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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 205

Chapter 205

The first thing I checked was the recently acquired Crown of Order.

[Ghost – Unexalted: Crown of Order]

Grade: Unexalted

Appropriate level: 34 – 44

Defense: 140 (+40)

Durability: 160/160

Weight: 0.1kg

A relic from an unknown era. The moment it is worn, it disappears, leaving behind only a trace, but the energy contained in the crown of order remains in the wearer.

The spider ghost Jigoro dwells there.

Basic Abilities: Intelligence + 35 (+10) Stamina + 40 (+10) Wisdom + 42 (+10)

Special Abilities: Maintain Order (Unique) Works Fair Fairness (Unique) Works Solidarity (Unique) Works Defense increased by Crown of Order Increases resistance by 50% of Ghost – Jigoro’s Web (unique) effect.

‘…all the major options have changed.’

Basic defense increases and new unique abilities.

Under the influence of naturalization and haunting alone, the equipment changed noticeably.

‘And… the power of naturalization contained in other equipment is sure to be greater than this.’

This is knowledge I know because I have strengthened my equipment several times at the Ghost Gate.

In Pandea, it was not possible to change to different equipment every time you wanted to.

Normally, as the level increases, it is common to move from the existing equipment to the next, but in the case of non-exclusive equipment, it was very difficult.

The reason is that the basic equipment performance was superior to other levels of equipment and could not be compared with equipment of the same level.

It has performance that is comparable to even equipment that is one or two levels higher.

It was taken for granted that the unique ability of the fire exaltation was present, but when it was replaced with other equipment and the unique ability disappeared, the negative experience was severe.

This was not the only reason why non-appropriated grades were difficult to replace.

‘Difficulty of acquisition.’

Since it is difficult to obtain the next level of non-exaltation, we have no choice but to use it.

This was also a problem with non-appropriation.

There was no need to answer the basic question, ‘Then shouldn’t it be strengthened?’

As the level of equipment increased, strengthening it became very difficult and the effect was very minimal.

For this reason, there were some players who cried and set up their equipment to the point of scraping the bottom of their money.

‘That’s why the strengthening of the ghost gate is special. Plus…’

This is the fact that Kang Seol was trying to point out earlier.

The level of reinforcement of other non-appropriations will be more prominent than the crown of order.

The principle of strengthening Gwimun is basically level correction.

This process, also known as reforming, involves raising the non-expropriation used at a lower level to a level appropriate for use at the current level.

This meant that the greater the gap between the power of the equipment and the power of the wearer, the stronger the ghost.

‘The Crown of Order is the last item obtained, and as such, its strengthening effect is minimal.’

If you have other non-expensive items obtained in the beginning, you can expect a greater strengthening effect.

[Ghost – Jigoro’s Web (Unique)]

– Whenever you successfully attack an opponent to whom Fair Fair Strike is applied, Fair Fair Party’s effect also lowers the opponent’s other abilities. This effect does not go away until all abilities are affected by the fair and square effect.

Below are the special abilities possessed by the existing Jeongjeongdangdang.

[Fair and Fair (Unique)]

– When fighting with an opponent of a higher level than the wearer, 2 random stats of the opponent are reduced by 10%.

In short, the ability that used to take 10% off two of the opponent’s six abilities has now been strengthened so that it can take away all six.

– Isn’t this a waste of time?

– Haha, when did you eat it cooked?

– Snowman is a sashimi enthusiast. I like to eat it raw.

It was a powerful effect that did not need to be evaluated separately.

It started well.

Kang Seol checked the other equipment with high expectations.

[Ghost – Exalted from the world: Atonement]

Grade: Exalted

from the world Appropriate level: 35 – 45

Resistance: 120 (+35)

Durability: 140/140

Weight: 0.1kg

The heart of sin.

An object created by a combination of sticky fraud and ominous guilt.

The plague ghost Gurd dwells there.

Basic Abilities: All Stats + 20 (+6)

Special Abilities: Repentance (Unique) Works Pain Sharing (Unique) Works Confession (Unique) Works Has a 50% chance to nullify a curse. If the curse fails to be nullified, the duration of the curse is reduced by 50% instead. Ghost – Gurd’s Plague (unique) effect.

[Ghost – Gurd’s Plague (Unique)]

– All status ailments that disappeared when Confession was activated are transferred to the opponent who activated the last status ailment on the wearer. At this time, the remaining duration of the condition is reduced by 20% and becomes contagious.

