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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 194

Episode 194

Adventure 25-1. I fell into the

‘the owner and the mouse’ trap!

The maze was a trap that could not be escaped from the beginning, and behind it were giant grave rats. Grave Rats forge their domains in ruins and old tombs, draining the magic of valuable items.

Now, fat grave rats are pouring out of the territory with no end in sight. Perhaps I have found my first prey in a long time.

What was the owner of this place thinking when he released so many grave rats? Or did even the owner not know that they would grow this much?

Resist if you don’t want your last memory to be of watching your raw flesh being torn apart and destined for the mouths of rats.

Objective: Defeat or escape the Grave Rats.

Current remaining time: “Approximately 2 days.”

‘… They are coming endlessly.’

People feel fear even from beings much smaller than themselves.

Even to the insects that spread their wings and fly or the rats that swarm in the sewers.

This is because there is an instinctive resistance to it.

Because every little thing in the world has a big weapon that can threaten life.

And as the rat grew so large, my disgust grew even greater.

Squeak… Squeak…

The constant, unpleasant squeak sound was an added bonus.

Kang Seol later read information about a rat that seemed much bigger than the other rats.

[Giant Grave Rat]

Grade: Hero

Estimated Level: 29~35

Grave rats burrow into the ground and target graves or ruins. This is why they are also called grave robber rats. They show this behavior because they can easily obtain the magic power contained in valuable items.

And this entity clearly shows how a tomb rat grows as it continues to absorb magical energy.

Basic Ability: [All-out attack on the rat swarm!] [Smug 2] [Swallow Treasure 3] [Transfer Disease 5] [Gnaw 5]

Special Ability: [Passive: Horrible Stink 3]

Squeak… Squeak…

– I thought for a moment. I will stop watching.

– Ugh… I’m throwing up. I was the one who endured swarms of spiders.

– It’s really scary in another way….


[Giant tomb rats attack a swarm of rats! Use.]

[The range of the terrible stench of all grave rats within a certain radius is slightly increased, and if they succeed in gnawing, they have a 100% chance of transmitting the disease.]


A swarm of rats rushed towards the snowfall.

It seemed like large boulders were rolling in. I felt the ground shaking.

Ur showed his disapproval.

– Hmm… the ground is unstable. I need to avoid big fights as much as possible.



Karen and Coco stood on opposite sides of each other and protected Snow Seol.

The reason why Kang Seol didn’t come forward or send Karuna out was because Ur and Karen had the same thoughts.

Karen wanted to test the power she gained by reaching the Overmind, and Ur also felt that such a process was necessary.

Of course, the decision was made because Snowfall was also thinking that way.

Karen said, looking at Coco.

“Why did you come out again?”

Softly, softly…

Coco just looked blankly at Karen’s question and waved her tail.

“What happened?”


Flames bloomed all over Karen’s body.

The heat I felt was amazing.

“Not bad?”

Karen must have thought the same as she looked at her palm and monologued.



Her slashes were accompanied by strange sounds.

It was a truly simple sound for a fierce slash with a sword.

A sound like flowers breaking in the spring wind. This wasn’t entirely wrong. Because her sparks flew everywhere.

Sigh! Squeak!

[Experience points are accumulated.]

[Adult grave rat has been killed.]

[Experience points have been accumulated.]

[Adult grave rat has been killed.]

[Accumulated experience has reached the maximum. ]

[Roll the ability score acquisition dice.]

[The ability score die rolls a 3.]

[Gain an ability score.]

[Gain an ability point.]

[Gain an ability point.]

“Oh. …”

The experience gained from killing miscellaneous monsters has finally reached its maximum. The reward was converted to 3 ability points according to the procedure.

The reward was disappointing considering that I had completed 24 adventures so far, but it was okay if you think of it as a bonus.

‘Because my adventures haven’t often focused on subjugating monsters.’

Compared to other transferees who only hunt down monsters all year round, Snowfall focused on hunting one powerful monster rather than a large number of ordinary monsters. In the case of such monsters, compensation was set separately.


This time, it was Coco’s side that caused the flames, not Karen’s side.

Karen’s fire was very impressive, but Coco’s fire was truly hellish.



The area where Coco passed by was filled with flames, as if a forest fire had broken out.

The lines that Coco passed through the air remained in the form of flames. The sight was beautiful and eerie at the same time.

Although the lines were clearly visible, it was difficult to clearly see Coco moving.

I turned my eyes again and looked at Karen.

[Karen uses a star of fire.]

[While spinning, it creates heat and also absorbs heat within a certain radius.] [ The range of all fire attacks increases by 150%.]

[While spinning, the range of fire attacks increases by 150%.

Increases up to 300%.]

[All damage received while spinning is reduced by 50%.]

[500% damage is dealt split between turns.] [

Perfect posture.]

[Rotation speed increases by 50%.]

[Rotates 65 times.]


This sound was the sound of a swarm of rats being cut apart by a blade.

The rats in the line had to face the blade before it even caught fire, and they should be grateful for that.


A bright red pillar of fire rose up and swept away the rats like a typhoon.

Most of the rats were caught in the whirlpool with all their flesh burned off and their white bones intact.

– … Was Karen like this?

– Karuna was honestly surprised too…

– Maybe we neglected it because we got used to it?

– At that level, it would be a bit scary to walk around together haha

– It’s okay, this is Jamard haha

– Ah haha then they are a good pair.


