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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 225

Episode 225

: This is Seolhong, so it is a month before an unknown girl met Kang Seol in a village on the outskirts.

Hongyeon, the capital of the empire.

Even in this place where fantastic lanterns decorate the streets, if you ask where the brightest place is, everyone in Hongyeon will answer Yonggung.

Yonggung was the place where Hongcheon, the founder of the Khan Empire, lived.



Seolhong arrived at the entrance of Jamryongjeon (潛龍殿), where the main events of the Dragon Palace were held.

A guard with a thick chest was looking around with stern eyes.

Seolhong, who was much smaller than the guard, asked him.

“Whew… where should I go?”

“Seolhong’s seat is over there.”

“… Isn’t this place too far from the podium? If it were like this, it wouldn’t even be visible….”

“It would be the same on this side and on the other side. “It’s unfortunate, but the assigned seats are in accordance with the rules established by the Dragon Emperor.”

Seolhong smiled brightly.

“Then there is nothing we can do! “I will try to open my eyes as wide as possible!”


The guard kept his mouth shut without adding another word.

There was no way the guards were unaware of Seolhong’s situation.


Seolhong sat down.

Seol-hong sits in a corner of all corners, a place that makes you wonder if you are in the same universe as the mainstream.

There was no particular reason for her to sit here. Because there was no influence.

“Are you Seolhong?”

“Oh brother.”

“Call me by your… name.”

“Jahyo, isn’t our place too remote?”

“I can’t help it. “Children like us, given by the Dragon Emperor, cannot go before him.”

“Self-deprecation is not good!”

“It’s about understanding the topic, Seolhong. Don’t you know reality too?”

A man named Jahyo was Seolhong’s older brother.

However, Yonggung was in an environment where it was quite embarrassing to call him oppa.

Dragon Emperor Hongcheon was a monster who lived for a whopping 300 years. It was impossible for him to not have a wife and concubine.

Among them, the number of Emperor Yong’s concubines was over 500 as of now. Naturally, the number of children of the Dragon Emperor was also enormous.

Since the father lived for over 300 years, the ages of the children also varied. No, more than half of the children would have gone to the underworld before their father.

Of course, that did not mean that all the concubines and children were elderly. As he continued to take new concubines, new children were born.

The children of the dragon who had gathered for the most important speech in the Dragon Palace now numbered in the hundreds, but the number of old people was not that large.

Unlike Seolhong, who was in his teens, the man named Jahyo in front of Seolhong was already in his 30s.

“hmm? haha! Who is this? “Isn’t it Seolhong?”

“oh? “Really?”

A man and woman recognize Seolhong and approach him.

The man with buck teeth was named Hyeon, and the woman with visible freckles was named So-eun.

“How… the seats are in such a remote place…”

“Hehehe… But the seat allocation seems fair. “Because you’re stuck in a corner like this.”

Seolhong smiled and responded.


“Are you coming? But is there a need for you to come here today?”

“I know. “Aren’t we just taking up space for no reason?”

Over there…

over there…

someone approached.

“Get out of the way.”

“Who… Heo-up…”

If there were concubine children, there were also wife’s children. Among them, the children of particularly influential wives were treated differently from birth.

The steel-faced man currently looking down at Hyun also did the same.

The man looked down at Hyun with an arrogant gaze and said as he passed by.

“Guys like you are also messing up Jamryongjeon, so why can’t you come here just because you’re Seolhong? Shut up and go back to your seat. “It will start soon.”


“Oh, I understand.”

The man who saved Seolhong from Hyun and Soeun was his legitimate son named Taeyul.

He was a talented person who was evaluated as the number one successor among the dragon children born to the royal family.

Even though Seolhong was saved from Taeyul, his expression did not brighten.

This is because salvation did not come from good intentions.

It was just a way to show off his power.

This was that kind of place and these were those people.

Anyway, the dragon emperor still hadn’t shown himself.

“quiet! “Be silent!”

However, after a while, Prime Minister Bang Hyu, a close associate of the Yong Emperor and a man of all people, came up to the podium and spoke.

“The Dragon Emperor will not visit Jamryongjeon today.”


“Oh my god….”

“What the hell…?”


Banghyu opened the scroll and read the contents.

