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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 182

Episode 182

[The eyes and ears of the city’s influential people spread out in all directions.]

[Those who are experiencing difficulties wander around in search of a powerful adventurer who can relieve them of their injustice.] …


like these are rushing through Kangseol’s field of vision. It occurred to me.

As adventure points accumulated, things like this seemed to happen more often.

‘If his identity is revealed, troublesome things will continue to happen.’

It’s the nature of the world that if someone makes a lot of money, people flock to them from all directions and ask to lend them some money.

It’s probably a truck full of people carrying a lot of risky and unrewarding adventures.

“uh? Huh? “Did you just see it?”


“Oh, this is my first time seeing this message. What is it….”


The snowfall passed by the people who were rustling along the main street.

‘I don’t think it’s just me… Is this a sign that appears to everyone in the city?’

Even if that were the case, the transferees and natives living in the city would have no way of specifically recognizing him, so as long as he was careful, he would be able to pass by quietly.

Kangseol checked the title-related information, which was the message that caught Kangseol’s attention first among the messages that kept coming up.

[First title: The Flying B*stard]

Related Achievements: The Flying Guy on top of the Jumping Guy (Adventure: None)

Special Ability: Additional ability points are acquired as a reward for adventure. At this time, the additional ability points obtained are 1 point with a high probability and 2 points with a low probability.

– Ah… Playing around with ability scores again!

– A powerhouse of tradition! Ability points!

– Honestly, other titles are the same, but touching this ability score seems like the most fraudulent;;

This was the same ability that earned him the title of Albums when he reached 1 million points.

Since I entered the 10 million mark in the same category, it was not strange to receive similar abilities.

However, the efficiency was quite different from before.

‘You give 2 points per adventure with a low probability? So that means… in case of a linked adventure, you can receive up to 4 additional ability points?’

A title that allows you to acquire additional ability points that are twice as much as the basic ability points.

Considering that ability points are a representative indicator that can strengthen transference along with ability scores, the efficiency of the newly acquired title was enormous.

‘This is why we have to get ahead.’

The world of eternity that he was caught up in was a dime apocalypse when the element of transference was added.

It was arranged so that the winner gets more and the person in front can run faster.

Fortunately, Snowfall was at the very front of the leading group. If we now accelerate our ability score acquisition, we will be able to maintain that lead in the future.

‘Then… I’ll have to stop by the association first.’

The association’s community was a place where information gathered and raw information circulated all the time.

* * *

Kang Seol arrived at the association and surveyed the atmosphere.

Everyone seemed very excited about something.


In the case of the association’s community, devices that were usually fixed in place were used, but in slightly developed cities, there were cases where terminals that could be used while moving around the association were used rather than in a fixed location.

In the case of the Timbrians, it was the latter.

Thanks to this, the community was very active.

(New)[‘I can do that too”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: Oh… Ooooooooooooooooooo!]

Ciiiiiiiiibaaal! Who has 10 million points!

– It’s in our town! I saw it! It’s in my town!

– Information) This is a big city. There is a lot of floating population…

– They are people who say they are local residents because they see celebrities and live in the same Seoul haha

(New) [‘Pocket Monster’s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: This is not it…]

Why in the village in the beginning? Damn thing…

– Professor Oak: Now~ What is today’s Pokemon~ㅇ… Ugh, what the f*ck is this?

– 10 million points Monster, are you watching? If you’re watching, just name The Shield Hero Choi Bang-pae once…

– Why are you choi?

(New)[‘No”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: It’s a dinosaur invasion!]

It’s a dinosaur invasion! A dinosaur has appeared! Adventure Score A dinosaur has appeared! Argh! Trampled!

– Pop!

– Triceratops, a powerful herbivorous dinosaur!

– ㄹㅇ How strong is 10 million points? And who the hell are you?

(New)[‘Think Mall”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: Let’s think logically.]

If you have 10 million points, can you destroy the adventure by yourself? does not exist?

– impossible. Is the score algebraic?

– Algebra.

– That’s right! Then it is possible!

– How did you collect 10 million points so quickly? Are you only going on big adventures?

– Make sure to distribute scores according to the number of players before a large adventure. From there, they are further divided according to contribution. If you take off the car and the gun, what’s left is… well? Should I say it’s like my after-tax salary?

– That’s a trick.

– Trick?

– Taking away a large number of Pandean natives and drastically reducing the number of transferees. Actually, I felt that much.

– okay? But that also carries risks lol These days, residents even covet transfer interest compensation.

– ㄹㅇ There are some people who push you into a contract, and there are also cases where you get stabbed at the last minute.

– Haha, is this Gotham City? It’s so scary…

– Anyway, I can’t even see a corner where 10 million dots would appear…

(New)[‘Ssljaengi”s post]

[Published date: Just now]

[Title: Solving the story.]

My acquaintance belongs to Libra.

