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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 203

Episode 203

Yahum’s black gloves activated their ability.

[Even if the opponent’s level is lower than yours, the probability of enlightenment does not decrease.] [The probability of enlightenment

occurring during battle increases significantly.]

[Accumulation of proficiency in new abilities derived from enlightenment starts from ‘Proficient’. [It continues.]

A lot of derived abilities related to enlightenment have been activated.

Whether this ability was good or bad didn’t really matter in this situation.

Because Kangseol was now facing a battle with Yahum, the master of the Ghost Gate.




When Yahum threw his hand in the air, Han Yeo-myeong and Philia flew out into the distance.

“Leave the flies aside…”





Twelve demons brought four huge pillars and drove them in all directions around Kangseol and Yahum.






Kang Seol tilted his head and thought as a barrier appeared in the empty space.

‘Is it some kind of ring?’

The process of installing that pillar seemed to play a role in preventing outside intervention.

‘That’s better for me.’

It is difficult for Han Yeo-myeong and Philia to be of much help in the fight against Yahum.

It may seem like it is a bit excessive to say this, but it would be correct to say that it is intrusive.

The only colleagues who can help him now are Karen and Karuna.



Karen and Karuna were summoned at the same time.


Yahum twitched his nose at the energy the three of them gave off.

“Arrogant human beings… three? If you do that, this side will also have to match the numbers. “Manda!”


“After marriage!”


“Come in!”


Two of the twelve ghosts crossed the pillar barrier and joined.

Kang Seol frowned and said.

“Are there no rules here? “You’re so self-indulgent.”

“Hehehe… I guess you’re not confident?”

“That’s not true, but are the others who are watching blankly over there coming in?”

“Well… you can feel that way. good night! From now on, there will be no intervention from other ghosts. This Yahum confirms!”

It was truly a dirty move.

Yahum was a goblin who was far from fair and just.

Still, Kangseol considered it fortunate that he was able to extract this much concession from Yahum, who had an absolute advantage.

He focused on the next move.

‘Yahum is the ghost of the cloud. ‘You have to be careful.’

Sun-moon nebula.

A rare magic that is mainly used by powerful ghosts of the East.

Among them, Yahum used the power of the clouds.

Hung Hung Hung!

“It’s a hassle, so everyone turn off.”

Yahum swung the bat and gathered his energy. Something like pure white smoke gathers around the bat… and then…


When he hit the floor, it scattered in all directions.

White fog completely obscures vision in an instant.

[Yahum uses Cloud Magic: Goblin Path.]

[Everyone gets lost in the fog.]



“Hehe… It’s finally quiet now.”

Karen and Karuna disappeared into the fog right before Snowfall.

The same goes for the two ghosts that invaded earlier.

‘It’s clearly a loss on my side.’

It was clear that Yahum knew about this and separated the two. The two ghosts can be considered strong, but compared to Snowfall’s two summons, they are a bit inferior.

“How dare you run away with my things? “There is no way.”

“I didn’t run away. “I came to turn myself in.”

Yahum felt both a sense of discomfort and discomfort at the sight of Snowfall’s calm appearance from start to finish.

“This arrogant man…does not prosecute his sins from beginning to end. “I’ll crush that mouth first!”



While Yahum was spinning his bat and glaring at Kangseol, Kangseol was also preparing his own countermeasures.

‘Ur, can you disassemble this?’

– This… is different from witchcraft. It takes time.

‘Couldn’t I summon you?’

– If you want to summon a large lump, you can do so. But I’m not sure that will make things better. Moreover, if I don’t stop that magic, I too could get caught up in it.

‘… Then I’ll ask you to disassemble it.’

– I get it.

Kang Seol pictured in advance how the battle would unfold.

‘It’s a race against time. Karen and Karuna, who went down the goblin path, have nothing to worry about… but for me…’

I had to deal with Yahum, who had already covered his body with clouds, using only the night crow.

Of course, if someone asked if she wasn’t afraid of that, Kang Seol would have answered like this.

at all.


-This side is ready.


Snowfall in its raven form was a monster that had nothing to fear more than anything else.

[The Reveler’s move is activated.]

[The evasion rate increases by 10% and the hit rate increases by 5%.]

Yahum snorted as he watched the rushing snowfall.

“The movements are quite good, but…”

[Uses sky kick and ground kick.]

[Either ability is activated.]

