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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 209

Chapter 209

Not long after parting ways with Kang Seol, the broker and his gang were camped out before stopping by the city.

“Puhahahaha! “Brother, is that why he was deceived?”

“huh? “What does that mean?”

“I heard you sent it to Debrik! Doesn’t that mean you should die? “The letter of introduction is also fake, right?”

The broker looked at his subordinate as if wondering what he was talking about.

“It’s not? “Is this really a letter of introduction?”


“Why should I write a fake letter of introduction?”

“Does it make sense to show such kindness to someone you just met for the first time?”

“What can’t you do if you get money? “You don’t know the details of how much we received for this, right?”

“How much did you get?”

The broker gently extended his finger to his subordinate.

“… That much?”

“okay. “Do you understand now?”

One of his subordinates spoke cautiously.

“Still, it’s that Debrik… it probably won’t cross the border. “If he’s lucky, he’ll come back alive.”

“You have to lose to get your money’s worth. “I just suggested that direction.”

“Hahaha! Anything is fine. Now with this money….”

That was then.



“Who’s coming?”

“Relax. “I’m ready to draw my sword at any time.”

“… yes.”

The broker shouted at the person trying to approach the fire.

“Why are you approaching a position where you are already inadequate?”

“Haha… I was behind schedule and lost track of time with my group. “Just as I was about to get ready for bed, there were people who came first… Was my behavior rude?”

The sound heard was a soft voice.

That was also the beautiful voice of a fairly young man.

“Ugh… what else can I say?”

“Are you alone?”

“Yes… I’ll leave as soon as the sun rises, so can I get some light?”

“If you’re just watching the little guy… Come and sit down! “Are you okay, bro?”

“uh? “Uh-huh…”



The broker’s face turned dark as the boy approached.

The boy’s smile, reflected in the moonlight, and the large sword sheath that was unsuitable for a boy, were very suspicious.

“That’s it! All




Just one move.

The great sword was pulled out in an instant and hit the gang member’s neck.

The broker couldn’t believe it even after seeing it. It was so fast that you couldn’t even see your hands.

“Do you have a question.”

“Ah, are you a devil?…”

“Hey, I’m Jilmuun~”

The name of the boy who committed the bizarre murder was Shuro, the princess’ pursuer sent by the tarantula Bria.

“Have you seen a woman, an old man, or an old man?”

“What are you talking about…”

The broker momentarily remembered Kang Seol and his party trying to cross the border, but quickly put it out of his mind.

However, Shuro caught wind of it.

“Hmm… I’m going to take it off…”



Shuro slapped the broker’s cheek.

Whoa whoa!


Next, he kicked his stomach.



Then he kicked me near the ankle and knocked me down.

“Shuro is good at lying. So I know. “You’re lying.”

“Heo… heo….”

“You saw it. “Where did you go?”

“Yeah, you damn b*stard who doesn’t even know manners…”

“Next, the bodies will be separated. Answer me. “If you answer now, you can return home without any aftereffects.”

The broker was not loyal to Kang Seol. They only kept the secret for as long as they were paid. Since the heads of his subordinates were blown off, the loss was even greater than the money he had already received.

“… I sent it to Debrik.”

“So who is Devrick?”

“A smuggler is a smuggler.”

“Take a look here and see where it went.”


The broker puts his finger on the map Shuro gave him.

“Aha… it’s here. But is it a bit far?”

“It’s already been a while since I left.”

“Where does the smuggling route lead?”

“It’s here.”

“Northeast of Adeline… It’s Nogurs. Hmm… it’s mountainous terrain. good! I’ll have to go here first and wait. “Farewell, uncle.”

“I told you I would save your life!”


The broker’s head was blown off.

“Shuro is good at lying.”

Shuro puffed out his cheeks and sucked in air.

Huhu Woo Woo …

Huho Oh …

The shadow escaped from the cut body and was sucked into Shuro’s mouth.

“I’ve filled my stomach… Okay, let’s see…”

Shuro, who had been looking at the map for a while, thought deeply and held the crystal ball in his hand.


A voice comes out as black fog forms in the crystal ball.

【It’s Shuro.】

“My wish, my glory, Bria. I found their location. So…”

Shuro told Bria his thoughts.

Bria listened quietly and then answered.

【Okay, is that enough?】

“Yes! “I think we can just kill those running away in an instant!”

After some time, Princess Liona’s destination became known throughout Nevenia.

* * *

This is again near Debrick’s smuggling route.