[Confession (Unique)]

– When exposed to a new status abnormality, all status abnormalities are removed with a certain probability.

– Are you sick? It hurt me too…

– I would cry if I got a status counter with this lol

– Frost Mage and Curse Warlocks sob lol

– Shamans would also be hit hard, but

‘this is big.’

Atonement, like the Crown of Order, has a high base level, so the increase in basic abilities was also steady.

Instead, the newly acquired unique ability was ridiculously good.

‘If Confession is activated even once during the battle… it will be over.’

As long as the Confession was activated, Gourd’s Plague would definitely inflict status ailments on the opponent, so it was obvious how the battle would unfold.

Snowfall, who was currently checking the equipment, was a little excited.

He, who was mostly unimpressed by the sight of unexalted activities, was snorting without realizing it at the feast of newly acquired reinforcement options.

– I lost my mind…

– Actually, aren’t ghosts our friends?

– I suddenly feel sorry for Yahum…

Next is the fire monkey.

[Ghost – Exalted from the world: Fire Monkey]

Grade: Exalted from

the world Appropriate level: 25 – 35

Defense: 70 (+60)

Durability: 165/165

Weight: 0.1kg

Magra of the Incandescent was a heretic born from a sulfur skull.

When he, who once again made the name of the declining Sulfur Skull known to Pandea, left the tribe, the tribe offered a sacrifice to Purga to commemorate his achievements. On that day, Magra’s cloak was engraved with the symbol of Purga.

Erchi, the lava ghost, dwells there.

Basic ability: All abilities + 20 (+10)

Special ability: Emptiness (Unique) Action Heronherong (Unique) Action Fire! (Unique) Action Reduces fire damage by 90% Ghost – Erchi’s Fire (Unique) action.

[Ghost – Erchi’s Fire (Unique)]

– The standard evasion rate of Void Silence increases to 30%, and the basic evasion rate obtained at this time increases to 30%.

[Heoheosilsil (Unique)]

– When the evasion rate does not exceed 20%, a basic evasion rate of 20% is obtained, and when the evasion rate exceeds 20%, an additional evasion rate of 5% is obtained.

Looking at the changed options, it was possible to achieve a whopping 30% evasion rate even without using other evasion rate option equipment.

‘Just this far!’

Just because it had an evasion rate of 30%, there was no need to plaster all other equipment with evasion rate.

In particular, options related to defense, such as evasion rate and defense rate, are subject to diminishing returns.

If you have a 100% evasion rate, you can avoid all attacks, so it is virtually invincible.

It was a rule applied to prevent such situations.

‘Even so, 30% is a huge level even though I didn’t even get evasion from other equipment.’

It means that one out of three times you can avoid it without paying special attention, so if you combine it with Shen Jian, you will most likely not be allowed to attack.

Next was finally the summoned animals’ weapons.

Since Karuna and Karen were the only ones to use these two out of the three treasures, the two knights in the shadows also waited for the results.

[Ghost – Exalted from the world: Ember]

Grade: Exalted from the world

Appropriate level: 20 – 30

Attack power: 100 – 115 (+80)

Durability: 220/220

Weight: 3.0kg

The sword used by Karen the Scarlet Knight is Orgo’s. A sword born from the miracle of descendant Xiamen. The fiery snake used by the fiery Magra was melted and fused into the sword. The blood of an ominous being and the fire spirit stone further enhanced the sword’s power.

Taebugi, the ghost of drought, dwells.

Basic ability: Strength + 28 (+12) Dexterity + 25 (+12) Stamina + 35 (+12) All abilities + 8 (+6) Special

ability: Forced breakthrough (unique) Action One-point breakthrough (unique) action Physical damage 30% additional Fire Damage Reduces cooldown of abilities that deal Fire Damage by 20% Ghost – Fetal Famine (Unique) Effect.

[Ghost – Fetal Famine (Unique)]

– The additional fire damage from the embers is applied as fixed damage.


Kangseol clenched his hands.

‘This… I have nothing to say.’

It was quite obvious that certain attributes were helpless against their opposite attributes.

Therefore, the heat cannot be controlled by the stronger cold.

The frost attribute monsters that Karen will face in the future will be at least the same grade or higher than her, and their levels will be several levels higher.

Therefore, the expectations of her elemental attacks had to become lower and lower, but this reinforcement solved that situation.

– So, the physics goes into the physical mode and just increases damage by 30%?

– ㅇㅇ Ignores defense Ignores resistance lol

– This is pure fraud…

– Isn’t it? Are you a thief?