“Flowers of the Khan Empire. Even though it is a flower, it should not show off its existence only through its color and shape. Scent is also an important element of flowers. “Here in the land of dragons, there are always places that I, Hongcheon, cannot reach.”


Except for Banghyu’s words, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of spit going over Mokuldae.

Everyone was looking at Banghyuman with tense eyes.

“The more the scent of a flower spreads, the more valuable it becomes. I, Hongcheon, want to help you correct the chaos in the world. Dragon Flowers, go out into the world and prove your worth.”

Yonghwa (龍華).

All children of the dragon were called dragon flowers.

Each flower was named after its characteristics, and while some flowers were real, there were also imaginary flowers.

“However, I know that there is a difference in your capabilities and growth. So I don’t expect much from everyone. “We will only entrust each person with tasks that are at a level they can handle, and they will be highly evaluated just for solving their assigned tasks.”


Are you suddenly evaluating me?

A question mark appeared on everyone’s faces.

And that question mark soon became an exclamation point.

“So, by combining the evaluations from the continued tests, I will decide on the dragon who will lead the new era of the Khan Empire on behalf of Hongcheon. Everyone bleeds and hurts… win!”

For a moment, everyone made dizzy expressions and opened their mouths.

The Dragon Emperor wants to decide on a successor.

He is about to hand over the country he has ruled alone for over 300 years to his successor.

No one could continue speaking due to the shock, but there was one person who bowed his head alone.

“I will follow your will!”

It was Taeyul who was a deficit.

Soon everyone in Jamryongjeon bowed their heads and shouted out loud.

“I will follow your will!”

Seolhong, the flower of death, was one of them.

* * *

That incident happened a full month ago.

The mission given to Seolhong is to dismantle the Wild Dogs, one of the bandits that thrive in the border and kill its leader, Hoseo.


It was nice to know how we got down to the outskirts.

There was no interference from other brothers and there were no problems along the way.

However, the story after arrival was different.

The size of the bandit wild dogs was bigger than expected.

Even though Seolhong was from the royal family and practiced martial arts, it was never enough to wipe out the entire bandit group.

Moreover, Seolhong’s age was at most close to his mid-teens and he had not yet grown up, so it was inevitable that it would be a fight between an adult and a child.

“Seolhong… cough… are you here?”

An old woman was lying in Seolhong’s dormitory.

He was the maid who served her and the nanny who raised her from birth.

Seolhong’s mother died soon after giving birth to her.

The name of the flower given to her, who lost her mother at birth, was ‘death flower.’

A flower that appears in the Khan legend and is said to bring death and does not bloom easily.

That curse-like name was given to her.

“huh. No need to get up. Lie down, Heavenly Lord!”

The wrinkled old woman named Cheonju lay down on her bed again, crying.

“I’m sorry that you got sick during the expedition… I was a hindrance to Seolhong…”

“Don’t say that. “If it weren’t for Heavenly Father, I couldn’t have come this far.”

Seolhong knew well the hard work of Cheonju, who arranged a carriage for Seolhong, who lacked worldly experience, and found a quick route without being dangerous.

If only she hadn’t contracted the disease endemic to the area, things might have been easier.


Seolhong, sitting on the bed, opened his mouth.

“Heavenly Lord.”


“The Dragon War… shall we stop?”

“What do you mean?”

“What right do I have to rule Khan? Not only is he a concubine’s child, but he also lacks ability…”

“Seolhong! Cough… Are you doing this to see someone die?”


“Your mother was truly an amazing woman. Don’t disparage her just because she’s the Dragon Emperor’s concubine! She… was more confident and confident than any woman I had ever seen. “I’ve seen her up close and I can guarantee that!”

Seolhong looked at Heavenly Father with watery eyes.

Cheonju’s face, distorted with pain, was painful to Seolhong as well.

“But… we’re running out of time. “We have to find a doctor who can treat Cheonju… and…”

“Are you afraid?”


“Are you at most afraid of thieves?”

“… that’s right. “I don’t know what to do at times like this.”

“I heard that you are looking for someone to go out during the day to help with this.”

“that’s right. “No one paid any attention to me.”

Seolhong spoke.

“I know that? I heard from outside that there is a lot of interest in the Yonghwa who participated in the Dragon War. “There are warriors who want to take this opportunity to catch the eye of the royal family and take a place, and there are merchants who want to line up to see the gate.”


