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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 226

Episode 226

“Eat inside! “It was really nice of you to come!”

Seolhong held Kangseol’s hand with his small hand. She was able to use both hands to cover Kang Seol’s hand.

“huh? “What is that black thing in that poem?”

“It’s a medical sea urchin.”

【Grief is a great sea urchin!】

“Even the horse…”

– Medical sea urchin hahaha

– They just put it on lol


Seolhong, who touched the grief for no reason, made a surprised expression.

“Make it soft!”

【oh! Don’t touch it!】

Bitan jumped up and onto the table.

For a moment, attention turned to Bitan, but soon Seolhong realized the gravity of the situation and spoke with a stern face.

“It doesn’t matter now who you are or what that sea urchin is. “Lord, will you take a look at that woman’s body?”

“It’s not difficult.”

Actually, it was difficult.

Kang Seol was not a real doctor, but just like his title, he was a quack who only knew a few folk remedies.

“How are your symptoms these past few days?”

“I often cough and have a lot of phlegm. “My body is so heavy that I can’t get out of bed.”

“Do you have any chronic illness?”

“at all! “Cheonju was rather healthy.”

Cheonju woke up and looked at Seolhong and Snowfall with blurred eyes.

“Who is this…?”

“It’s a congressman! “Councilman Cheonju is here!”

“Ha… That’s a good thing.”

Seolhong, the guardian, and Cheonju, the person suffering from the illness, answered Kang Seol’s subsequent questions faithfully.

‘Luckily it’s an endemic disease.’

Considering the size of the East, there were countless different endemic diseases.

Fortunately, Kangseol knew a few medicines that were effective against the endemic disease.

Not only that, but the materials were also on hand.

A little while later, the snowfall appeared with a dose of medicine.

There was no need for a very complicated process.

Anyway, my cooking and pharmaceutical skills had something in common.

A disease of this magnitude could be easily resolved with a level of snowfall.

“I’m going to spend a little bit.”


Cheonju took the medicine and handed it over.

At that moment, her eyes brightened.

“It’s bitter…”

“Is that so?”

“It’s familiar again…”

– Heavenly Lord! The symptoms of endemic diseases in the East are not much different. Even if you just grind the moxa plant and drink it mixed with medicinal herbs that help restore vitality, most people will get better.

– How do you know this?

– It’s just something I learned when I was young and wandering around.

After recalling Yuhwa’s memory for a moment, Cheonju saw the snowfall.

“This medicine… where… no, no.”

“Cheonju, please take a deep nap now.”

“Thank you…”

“I’ll take care of that.”

Heavenly Father lay down again on the bed without any energy and fell asleep. Kang Seol stared at the scene in silence.

‘Heavenly Lord… It’s been a long time. ‘You’re alive.’

The relationship between Cheonju and Yuhwa was stronger than expected. And that relationship has continued to this day.

The sight of Kang Seol looking at Cheonju with affectionate eyes had a different meaning to Seolhong.

It felt like a doctor doing his best for his patients.

He said to Seolhong, who was staring at Kang Seol as if fascinated.

“As long as you don’t overdo it, you will feel energized.”

“ah! Thank you! “I express my gratitude.”

Seolhong said this and pretended to fold his arms for no reason.

“I am Yonghwa, the daughter of the great Dragon Emperor. “I will definitely repay you someday.”

What he meant was that she didn’t feel like repaying him right now. Kang Seol didn’t necessarily point out that point.

I didn’t come expecting a reward, and the reward wouldn’t be of much help to Kangseol.

I just came because I wanted to find out something.

Kangseol decided to look at Seolhong a little more.

“If it’s Yonghwa… you must be distracted right now because of Yonghwa, right?”

Seolhong’s expression immediately darkened at that question.

“Haha… it’s not a lie. “I’m also having a hard time because of the war.”

She grabbed Kang Seol’s hand.

Kang Seol didn’t necessarily avoid that hand.

“Kokok… I will definitely repay you. I don’t know if this Seolhong will pass the first trial of the War of the Dragon, but I will definitely repay the favor I received. Ahaha! “Isn’t this too shameless…”

Kang Seol stares at Seol Hong.

