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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 223

Episode 223

Bitona’s death will change many aspects of Pandea.

In fact, the messages that came to Kang Seol proved that.

[The enchanting Vitona, who controlled the Alphrina Strait, has died.]

[The secret labyrinth ‘Vitona’s Nest’ is open.]

[The secret labyrinth ‘Underwater Ruins’ is open.]

[The Snowman has achieved a transformation through great achievements. ]

[Big and small changes take place in the world of eternity.]

[The drift ice in the Alphrina Strait begins to melt.] [

As the news of Vitona’s death spread, the volume of traffic in the Triti Canal, the canal closest to the Alphrina Strait, decreased. decreases.]

[Rumors from sailors spread quickly, sparking a flood of opinions to reopen the previous route created in the Alfrina Strait.] [Force:

The influence of the Southern Shipping Association increases.]

[From now on, all players will use the base. You can select the ‘Legend of the Alphrina Strait’ adventure.]

[Afterwards, all players can select the ‘Treasure Ship Salvage’ adventure at the base.] [

You gain adventurer points.]

[The Alphrina Strait is liberated from Vitona. ]

[Additional rewards are obtained.]

[This news is spread to all countries and even small cities where shipping is developed.]

[The number of adventurers who challenge other monsters, which are considered a maritime nightmare, is increasing.]

.. Although

Kang Seol, who actually received the benefit, could not read the message.

Souls shining brightly in blue rushed to the Sea Man, one step at a time.

“He’s dead! “He’s definitely dead!”

“We are free! “We can go back to the sea!”

“Hahahaha! It’s a festival! “It’s a festival!”

“I don’t want to see this, so pull that snake’s head off the bow!”

“for a moment! “You have to get the meat before you pull it out!”

“what? but! “That would be great too!”



Someone came up to the Sea Man carrying Snow Seol. It was the first man that Bitan had seen.

No, to be exact, it was the first time I had seen a man like this.

A man with half his face burned.

It was Santos.

Seeing Santos for the first time, Grief could have seemed unfamiliar.



After putting down the snowfall, Santos hugged his heartbreak.

【I saved you! Captain!】

“Hahaha! It’s true. Heartbreak really saved me!”

【Is grief now a great sea urchin?】

“Of course! No, even greater than the great sea urchin!”

【okay? “Am I greater than the great sea urchin?”

“Yes, because it is heartbreak.”

Bitan was embarrassed and pushed Santos away.

【Rain Bitan just protects the weak guy.】


【The captain said so. The weak guy needs to be protected. Grief is strong, so I couldn’t help it.】

“Haha… I really can’t say a word carelessly.”

The pirates were already preparing for the festival.

“Santos! alcohol! “Where did you hide the alcohol?”

“If you look for it where it’s always been, it’ll be there! “I threw away some rotten ones!”

“Hehehe… I have a rotten body anyway, so what’s the problem with pouring some rotten alcohol into it? “If you don’t have enough alcohol, you might have to pee!”

“this! I didn’t think of that! After all, it would have been better for you, Sirva, to be the captain rather than me!”

“what? I don’t like it! “The captain of a ship full of idiots like this won’t do anything even if you give him treasure!”

“Now that I think about it, I think that was the reason I became a captain! “You guys left it to us!”

“You’re still stupid for noticing that now! Hahahahaha!”


A pirate ship floating alone in the Alfrena Strait, where no one is looking for. Finite freedom enjoyed on the infinite sea.


“How much alcohol is this?”

“Hehehe… it’s good, I’ve been waiting for this day!”

“Hey Sonio! “Play me a song!”

“Wait Santos! “Where did you put my violin?”

“I’ll be in the cabin. “Take a good look.”

“If it gets even wet, know that I will throw it into the sea!”

“ha ha ha!”

After a while, Sonio appeared holding a violin.

“Hmm… Well, it’s been a while so I might make a mistake, but dig in your ears and listen carefully.”

