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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 220

Episode 220



The two are startled and move away from each other.

After checking the other person’s appearance, Bitan realized what kind of place the place he was riding with Snowfall was.

[It’s a ghost ship!? My stomach is so full!】

“Huh? Ghost ship? “I’m not a ghost?”

【It’s a skeleton!】

“It’s a skeleton. “It’s not a ghost.”

Bitan suddenly looked relieved.

【Phew… It was just a skeleton.】

– LOL Is the skeleton okay?

– What kind of standard is this?

– Are you convinced?

The skeleton saw the snowfall and asked Bitan.

“Is that a corpse?”

【dead body? ah! no! It’s not a corpse yet!】

Grief clung to the back.

【No… it might happen soon?】

“Then won’t it be a big problem?”

【Is this a big deal?】

“It’s a big deal! “You’re going to die!”

【Is it okay for a skeleton to say that?】

“What can’t be done?”

【yes? What can’t be done! If you die, it’s a big problem! Save me!】

“Yes! But there’s no good intentions on this ship?”

【Eh? Why?】

“Because he died. “Is it a ghost ship for no reason?”


“But don’t worry! “Meeting a great pirate on this wide sea means that your friend is not destined to die yet!”

【Great… pirate?】

Bitan tilted her head and looked at him.

【Were you a pirate?】

“Yes! I am a pirate. “If you’re so fearless that you go out to the sea, you’ve probably heard my name at least once, right?”

【What is your name?】

“Not yet! “Not yet!”

【Do you have a name yet?】

“No, I need a friend to help me say my name.”

【A friend to help you?】

“Come out! Ppuppu!”

Huh …

the black shadow was driven under the ship at that moment.

Now it looks like a scene from a horror movie.

Something rose from beneath the surface.


Something that looked like the baby of a giant octopus monster, commonly called Kraken, appeared.


Just because it was a cub didn’t mean it was small.

The ship that the grief was on could be classified as a large ship, but Pupu was huge enough to be compared to that ship.

【Big bald head….】

“No! “That’s what Pupu hates!”



Pupu put his big leg on the boat and caught Bitan. Hanging upside down, covered in sticky mucus, Bitan felt dizzy.


“I’ll forgive you just this once, but next time you call me that, I’ll tickle you.”


Grief on the boat again.

The skeleton started making strange movements with a pout.

“Now let me introduce myself! Puppu! know?”


Suddenly, the two of them started dancing and singing a strange song.

“Conquer the sea with one boat~ Loyalty!”




“Even love!”


“We are great sea men~ Come on! “Now let me introduce you to the crew of the Sea Man!”

– What song is this…

– It’s not bad…

– Why are you putting the chorus in so well?

– What are Kraken chords?

The strange dancing and singing did not stop.

“helmsman~ Breedon!”


“Oops! “You’re dead!”


“Deckjaang malee!”


“Achacha! “You’re dead too!”


“Battery leader Genin! “Of course he died!”


The names of sailors continued to appear one after another after that.

“The cook… is dead… the good man… is dead… the navigator… is dead.”


Bitan looked at the skeleton’s dance and song as if fascinated by something.

“Finally… Captain of the Great Sea Man! Thump, pound, pound….”

Crack! Crack!

Pupu meticulously tapped the deck with his feet to create a percussion sound.

“I am Santos!”

【Sa Santos!】

“Do you know me?”

Apparently, Santos’ name had been mentioned by Snowfall at the wharf in Lavene.

【no! I don’t know!】


Of course, I couldn’t hear the grief because I was sleeping at the time.

Bitan was now looking at Santos with bright eyes.

“How does it feel to be on the Sea Man?”

【Wow, it’s awesome!】

“Puhahahaha! yes! ruler! Look! Show off your glorious biceps!”


Santos took a bicep pose with both arms and both feet. And soon Santos is startled.

“oh! “I don’t have any biceps, do I?”

– A great guy has appeared!

– This won’t be easy…

– The heartbreak is overwhelming! Be strong and mourn!

– Wrong! I’m already inspired!

【What is that….】

“Huh? “Don’t you like it?”

Grief reacted surprisingly normally to Santos’ antics.

[It’s so cool…]

Viewers were mistaken.

“Hahaha, right!?”