“Those eyes of yours…are they pity for me?”

“How can I explain Yonghwa’s situation to my subject? Is Yonghwa so important?”

“It’s important. Because the power landscape of the Dragon Palace will be shaken. The Yonghwas who are left behind are probably… um….”

“What happens to them?”

“well? I think I might live a normal life, moving to another country as a means of friendship. “Because there are a lot of royal family members in Khan, there are also many dragons that are not used very seriously.”

Even if it was self-mocking, it was a very realistic statement.

“Ahaha! “It’s okay to worry, this Seolhong is not that pretty, so at least she won’t be in the first row.”

“… You are beautiful enough.”

Seolhong looked very similar to the oil painting portrait.

Except that he still looks young.

Seolhong smiles.

The ordeal of being a dragon was too harsh and enormous for a child to endure.

“The dragon’s children are all named after flowers. Every year, various flowers decorate the frozen soil. So, it’s a flower.”

Seolhong blurted out something that wasn’t even asked. From Kang Seol’s perspective, there was no need to stop the story, so he listened in silence.

“The flower of death that was given to me… is a cursed name.”


“They are flowers that are born after killing their mother, and most of them do not grow up and go through childhood.”

Seolhong’s eyes were moist as he spoke.

“Doesn’t it look like me? Ahahaha! “I don’t know who made it, but I have a good sense of it.”

“Are you distressed?”


Seolhong stopped talking and looked at Kangseol.

“That’s amazing.”


“You somehow… feel comfortable.”


“Even though it was my first time meeting you, I somehow let go of my feelings. Is that why you are a member of parliament? Or have we seen it somewhere before?”

“… We may have met once.”

It’s a unique relationship, not a complete stranger like now.

“Um… I don’t remember. What if it were more like this?”

Seolhong put his hand forward.

“What about being friends?”


“Isn’t it possible that you may need help from me in the distant future? “I’m in an embarrassing situation where I can’t be included in the line of succession, but you never know.”

“What do you want from me?”

“As a friend, let me restore heaven.”

“great. Rather… what do you plan to do with the Dragon War?”

Actually, this is what I was most curious about.

Seolhong’s mindset.

I had a feeling that future events in Cannes would be intertwined with this war.

“It has already begun! Three recorders are dispatched to each Yonghwa and are still watching. He’s probably eavesdropping on our conversation too. “If I give up here… it would be a disgrace to my mother’s name.”

Seolhong clenched his fists.

“I don’t give up. “I will definitely prove my worth.”

Kang Seol laughed at those words and hid what she was holding in her arms.

* * *

Karen shouted at Ur.

“You idiot!”

Ur countered.

“You are all idiots.”

Karuna agreed.

“We are all idiots.”

Jamard said, shaking his head.

“Let’s stop fighting among ourselves.” Ur, so what’s the situation?”

“I have a feeling I will be here much longer than expected.”

“Sigh! “That b*stard is useless!”

“what? “What is this knight who can only use his strength saying to the almighty Ur?”

“The owner trusted you, but you can only do this?”

“And you!”

“That guy didn’t even expect anything from me in the first place!”


After a long fight, the war of words fell into a lull for a moment. Jamad asked Ur.

“Have you not yet figured out what kind of space this is?”

“I don’t even know where I’m standing, so it’s still too much. There is some good news though. “It’s good news for us… or for him.”

“Good news?”

“I found a few locations where I could make an entrance.”

Karen was amazed by those words.

“Oh oh! “You weren’t playing!”

“The problem is that there are some steps you have to go through to be sure. And even if an entrance is built, whether you can get through it is another question.”

“… can you explain it easily?”

“In the worst case scenario, even if an entrance is created for the time being, not a single one of us may be able to get through.”

“What if it’s not the worst?”

“If the situation improves, it will go beyond two or three.”


“Unfortunately, Ur needs to refine this space. “It seems like there are a lot of things they are hiding.”

“Well, you never really came out to begin with.”

“Hmm… In that sense, we have to perform an important ceremony.”

Ur’s words caught the attention of all summoned beasts.