“I’m ready!”

A wonderful melody began to echo on the Sea Man. A melody more sorrowful than the siren’s mysterious song.

“You idiot! What should I do to calm the mood?”

“Someone leave that b*stard out!”



Sonio gets kicked and falls into the sea.

He climbed back up, held on by Pupu’s legs, and played while muttering.

“This is why people who don’t know how to read sheet music… don’t know romance!”

“Hey Sonio! “Everyone here knows that you don’t know how to read sheet music, right?”

“shut up! “Do you have any proof?”

“The song changes every time you play it!”

“Music is a feeling. You turn the strings with your emotions!”

“Pupu! “Don’t pick that guy up this time!”

“But why is it so big?”

The Sea Man, sailing lonely on the cold sea, was not here. It seemed as if the sea was full of them alone.

“The keel is fine, but there is a problem with the bow. “I’ll fix it soon, Santos.”

“Oh yeah. “Thank you, Fliver!”

“You have to prepare for the next one, right?”

“… huh. After all, you know my heart very well.”

Santos looked back at the deck while talking with the carpenter, Fleiber.

“Hey look at this guy!”

“You’re a sea urchin and drink well!”

“This guy saved us? “It’s a lie, right?”

【Hehe… Grief is the strongest…】

Santos laughed as he saw Grief’s eyes soften.

“Feed them in moderation! “I don’t know what happens when a sea urchin gets drunk!”

“That’s right!”

Bitan danced while drunk and was dazzled by the tricks the pirates showed.

Santos said.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been a guest, so I guess I should show it to you.”

“ah! that! “I’m ready!”

“Sounds like fun.”

When Bitan looked around, not knowing what Santos was talking about, Santos clapped and got her attention.

Clap clap clap-!

“Now let us introduce ourselves! Ppuppu!”


Sonio played the violin and sang a hopeful melody.

“Conquer the sea with one boat~ Loyalty!”




The pirates started singing along to the song.




“Even love!”


“Even love!”

When we all sang the song together that we used to sing alone, it felt completely different.

“We are great sea men~ Come on! “Now let me introduce you to the crew of the Sea Man!”



“helmsman~ Breedon!”


“Deck jaang~ Male!”

“Here it is!”

“Battery commander~ Genin!”


“Where is Genin?”

A moment of silence.

someone said

“He’s throwing up over there. “I guess I was forced to drink something that went bad.”


A series of songs.

There was no one who did not answer when their name was called.

“Moksuwoo~ Fliver!”

“It’s all over, now I can drink too!”


“Navigator~ Cherico!”

“I thought you didn’t just call my name!”


Bitan cupped her hands tightly.

It’s this kind of song.

It’s such a happy song.

He looked at the pirates with bright eyes.

“Finally… Captain of the Great Sea Man…”

Santos didn’t even need to make a sound.

All the sailors pounded the deck with their hands.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo…

“I am Santos!”



Grief was dreaming now.

Born into a nightmare of a battlefield, the years of living through trampling on many people.

There was a time when I thought that kind of life was fun. But I have never once felt happy with such a life.

This very moment, hanging out with the crew of the Sea Man, was the happiest moment of the demonic grief.

Contact with them constantly infused grief with an unfamiliar force.

The mind is called emotions.

The drinking party continued noisily.

On and on all night long.

Grief suddenly opened his eyes.

It seemed like he was drunk and dozed off.

Before we knew it, dawn was coming.

When I opened my eyes, the sailors were gone.



Santos called out from behind the heartbreak.

The burnt face was ugly, but as I continued to look at it, I felt like a pirate again.

“Would you like to sit here?”

【there? Why?】

“Because the sun is rising over here.”


The two sat side by side and looked at the horizon.

“it was fun?”

【huh! It was the best! The salty smell was nice, the wind was nice, everything was good!】

“I’m glad.”

【You know… Captain.】


Bitan said shyly.

