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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 208

Episode 208:



As Snowfall walked into the inn, the people in the hall became nervous.

This was especially true of Chardorf, who was in charge of protecting Princess Liona.

“Do not approach without permission until the princess gives permission!”

An angular chin and bushy beard covering the area around the mouth.

Chadorf, a knight with a strong appearance, prevented the snowfall from heading towards the princess.

Snowfall stared at Count Brispin in response. Brispin waved his hand to dissuade Chadorf.

“Don’t do that. “Because he is the one I brought here.”

“What do you do?”

“It’s a transference.”

“Transfer? Ha… I’m in my right mind now….”

This wasn’t something that someone like Jeonja could get involved in.

Secrecy had to be kept strictly, and no matter how many lives there were, it would not be enough.

Moreover, Princess Liona is now in a pitiful situation with no one to rely on, but the measures taken by Brispin to save her are only temporary.

Princess Liona gently placed her hand on the shoulder of an angry Chadorf.

“Don’t do chadorf. “Don’t do that.”

“Princess, the current situation is…”

Liona smiled with a sad face.

“i know. That the situation is not good. However, you must not be rude to the guests who made the effort to come to you.”

“… What the princess said is correct.”

Tchadorf jumped up and lowered his head.

“I’m sorry Jeonja. I think I was rude without realizing it because of my disappointment. “Will you accept my apology?”

Kang Seol shrugged his shoulders.

From their perspective, it was natural for them to be cautious, so I fully understood Snow Seol.

Brispin said, placing his hand on Snowfall’s shoulder.

“Take a seat. “We need to talk about the future.”

“All right.”

When Snowfall sat down, Brispin started talking.

“Okay, let’s start with the introduction. “As you know, this is Princess Liona.”

Liona said with a grin.

“Please call me Rine while we’re together.”

“All right.”

“And this is Chardorf, the princess’s direct guard.”

“It’s Chadorf. nice to meet.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Brispin said, looking in the direction of the snowfall.

“Finally… uh… what do I call it?”

Since Kang Seol appeared wearing a mask, there was no need to mention his previous name.

“Please call me Raven while I’m in charge of this job.”

“Okay. It’s a crow. “It is the most powerful tool we can provide at present.”

Chadorf glanced at the snowfall with a reluctant look, while Liona smiled.

“It goes well with that mask!”

“… thank you.”

That’s the end of the introduction.

Instead, the story continued.

“How is the situation?”

“It’s not good. King Servant IV issued a proclamation throughout Nevennia.”

“What about the content?”

“Capture of traitor Liona. Or…”

I knew what happened after that without having to say anything.

“Have you settled down with your life here?”

“I see.”

“What about your family?”

“They all went through the asylum process. “They’re safe, so we can just focus on this.”

“How does Servant IV judge the current situation?”

“Perhaps… The princess and her guard are running away together, and in the process, a count intervenes and muddies the waters. “I guess they judge it this way.”


“Even Servant IV knows that this side’s military power is nothing special. That’s why I’m optimistic about the situation. “They are mobilizing the kingdom’s knights to search for us, and it seems like the Kingdom of Adeline is also joining in.”

“Even Adeline….”

“We have begun to strengthen our friendly relationship with Servant IV. “I won’t take any active action, but at least I will be guarding the streets.”

As the conversation continued, a shadow appeared on Liona’s face.

It was as if the situation was talking like this.

Will you stand by her even in this situation? Will you fight for her even though the whole world is her enemy?

Usually, if you hold a knife to someone’s throat and ask them to choose, out of a hundred, they will choose a hundred refusals.

Liona knew that too, so she remained silent.

However, Kang Seol’s reaction was calmer than she expected.

“Then let’s get cleaned up and leave.”

“… yes?”

“There is a long way to go to Prion.”

“Ah… yes. Are you coming with me?”

Snowfall, wearing a crow mask, nodded vigorously. The beak bobbed up and down.


Liona’s expression brightened greatly and she showed a bright smile.

[You have helped Princess Liona go into exile.]

[There are people with conflicting adventure goals.] [

This adventure is very dangerous.]

[This adventure is a linked adventure, so you cannot choose the next adventure.]

[Rest. Skip.]

[The next adventure begins.]

[The twenty-ninth adventure begins.]

[Adventure 29. A dangerous gamble]

* * *

Nevenia’s most secret space.

The most dangerous secrets are the most tightly guarded.

The king’s residence was under strict guard by knights 24 hours a day, and no one was allowed to enter.

However, here, in the residence of Servant IV, there was someone who the king had not invited.

