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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 230

Chapter 230

Changes were constantly taking place inside Snowfall.


In this space, which Ur had painstakingly identified, the snowfall’s summons had gathered.

“The person who created this will most likely go down in history.”

“Is it that much?”

“Because I’m having quite a hard time interpreting it.”

Karen asked Ur, who was talking to Jamad.

“So when does the interpretation end?”

“It’s almost over. However, just because the interpretation is over does not mean you can go outside.”

“what? “Then what are we waiting for?”

“You can’t go out without permission until the space is stable. “If you do it wrong, your spiritual energy can be severely damaged and you can end up half-baked.”

“That’s troublesome!”

“That’s right, it’s difficult. So from now on, listen carefully to what I say. “One is good news and one is bad news.”

“That makes me irritated even before I hear it. “Tell me the good news first.”

Ur said this to Jammad, Karen, Karuna, and even Coco.

“Everyone, listen carefully. I think I’ve figured out the reason for this space’s existence.”

“Is that true?”

“Is that true?”


“Okay. “Somehow, I should have noticed from the moment that guy caught his ear… The black medicine he swallowed was no ordinary thing.”

“You know all that, right? That’s why we suffer like this.”

“It’s no trouble. “Compared to what we will gain in the future, our temporary imprisonment is nothing.”

“What will we get in the future?”

It was a story that could not help but prick up everyone’s ears. Ur smiled slightly and continued talking.

“This space is not safe. “There are beings other than us.”

“Another… being?”

“Are you an enemy?”

“You could say so. But it’s not a big concern. Even in this unstable space, they are separated in a stable place.”

“Separate? “Then it’s okay if I don’t touch it?”

Jamard thought for a moment and said.

“How can this be?”

“okay. There are two things we can guess. “It could be a prison where dangerous beings are imprisoned, or rather, it could be a breeding ground for cultivating them.”

“It’s a breeding ground… That makes sense.”

“What do you mean aviary? “Someone raised a monster in this space?”

“Yeah, he’s probably the guy who made the black pill.”

“Then tell me now, what is the reason for the existence of this space?”

Ur nodded and said.

“It seems like some kind of training ground.”

“Training center…?”

“Yes, it is a space where you can continuously practice in a virtual space.”

“Could it be that the kennel means a training partner?”

“Yes. “I’m guessing that’s probably the case, but I’m almost certain.”

“Crazy… what kind of crazy person… would lock up a summon and do something like this?”

“Nothing bad, right?”


“It was frustrating to just hide in the shadows anyway, but sometimes it’s okay to move your body.”

Karen also tilted her head at Ur’s words and then shouted.

“Ahh! Is that so?”

“It’s a dream-like space, especially for all of you except me. A space where one can attain enlightenment without the interference of infinitely proliferating virtual enemies. It is truly an idea that makes you gasp. “If the person who created this space were still alive, I would like to meet him.”

“But why are you leaving it out?”

“You are rising to a new level that you have never experienced before. In addition to the good environment, although I don’t want to admit it, I also benefit from the arrangement of the guy outside.”

“Um… right?”

“you’re right.”

Ur said while looking at Karen, Karuna, and Jamad.

“Your rapid growth doesn’t always work out for the better. “Problems can arise where the balance becomes imbalanced.”

“The balance is upset?”

“To put it simply, it’s lack of experience. “How many battles have you experienced since you gained new enlightenment?”


There was hardly any.

As Ur said, he had very little combat experience after reaching transcendent level.

“In order to grow, you need someone to compete with fiercely. “Just as a sword becomes stronger when it is struck, it cannot grow by simply caressing it.”

“ah! So, you’re saying I can make up for that lack of experience here?”

“That’s right. “The humans who created this space understood it accurately.”

Prepared for practice.

A space where summoned creatures that have already grown for a long time and find it difficult to find opponents can continue to grow.

Nothing was a virtual training ground.

“But… first, I will also deliver bad news.”


“Everyone’s strength just returned. “In other words, we couldn’t find the entrance.”

Karuna responded as if she had been waiting.

“… That’s not it.”


“My strength has not fully returned.”

“Then… could it have seeped in through the cracks?”

“Maybe mine is the right answer.”

Ur said, frowning as if he had a headache.

“No, in this case, I am saying that everyone is wrong.”


“Because it cannot transmit power. It seems like you can’t create a doorway just by projecting force. “It is expected that contact with snowfall will take more time.”

Karen sighed.