【I want to live.】


【There are many things you don’t know about grief. So someone needs to tell me. The captain told me a lot.】

“… Me?”

【huh! I learned that heartbreak is different from alcohol and urine, and that when you are strong, you have to protect the weak! Again… Ugh? What did you learn?】

“Do you have a lot to say about your sorrow?”

【huh? Why?】

“I think I should do it first.”

Santos pointed to the sea.

“Can you see the sea of sorrow?”

【huh! There’s a lot of water! Ta-da!】

“If you just look at the sea, it keeps telling you something.”

【Leave it to me? He’s a bad guy! this? I’m a bad guy too, right? But what are you passing it on?】

“Haha… Romance, dreams, a sense of adventure, etc.”

In the direction of the grief, all that was visible was the burn mark on Santos’ face.

So I couldn’t tell what kind of expression he had.

“They plant those things arbitrarily.”

Knock knock…

Santos tapping the deck.

“It all started on this ship. The Sea Man taught a lost nobleman named Santos many things to become a great pirate. “I learned pettiness and ignorance, and I learned about barbarism and nature.”

Only then did I realize the heartbreak.

There’s something strange about Santos.


“My existence broke the old framework and set off for new stars.”

A bright light falls on the water.

Dawn was turning the black sea blue.

The time for fakes was coming to an end.

“Yes, this ship is the universe to me! And…”

【Captain Seo!】

Santos turned his head and looked at Bitan.

His body was gradually becoming blurry.

【Uh… my body… my body is strange, Captain!】

“I will give my universe… to you, grief. The rebellion was a success. From now on, you are the captain of the Sea Man.”

Pirates who left before Santos.

When dawn comes, the fakes disappear and only the real ones remain in the world.

Only the living can breathe.

Dawn is the time when things that should not exist turn to dust.

【Uuuuu… Don’t go, don’t go, Santos! It’s fun!】


Something that could never flow flowed from the eyes of the demonic spirit, which was a collection of malice.

Grief pointed to her chest with her small hand.

【Aaaaaaaaaaa! Santos! W It hurts here. Why does it hurt? Let me know!】


【I’m weird! Water keeps coming out of my eyes! Are you going to die?】

“Haha! Doesn’t it make sense that we, the ones closest to water, are dry? “It’s a good thing, heartbreak!”

【Is it really good? It’s so… painful?】

Santos’ body began to disintegrate into dust.


“Thank you for putting an end to the legend of Santos. “When I see you again someday… then I want you to tell me your legend.”


“Departure is sad! “Go out into the world and find your reason for living.”

Santos’ face turned to dust along with his smile. leaving only the voice behind.

“The beginning of an eternal… voyage… ya….”


The blue soul turned into dust and piled up.


Pupu looked pitifully at Bitan.

Grief bowed his head and stayed still for a moment. But after a while…




The blue dust created a vortex.

Dawn illuminated the movement.

It was truly a mysterious and enchanting sight.


【San… Toss?】

The place where the soul flew was right where there was snowfall.


Blue energy seeps into Kangseol’s body.

His body glowed blue for a moment.

It was like a midday dream.

Bitan smiled at the sight and gained strength.



【Get ready! That’s it!】

Pupu scratched his head with his legs for a moment, then noticed something and made a noise.


Heartbreak sang.

【Conquer the sea with one boat~ Loyalty!】




【Even love!】


I sang at the top of my voice.

【We are the great sea men~ Uh… what was it again? anyway! Let me introduce you!】


【Deakjaang Bitatan!】

Bitan created a mustache with his ability. He played both roles by himself.

【Vitatan! Did you wipe the deck?】


【Great! Navigator ~ Bitatatan!]

This time, Bitan even imitates messy hair.

【Where are we going?】

【I don’t know!】


Grief constantly created new characters and imitated them. No, I captured the characteristics of the sailors I saw at night and implemented them exactly.

It was a way to honor the dead that only he could do.

【And~ Now! Vice Captain…】

Heartbreak looked at the snowfall.