Express information has just arrived.

Did you know that the Libra Tower recently brought in mercenaries? Do you remember that at that time, the mercenary group with former prisoners was rejected because it was difficult to keep secrets?

It was said that what they were trying to do by gathering together a group of mercenaries at that time was a major adventure.

– Oh f*ck, give me more.

– please!

– At that time, a very large expedition team was formed, and there was only one former member.

– Wow, you dominate the adventure points! Then you understand!

– What is abuse!? Abusing is not acceptable!

– I went there and woke up, but the expedition team came back almost completely destroyed. Does it look like abuse?

– Haha, it was a legitimate adventure.

– But there was an Aspect there, and it was rumored that Jeon carried it. Maybe that person with 10 million points is the same person? I think it’s perfect timing-wise.

– Just because of that story, my credibility plummeted lol

– I heard he even had a status, so is the former Carrie? Haha

– you don’t want to believe it or not.

‘My information is spreading faster than I thought.’

Fortunately, Kang Seol was grateful to the other transferees who did not believe his rumors.

If his information were leaked unintentionally, it could cause inconvenience to move.

(New)[‘I heard it too”s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: I heard the same story, so it seems to be true.]

There are also rumors that he was a former disciple of that aspect.

– Haha, so you must be a wizard? Isn’t there some magic that shoots beams? Our party wizard is always sitting with a lighter

– he can use beam magic, but the efficiency is a waste of time. It consumes a lot of magic power, but the destructive power is also a question mark, and the control is also a question mark.

– If it is true that he is a disciple of the Holy Spirit, isn’t he the most successful among us? is not it? Because there are people who have entered the royal castle;;

– Oh, that person haha, are you talking about Nevenia? The person who joined as the former and representative.

– huh. But I never elected that person as representative?

– Neither I nor I have ever asked you to represent me?

– Who elected the representative?

– It’s just blindfolding haha. Is this Nevenia’s rotten political situation once or twice? They’re just talking about harmony and communication, but they’re openly harming the situation behind the scenes

– I hope it explodes soon. We need to leave Nevenia quickly… It seems like the areas near the border and outskirts are already uniting with Jeonja to protest.

– Still, the princess is nice! That prince b*stard and the old king are such a nuisance ㅡㅡ

– Huh… If they caught me, I would finish them off in one hit.

– Royal Castle Guard Knight Lv. 52: What?

– Please end it in one blow…

(New)[‘Global Era”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: 10 million points, civil war, war…]

You all know that we are in the global era right now, right? Foreigners pouring in from across the border?

– Oh, I saw a lot of foreigners.

– It’s funnier when we communicate… Is Korean the official language?

– To be exact, it is the official language of Pandea; When you come into contact with a foreigner, a language tab will pop up, and if you look there, it says it’s the official language of Pandea

– we’re mistaken for thinking we’re speaking Korean.

Since all information other than the above was unreliable fragments of information, Kang Seol drew attention on the bulletin board.

‘We need to get out of Nevenia quickly.’

If the country was caught up in a civil war for no reason, there was a risk that it would not grow as quickly as it could and would experience hardships like hardships.

And another problem.

‘I guess I’ll soon meet foreigners too.’

I thought there were many foreigners who had fallen to other regions due to snowfall. It was strange that it only spread to Korea.

But this is half right and half wrong.

Currently, Pandea’s transfer and survival rate is not that high.

There were areas where natives and settlers fought each other to the death, and there were many settlers who ended up in areas with underdeveloped civilization.

In addition, there were many areas with abnormally high adventure difficulty.

As a result, the number of transferees currently alive on Pandea has decreased by much less than 1/20 of the number initially transferred.

Thanks to Nevenia’s large territory and moderate adventure difficulty, Korea was able to leave behind quite a few survivors.

Anyway, since Snowfall mostly adventured alone, I decided that it was not a problem that had much to do with me, so I turned on other community functions.

As expected, there were letters from Han So-mi and Kyung-taek Cho.

[Letter from my friend ‘I’m the only cat’]

[Written date: 10 days ago]

[Subject: Bro, can we meet and talk when you come back?]

I had to ask for your opinion…

‘… What is it?’

Kang Seol read Kyung Taek’s letter all the way through.

– Acquaintances I used to hang out with often lost contact. The group you saved from Ilia back then. The person who is suspicious is… the daughter of the Timbrian nobleman who entrusted the request to us at the time. I once received an invitation from the Gatif family as a token of gratitude for completing the request. I couldn’t go because I had other things to do, but I think my acquaintances visited Gatif Street a few more times after that day. And after a while, everyone’s whereabouts became as vague as smoke.

‘Hmm… it looks suspicious.’

Kang Seol read his next letter.

[Letter from friend ‘I’m the only cat’]

[Written date: 1 day ago]

[Subject: I’m sorry, bro. I don’t think I can wait.]