The princess and her party were still facing off against smuggler Debrick’s gang.

Debrik’s men have arrows attached so that they can draw the bowstring at any time. And Kang-seol calmly threatens Debrick despite facing such a deadly situation.

“…Are you threatening me now?”

“This is the conversation you like.”

“Does this look like a conversation to you?”


Debrik also had great courage and did not even flinch even when snowfall was right in front of him.

Instead, it felt like I was tapping away at a calculator in my head.

Snowfall warned about this.

“We don’t have to be you.”

“what? “What does that mean?”

“Literally. All you need to do is know the location of the smuggling route. I am willing to pay a fair amount as well. Just pay someone to find the location of the smuggling route for you.”

“Hung, do you think your subordinates will talk?”

“Well… you don’t know. And if money doesn’t work, there’s nothing we can do about it either.”

At that moment, a murderous spirit bloomed in Kang Seol’s eyes.

“I have no choice but to kill them all. If you kill them, there will be someone who breaks the silence. Are you going to deny even this?”

Debrik, who saw that and made a quick decision, answered.

“… lost. At first, I thought it was Paris on the day the princess was there, but it turned out that some kind of scoundrel was there with her. So how did you know we were here?”


Only then did Kang Seol hand over the letter of introduction prepared by the broker. Debrick, who had been reading the letter of introduction for a moment, frowned.

“I was a b*stard. Okay, I’ll let you use the road. Instead, pay the toll for four people.”

“It’s not that difficult.”

When Kangseol heard the amount of the toll, he handed that amount to Debrik.

After confirming the amount, Debrick spoke to his subordinates.

“Get ready! You know you have to get rid of annoying things quickly, right? “These guys could bring disaster.”


Snowfall returned to the princess and her party.

“Has it been resolved?”

First, Chadorf asked Kang Seol.

He nodded and answered.

“Let’s go. “There is a long way to go.”

“What a relief! Brispin, right?”

“Haha… what did I say, princess? “I told you not to worry, right?”

“It’s exactly as you said, yes!”

“More than that, yelling at those guys earlier was a dangerous action.”

Liona responded to Brispin’s concerns like this:

“It’s not wrong, right? How could I leave Brispin behind? “I guess I was angry without knowing that a criminal dared to discuss the value of life.”

“… That’s what a princess is like.”

While Liona was talking to Brispin, Chadorf got on his horse and rode close to Snow Seol.

“Hmm… That article from earlier…”

“It’s in my power.”

“Oh, I see. “It’s quite true. I’ve never seen such power even in the royal palace. Is it just Jeonja’s power?”

“That’s not necessarily true.”

“I understand. Now I see that he was a clever person. Ha ha ha ha ha! “How did you become acquainted with Count Brispin?”

“Well, we have been involved in various incidents.”

“Okay, okay. If there is anything difficult about your schedule, let me know. “I will consider your position as much as possible.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Chadorp was actually very surprised by the power that snowfall showed.

‘Could I have done that if it were me?’

It would have been possible to protect the princess.

However, it was clear that it would have been impossible to stop Chadorf without causing damage to himself.

After the shock, he decided to keep a close eye on the snowfall. And at the same time, I narrowed the distance between me and him.

However, a problem occurred while Kang Seol and Debrik’s group were heading to the smuggling route together.


Isn’t there a strange shout coming from far away?

“What is this sound? “Could it be that you came with a tail?”

“That can’t be possible. “There was no snow following us until we arrived here.”

“Then what! “You mean they knew about this place from the beginning and came here?!”

Just as sirens were sounding even before the police arrived, so were the voices of those targeting the princess and her group.

“I know that Princess Liona is here!”

“Debrick! You too! The crime of mocking the royal castle of Nevenia! Take it sweetly!”

Debrik and Kang Seol’s eyes met.

[Your location has been discovered.]

[The unexpected adventure ‘Smuggling Escape’ occurs.]

[This is a dangerous situation.] [

My heart is pounding.]

[Continuous: Resonance emits an incomplete signal.]

Adventure 29 -One. ‘Great escape through smuggling’

You made a risky choice.

You alone stood by the side of Princess Liona, who was threatened throughout Nevenia and even Adeline.

Moreover, smuggler Debrik’s plan to use the smuggling route was somehow exposed from the beginning.

We need to get out of here.

Goal: Shake off the pursuer.

This adventure is a surprise adventure.

This adventure is a dangerous one.