“Ha… It’s going to take longer?”

“It’s difficult.”

Jamard also expressed his disapproval.

Meanwhile, Karuna told them if he was thinking of something.

“… I will go directly.”



Karuna declared to everyone, including Ur.

“We can’t put it off any longer. “We don’t know what the situation is outside, so now someone has to go.”


“I will go to my master.”

* * *

[The resting base is changed to Yocheon.]

[The base is moving. Roll the travel luck die.]

[The travel luck die rolls a 3.]

[A reasonably good fortune was rolled.]

[The adventure you are conducting near Yocheon is proceeding normally.] [

When you are near Yocheon , The adventure you proceed will proceed at normal difficulty.]

[There is a small chance that the adventure you chose near Yocheon will be forcibly replaced by another unexpected adventure.] [It

is not a bad fortune to adventure in the vicinity.]

Snowfall and Seolhong And Cheonju arrived in Liaocheon on time. Although the base was moved, Snowfall’s score did not appear in the rankings.

It was thanks to the items purchased at the madness store before Princess Liona went into exile.

Every time he moved his base, he looked at his score and made a fuss, so he felt tired and purchased an item that did not reveal his adventure score when he visited the base.

“Whoop… Is this Yocheon….”

“Is this your first time coming to Yocheon?”

“Isn’t this your first time too?”

Snowfall smiled faintly.

Seolhong, who thought that was positive, stuck out his mouth once, then put it back and pointed to one side with his finger.

“excuse me! “There it is.”

Heavenly Father followed Seolhong, tying his clothes and household items tightly with something that looked like a huge wrapping cloth. Even if Kang Seol wanted to keep it, he had given up because he had to use a raw herd and pick it up himself.

“Mr. Seolhong… Since you are in a remote area, please don’t do anything that stands out.”

“huh? what’s the matter?”

Cheonju looked around with sallow eyes and said.

“Yocheon is a dangerous city. “There are probably a lot of people who are crazy about speculation and gambling.”

Snowfall scratched his nose.

Because it wasn’t wrong.

“Um… you mean to stop by quietly and leave?”

“It also means that there is nothing wrong with being careful.”

“good! “Be careful.”

Heavenly Father looked at the snowfall.

He nodded at the gaze of Heavenly Father.

It was an expression of Kangseol’s reassurance that it was okay to feel relieved, and Cheonju’s frustrated feelings eased a little with that nod.

Since the trip was not short, it was enough time for the universe to evaluate Kang Seol as a trustworthy man.

Anyway, they arrived at the location announced by the recorders.


Kang Seol opened the door first and announced that there was nothing wrong, and Seol Hong followed suit. And then to Cheonju with a huge wrapping cloth on his head.

“Who is this?”

On the first floor of the guesthouse, a man and a woman were sitting facing each other.

Standing behind them were two men who looked like dragon stones.

“Are you Seolhong? “You really came?”

“… Are you Baeyu?”

“long time no see?”

“uh? Even Soryo-nim….”

It was a man who looked exactly like a fox and a woman who looked like a cat. Judging from Seolhong’s reaction, it was clear that they too were Yonghwa.

Seolhong hesitantly walked over to where they were and sat down.

“I heard that you passed the first test. “I heard you got a perfect score?”

“… I just got lucky.”

“I guess so. “Otherwise, how would you not have been eliminated?”

The man spewed out harsh words without even taking a breath.

Kang Seol didn’t bother to come forward and watched Seol Hong’s reaction. It was an insult that could make you cry like a child or swear back.

But Seolhong smiled and answered like this.

“That’s right. I’m also amazed. But I haven’t heard any news about Brother Baeyu…”

“Heh hem… there’s nothing to be curious about. “I finished it well.”

“Hong-ah, Bae-yu said he barely passed with a score of 5?”

Perhaps because he thought it would be more fun to take Seolhong’s side, Soryo raised Baeyu’s medicine.

Seolhong said with a sad expression.

“Oh my… you must be so worried.”

“Kill me…”

Baeyu tried to stand up as if convulsing.

Snowfall was quietly watching the scene.

No matter what he did, it was in the palm of Kang Seol’s hand, so he planned to watch for now.

It was then.

The archivist’s voice came from somewhere.

“From now on, I will tell you about the next ordeal of the War of the Dragon.”

It seemed that he was not the recordist in charge of Seolhong.

The voice was a little thinner.


Bae Yu put down the teacup he was drinking and said cheekily.

