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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 185

Episode 185

The deeper you delve into the world of eternity, the more you can’t help but think about effort and talent.

The consensus among players was that no matter how hard they tried, it would be nearly impossible to catch up to the level of a character with superior innate talent.

An innate talent that sometimes appears when creating a character.

Innate talent was literally an ability that the character possessed from birth, different from others.

“Why have I never shown any innate talent?”

“Everyone else is the same. “This is my first time seeing it too.”

In a way, the most important thing in the world of eternity was the beginning.

If you have the ability to influence growth in the early stages, the snowball will roll bigger and bigger until it becomes an impossible gap in the later stages.

“I’m out!”

“Snowman! what? What?”

Those words that ignited fire in the heart of a young Kangseol.

Ryan Kuros.

“Innate talent… came out.”

“Where… oh my…”

“Look here! “The Snowman picked a really amazing guy!”

Now that Kang Seol, who had already shown some prominence in character development, was given a weapon like this, everyone was excited to see how far that growth would continue.

However, something happened that greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

– I don’t think this job suits me. Ugh…



Talent plus effort did not make a legend. Lian Kuros was not interested in the adventurer profession itself.

Maybe this could be called aptitude.

– I want to go back to my family… Since I have earned enough, I am going to cultivate a small field near my house…

Lian Kuros was born with such great innate talent that you can count it with your fingers.

It was a talent that seemed to have been destined for his life.

Tell him to live as an adventurer.

But he suffered throughout his adventure.

– This time, Visien died again… I’m no longer… in pain. I’m going back… I’m going back. What is the benefit of cultivating a field? grape? No, I think pumpkin would be fine too.


Snowfall, who was watching, eventually made a choice.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“… no.”

“How difficult is innate talent to acquire! Are you giving up on that?”


Kangseol said, looking at Lian, who was cowering with her head down on the game board.

“You’re suffering. “They want to go back to their families.”

“… Do you care what the horse says?”

“I don’t know. “I’m just like that.”

“Ha… That’s interesting. Just figure it out. “In that state, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up dead before you even get past the halfway point.”

Snowfall’s decision came as a shock to others.

A player who decides what he wants to say.

While everyone was dumbfounded by this unprecedented action, Kang Seol made a choice.

The secluded countryside of Adeline, originally the home of the Lian family. He contracted a piece of land close to his house from the landowner who occupied the area. As per Rihanna’s usual wish.


[Would you like to give up the adventure of Lian Kuros?]

1. Yes.

2. No.

“Find happiness with my family.”

[Adventurer Rian Kuros will now create his own destiny.]

[Although the heart-pounding adventure has ended, his life continues.]

“It was fun while we were together.”

The meeting between Rian and Kang Seol ended there.

* * *

[The secret of the basement has been revealed.]

[Rewards are set.]

[Linked adventures continue.]

[Rewards can be obtained only after all adventures are completed.]

[The next adventure begins.]

[Twenty The fourth adventure begins.]

[Adventure 24. Secret of the Basement]

Adventure 24. ‘Secret of the Basement’

The secret of the Gatif family has finally been revealed.

Here in the basement, the true nature of their terrible evil deeds is revealed in detail.

The person who appears to be the culprit behind all of this is trying to silence this.

We must resist.

Objective: Kill Jerry the Merchant.

This adventure is a surprise adventure.

Current time remaining: “Approximately 3 days”

The unexpected adventure that started suddenly entered the second chapter as it had appeared.

Kang Seol examined the cat Su-in with his mysterious Seon-ji eyes.

[Businessman Jerry]

Grade: Hero

Estimated level: 30~32

Trader Jerry sells anything that can make money. She was born without anything to hold on to, but now she lives with nothing to hold on to.

Her secrets are as strong as alcohol.

Having grown up selling her children as weapon slaves, she found products that were more efficient than those.

A product called someone else’s shadow.

Basic Abilities: [Acrobatics 3] [Dagger Technique 4] [Sudden Kill 1] [Stranglehold 5] [Coin Toss 2] [Shadow Summoning 2] [Emergency Replacement 2] Special Abilities: [Indiscriminate Slashing 1] Snowfall’s complexion


. .