The current remaining time is “unknown.”

Debrick said while looking around.

“Guys! Prepare to withdraw.”


“Anyway, I didn’t like the situation where I was only sucking my fingers because of Nevenia. Let’s just think that we got out of hand a little early!”

“All right!”

The shouting coming towards them gradually grew louder.

“Quietly surrender to a smuggler who is nothing special!”

“no! You don’t have to surrender! If you kill him and cut off his head, you will receive the promised reward anyway!”

Kang Seol and Debrik guessed that the pursuers were Jeonja.

‘Are they transferees who have received adventures that are contrary to mine?’

Transferees who move at the request of Nevenia. Kang Seol hasn’t decided how to deal with them yet.

Wipe out everything?

‘No, such situations should be avoided as much as possible.’

It was dangerous to carry out indiscriminate massacre for a certain purpose. The prisoners that Kang Seol had destroyed so far were people who deserved to be treated like that, but they were different.

I was simply obsessed with my adventure goals.

“The transferencers and bugs… they treat life with such contempt. Set fire to the forest! “Don’t let them come closer!”


At Devrick’s command, fires began to break out throughout the forest.

“Ugh… it’s fire! “They started the fire.”

Debrik and Kangseol and the others mounted their horses and rode away.

Soon, hidden smuggling channels located deep in the depths began to become visible.

“Run there!”

Doo doo doo doo…

“They are entering the smuggling route! They have the advantage in tight spaces! Shoot! “Shoot him and knock him off the horse!”

Push shoo shoo!


Smugglers falling down after being hit by arrows.

But the group paid no heed to that and just ran forward.

The horses soon entered the smuggling route.

Doo doo doo doo…

The smuggling route may have been long, but it wasn’t very wide.

Here, the pursuers had to chase from one direction, so Kang Seol and his party had a much advantage.

Doo doo doo doo…

Soon after Kangseol’s group entered the smuggling route, the sound of even more horses’ hooves joined them.

“Kill! “Shoot and drop!”

Among them, those riding good horses almost caught up with Kang Seol and his party.

Push shoo shoo!

Several arrows were aimed at the group’s back.



Just as the arrows shot by Devrick’s men were blocked before, Karuna’s black wave knocked down the pursuers’ arrows this time as well.

“What! “What is that!”

“What is that?”

Devrick laughed.

“ha ha ha! Damn you b*stards! “There’s a transference on our side too!”

Doo doo doo…

Debrik turned his head towards Snowfall.

“Hey Jaesutang. “Get ready.”


“If things continue like this, we’ll either catch up or have to suffer when we get out of the cave. “Let’s destroy this place.”

“…Aren’t we all going to die too?”

“That doesn’t happen because we’ve done the work in advance. Unfortunately, they won’t be buried either. Anyway, as you go, you will see two pillars supporting the ceiling in the middle…”

That was then.

I felt a burning energy behind me.

“Do you think a smuggler or something would dare to run away from me? The princess is mine too! “The credit is mine!”

Devrick groaned.

“You crazy b*stard…”

A huge flame erupted from the pursuer’s hand.



The huge flames rushing from behind looked as if they would engulf the entire group.

At that time, even the brave Debrick bit his lip and didn’t know what to do.


[The sealed magic of Ur is activated.]

[Interpreting an unidentified magic.] [Interpreting the

magic.] [

Magic interpretation is complete.]

[Magic swallowing is activated . ]

[Extinguishing the flame radiation.]

The flying flames disappeared in an instant.

Doo doo doo doo…

“… what is this again? “Did you do this?”

“What’s more, a pillar?”

“Oh my… we’re almost there! excuse me! And on the other side too!”

A pillar was nearby to deal with the flames.

“Take it down!”

Even the pillars will collapse while riding on a horse. It was not a request that any sane person would ask.

However, the object of the request was very accurate. He was someone who had the ability to do that.

“Karen! Karuna!”

Doo doo doo doo…


When Snowfall opened her arms, Karen and Karuna came out from her palms.


“All right.”

With that momentum, they rushed towards the two pillars supporting the smuggling route.




The sounds of explosions were heard at intervals that were almost simultaneous.



The horses of the pursuers who were following tried to stop arbitrarily due to the unusual vibration.

“The radish is falling apart!”

As the pursuers’ horses arrived one after another, the wizard at the front turned his horse’s head back and fled.

And he shouted so that the smuggling channel rang loudly.

“The smuggling route is collapsing! Everyone get out!”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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