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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 231

Episode 231 Kang

Seol, Seol Hong, and Cheonju settled down near Yocheon.

“The whole time I was coming, didn’t it feel like there were no people on the streets?”

“That’s strange. “I know that Yocheon is visited not only by local people but also by people from other regions.”

While Seolhong and Cheonju were expressing their doubts among themselves, Kangseol finished inspecting the room. And he gave an answer that was close to the correct answer to their questions.

“The reason there are no people on the streets right now…isn’t it probably because they are visiting from out of town?”


“After hearing it, I guess so.”

Yocheon’s biggest tourist resource and a place where local funds gather like a water hole.

It probably had something to do with the warrior’s heart.


Seolhong swallowed his saliva.

Since I had not been able to properly tour the city of Yocheon, it was natural that I was interested in the heart of the warrior, which is the symbol of Yocheon.

However, there was a brief moment of concern as to whether it was right to visit there when the war had begun.

“This is a matter related to the warrior’s heart, so it may be necessary to investigate in advance.”

When Kang Seol said this, Seol Hong snapped his fingers, thinking he was right.


“Feel so good! Everything is based on gathering information! Heaven! Let’s go to Cheonju too!”

“Me too?”

“huh! “If you come to Yocheon, you must visit the Heart of the Warrior!”


“Let’s go, hurry!”

“… All right.”

Fortunately, I had found a place to stay, so I was able to avoid being accompanied by a bundle the size of a thousand people.

* * *

The warrior’s heart was in the middle of the river. The location was even better than Toho’s administrative office, which was in charge of Yocheon’s administration.

It looked as if a city had grown up around the arena after it was built.

‘The heart of a warrior is the heart of Yocheon and something like that…’ As

Kang Seol headed towards the heart of a warrior, rather than feeling his heart pounding, he remembered an old feeling.

I always felt sad when I visited that place, looking for traces of his words. It feels vague and reminds me of regrets I had forgotten.

When I was lost in various thoughts and leaving reality behind for a moment, Seolhong pointed ahead.

“Oh my god… can you see it?”

“… I can see it.”

“I can’t believe so many people are gathered in one place…”

The arena was noisy from the outside as if all the people of Yocheon had gathered.

“Move! “Don’t block the road!”

“Do you know who we are?”

“Then who do you think I am?”

“Get away from me! “I have a ticket!”

Everywhere was full of people.

Even Kang Seol was surprised by the hustle and bustle, so how could Seol Hong be appalled?

“What should I do?”


“Heavenly Lord! “I don’t think we can get in, but we…”

Kang Seol said with a chuckle.

“It looks busy because admission is in progress. “It will probably rush in soon, so just wait a little while and you’ll be fine.”

“Hmm… something like that.”

As expected, people rushed in as Kang Seol said. The area in charge of ticket sales was divided into several areas. It seemed like tickets were being sold at various places in anticipation of the crowds of people.

Normally, when it comes to spectator sports, scalpers cannot be left out, but for some reason, they were not visible here.

‘Well, there wouldn’t be a madman selling ticket scalpers from a warrior’s heart.’

Yocheon is a special city.

A special city for arenas by arenas.

Khan has also recognized this special nature and has tolerated some extreme actions as long as they do not go against the central government. Perhaps the warrior’s heart grew greatly thanks to the government’s generosity.

Expanding funds and culture attracted many flies. A group of so-called wildcats.

Each time, it was not Liao Cheon’s officials, but rather the warrior’s heart that took the lead and crushed them. In other words, local gangsters or forces such as the mafia or cartel were the actual owners of Yocheon.

In particular, the sponsor who made his gladiator into a conqueror gained everything to run the arena, which was the basis of the creation of the Warrior’s Heart.

– If you have something to say, take up arms.

The conqueror who proved himself solely through struggle and the sponsor who created him, i.e. the arena operator, have omnipotent power in Yocheon.

‘Probably the current Gwakseong is also like that.’

It was dangerous to tamper with Gwakseong in Yocheon.

Low-ranking Yonghwas, who were pushed out of the competition called Yongjaeng and were proving their incompetence in real time, could not bite his head.

‘Moreover… there will be no restrictions on Kwak Seong’s movements due to the rules of the Dragon Battle.’

One of the important rules of bravery.

– During the Yonghwa period, Yonghwa will not be Yonghwa.

Yonghwa is the bloodline of the Khan emperor, or Hongcheon.

Just because he wasn’t interested in his children didn’t mean Yonghwa was worthless.

The royal family is the royal family.

If you harm Yonghwa, of course you have to pay the price accordingly.

But until the war begins.

But now the situation is completely different.

No matter what harm was done to Yonghwa, there was no problem during the Yonghwa conflict.

So now Yonghwa was in a situation where he had to hide his identity.

Of course, no one had outright injured Yonghwa yet, but it was impossible to predict how the situation would turn out.

‘What’s more, it is said that Yonghwa died of an unknown cause in the last trial…’ Since there are

always people who are antipathetic to power, Yonghwa could have gotten wet in the shower.



“Tickets are too expensive, right? “Why are tickets so expensive?”