‘Now I can no longer believe that it’s a dangerous adventure.’

As he expected, Jerry, the merchant who could be said to be the final destination of the adventure, was not that powerful.

“Are you scared now? Then tell me now. “I will take care of your vital areas.”

“… That sucks.”

“… what?”

He thought that this anger boiling over right now was a waste.

If my opponent had been a little stronger, I would have been able to handle all this anger.

Kang Seol laughed bitterly, as if she were angry at a child.

“You’re so… weak.”

At those words, Jerry the merchant opened his eyes.

“I guess that means I’m confident! Ah… I did. “I heard you’re a shadow summoner too?”


“Then you must be my junior? From now on, I will tell you how to deal with shadows from the perspective of a senior. Release the shadows!”


Jerry’s subordinate suddenly appeared and cast a spell, causing part of the iron bars to open.

“The shadow is… this is how you deal with it. “I will give you a grand welcome.”

The word junior.

Snowfall was something I had heard for a long time.

– Snowman You know what? We have two ways.

– Two things… the way.

– On one side is a well-worn path that lords over them to bring out the full power of the shadows. The other side is a rough path that no one has yet taken… attempting to coexist with shadows. Which one are you…

Mirei, who helped him realize the season.

Mirei’s words suddenly came to mind when faced with Jerry, who was the opposite of her.

Kangseol frowned as if he was truly displeased. Today was a day where I had to think of so many different people.

But just when the snowfall was about to overtake the shadow, Ur stopped it.

– wait.

‘… what? why?’

– If you step forward, the work will be over quickly. That cat’s head and body will be separated with its tongue hanging out. But haven’t you always acted like that?

‘…what does that mean?’

Ur explained calmly.

– Just keep quiet and believe me just this once. This body is the teacher of all people and the lord of magic.

Among Ur’s talents, he was a legendary teacher. But what kind of ability does it have?

– If you do not follow my words, your knights will be blocked by a frustrating wall and will not be able to grow.

In fact, what Ur said was not wrong.

After acquiring the Night Raven, Kang Seol regarded Karen and Karuna as companions rather than summons.

As a result, I was not paying attention to their growth at the same time.

‘No, you didn’t believe it?’

Because Snowfall, who became a night crow, was stronger than them. What Ur pointed out was Kang Seol’s way of thinking.

Kang Seol stopped trying to step forward and poured out twin knights from both hands.

“Puhup… Only 2 gigs are all? “Your junior is cute as expected.”

Regardless of what Jerry said or not, Kang Seol looked at the two summoned knights.

[On Karen: Resonance works.]

[On Karuna: Resonance works.]

The ability of Kiri, who was the owner of the corpse hawk Koopa. The twin knights, who received their master’s emotions and intentions without filtering, trembled with anger.

“Protect the group…”


Snowfall’s finger pointed at Jerry.

“Make that woman kneel before me.”

Karen and Karuna spoke at the same time.



Kyeong-taek Cho and his group came close to Kang Seol’s side.

“Brother tongue….”

“Don’t leave my side from now on.”


The battle began as a huge shadow flew out of the iron bars.



The twin knights quickly divided up their roles.

Karen’s role is to protect the group from the flocking shadows.



And Karuna’s role is to deal with Jerry, the culprit of this incident.


Karen’s kick crushed the shadow’s face and its eyeballs popped out.

“Kahaha! more! “More to come!”




Karen randomly cut and crushed the shadow that was much lower in rank than her.

“…what the hell!”

Jerry took out a sword resembling an awl from his pocket and dealt with Karuna.


Jerry, who received Karuna’s light attack, was shocked.


A sharp ringing shock.

Karuna’s attack was too powerful for Jerry to block.

Karuna’s eyes quickly turned bright red.

The Night Knight, who received the emotion of anger, awakened the power and ferocity of the Black Knight he had accepted within his body.

– Anger… do it.

Karuna felt like the Black Knight was crying out in his heart.

“Don’t fuss!”

Push shoo shoo!

Several daggers were scattered to shake off Karuna.

[Jerry uses a dagger technique.]

[50% additional damage is applied per dagger when the dagger damages the same target.]

A strike that is both a trick and a fierce attack at the same time.

Jerry thought he had his chance.