“Hohoho… You must feel new every day.”

The person talking next to Servant IV was the shadow woman with whom Kang Seol had had a war of words earlier.

Jerry, the prisoner who was the instigator of the terrible incident that occurred on the Gatif family. One of the four pillars that support the Church of Eternal Life in the absence of her master and immortal.

Tarantula Bria.

He was the master of shadows like snowfall and one of the actual masters of the Church of Eternal Life.

A fat man next to her complained.

“You’re so busy that you don’t even have time to take a breather. It would have been better to be the successor.”

“How can it be that the people worry when the king says something like that?”

“Hmph, I don’t even want to know what those idiots think. You haven’t forgotten Bria, right? “If I make Nevenia completely mine, the Church of Eternal Life will also help me?”

“Of course, Your Highness. Yeongsaenggyo always keeps its promises. But… what I asked you to do…”

“Oh, that’s it. “You mean the hideous statue in Vigo?”

The joy of the fallen.

The thing Bria desperately wants.

It was a fairly high priority item among the things to be obtained while planning this project.

“It’s gone.”

“… What do you mean? Did she just hear correctly?”

“It was confirmed that Liona noticed the situation and ran away with some treasures. “Maybe it was together too.”

Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss goings…

Bria trembling with anger. The Fallen’s Joy was useless to Servant IV, but it was extremely valuable to her.

She immediately wanted to slit the head of this pig who spoke as if it were no big deal, but she held back with superhuman patience.

“If I do that… I guess I’ll have to retrieve it myself.”

“Are you to someone like Liona?”

“I don’t care about the life of the princess whose power she built in Nevenia collapsed… but I can’t hand over that statue.”

“Just figure it out.”


The pig’s tone and thoughts both made Bria feel uncomfortable, but since it was something that took a lot of effort, she responded with a smile as much as possible.


A boy who had not yet matured appeared behind her. The boy’s body looked thin.

“Did you call me? “My wish, Bria.”

“Yes, Shuro. Instead of me, go after the princess first. The location is…”

“I have received it.” Shall I kill you?”

Bria grinned.

“It’s still good if you find the statue.”

“yes! I will definitely repay Bria’s trust. Please watch over me.”

“okay. I trust Shuro. Um… But just in case, I’d like to take Biran and Bidon with me.”

“Maybe… you don’t believe me…”

“That’s not true. “I’m afraid Shuro might get hurt.”

“… I will follow Bria’s deep wishes.”


Servant IV laughed as the boy disappeared.

“Excessive loyalty.”

“Shuro will do well.”

“Even though there is chadorf?”

“Chadorf? “Are you sure you mean that stupid-looking guy?”

“okay. “I’m talking about Liona’s escort knight.”

“Hohoho… If it were Shuro, that pole would be broken in two at once.”

“What if someone else catches Liona?”

“Who would walk into hell on their own? No, even if something like that happens, it won’t reach Shuro.”

“Are you sure?”

“I assure you.”


Bria smiled brightly and stepped away.

Servant IV muttered in his remaining living quarters.

“It feels bad…”

* * *

When Shuro, Bria’s faithful servant, began pursuing Liona and her group, they were already near the border checkpoint.

“Oh my…”

“Why are you doing that?”

The broker, who had no idea that the woman with them was Princess Riona, came here again to take Kangseol and his party across the border.

However, the situation was more serious than expected.

“It looks like the tail was caught in the end. “I haven’t heard from you in a few days… See you over there?”

“… I can see it.”

The head of the guard who helped Kang Seol cross the checkpoint was hanging on a pole, revealing his presence.

“It looks like his identity has been discovered. “You can’t go past the checkpoint.”

“Is there another way?”

“Since the checkpoint is completely blocked, um… let’s see, is that really the only way?”


“Ha, wait a moment.”



The man’s handwriting was filled in on the paper with a unique seal.

After a while.

[Obtain Montjuri’s letter of introduction.]

“I plan to be careful for the time being. I can’t take you across the border. “When my string at the checkpoint died, I ran out of options.”

“What is this letter of introduction?”

“But shouldn’t you have to cross the border? “It’s a dangerous method, but I have no other choice right now.”

“Who are you asking me to visit?”

“There is a smuggling route built between Nevenia and Adeline. Now, this is a map showing the location of the smuggling route. I wrote a letter of introduction to the owner there… so go find him. “If it’s not urgent, I’d rather wait for the situation on Nevenia’s border to improve.”

“… thank you.”

“You’re not going to ask for your money back, are you?”

“You have already fulfilled that responsibility.”

“Hehe… Thank you for your words.”