“So far, there are a total of four spaces that are estimated to be suitable places to create an entrance, and there just happen to be four of us.”


Coco barked at him not to forget her too, but Ur beckoned.

“You’re still in trouble.”

“so? “Let’s all head in that direction?”

“No, that’s too risky. “It is much more efficient to fire force in that direction.”

“Shooting out power? “Without going in person?”

“It’s too dangerous. If you get lost here, you never know how long it will take to find your way back. “Do you remember how long it took for us to meet for the first time?”

“Oh, right.”

Karuna asked.

“But what does it mean to project force?”

“If you are lucky, the power will be passed on to your beloved master. Since we’re trapped here, we can’t help the guy outside. “This is the only way that will help him.”

“So, after releasing our power, we become helpless?”

“That’s… a little different. “If the direction in which the force was initially sent is not suitable for the entrance, it will soon return to us.”

“If the power does not return….”

“It must have been delivered to your master.”

Jamad, Karen, and Karuna agreed to Ur’s proposal.

“good! “Let’s get started right away!”

After a while, they settled down as instructed by Ur and waited, looking forward.

Ur instructed them:

“Fire out all your power in the designated direction. Shoot out everything you have until you are exhausted. “If you don’t pass a certain point, there is a risk that you will be completely blocked.”


“Then… shoot!”


A strange force spreading out in all sorts of colors vibrated the space.

* * *

Kang Seol returned to the room and sat in front of the table, looking at a hand mirror with a water thread.

‘Is this… a relic of oil painting?’

The object of the Sword Dancer oil painting.

It was clear that this was her memento.

– Oh my, you stole it again.

– Now you’re even stealing a child’s belongings, that’s amazing!

– Didn’t you sympathize with me while listening to the story? Haha, I’m stealing that haha

“But… isn’t it strange?”

The direction of the arrow did not change.

The arrow is still pointing towards Seolhong.

Even so, it was necessary to check.

A hand mirror that vaguely contained the energy of his words.

Kang Seol stared into the hand mirror.

That moment.


the candle suddenly went out.

– Wow!

– It’s a ghost!

– It will pop out of nowhere!

Although the sudden situation was scary, Kang Seol was actually curious.

He looked at the hand mirror.

“… female?”

Someone in the mirror revealed his face.

It seemed like the hand mirror was possessed by a ghost.

The ghost’s face… was familiar.

“… please come.”

Snowfall closed her eyes.

It felt like I was being possessed by a ghost.

It seemed like she would move as she said.

“Help… please help Seolhong… please.”

“Stop, what do you want from me?”

The woman in the mirror was crying.

“God… Seolhong… that poor child… please, anyone…”


Perhaps because the ghost had finished speaking, the candle came back and illuminated the room.

‘…that face. It was definitely an oil painting.’

What appeared in the mirror was Seolhong’s mother and sword dancer Yuhwa.

She appealed to someone for help, as if she was praying. It didn’t seem like it was necessarily snowing.

Kang Seol returned the now unresponsive hand mirror to Seol Hong.

“ah! “I thought I lost it, but I found it…”

“Is it precious?”

“It’s the only thing my mother left behind. Of course it is the most precious thing in the world. Anyway…”

Seolhong said with a big smile.

“Thank you for finding me. “If Heaven knew, he would be angry.”

Seol-hong has no doubt that Kang-seol stole the hand mirror.

Kang Seol turned around and left her behind.

Seolhong gave him one request.

“I hope you take good care of Cheonju for the time being.”

Kang Seol hasn’t made up his mind yet.

Is it really right to intervene in her life?

As the saying goes, Kangseol was like her god. Perhaps intervention would change everything for her.

Snowfall returned to the room and looked through the window.


‘It’s raining.’

The weather was the worst, as if it represented his reluctant feelings.

It seemed like everything had stopped.

Maybe it was the wind of snowfall.

Because as long as time exists, nothing stands still in this world.

Kang Seol checked the state of Heaven every morning and evening. Seolhong kept wandering around somewhere, without leaving any door. He didn’t get caught up in her, even on purpose. First, I tried to recover from heaven and think about it later.

