Chameli received good news from his home country, the sacred nation of Baranoa.

“They say their home country is providing additional personnel for dispatch! “I guess you saw the increase in external influence as a good thing, both with the Black Knight incident and with the current Alkatron incident!”

Seeing her happy like a child made both Mael and Kang Seol feel better.

“Like this… people are leaving and their positions are being filled by new people.”

“The direction of human life is always like that.”

“Tch… Mael talks like he knows everything.”

“Am I older than I look?”

“Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you know everything.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! “That is the correct answer.”

Chameli caught a glimpse of Mael and Snowfall before getting on the carriage heading to the parish.

“Also… is there a place to gather like this?”

Mael spoke with an unchanging, relaxed expression.

“If the winds of the times guide us.”

“Really until the end!”

“But I hope that day comes quickly.”

Chameli smiles.

“Then I will work hard for that time! Let’s all adventure together again!”

[The attractive presence activates. Gain additional favorability.]

[Obtain the helper ‘Black Pilgrim Chameli’.]

[The level of ‘Black Pilgrim Chameli’ is legendary.] [

Helpers have a chance to appear in all adventures.]

[They have favorability. [Helps the player accordingly.]

Chameli left and Mael remained.

“Then shall we break up?”

“Mael, thank you for your help.”

Mael shook his head.

“Through this expedition, I realized that I lacked the strength I had built up over the years. But Snowman has achieved tremendous growth in that short period of time.”


“There were quite a few achievements during this expedition, but… the next time I see you, I will return the same emotions I felt. “Look forward to it.”

[The grade of the helper ‘Star Child Mael’ increases.]

[The grade of ‘Star Child Mael’ is legendary.] [

Helpers have a chance to appear in every adventure.]

[They help the player according to their affinity. gives.]

“Okay then.”

“See you again.”

As Mael left and Kang Seol was about to leave, someone hurriedly approached.

“Why are you trying to figure out why this guy has so much work to do?”

“Yes, Frannan.”


When I first saw him, he was just a red-nosed drunkard, but the neatly dressed Frannan had become a completely different person.

“If you need help with something, use the scales. “It’s a contact method that is also used by the Adventurer’s Association.”

“All right.”

“Thank you so much.”

With that last greeting, Kang Seol got on his horse and quickly rode away from the Tower of Libra.

* * *

[Unexalted: Crown of Order]

Grade: Unexalted

Appropriate level: 34 – 44

Defense: 140

Durability: 160/160

Weight: 0.1kg

A relic from an unknown era.

The moment it is worn, it disappears, leaving behind only a trace, but the energy contained in the crown of order remains in the wearer.

Basic Abilities: Intelligence + 35 Stamina + 40 Wisdom + 42

Special Abilities: Maintain Order (Unique) Works Fair and Fair (Unique) Works Joint Responsibility (Unique) Works Resistance increases by 50% of the defense increased by the Crown of Order.

[Maintain Order (Unique)]

– The lowest ability increases by 20% of the highest ability.

[Fair and Fair (Unique)]

– When fighting with an opponent of a higher level than the wearer, 2 random stats of the opponent are reduced by 10%.

[Joint Liability (Inherent)]

– When a specific ability value decreases due to various external factors, including status abnormalities and traps, the reduced value is redistributed to all ability values and reduced evenly.

“Are you okay?”

– A shameless guy has appeared near Timbrian!

– A snowman (single in his 20s) is causing a huge stir by saying that it is okay to spend money without spending extra money.

– If this is the case, isn’t it a mistake to meet the wrong owner of the Order? Haha

– ㄹㅇ If I had just stayed in the warehouse, I wouldn’t have been treated like this haha

– If you leave the house, you’ll have a hard time…

– But the officer of order plays around with his abilities a lot, right?

– I know; The concept is novel.

– Good things?

– Could non-appropriation be bad? Haha

– just hit ㄹㅇ haha!

As its name suggests, the Crown of Order’s unique abilities were all closely related to its abilities.

Moreover, the abilities possessed by the Crown of Order matched well with those of the summoner.

‘It increases Wisdom by 42…’

Recently, as he had acquired a lot of equipment that increased all his stats rather than his main stats, such a large number made Kang Seol’s heart pound.

‘Maintaining Order will increase your strength by 20% of your Wisdom… and Fair and Fair is an effect that almost always applies to me.’

What was slightly ambiguous was the unique ability called joint responsibility, but in fact, even this was a good ability assuming the worst situation.

‘Because I would be in trouble if I encountered a vicious enemy that interfered with my wisdom level.’

The snowfall confirming the crown of order was now near the Timbrian.

Now, if we go a little further, we will arrive at Timbrian.

– Hey… But it’s so readable…

– I can’t believe I’m finally checking this option;;

– When the snowman was young, he probably waited without eating the marshmallow.

– We all ate the marshmallows right away! Don’t make us suffer!

– Is it the luxury of those who have it?

– So is this why she chews my tok?

As soon as Snowfall left the Demon Tower of Libra, she quickly headed to her base, Timbrian.

The good news is that the time limit started to tick late, so we had quite a bit of time until we arrived at Timbrian.

– But now that we’ve arrived, it’s quite a rush to find adventure;

– Isn’t the break time too flexible?

– Information) In the meantime, there were many times when snowmen were not properly guaranteed rest time.

‘I’ll have to stop by the association as soon as I arrive.’

This was not only to decide on the next adventure, but also to check how the world was going through the association.

‘If there is no suitable adventure… should I at least contact Gyeongtaek?’

Perhaps Kyung-taek Cho contacted me often, so he might have contacted me first.

Anyway, the snowfall got past the Timbrian guards and entered the city.

That moment.

[The following is the current score ranking up to Adventure 22.]


[Information is private.]

[Your score is 10012400 points.]

[Adventure score has exceeded 10000000 points.]

[First Achievement ‘ Achieves ‘The flying guy above the running guy’.]

[Acquires the first title ‘Flying guy’.]

His score has already broken another ceiling.

“10 million points?”

The message kept coming back to me.

[Rumors spread that a great adventurer exists within the Timbrians.]

[The crime rate of the entire city decreases slightly.]

[Hidden adventures within the city become active.]

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