– You are mistaken. It’s an armed robbery.

– You’re all wrong. He’s a hostage taker.

– If everything is true, your criminal record is enormous. What kind of life have you been living?

Karen seemed satisfied as well, reaching out from the shadows and taking the embers.

‘Is this the last time?’

Lastly, Karuna’s weapon remained.

[Ghost – Exalted from the world: Breath]

Grade: Exalted from the world

Appropriate level: 15 – 30

Attack power: 89 – 100(+90)(+85)

Durability: 200/200

Weight: 1.8kg

Used by Moonlight Knight Karuna A sword born from the miracle of Xiamen, a descendant of Orgo.

Orgo’s first work was to melt the storm and increase its power. As new energy seeped in, a little bit of the sword’s latent power was revealed.

Horu, the frost ghost, dwells.

Basic Abilities: Strength + 35 (+15) Dexterity + 27 (+15) Stamina + 36 (+15) All Abilities + 15 (+8)

Special Abilities: Act as a sure-fire winner (unique), turn crisis into opportunity (unique), embrace Doing Moon (Unique) Action New Moon (Unique) Action Fixed 25% chance to critically hit a wounded enemy, increased range and destructive power of offensive abilities by 10% Ghost – Horu’s Icicle (unique) Action.

[Ghost – Horu’s Icicle (Unique)]

– The wearer’s attack abilities are infused with the energy of frost. When frost energy accumulates on a specific target, slowing, stiffening, and freezing are applied sequentially.

‘The power increase is almost double the basic ability alone, and the ability is also good.’

Breath was the initial fire expulsion of snowfall obtained after space.

As such, there were some parts that were somewhat disappointing at this point, but this strengthening of the Ghost Gate resolved all of those parts.

‘Because of the embracing moon, the attack power will be incredible.’

The Embracing Moon is an option that has additional night attribute attack power equal to 50% of the weapon attack power.

As weapon damage increased significantly, this option also gained great popularity.

With this, snowfall confirmed all unspent activities. All that was left was the title.

[First title: Ghost Gate]

Related Achievements: Ghostly Guest (Adventure: Ghost Gate Master)

Special ability: Draws favor from ghosts. Affinity applies to ghosts.

[Special Title: The Scissors-Oppressed]

Related Achievements: I Don’t Believe in Ghosts (Adventure: Master of the Ghost Gate)

Special Ability: Even if exposed to ghost energy for a long time, the mind is not polluted.

‘These are all options related to ghosts.’

That doesn’t mean there were any complaints.

Since you came to the ghost gate, it would be natural to receive ghost-related abilities.

Snowfall looked back.

“It’s done?”

“Is this the end?”

At least one person, including Philia, had been waiting for him for a long time.

Yahum said, snorting.

“Hehehehe… This is Won… It’s completely a ghost.”


“If you carry around so many ghosts, everyone will think you are a ghost.”

Kang Seol nodded and agreed.

‘Anyway, I’ll have to avoid the East for a while.’

If you go to a place where ghosts are hostile, you could be targeted for no reason.

“Then get out of my territory quickly!”

[The level increases.]

[The level increases.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability is activated.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[You gain additional ability points.]

[Cunning Blood Snake is activated.]

[You gain additional ability points.]

[You gain additional ability points.]

[The flying b*stard’s special ability activates.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

[Acquire additional ability points.]

Yahum’s spirit of ingratiation.

With this, after many twists and turns, all the strengthening of the Buddhist temple was completed.

Jiyiing –

Snow and his party who disappeared at the Ghost Gate, surrounded by blue particles.

Jahum was left alone and sat on the altar.

“It is a dangerous force… a force that will upset the balance. But how can the ghost king…”

Yahum knew the power of the ghost king.

A person who does not go out into the world but hides and soothes the souls and souls of the dead.

He was truly a strong man, acknowledged by Yahum.

When Yahum was sealed in the jar of Jema, he contacted the Demon King.

The Ghost King had many miraculous talents, and among them was the ability to see the future clearly.

Of course, it was not possible to know the entire future, but it was possible to predict the nearest future.

If Yahum gave that person this much power and there was a problem in the future, he would let him know.

However, the answer that came back to the ghost king was completely different from what Yahum expected.

– Interesting. Okay, please do that.

“Ghost King…”

The Ghost King answered him with a smile.

– He will meet me.

“What future did you see?”

– Aboard an old boat across the waves.

Yahum tried to shake off the uncomfortable feeling.

– He will come to the East to meet me.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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