【Me too!】


【Can I follow along too?】

“Um… This is something I won’t allow in some cases…”

【Please! Please let me follow along!】


Santos’ shoulders rose slightly at the words of grief.

【I’ve never seen a guy as cool as you!】


A little more.

【I want to be like you too!】


Santos’ shoulders almost reached the top of his head.

“good night! I passed! “You can follow along!”

【really? Really! Then…】


Bitan took a stance and imitated Santos’ actions.

【Boasting of glorious biceps!】

“Wow! That’s… Biceps!?”

【oh! I have no biceps~.】

– Ah! Did you get fooled?

– I thought you had biceps!

– Ah ha ha! I was fooled, I was fooled!

Now even viewers are starting to enjoy this eccentricity.

“Whahahahaha! Perfect! It is perfect! “What’s your name, sea urchin?”

【heartbreak! It’s heartbreak!】

“That’s a good name. “You can stay on this ship!”


“Dan! “Take this person as your captain!”

【I understand, Captain!】

“Grief! Did you wash the deck!?”


“Good! I like my deck messy! Male said he was tired from always wiping things too shiny! “Are you talented?”

【Thank you!】

“Then what about gunpowder? Did you manage to keep it from getting damp?”

【Is there gunpowder on this ship?】

“Good! Let’s get rid of those unmanly things! From now on, there will be no gunpowder on board!”

Santos, a skeleton that I doubt has really gone crazy.

But grief felt something in him. Something that grief that has not yet grown can explain.

“As I’m talking, I see an island in front of me!”

【island? It’s an island! Where is it?】

“I don’t know!”

【uh? Is it okay to not know that?】

“I don’t know that either! “Then it’ll be okay!”

【ah! I think that’s right!】

– Is the saying that the inverse of inverse is jeong applicable here?

– The Santos school recognizes this.

– Grief knows this.

They arrived at an unknown island like that.

* * *


Puppu disappeared into the sea not long after the boat docked.

It may seem like it’s going far away now, but it will come back soon when Santos finds it.


[Why are you starting a fire? Are skeletons cold too?】


【Then why…】

“Because I thought your friend would be cold!”

Santos was kind.

Bitan looked at the fallen Snowfall for a moment and then spoke to Santos.

【you! I like it!】

“Really? but! “I’ve never seen anyone who hates this Santos!”

【So I will definitely corrupt it!】

“Huh? who? me?”


Bitan nodded like an excited child.


【Because that’s why heartbreak was born!】


【… Why? Don’t you like it?】

“No! “I’m surprised you weren’t just a sea urchin?”

【It’s not a sea urchin! Grief is greater than a sea urchin!】

“How great is a sea urchin!”

【Really…? Are sea urchins that great?】

“Of course!”

A person who never fails to win a title that looks good is heartbroken.

【Then grief is a sea urchin from now on!】

“Okay! From now on, I will appoint you as a sea urchin!”

【Still, I really mean to corrupt you!】

“What! why?”



Grief was momentarily confused.


This was a value that any demon spirit had as a near-certain belief from birth, but he was different from an ordinary demon spirit.

The unique evil energy of the demonic spirit has been diluted by the power of the pearl, a holy relic left behind by Frannan, Snowfall, and Montra.

Therefore, we are faced with the current situation.

【So… why?】

“Is that fun?”

【Uh… what… um…】

Grief answered.

【Is that why grief was born?】

“The reason grief was born….”

【Grief was born to corrupt someone. If you forget that, grief isn’t grief at all, right? The reason for existence is disappearing? huh? Everyone is like that, right?】

Santos left his rattling chin still for a moment.

And then he opened his mouth.

“No, there is no reason why I was born.”


“There is a reason to live.”

【Isn’t that what you mean?】

“A great sea urchin would know what this means…”

【You know! You know, you know! Grief just got it all! These are two different words.】


In response to the heartbreak, Santos spoke again in a bright voice.

“I was actually a nobleman.”

【Beh… Lie!】

“It’s true! He was also the heir of a very historic noble family who was confirmed to inherit the territory!”

【It doesn’t suit me!】

“Yes! thank you!”

If Kangseol had been awake, he would have sympathized with Santos’ story.

Because he also knew Santos’ biography.

“One day the whole family was poisoned.”


“I was pointed out as a criminal.”

【Huh… did you do that?】

“I’m not. “I liked my family.”