‘It’s time! If you aim for the neck while the dagger is being thrown away…’

But Karuna’s reaction was completely different from what she expected.

Taaang… Ta-da-da-dang…

Karuna did not dodge or block the dagger.

Since it didn’t fly at a critical point in the first place, the dagger went straight through.

As a result.

[Hopeful predator swallows the shock.]

[Hopeful predator is in an empty stomach.]

[Hopeful predator digests all the shock.]

Jerry was stunned as he swung the awl.

“what’s this?”


The sword Karuna swung completely shattered the awl.


Jerry felt his face being covered by Karuna’s large hands.



Karuna grabbed Jerry’s face and threw him into the wall.

The wall was dented, leaving a huge mark as if it had been hit by a cannonball.


The situation as a whole went against Jerry. Not only from Karuna’s side, but also from Karen’s side.



Suddenly! Suddenly!

There were more shadows falling on Karen than those attacking the group.

“This is…”

“A summoned beast…?”

“What on earth is this… this situation?”

Gyeong-taek Kyung-taek had met Karen of Kangseol once. So, unlike others, I was confident that I would not be surprised by Karen’s dance.

But I felt like the Karen now was much stronger than the Karen back then.

Watching them indiscriminately slaughter the shadows pouring out to target the group, I felt like the incarnation of a battlefield.

“Kahaha! more! more!”

Snowfall also felt a lot while looking at Karen and Karuna.

‘Was it like this?’

Recently, since I jumped into battle myself, I always played an active role only as a colleague, and it had been a long time since I had seen him from the perspective of a summoner.

– It must be because of the power you gained. Because a normal summoner does not fight ahead of the summoned animals. It was obvious that if such a battle continued, it would lead to distorted growth. Then my plan will be disrupted. Fortunately for you, this is my specialty.


There has been a change in the battlefield.

“Off… off…”

Jerry’s right arm flew off below the elbow. Karuna cut it into pieces like cutting meat.

Jerry also responded with improvisation.

“Come on!”

A shadow flew towards Jerry. And soon her arm was replaced.

[Jerry uses substitution.]

[The substituted life disappears.]



This time the other arm flew off.

Karuna slaughtered her with an expressionless face.



the shadow tried to fly to Jerry’s side again.


“… what?”

“no use.”

“Did you cut the shadow…?”

Bethany caught the flying shadow and Jerry felt afraid of this monster-like knight who had no common sense.

Now that things were like this, Jerry had to resort to the last resort.

“Everyone come to me!”


“Come on… why…”

Jerry looked at the place where the shadows had been trapped.


some people are burning with their limbs cut off and others are lying down.

Karen was looking at Jerry, knocking down all the released shadows.

Jerry felt as if his heart had stopped.

‘We have to get out!’

At that time, she heard a voice that was like a ray of salvation.

“Jerry! “Are you okay?”

The subordinates who had been called in advance were coming down through the escape passage. Jerry rushed past them, shouting urgently.

“Stop it! “That guy…”


that guy….” A dark energy can be felt from behind Jerry’s back. She was astonished and looked back just as she had gone up.

A knight who hasn’t even taken his sword out of its scabbard yet. But why do I feel this strange power?


Jerry felt as if time had stopped. That’s because no matter how hard I struggled, I couldn’t move forward.

“A certain body….”

“It’s being sucked in!”

“Je Jerry!”


Ur laughed loudly.

– okay! That’s it!


The sword was pulled out of Karuna’s scabbard and a slash was struck.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

A horizontal black line divides everything it touches into two.

“Kuh… keuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Jerry’s minions fall down, spilling out their internal organs.

[Karuna has obtained the clue to the black wave.]

Ur was sad to see that.

– Chet, if only the opponent had been a little stronger.

Clap… Clap…

Jerry was terrified and tried to crawl across the floor and up the stairs to avoid this situation.

As she was climbing the stairs, her legs were cut below the knees due to Karuna’s slash.

“Oh… Don’t come, you monster…”



Karuna came in front of Kang Seol, holding her neck.

He flopped…

Then he laid her down on the floor and knelt down on her. A shockingly strange energy poured out of Karuna’s eyes.

“…Hurry and tell your master your sins.”

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