“And please…”

“I understand. I will never go anywhere and talk about you. “The time we spent together was short, but I heard about it.”

Kang Seol sent the broker away, got four horses, and handed them over.

He asked Liona.

“Do you know how to ride a horse, Lee?”

“Hmm! It’s basic. “You can even sleep on a horse.”

After saying this, Liona put her foot in the stirrup and tried to jump up.





“Chadorp… help me.”

“yes! King… Rine!”

Liona managed to get on the horse with Chardorf’s help. She seemed embarrassed and turned away from Kang Seol’s gaze.


As Kang Seol rode on horseback, the group followed him.

“Where are we headed now?”

In response to Liona’s question, Kangseol told the group about what would happen in the future.

“I’m going to the smuggler.”


“There is no other way. There are some methods I have thought of, but they all take a long time. “We need to get out of Nevenia urgently.”

“If you’re a smuggler… are you Debrik?”

Brispin joined the conversation.

The name the broker said was Debrick, so Kang Seol asked.

“Do you know him?”

“Yes, he is quite a big player in Nevenia. “He’s one of the guys the royal family knows about but can’t touch.”


“Because the damage is great. The royal family once went on a subjugation mission, but retreated after suffering heavy losses. They also bled, but were not caught. After that it disappeared again. I heard that they had set up a new home, and I knew their location, but the punitive force was never formed again. “Maybe the royal family wasn’t interested in this kind of thing.”

Liona nodded.

“The late king felt burdened about using power externally. “The smugglers didn’t respond further than that unless they turned into a group of bandits.”

Doo doo doo…

The horse galloped across the plain.

A few days later, they arrived at the foot of the mountain.

“From here, you have to get off your horse and walk.”


“They say that if you enter the mountain on horseback, you will take a bath with arrows.”

“Let’s get off quickly! “Get down the chadorp quickly!”

“All right.”

So the four of us climbed the mountain.

“What if they suddenly shoot us?”

“I’m off the horse and walking, so at least I’ll be asking questions.”

“Can we understand each other?”

“Well… if it doesn’t work, we have to make it work.”

“What does that mean?”

It was then.


The roar of a wild beast that makes the mountains cry. It seemed like a wild beast like a hunting dog was less intimidating than a wolf.

A voice came from the forest.

“Where are you stepping into here?”

Snowfall was about to come out, but Brispin came out first.

“I am Count Brispin! “I heard that Debrik was here?”

“Ho… Brispin? “Isn’t he a southern noble who rebelled against the royal family?”



A dagger thrown by someone stuck in Brispin’s front foot.

“… What are you doing?”


People appeared from the forest.

Everyone tied their strings to their bows and welcomed Kang Seol and his party.


a person who appeared to be their leader appeared.

A large scar across the face.

Even his left eye looked like the eye of a rotten fish.

The man with a large cigarette in his mouth looked at Brispin and said.

“Whoa… let’s not do this. “Are you coming here to pick something up to eat?”


“There is no crazy person running a smuggling route in this situation. Both Adeline and Nevenia are watching with their eyes wide open. If you understand, get out.”

“We must pass to Adeline.”

Debrick and the people around him laughed.

“Puh…puhuhuh…what are you saying, noble b*stard?”

“Let me use the smuggling route. I will definitely repay you later…”



“I take the initiative. “You just have to answer yes or no to what I ask.”

When Brispin nodded, Devrick moved his gaze next to him.

“Hey, you’re the Princess Liona who ran away, right?”

“… that’s right.”

“I’ll hand you over to Adeline.”


“Instead, leave that count’s head behind.”


“Do you like it or not?”

“no! You damn tax evader! How dare you threaten the king’s blood with a criminal!”

Everyone was dumbfounded by Liona’s sudden answer.

“What what… Fuhehehe….”

“Heeheeheehee…. You’re a funny woman.”

After taking a moment to think, Debrick furrowed his brows and summarized the situation succinctly.


“Princess! Behind me…”


Dozens of arrows rained down on Liona and her group.


At that time, it was expected that Liona would receive a barrage of arrows as a reward for her recklessness.



Black paint was poured into the mountains.

“…what what?”

The sticky, black energy caused all the flying arrows to fall to the floor.

The person who did this was the black knight who suddenly appeared next to Liona.

‘What is that guy?’

Embarrassed, Devrick opened his eyes wide.



Snowfall was standing in front of his eyes. He used his index finger and thumb to extinguish the flame on Debrick’s cigarette.

“I take the initiative. “You just have to answer what I ask.”


“Are you going to buy it? Are you going to die?”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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