【Yes you!】

He moved Kang Seol’s mouth and performed ventriloquism.

【You waited a long time, right?】


【Tch… it’s not fun.】

As expected, snowfall without reaction.

【Lastly, the captain is Bitan!】


Silence returns.

Heartbreak was crying.


Ppuu stroked Bitan’s head.

【I’m not crying! Bitan doesn’t know how to cry!】


【No, actually, Santos taught me…】

Bitan said while looking at the snowfall filled with Santos.

【Is Santos there?】


【Good! Then it’s time to set sail!】


【But where should we go?】


【Let’s go anywhere! shore! We’re going to land! Let’s go bald!】


slap-! slap-!

Pupu patting the heartbroken head.

【Is it already a rebellion?】

Snap! slap-!

【I will forgive you just this once!】

Slap! slap-!

【Cancel the bald head….】


* * *

Some time has passed.

If time passed like this on a ship, it would usually lead to one of two outcomes.

Arrive at your destination.

Either shipwreck.


Heartbreak was distressed.

I ended up shipwrecked on an unknown land.

【Pupu! It’s because of you!】


【sorry! It’s my fault! Actually, I never learned how to drop an anchor!】


Even though I didn’t know where this place was, I knew that it was land.

Now is the time to get away from the Sea Man for a while.

【Can I see you again?】


of course.

I’ll be waiting forever, you wonderful sea urchin.

【Heehee… See you then! Be bigger! Because Grief will also get bigger!】

Grief waved her short arms wildly in greeting.

After putting down the two treasure chests and snowfall that had arisen without my knowledge.


The Sea Man let go of his grief and snowfall and disappeared far out into the sea.

Bitan didn’t know where this was yet.

That piqued his curiosity.

【a little bit! I’ll take a quick look around!】

The heartbreak of leaving the snowfall as it is and running up the hill up the hill.

This place seemed to be a forest with a beach.

A forest with very beautiful scenery.


Pink petals were fluttering in the wind.

This land seen from an open perspective is very mysterious.

Even wild beasts prey on the eggs of strange-looking reptiles.

It was full of new nature.

The entire forest was colored in various colors.

Bitan looked at the scene in fascination and noticed one more thing.

【What is that?】

A black aura was seen here and there in the forest.

Something feels out of the ordinary.

I didn’t want to get close.

【… Huh?】

Grief suddenly became anxious and quickly went down the hill.

Do do do do…

the grief that came down the hill.

【… Big trouble happened.】

It disappeared.

Two boxes and a human.

【I’m sorry! I forgot! Where did it go? Where did it go?】

The culprit seemed likely to be the black energy seen earlier.

Since Bitan had no intention of having anything taken away from him anymore, he decided to take the human back from the b*stard.

【… Huh?】

There are footprints on the beach.

It didn’t seem like they were doing it.

Was it done by the same person?

Then who could it be?

Bitan suppressed her anxiety and walked along the footprints.

The footprints were towards the forest.

【Don’t miss it! You have to protect it! Grief must protect!】

The footprints gradually became fainter.

In order not to miss the footsteps, Bitan concentrated all his attention and walked while looking at the ground.

Let’s do that for a while.



Bitan looked up at what she had hit.

It was neither a solid rock nor a densely grown tree.

So what did it collide with?


When Bitan looked up, there was a young man with golden eyes looking at the forest.

Grief couldn’t keep his mouth shut without realizing it. Because I never thought we would meet again like this.


“Did it flow all the way to the East?”


Just as the ghost king saw in the future, the man came to the East.

– You will cross the waves, take an old ship, and come east to meet me.

Everything that Woan and the man will experience in the future takes place in the Khan Empire, the land of flowers and fire ruled by the blood of the dragon.

“Come here heartbreak.”

【… Huh?】

The man extended his hand to Bitan.

Grief heard the words she had been waiting for so long in a man’s voice.

“You waited a long time, right?”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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