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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 198

Episode 198:

Grave lover, habitual kleptomaniac, money smell collector, etc.

Right before it is decided which of the four representative abilities of the grave robber Golan will be inherited.

If there was just one wish for the current Kangseol…

‘Let’s just avoid kleptomania.’

A message came to mind.

[You inherit sinister abilities.]

[You gain Temperament: Habitual Kleptomania.]

[From now on, you will be able to steal someone’s items without them knowing.]

“… No.”

– Oh no hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

The Snowman nerf committee just got champagne.

‘Stolen’ sponsored Madness by 1500!

[Are you… a thief?]

– Why? Ah… is it because I stole your heart?

– No, it looks like that.

‘Gotcha’ sponsored Madness by 1200!

[23 years of undercover work… I finally caught you, you idiot!]

– What should I do now that I can’t go into the village lol

– ㄴㄴ I have to go out with the stance of ‘what are you going to do after stealing it?’

– but;; At this level, he’s an armed robber. Haha.

Temperament is like a tattoo imprinted on a horse. Something that you can’t turn on and off at will.

Therefore, if Snowfall came into contact with anyone in the future, noise would inevitably arise.

‘I had to get something like this…’ It’s probably

not Golan’s fault.

He probably didn’t want to pass this on.

Kang Seol was devastated as she envisioned a future full of headaches.

But the message came up again.

[Good dexterity affects temperament: habitual kleptomania.]

[The level of theft increases significantly.] [

Future theft will be done much more secretly and quickly, making it difficult for the opponent to notice.]

[Target items of value . .]

“… Oh.”

– What’s coming hahahaha

– Moon… I’ll be a great thief!

– Angel Girl Snowman…

Since the fundamentals remained the same, the situation has not improved at all.

As if to dispel my worries about snowfall, a message appeared again.

[Shadow Hand affects Temperament: Habitual Kleptober.]

[Temperament: Habitual Kleptober changes into Temperament: Shadow Stealing.]

[Shadow Hand can be used for stealing, and all effects applied to Shadow Hand are also applied. ]

[Great Dexterity affects the Shadow Hand.]

[The Shadow Hand becomes more stealthy and faster than before.]

Unfortunately, the new message did not allay Snowfall’s worries.


He was silent for a moment, hoping that another message would come to mind, but that wish did not come true.

‘It became a pain in the ass. If you do it wrong, there may be a conflict with Jeon.’

In order to avoid a fight, you should avoid encountering people.

At Snowfall’s level, he could suppress most of the transferencers, but that didn’t mean that he was literally able to suppress them, and that it wasn’t a problem.

‘But I don’t want to give up base rest.’

If you don’t want to encounter people with rude comments, you can camp out on the street. Most of the transferees had been on adventures for a long time, so they were used to lodging, and the same was true for Kangseol.

However, because there were advantages to base rest, it was difficult for campgrounds to be a complete replacement.

– No need to worry too much.

At that time, Ur offered deep consolation to Kangseol.


“It might be annoying, but it’s okay. Just transform it and that’s it.”

“transform? “Intentional transformation of abilities is possible?”

“Yes, but in case of forced transformation, it won’t be able to change many things. Even so, it will be well worth it.”

If it was possible to intentionally modify an ability, removing just one phrase was sufficient.

‘The only sentence is ‘without even realizing it…’

Anyway, what Kang-seol felt after coming here was that not all acts of taking over the horse’s legacy lead to a happy ending.

* * *

After a while, there was a small commotion in Azelfog’s Adventurer’s Association.

“It looks like he was really planning it or was planning it. “Adeline is also putting effort into eradicating goats.”

“I guess they’re telling us to go back to where they came from. “We are trying to prevent those who are no different from crime hotbeds from setting foot in Adeline.”

“It’s war, it’s war. But is it possible to drive out criminals so quickly? “I heard the goats are already cornered?”

“No matter how much Adeline was holding her breath because the situation in the surrounding countries was not that serious, the goat side was very upset. So, as soon as the incident occurs, we push forward with a quick resolution.”

“There may be no answer due to the pressure coming from all directions….”

“Good! ” The only way is to quickly cut out the very rotten ones. “Where are the former people who come to another country and pretend to be the master?”

“Shh… they’re all the former here.”

“That’s right. … what?”

The man who was speaking stuttered.

Chin… Chin…

A sound like the wind being knocked out was heard several times each time the man tapped his body.

“Why are you doing that?”

“This is strange….”

“Why is that?”

“My wallet… my wallet is gone.”

“Didn’t you leave it there at the restaurant earlier?”

“I definitely checked when I came out…”

“Look carefully. Look carefully below.”

“Sweet… Where did it spill?”

“Huh, then I’ll go to the restaurant first and look for it.”

“Thank you Maui.”

At the same time, Snowfall came to a remote location to check on the Adventurer Association community.