Even in the difficult movements of the snowfall, Yahum did not feel intimidated at all.


Yahum raises his arm to block the sky kick.

Since Kang Seol had seen this situation in advance through Seon Ji-an, he did not panic and continued with the next move.



For someone so big, Yahum is quite quick. All of Kang Seol’s fists missed.

An exploration battle in which neither side can deliver effective hits to the other.

Suddenly, Yahum launched a risky attack.


The bat held in Yahum’s right hand moved violently sideways.


‘The action is big!’



As Snowfall almost stuck to the ground, Jamard let out a warning.


Without thinking about it for too long, the snow falls inside as Jamard said.

Quasi profit-!

Yahum’s left palm hit the ground where the snow had been.

As a result, Jamard’s advice and Kang Seol’s quick judgment were effective.

“First… one shot!”

After pulling his arm all the way, Kangseol hit Yahum in the chin.


‘It worked… no!’

[Yahum uses cloud magic: mirage.]

[It is an illusion.]

Kangseol was greatly embarrassed by the opponent’s next move, which he confirmed with his vision. However, the response was relatively quick.


Snowfall flew from the side and hit Yahum’s palm.




Snowfall bounced on the ground a few times and corrected its posture.


Blood flowed from his mouth.

Kang Seol comes to his senses in a shocking situation. Yahum said to him:

“Heeheeheehee! You only believe in what you see. That’s why I hate humans! Have you seen the souls of the countless objects here?”


Snowfall that wipes away the blood.

‘Just now… if it weren’t for Seon Ji-an…’

I could have died.

Yahum spoke as if he was excited that his superiority was confirmed.

“To begin with, not many of the items from the noble family have passed through my hands. Nevertheless, the souls of objects continue to gather here. “It’s because of your greed.”

“Someone said that greed is a good thing.”

“That is when you can control your greed. Did you understand that you are inferior?”

Kang Seol returned with an expressionless face.

“I’m a little… pissed.”

He sent a signal to Ur.

‘Can this also be disassembled?’

– It takes a little bit. Damn it… it comes from the same root, but it’s so twisted. Since we have to interpret the Taoist spell itself and then disassemble the two Taoist spells at the same time…

a little more time is needed.

Kang Seol gritted his teeth and focused on the battle.

‘You must concentrate!’





[Switches to firestorm stance.]

[All attacks are ignited with flames.]

[An explosion occurs at the point of impact.]

[Thunderbolt at the point of impact. Spreads.]

[Continuous: Transferring flames are applied.]

[Continuous: Heat and warmth are applied.]

[Continuous: Tingling is applied.] Snowfall that

burns as it runs. And Yahum watches it indifferently.

[Yahum uses Cloud Magic: Clouds.]

[The clouds become even darker.]


Snowfall kicked Yahum’s knee and jumped up. He spun around and put his right foot into Yahum’s chin.


The moment I kicked it, I felt it.

‘substance! But…’


Seon Jian showed a different future.

[Yahum uses cloud magic: mirage.]

[It’s an illusion.]

“Go go go…”

Yahum’s voice is heard first.


Yahum’s bat appeared through the clouds.

Up to this point, it is within the forecast range for snowfall.


After releasing the momentum of the bat, Kang Seol uses that force to thrust his fist.

Quasi profit-!

‘Damn it… it’s clearly real…’

Why does it only show a terrible future?

[Yahum uses cloud magic: mirage.]

[It is an illusion.]

“Be exalted….”

Snowfall allowed another attack on Yahum’s palm.


“Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus to be hehehe….”

Kang Seol’s mouth burst into tears and blood naturally spewed out.

Snowfall that rolls down from the impact.

“Heeheehee! “Welcome to the territory of the goblin Yahum!”

“Haa… haa….”

Although it allowed two unexpected blows, Snowfall, which was rapidly regenerating using the blood of origin, did not collapse.

‘That magic… the mirage is the biggest problem…’

First of all, I left the countermeasures to Ur, but this is not a snowfall that can be left idly by. This has been the case so far and will remain so in the future.

‘Isn’t he real?’

Jamard answered his question.

– No, it is true.

During the battle, Kang Seol had the same question as Jamard, with whom she shares a body.

‘The feeling of impact when colliding. He even moves to cleverly avoid critical points…’

‘Yes, if it’s an invincible technique, there’s no reason to avoid it.’