Coco’s mouth filled with flames.

Pooh wow!

The flames flew in Karen’s direction and hit her sword. No, it would be more appropriate to say that Karen threw it away.


A fireball made of purgatory fire collided with her sword and flew from side to side.





Every time a fireball exploded, a sound rang out from all directions.

She was amazed by the amazing power of the flames of Purgatory.

“Are you doing something?”


Where have all the rats gone? The stink and most of the flesh have disappeared.

Coco rushed to Karen.


Karen hesitated for a moment in surprise as the fireball jumped to her chest, but soon realized the change that had occurred and smiled.

“Look at this?”

Coco turned into a flame itself and was wrapped around Karen.

Snowfall also widened its eyes as Coco was absorbed by Karen’s flame.

‘Is this what Ur was aiming for?’

The ability of surprise appearance eats up a huge amount of ability points and has been unheard of until now. Kang Seol has finally realized its true nature through Karen.

“This is…”

– Yes, spirit creatures are power itself. It permeates all orders and rules.


Karen’s flame became Coco’s color.

It was a black light that could be said to be much darker, a little different from the flames of purgatory.


She cried out in pain.

That’s because even though Kangseol was far away from her, she could feel the immense heat, so the fire she had to endure on her own would be even hotter.

She closed her eyes.



The largest tomb rat slowly retreated and became angry as it was surrounded by other rats coming towards it.

Squeak! Squeak!

But despite that progress, the rats kept taking a step back. There was no way I could approach Karen who radiated that kind of heat.

And Karen opened her eyes.

[enlightenment! Karen awakens a new ability.]

[Karen continues: Awakens fear.]

When Karen opened her eyes, a pitch-black flame was engulfing her body.

She said, spitting flames out of her mouth.

“Is this so damn hot? “Dog, get ready.”


As the red knight swung her sword once, the black flames attached to her body moved to the sword.

The sword that rose above his head burst into pitch-black flames and raced forward.

[enlightenment! Karen awakens a new ability.]

[Enlightenment! Coco awakens a new ability.]

[Karen awakens dark heat bullet.]

[Coco awakens dark heat bullet.]

[Continuous: Can only be activated in companion state. ]

A cannonball that looked like a running wolf flew and hit the giant grave rat.


A black explosion occurred.

It was a death with no screams or flesh left, and all that was left was the heat.

[The giant tomb rat has been defeated.]

[Additional rewards will be given.]

– … Is this true?

– Rat: Ratsssssssssssssssss!

– yes? It gets stronger every time you take it out?

– I don’t know… I guess it’s just like that…

– Calm down and talk without crying.

After finishing cleanly, Karen shook off the flames and hugged Coco.

“Are you amazing?”


Coco was hugged by Karen for a moment and then immediately returned to the shadow of snowfall.


Karen stared blankly with a shocked face.

– Coco: It was business up to this point.

– Bad Boy Coco…

Kang Seol was very satisfied with the potential of the surprise appearance.

‘… I thought they were creating a season.’

The power of the special ability called dark bullet was amazing.

It wasn’t that difficult to use. I thought it might be used often when it is difficult to use the season.

Ur said, glancing at Kang Seol’s eyes.

– I’m satisfied. It seems like your knight gets along well with the wolf.


Kangseol looked at the shadow space where Ur was with a confused expression.

– This guy who just joined the company… is more elite than I thought.

– It would be difficult to get on Deputy Director Ja’s line…

– It’s a difficult situation because the new recruit is competent…

– That’s right! This guy… he’s annoying!

Anyway, since the situation was over, Snowfall took a deep breath.

“Let’s get out of here…”


Ur sighed.

-Phew… Avoid it and it will collapse.

“… I think I had an experience like this.”

-That’s unfortunate. Same goes for me.



The cliff began to collapse.

* * *

– Now, let’s not just go to the basement…

– If you do anything, it will collapse haha.

Kang Seol looked at Karen.

She protested urgently.

“It’s not because of me.”

Jamard asked.

– Umm… then who is it for?

“Of course Coco! “Coco, right?”


“Look, you’re facing each other, right?”

Ur said.

– Coco refused to answer.

“How do you know that!”

– I understand most of the language. Whether it’s high school or not. A simple intention is enough to know.

“Coco, are you sure?”


– This dog is thankful that he is relieved of his injustice.

“… You didn’t talk that long.”

– … My opinion was slightly reflected just now.

“It’s just your opinion, right?”

Snowfall ignored their argument and searched the surroundings.

And that action paid off immediately.




“Can we leave now?”

“No, to be exact, the exit to the storage room.”


“I thought there was no way these slow-moving rats could have opened the storage room door, so I looked for it, and as expected, there was a rat hole.”

Snowfall’s group moved along a continuous rat hole.

Kang Seol was the first to look out of the mouse hole and monologue.

“Hmm… that’s difficult. “I can’t believe it’s working.”

“why? “For what reason…”

Karen stopped talking and stared in fascination at the sight outside the mouse hole.

Thump… thump…


A huge golem was walking slowly around the central pillar. There was a large door on one wall.

“Can’t I just go out through that door?”

Kang Seol shook his head.

“You need to get the golem’s permission or stop the golem for a moment.”

“okay? difficult?”

He answered as if it were obvious.

“Oh, it’s difficult.”

The biggest reason why Golan was able to protect the treasure for so long.

[The hidden adventure ‘The Giant Outside the Mouse Hole’ begins.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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