【Family… Grief has no family.】


【Yes, really! So what happens next?】

“I left the territory. “I felt like I couldn’t hold on any longer.”

【Isn’t that… you ran away?】

“That’s right! Are you smart?”

【If it’s a sea urchin, it should be like this!】

“I was about to die. I thought it would be easier to die. So I headed to the sea. “I think hanging myself would be scary and falling from a high place would be painful.”

【Are you a coward?】

“Yes! “You coward!”

【bantling! You are not qualified to drive that ship!】

“Is this a mutiny on board! Then, punishment…”

【Are you going to punish?】

“Are you going to revolt?”


“Then neither do I.”

– Excuse me, what are you two talking about?

– There was an emergency patch for the language. I guess you didn’t see the notice haha

– this conversation seems quite unintelligent.

Santos recalled that time.

“I fell into the sea.”

【Dead? Is that why you became a skeleton?】

“No! “I didn’t die just because I suffocated!”


“And when I looked around, everyone was calm except me.”

【… Are you calm?】

“Yes. I suddenly felt so wronged that I didn’t want to die. So he didn’t die. Instead, I had a strong desire in my heart. That’s when Santos, the Sea Man, was born!”

【Strong… aspiration?】

“Yes, like a dream.”

【What is Santos dreaming about?】


Santos got up and pointed to the sea.

“To have the sea!”

【Is it possible?】

“Only sea water can cool the hot heart of this sea man Santos!”


“Does heartbreak have dreams?”

【… No?】

“Think about it now.”

Bitan raised his eyes for a moment, absorbed in thought, and then pointed to Snowfall and answered.

【Corrupting this guy?】

“No! “That’s not cool!”

【Does it have to be cool?】

“Of course! The crew of the Sea Man all have wonderful dreams! “You will be there too!”

Bitan tilted his head and gave a different answer.

【… Becoming a cooler sea urchin?】


– I’m getting out of here.

– Please wake up Snowman! Please wake up snowman! Please wake up snowman!

– Regarding the fact that Bitan, a demonic spirit, became the strongest sea urchin…

Santos praised Bitan’s hastily created dream, but Bitan’s expression was not bright.

Santos, who noticed this, asked Bitan.

“what’s the matter?”

【It’s just… I don’t like it…】

“I don’t like it? what?”

【I don’t know what my dream is. Dreams are a reason to live, right? Grief doesn’t have anything like that.】

“Hahaha! That can be solved quickly! Dreams don’t have to be grand! Just start with something simple. Because dreams tend to get bigger! “What do you want most right now?”

【What I want now….】

“Yes! A near dream! “Men of the sea always achieve their closest dreams first!”

Bitan looked at the snowfall for a moment.

It kept getting on my nerves.

“…are you worried about your friend?”

【Not a friend… This guy I have to corrupt…】


【We used to be people… but now we’re just close?】

“What do you want from grief?”

【… I hope this guy wakes up.】


A fairy who pulls her cheek, a smart spirit who makes a giddy expression when she talks to her, and even a human who sometimes strokes her.

Bitan realized this as he organized his thoughts.



【Grief has a family. I remembered!】


【huh! Bitan’s family is here!】

Bitan referring to snowfall.

Santos didn’t understand the lament for a moment, but just nodded.

“Then what grief wants is…”

【Again… I want it to be loud again! Sometimes it’s too noisy… but…】


【It’s easier to nap when everyone is noisy! That’s what grief is good for!】

Santos raised his right arm to the sky.

“Great! “Then, from now on, let’s make heartbreak’s closest dreams come true!”


“But to do that, grief needs to help me start with my closest dreams!”

【What is the captain’s near dream?】

Santos’ bright energy suddenly disappeared.


“Recovering the sailors….”

【Is that all?】

“Yes. “Right now, it’s a dream more precious than owning the ocean.”

【Then I must make it happen! What should I do?】

“Are you going to help me?”


“I’m glad. In fact, this ship has been heading that way from the beginning!”

【That one?】

“Yes! Where my crew is.”

【Where is it?】

The crew of the Sea Man whose souls were stolen by Bitona.

Among them, Captain Santos was the only one who succeeded in escaping with only his soulless body.

He tried to go back.

To Vitona, the Soul Reaper.

“Alphrina Strait.”

To the Alphrina Strait where she is.

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