“If warriors are lucky, they can even overcome the dragon stone, so this dragon contest.”

Dragon stone.

This refers to Yonghwa’s closest associate.

To be precise, it was Yonghwa’s sword.

Yonghwas, who were weak in power, used to gain ground through the power of these Yongseoks.

“Is there a Yonghwa like me who doesn’t have a Yongseok yet?”

“Don’t say that. The time hasn’t come yet. “Someday, someone will appear who will recognize your true value, Seolhong.”

“If it’s not this time, if it’s not now, then what’s the use?”

“I guess it won’t work. “I guess I have to wake up by tomorrow so I don’t have to hear Seolhong complaining.”

“Heavenly Lord…”

The old woman smiled and stroked Seolhong’s head.

“Be brave… let’s overcome this.”

Seolhong was hugged by the old woman.

Someone was listening to their conversation outside the door and then left.

* * *

‘How can this be…’

The person who briefly overheard the conversation between Seolhong and the old woman was Kangseol.

He was now in the midst of confusion after realizing Seolhong’s identity.

The source of the confusion was not Seolhong’s identity, but the very existence of a woman named Seolhong.

– So you’re saying she’s a princess who is fighting over the successor?

– That kid?

– I feel sorry for the grandmother and granddaughter ㅠㅠ

– Is this a grand-grandson relationship? Haha, I guess she’s just a maid.

– Brave? I don’t know what it is, but it looks like fun.

– But why does the snowman’s expression look like that lol?

– I’m breaking into a cold sweat;;

– So what’s going on?

Kang Seol was located in the room right next to the room where Seol Hong and Cheonju were tied together.

It was a very remote village and the accommodations weren’t very good, so finding a room was a piece of cake.

At this place, where the arrows of the name and epithet Seolhong kept coming, Kang Seol faced a shocking truth.

“If it’s Seolhong… my… my….”

Kang Seol knew who Seolhong’s mother was.

An oil painting of the sword dancer, the woman whom the Dragon Emperor loved most.

Yuhwa was one of Kangseol’s words.

Kangseol was a player who trained 30 pieces, and there was no set framework within them.

Sometimes I played as a woman and sometimes as a different race.


It was literally like a god, dwelling in the bodies of all beings.

Yuhwa, the dancer of swords, was also a being that had a god named Snowfall a long time ago.

This is the same as saying that the daughter Yuhwa left behind is Kang Seol’s daughter.

‘No, is it a leap for it to go that far?’

Just because you enjoyed the game of life doesn’t mean you have to take responsibility for the horse’s life as well. Therefore, Seolhong is only Yuhwa’s daughter, but not Kang Seol’s daughter.

Whether or not she was Kang Seol’s daughter wasn’t important.

In fact, I should have noticed it from the moment I met Orgo’s descendant, Xiamen.

The traces left by Kangseol’s words on Pandea are still alive and breathing somewhere.

Seolhong was also like that.

It is as if new footprints are randomly forming in front of the footprints.

When Kang-seol meets Seol-hong, whom he had forgotten existed, his heart beats violently.

The most important thing was how to respond.

Should I do something for her?

That wasn’t it.

So is it right not to come forward? That was also ambiguous.

‘Are you sure. The legacy of Yuhwa remains with her. I need to check that out.’

In the end, contact was unavoidable.

So when is the time?

‘The longer you put it off, the more difficult it will be.’

In the end, Kang Seol dressed up differently and went to see the owner of the inn.

After a while.



Knock knock…

“What’s going on?”

Someone knocked on the door of the room where Seolhong and Cheonju were staying.

“I… it’s no different….”

“It’s the same, so hurry up and say it.”

The owner of the guesthouse scratched his head and said.

“The congressman… came to visit.”

“What what? “Is that really true?”

I said this to the owner of the lodging a few days ago without much expectation, but the other person actually looked for the congressman.


Seolhong opens the door.

In front of him stood Snowfall, dressed differently than usual.

“I heard there was a sick person here.”

[The quack’s special ability is activated.]

[The opponent will not suspect your identity.]

“Heavenly Lord! “Wake up, the congressman is here!”

Kang Seol stared at Seol Hong’s face.

The lonely mark he left on this world.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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