Actually, it was an excuse.

I didn’t want to make a decision yet.

Over the next few days, Quanzhou’s condition gradually improved.

He has recovered to the point where he can go to the bathroom on his own.

Kangseol visited her by giving her medicine once in the morning and once in the evening.

Today I handed over the morning medicine, so this time I had to go and give the evening medicine.


Lightning struck hard.

“… damn it.”

The bed was empty.

The universe has disappeared.


Snowfall moved urgently and searched for Cheonju. When did it move? I was still in my seat until the afternoon.

Snowfall, walking through the city in the rain, found her not long after. Perhaps she had just gotten out of bed.

The grandmother was moving as if she was crawling, with something hanging on her.


“… Heaven!”

“No… you guys…”

“Heavenly Lord?”

“You must not take our Lady Seolhong away!”

Heavenly Father cried out into the air like a madman. Snowfall instantly chilled the back of my neck.

He slowly approached Cheonju and supported her body.

Since Cheonju’s body has not fully recovered yet, if it gets hit by rain, he will get sick again.

“You went alone… you went alone! “No… no!”

“What’s going on, Heavenly Lord?”

“The lady… the lady… went alone.”


“I went after those thieves all alone!”

A lot of something, I don’t know if it was rain or tears, poured down from Heaven’s eyes.

“How… How can you do this, Lady Seolhong….”

He shook his head…

Cheonju knelt down and begged Kangseol as if he was begging her.

“Councilor! Councilman, please look for the young lady… We… If something goes wrong with our Lady Seol-Hong… I won’t be able to see Yu-Hwa even if I die…” At that

moment, the sight of Cheon-ju pleading is a memory of Kang-seol’s past. has been called. The past of Heaven, when it was younger than it is now.

– Heeheehee… Yuhwa, you don’t suit Yonggung. How about running away now?

– God, you are that sound every time. I feel like my ears will get crusty.

– What is true is that you are a free child. Yonggung is a stuffy place.

– My future is here….

– What is your name? Have you decided on a name? Did the Dragon Emperor build it for you?

– No, because the Dragon Emperor does not pay more attention to me than is necessary. Instead, I chose the name.

– What is the child’s name?

– Seolhong… I’m Seolhong.

Yuhwa smiled brightly while stroking her stomach. Heavenly Father smiled brightly and was happy to see that.

– I see! Hehe… Still, you picked a pretty name.

– Heaven

– Why are you doing this? I’m busy right now choosing what you will wear to the evening banquet.

– Why did Heaven remain by my side?

– ….

– I am hated by everyone. Heavenly Lord… You are also the woman that the Dragon Emperor loved, right?

– I have not been fruitful with Yongje. That was the end, hehehe… I am no different from the ghost of the Dragon Palace.

– That’s…

– I saw you dancing, Yuhwa. That was enough.

– ….

– Even ghosts have a reason to live.

Heavenly Lord had miscarried the Dragon Emperor’s child. And she was an old woman who stayed in the Dragon Palace like a ghost and did trivial things. She helped with oil painting.

– I wish Seolhong was as pretty as you.

– I pray to God every night for a beautiful child to be born. May a beloved child be born.

– This is the first time I’ve heard of Heung Shin listening to something like that.

– God makes anything come true if you sincerely wish for it.

– why?

– That’s right… it’s God.

The universe of that time shimmered before Kang Seol’s eyes.

“Please… Please… Yuhwa… Why?… You said that God will grant everything if you wish for it earnestly… Why did you lie to me….” Heavenly

Lord fainted while speaking gibberish. .

It’s because it rained too much.

It may not be critical, but it will take some time before he wakes up because he used up too much mental energy.

Kang Seol brought Cheonju to his lodgings. After asking the guest to change into dry clothes instead of wet ones, I headed out the door.

Grief said.

【Where are we going?】


Golden eyes looked at the long arrow.

【Are we leaving now?】


[The next adventure begins.]

[The thirty-third adventure begins.]

[Adventure 33. Dragon Battle]

If you wish earnestly, God will grant it.

The god of those struggling to survive broke his long silence.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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