“You tell me.”

The recorder paid no heed and explained the next ordeal.

“The heart of a warrior…”

Everyone’s complexions darkened.

“Once again into Khan’s arms.”

“… Is this the end?”

“That is the only explanation for this ordeal.”

“Why is it so vague?”

“All trials were decided by Banghyu himself.”

“… Then I have nothing to say.”

“The deadline is to produce results that we can recognize within one month.”

The three Yonghwas thought for a moment with the teacups in front of them.

“One month….”

“It’s a long time.”

The archivist’s voice could no longer be heard. Perhaps the ordeal has begun.


Baeyu pushes the chair with a sound.

Among these, he was the highest ranked successor. Even so, I couldn’t even put him in the middle rank.

“Are you going?”

“If we work together, the result will be obvious.”

“… Brother Baeyu’s arrogant way of thinking still remains. “If that’s the case, you’re planning to bring in the family’s financial power again, right?”

“Soyo, come to your senses too. Seolhong is the weakest in this war. “Of all the Yonghwas, the one next to you, Seolhong, is the one with the lowest family background and Ilshin ability.”

Seolhong laughed bitterly.

It wasn’t wrong.

“Well, it’s not wrong.”

The material was also not denied.

She was also thinking about joining forces with Seolhong.

As Bae Jeon said, there was nothing good about joining forces with Seol Hong. Rather, it could have had a disadvantage in evaluation.

“And you, Seolhong.”

“Please speak, brother.”

Bae Yu glared at Kang Seol for a moment and said this.

“I don’t know where you picked up the rock, but the dragon fight is not the place for someone like you. “Remember what I said, because you will end up at the bottom of the Dragon Palace.”

“…Thank you for the advice.”

“joy! let’s go! “There is no time to hang out with the chaff.”

Bae Yu disappears, taking his Yongseok with him.

“You won’t be able to cure that temper even after a lifetime, Seolhong.”

“… yes.”

Seolhong knew that the raw material was no different from the endosperm.

Although their mothers were the concubines of the Dragon Emperor, they were all children of influential families.

They are different from Seolhong from a different starting point.

And the material also has a different texture from the endosperm, but I have always looked down on Seolhong.

“What do you plan to do, Seolhong?”

“… I think it’s something to think about.”

Soryo’s eyes narrowed like strings and hid his pupils.

“How about following me?”

“… Sister Soryo?”

It was an unexpected suggestion.

“I can’t tell you yet, but… I have a connection with Yocheon’s retainer. I can do it. Brother Baeyu will eventually give up and beg me. I will give you a special opportunity first. how is it?”


“The current owner of the arena is a man named Kwak Seong, and we won’t be able to appease him using ordinary methods. “Stop messing around, my…”

Kang Seol’s expression hardened as she listened to the story.

‘Kwak… last name?’

Kwak Seong was someone he knew.

As soon as Kang Seol heard his name, not only his character but also how this incident would ultimately unfold was immediately pictured in Kang Seol’s mind.

“how is it?”


Seolhong was always lonely.

When you come to a warm place even for a moment after being in a cold place, your whole body is consumed by pleasure.

That’s why I thought again, even if the current offer was not a favor, even if it was just lip service.

Seolhong’s gaze returned to Kangseol.

Kang Seol immediately made eye contact with her and shook his head.

With that, Seolhong’s worries came to an end.

“Even if it’s not enough, I’ll do it on my own.”

“what? Oh no….”


“Seolhong! You’ll regret it! “How can someone like you, who has nothing, handle this?”

Seolhong bit his lips tightly.

As expected, Soryo’s true intentions were no different from Baeyu’s.

She slowly left the room.

Cheonju waddled along carrying the cloth.

She expected Seolhong to be sullen after hearing the harsh words, but that was not the case at all.

Seolhong was asking Kangseol.

“Why did you tell me to reject Soyo’s offer?”

I no longer give her the honorific title of sister.

It was Seolhong’s own little revenge.

Kang Seol seemed to remember something and continued thinking for a moment before answering the question.

“As long as Guo Sheng is the owner of the arena, there will be only one way to obtain the arena.”

“… what? But the raw material and the endosperm….”

It seemed like the raw material and the endosperm would use different methods. There wasn’t just one way.

Kang Seol nodded.

“This ordeal is structured in such a way that cooperation is absolutely impossible. If they make the wrong decision…”

Either the endosperm or the soybean or both.

“I will die at the hands of Guo Sheng.”

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