‘If that magic had been invincible, Yahum wouldn’t have been doing his pastime in this secluded place… Has he changed anything from before the battle started?’

Jamard and Kang Seol felt something and exchanged opinions at the same time.


‘It’s magical power. My magic power has decreased.’

Yahum’s expression during the battle flashes through Kangseol’s mind.

His face was momentarily contorted in pain. He soon realized.

‘This… isn’t a genjutsu or anything. This guy is real.’


‘It’s clear that this guy is real, and maybe that mirage… is a kind of reversal ability that returns the body to the state before receiving damage!’

At that moment, a message occurred to Kang Seol, who realized the secret of the mirage.

[enlightenment! Awakening a new ability.]

[Awakening a nightmare.]

[Nightmare makes a surprise appearance: It is affected by the abilities of creatures.]


Kangseol smiled after quickly confirming the new ability.

“Why are you smiling?”

Yahum didn’t like Snowfall, who was grinning even after getting beaten up.

“First of all, if you feel bad, I’ll beat you up….”


Snow falls upon Yahum once again.

“Even impatient things! “As expected, I don’t like everything about you!”


Snowfall’s next attack follows after dodging the bat like before.


Yahum’s face distorted for a moment.

And the hand of Yahum, also hidden in the rolling clouds.


Kangseol flinched and prepared for an attack.


Of course, even if prepared for Yahum’s attack, it was not powerful enough to offset the shock.


Snowfall flying while spouting blood fountains.

‘Why… why did it fail?’

I obviously used Nightmare, but it didn’t activate properly.


Snowfall felt dizzy for a moment as she stood up again. He summarized what he realized even in that short period of time.

‘Okay… that’s why.’

Kangseol said, blood pouring out of his mouth.

“Hey Yahum.”

“It is a tough life. Beating is delicious, hehehe!”


“Why are you calling me?”

“I’ll smash it this time.”

Yahum looked absurd for a moment, but then became angry.

“I’m tired of playing! “Let’s finish it!”

Snowfall summoned all her strength for the final fight.

I’m so tired!

[Thunderbolt’s source spell: Uses a hedgehog.]

[The area is filled with strong energy.]

[Continuation: The damage of the thunderbolt increases by 500%.]

The source power of the thunderbolt extracted from Ramu.

The snow covered it and his expression hardened.

I’m so tired!

Yahum tilts his head while looking at the snowfall.

“It smells familiar… Hmm… Is this smell… Ramu?”


A thunderbolt was fired.

The moment the bullet was fired, I thought about it while running.

The reason why the newly acquired ability, Nightmare, failed.

‘During activation, a collision occurred with Shen Jian.’

Seon Ji-an predicts the opponent’s movements. Since it almost showed the future, it was easy for users of Shenjian to rely heavily on it.

‘I saw the next moment through my eyes… and felt fear first.’

Nightmares have the power to distort the future. How can someone who wants to use that power be afraid of the future?

You can’t use your abilities properly if you think you might die.

‘It doesn’t die.’




Yahum’s bat approaching.

Kang Seol looked straight at that fearful figure. And I saw something beyond that.

Whoa whoa!

The bat first collided with Snowfall’s head.

That blow was an exhilarating and refreshing blow even to Yahum, who had lived for a long time.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”


The voice of Kang Seol, who must have been a corpse, was heard around him.

“I like you because you only believe in what you see.”

[Use Nightmare.]

[Recent damage is transferred to the creature.]



A flock of crows appeared where there was a snowfall and dispersed.

An ability similar to the mirage used by Yahum. Yahum felt a chill on the back of his neck for a moment, but he was fine.

I was always ready to take it as a mirage.

However, Kangseol’s promise to destroy Yahum with this attack was not a lie.

“It’s over.”

– Disassembly completed.

[The sealed magic path of Ur is activated.]

[Magic Devour is activated.]

[Cloud magic: Extinguishing the goblin path.]

[Cloud magic: Extinguishing the mirage.]


The thick smoke disappeared in an instant.




Two swords were stuck on Yahum’s back.

It was Karen and Karuna’s sword. The ghosts who were their opponents had their throats cut and their tongues sticking out.

Yahum’s head lifted up in terrible pain and he was able to see the coming future.

A terrible, bad dream.

Snowfall’s fist struck Yahum in the face.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


The sight of lightning striking a huge ghost felt like divine punishment.

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