“… damn it.”

I can’t do this or that while holding the wallet of someone I don’t even know.

– LOL I missed the timing to return it!

– ??? : Oh, that’s my hand without even realizing it…

– ??? : yes? Reporting? What are you doing now? I can’t do it, Karen, draw a sunset!

– I made sure to dispose of it with the season haha.


“Is it falling down here?”

While the man who lost his wallet was searching under the table, Kang Seol put his wallet down on the table.

“Mr. Ai… Huh? Did I not see you here? “Where… the money is still the same… that’s stupid.”

– I’m just giving it a try this one time.

– I know there won’t be any soup next time!

– Renewable energy Hong Gil-dong.

Fortunately, the man seems to just get over it.


Kang Seol was originally supposed to meet with Han Yeo-yeo here.

But things didn’t work out as expected. One or more people were not in Azelfog right now.

[Letter from ‘1 or so’ friends]

[Written date: 1 day ago]

[Subject: I’m sorry, bro. I’m leaving first.]

If you come back and look at the situation, you’ll see… Adeline’s situation is taking a turn for the worse. The goats are being pushed back due to Adeline’s hard-line response.

Strong transfer agents are also taking part in this task and eliminating them together. The goats are also holding on tenaciously, so it looks like there may be victims among the transferees.

Since I am a person involved in this matter, I cannot just sit back and watch, so I am taking the first step.

Originally, I would have waited for my brother, but I don’t know when the adventure will end, so I’m leaving a letter. When you come back…


something absurd happened.

It wasn’t about the response of just one person. Although there was a promise, it was Snow Seol’s fault for not telling me exactly when the adventure would end.

Since I have experienced many unintentional long-term adventures, it became a problem for me to be as uncertain as possible about the duration of the adventure.

‘I’ll have to catch up if it’s about a day later…’

One person wrote down the destination, so you can just head there.

It doesn’t matter even if we don’t meet each other. This case will be concluded within a month of rest, and Kang Seol will be able to meet one or more people again at a designated location.

‘It’s the home of the goats.’

If there were a stronghold of these ants, at least one of them would head there, and Kang-seol himself would just have to head there from the beginning.

‘He became very belligerent while I wasn’t seeing him. Well… the next adventure is nearby, so it doesn’t matter.’

There were no problems with the itinerary because the next adventure location that Kang Seol was heading to with a group of people was in the far west direction of Adeline.

He checked out the community before leaving to join a group of people.

(New)[‘Xenophobia”s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: No, so who did it?]

Who is the villain who set off Marcelo’s gang? They say they aren’t Adeline’s knights?

– That’s why everything happened this time.

– If you set the fire properly, all the goats will burn to death haha

– ‘Maybe it’s worth a try?’ Transferees equipped with this mindset are fierce…

– It’s just like school bullying of middle and high school students. The entire group can’t be strong except for a few heads. What are you going to do if they attack you in droves? LOL

– They keep pushing and pushing

– No, it didn’t make sense for those b*stards to set up in the first place? They are trying to kill the transferees for some reason haha

– Are the transferees holding knives? yes? Goats are cruel? The exterminators also frequently peel their skins.

It seems that what Kang Seol did had a bigger impact than expected.

From that incident, this incident was triggered and fire was spewing towards the goats.

(New)[‘This is such a mess”s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: Uuuuum… Is this really overlapping?]

I came down from Nevenia on top of something? But there were similar cases like this.

– He was a Nevenia hillbilly who looked like a civil war would break out soon.

– What are you saying, crazy guy? They tell me what to do with the location where it first transferred.

– Anyway, so?

– When I was in Novira, there was one really vicious native b*stard. He’s a b*stard named Hekara, and he’s the one who set me up with the moderate Kibo. But the faction thought that Heka would end up eating it all because Kibo was pushed out.

– Ah, ‘that incident’ haha

– But as soon as the head-on collision started, Heka’s head was cut off. The cause is unknown. I think there was someone on Kibo’s side… Anyway, that Heka was a really strong guy, but he just got cut. After that, the Heka gang exploded. Doesn’t this… look like Marcelo?

– It’s similar lol Marcelo was also deleted out of nowhere;;

– At first I thought it was a power struggle between the goats, but I guess it wasn’t?

– No, you’re just saying that goats are badass? If you don’t have overwhelming power, you can’t create an exploitative structure haha. Are you an idiot? Every month, I cross the line of fire and experience a lot of cruel things;

– …were we that kind of friends?

– It’s not me.

– Me neither.

(New)[‘News just arrived”s post]

[Posting date: Just now]

[Title: Is this the f*cking truth?]

Huh… I can’t calm down;; I’ll calm down and come back.

– Byeongmeokgeum

(New) [‘News arrived earlier”s post]

[Posting date: just now]

[Title: I calmed down]

The border on the Nevenia side is completely blocked.