I’m worried that if I keep stamping my feet like this, something will happen to my colleagues… If anything happens, I’ll leave a separate message!

“… this.”

There was no further contact from Gyeongtaek Cho.

Kang Seol took a moment to notice Han So-mi’s recent contact.

[Letter from my friend ‘All College Students Are Dead’]

[Date written: 1 day ago]

[Subject: Oppa, if you stop by Timbrian, please give me some news from Gyeongtaek….]


I don’t have time.

As a minimum safety measure, Kang Seol left someone an express letter and left.

* * *


“I asked if a man dressed like this had ever visited here yesterday.”

“You… do you know where this place is and set it up like this?”

The gatekeeper of the Gatif family tried to protest as if he were a member of the Gatif family.

– So f*cking staged lol

– This is the snowman style interrogation method.

– Undercover work! It lurks the enemy.

– You must be that urgent~

– But actually, from the snowman’s perspective, it’s the quickest and easiest way to do it.

– why?

– If you ask and say you didn’t see it, you’re being rude, so you can just slaughter them all and ask them where they went if they say they saw it.

– Gyeongtaek could get stabbed in the midst of investigating the surroundings.

– If your body is good, your head won’t suffer. Don’t you know? A snowman can be pushed around like a bulldozer here;

“I heard that this friend is acquainted with the lady of the Gatif family here. “I even said I would visit here yesterday.”

“Well… I don’t see why I should tell you that though?”


“You dare come to the mansion of the Gatif family, which is like a pillar of the Timbrians…”

Snowfall stared into the eyes of the arrogant gatekeeper.

“What… what are you doing…”

“You’ll have to tell me.”

“This b*stard… you…”

At that time, a woman who appeared to be the daughter of the Gatif family that Jo Kyung-taek had mentioned appeared in the mansion.

“Stop it, Lord Joraj.”

“Seseris. But this guy…”

“I’ll take care of it. “Excuse me, but… are you using the name Snowman?”

The energy of the snowfall became chilly.

Although it wasn’t a show of force, the fact that this woman named Seris knew his information was ominous.

“Do you know me?”

“I heard it from a person called my brother-in-law. You always have a habit of bragging. But… I never thought I would see you like this.”

This would be Kyung-Taek Kyung’s story.

Because he was always proud of being an acquaintance of Kang Seol.

“I came because of that stepbrother.”

“You can’t just stop a customer outside and talk to them. Lord Joraj, please clear the way.”

“Huh… heh heh….”

“… come on.”

“Yes yes! All right.”

The gatekeeper named Joraj reluctantly opened the door for Kang Seol.

“I was just enjoying refreshments. “The snacks were made by the girl herself, so I would like to taste them and hear her thoughts.”

“… All right.”

The woman’s leisurely behavior would have made Kang Seol a little more relaxed if it had not been related to Gyeongtaek.



The inside of the mansion was ordinary.

There is no other way to describe this place other than that it is really well cleaned.

However, Snowfall sensed something here.

The air inside the mansion was too heavy.

It wasn’t just snowfall that felt a strange feeling.

– found!

Ur smiled sinisterly in the shadow space.

– I never thought I would find this amount of shadow essence all at once… Shadows are enshrined somewhere here. The wolf who thought so terribly of you will soon be able to see you again.

Ur said.

– Take the shadow of this place.

Kang Seol gently nodded and looked around the inside of the mansion.

“This is such a sudden visit, so please don’t feel sorry for the girl’s lack of treatment.”

“Is that possible? Rather…”



Snowfall took a deep breath of air.

To be precise, I took a deep breath of the scent that had been wafting from here before.

‘No, it’s not the mansion, it’s the smell coming from this woman. This smell…’

Kang Seol took out a slightly crumpled letter from her arms. Then I inhaled the scent left on the letter.

‘Yes, it smells the same.’

The content written on the letter has already been in my head for a long time. The owner of this letter was Malachus, the shadow hunter who fell to Snowfall when she first awakened to the seasons.

At that time, a letter was found on his body that seemed to have some story behind it.

– Hello, I am Malachus. I am blind. I hope that those who read this letter will be generous and understanding even if the writing is sloppy. I belong to a small noble family of Timbrian…

‘Now that I think about it… I heard that Malachus is also from Timbrian.’

– Black rose tattoo on the back of the hand. Neutral voice and not very tall. The smell of medicine coming from the body. I remember them all. I left that person’s scent in the letter.

A message occurred to Kang Seol, who realized that Seris Gatif was involved in the tragic story that happened to Malachus.

[Additional information about the hidden adventure ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ has been obtained.]

[If the conditions are met, an unexpected adventure will occur.]

‘… There is something here.’

Cerise Gatif asked as she sat down on the sofa in the reception room.

“Why are you doing that?”

Kang Seol said with a smile.

“it’s nothing.”


In his shadow, invisible crows scattered throughout the mansion.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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