The first conflict between settlers and natives occurred on the border.

– Wow…

– It’s a civil war!

– A civil war broke out!

– What should I do?

– Yes, I’m Adeline~

– Yes, I’m Adeline too haha

– (Hodongjwa’s expression) It’s okay if it’s not just me~

* * *

Adeline Two weeks after the outbreak of the war with the goat cartel.

Ilastan, the halfway point heading from Adeline to the far west.



When the protest was released, an arrow flew out.


Immediately, someone’s head exploded far away. Is it luck or misfortune that not even a scream was left behind?



the protest is drawn out once again.


The same future was repeated to the point where it felt like a short video had been played multiple times.


He hid himself on the covered roof and caught his breath.

She was now involved in a war with goats.

‘If you killed it this much, would you have soaked it?’



Whoa whoa!


adders added effect

too. “

It is an arrow! Damn… we’re up! “I’m aiming from above!”


[Philia uses immersion.]

[Not detected by the detection ability.]


Philia, who once got together due to the incident between Snowfall and the Black Knight. She was now facing off against the goats of Ilastan.

No, it wasn’t just her.

There were many transferees and Adeline’s small army who took part in this task.

Philia has become stronger.

And in order to become stronger, it was more efficient to stop worrying about these things and go my own way.

‘Why am I here….’

It’s not like memory loss that often appears in dramas, but I keep forgetting the reason.

And after a while, I remembered the reason.

‘Yes, I should have been here.’

– I… Until next time too…

– I’m sorry. Our adventure together ends here.

– Oh yes! yes! That’s right.

A time in the past when a woman who looked much younger than her scratched the back of her head in embarrassment came to mind.

– At the base… I see it often.

– Really? thank you! thank you!

– I can’t thank you enough…

– Thank you, sister!

Philia doesn’t like being tied down.

Because he always pursued the value of freedom, he did not give even affection easily.

She was caught up in something that had nothing to do with her.


A week ago, a young woman he interacted with died. He was caught up in the vicious activities of the goat cartel.

Of course, I went out holding a bow.

This is the height of inefficiency.

But there was no hesitation.

As always, I didn’t come forward out of a particular sense of justice.



Her arrows pierced a total of sixteen heads.

“I’m annoyed…”

The situation and myself.

Suddenly, Philia stopped pulling the protest.

The air a little away from her rippled.


a man appeared.

It was Proud, known as the Goat of Ilastan.

“You were here?”


Philia’s hands trembled slightly.

Unlike the opponents he had targeted so far, his momentum alone made her nervous.


I had to increase the distance from my opponent, which wasn’t easy.


A rope stretched out from Philia’s hand.

[Philia uses an evasive maneuver.]

[Moves quickly to the spot where the rope hit.]


When Philia turned around, the man grinned. The tattoos on his face shone.


[Proud uses Alchemy: Iron Armor.]

[Equips reinforced armor.]

Proud suddenly becomes a heavily armed knight.

Philia frowned while looking away.

“why? “Why don’t you try shooting at me too?”


“Tsk… are you scared?”

It took a lot of strength to pierce that much heavy armor with an arrow. Loopholes will also be exposed.

‘Shall we retreat first?’

Her judgment was a little late.

When Proud gave the signal, people came up to various roofs.

“To run away?”


The henchmen who came up to the roof shouted at her.

“I’ll beat you to the floor right away!”

“I won’t kill you…”

Proud listened to his subordinates and then said with a cruel smile.

“When I step down, I have to have fun even if I step down. “Scream…”

At that time.


A black object was seen flying from a little distance away. The speed is such that you can’t avoid it even if you see it.

“… What?”

Proud couldn’t even think of avoiding it and hastily built a defensive wall.

[Proud uses Alchemy: Turtle.]

[All damage is reduced by 25% for 2 seconds.]

[Movement speed is reduced by 30% for the next 5 seconds.]

What an enemy…

A defensive wall shaped like a turtle shell. This surrounded Proud.

The black object reached Proud before the defensive wall could completely surround him.

Kwahiah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhh!

A fierce heat raged.


Immediately after the collision, Philia moved her eyes to understand the situation.


The entire roof was blown away, and the gang around it were also swept away.

‘What is it… Proud…’

Proud, who was wearing solid armor, was also nowhere to be seen.

‘Could it be… it melted?’

Someone approached Philia.

“I’m still having trouble controlling my strength, sorry. are you okay?”

“Who are you…”

“Don’t you remember me?”

Red-haired fairy woman.

Philia opened her eyes wide.

“That time…”

“Do you remember?”

A man came up to the roof after her.

“Mr. Filia, it’s been a while.”


Philia suddenly frowned.

Seeing her displeased expression, Kang Seol checked his hands.

There was a thick brown bag in the bag.

“That…my wallet….”


The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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