Cheonju said, scratching his head.

“I don’t have to look inside. Even if it’s just Seolhong…”

“There’s no need for that.”

Cheonju and Seolhong ran out of money when they arrived in Liaochuan. Since they had not been engaged in any production activities to begin with, they did not have much money.

Unlike them, Kangseol had plenty of money and was overflowing with it.

Since I had already exchanged money a long time ago, there was no reason to panic about the sign.

“It’s still cheap because it’s a simple viewing ticket, not a voting ticket.”

“… You don’t have to worry, it will be repaid.”

“You don’t have to pay it back.”

“You will pay. “That’s how I learned it.”

In some ways, Seolhong’s stubbornness is due to his mother’s absence.

He repeatedly said that if he causes trouble or receives favor from someone, he will be as impatient as an aspen tree and will definitely repay the favor.

“Friends do not have to repay each other.”


“There is no favor or debt between true friends.”

At those words, Seolhong’s expression noticeably brightened.

“Oh, by any chance, those skewers too….”

“You can eat as much as you want.”

“Things from Heaven….”

“Oh my! “I’m fine, Seolhong!”

“Cheonju, please eat it too.”

“Heh heh… I heard that Yocheon’s chicken is famous for its soft meat…” The

three of them sat down with happy expressions, each putting a chicken skewer in their mouths.


Kangseol put cotton yarn on the two people’s heads.

This is because they are concerned that their identity may be exposed.

“This is a dangerous place, so next time, let’s sit in the special seats.”


“And I will leave for a moment.”


Seolhong didn’t know what was going on, but he nodded because Kangseol had told him in advance before coming here.

And exactly 30 minutes later, Cheonju and Seolhong see the same scene and open their mouths.

“What is this….”


The host’s loud shout followed.

– Mysterious participant Snowfall! Uh… so it’s an unusual victory. It is known that he participated that day…

Cheonju and Seolhong’s eyes met.

“Why are you there?”

“Why are you there?”

The situation returns to 30 minutes ago.

“If you participate on the same day without a connection, the game schedule may be carried out without consideration.”

“I know.”

“Also, because strength was not measured first, the level of struggle was also random…”

“Blood fight.”

“… yes?”

“Please do it in bloody battle.”

“… Do you know more about the blood feud?”

From the beginning, Kang Seol came to Warrior’s Heart to participate as a gladiator. And I was going through that process now.

‘In order to bring out Kwak Seong’s competitive spirit, we must take each step step by step.’

And his success as a gladiator would be the first action that caught Kwak Seong’s attention.

“Everyone knows.”

Unlimited weight class bloody battle.

Because there were different weight classes, the talent pool was also very large. Moreover, because of its extreme rules that even allow murder, it was a sport that was considered the highlight of the warrior’s heart.

In fact, many of those who visited the Warrior’s Heart came to see this bloody battle.

“… The schedule for the day is now set.”

Kang Seol took the paper handed over by the receptionist with a sour expression and smiled.

“Are we going to play three games in a row?”

“You explained it to me in advance, right? There were only spots left for the gladiators who were unable to participate due to injuries, and as it happened, the schedule was structured that way…” “

… I understand.”

Actually, it didn’t really matter.

‘Is it good that it ends quickly?’

Kang Seol quietly looked at the rulebook while waiting for his match to start soon.


The rule book only had concise rules written down, and that fact came across as refreshing.

‘It’s literally about hitting and fighting. ‘I don’t care if I die.’

In oriental arenas, all kinds of onmyoji and shamans, as well as shamans and gurus, participate in creating the arena. A virtual natural environment was created in the arena, and surprisingly, it was almost identical to the real environment.

About 20 minutes passed.

“snowfall! snowfall!”

“Here it is.”

“It’s your turn to climb the heart.”


“Don’t die. I feel dirty because I cleaned up the body yesterday too. “If you’re going to sleep, do it on a day when I’m off duty.”

“I will take note of it.”

“joy! “What about weapons?”

Snowfall opened both palms.

“What an absurd b*stard. “Damn it, what did you hear me say?”

– Next, I joined the bloody battle by participating that day…

“Tch, get out of here!”

Snowfall walked down a dark hallway and came out into a flash of light.


“What is that b*stard!”

“Ahahahaha! I’ll go after you right away. Voting! “I need to buy a ticket!”

“I’ll bet that b*stard dies.”

Were the warriors who stood at the Colosseum in the past like this?

My heart was pounding from all the yelling and insults.

I wasn’t afraid of the battle, but I felt a little uncomfortable being the center of attention.

Kang Seol looked at the gladiator in front of him with a bored expression.

A muscular man was standing with his chin raised high, with a huge moon sword draped over his shoulder.

“What are you?”


“Don’t answer if you don’t want to. “Actually, I wasn’t even curious.”

The host’s voice resonated in the warrior’s heart.

– This bloody battle is truly the greatest ever! While countless stars are fighting for their desires, Hungbi is recording a whopping 3 consecutive wins in a bloody battle with many prominent players! As many as three gladiators were decapitated by his moon sword, right?

It was a truly amazing explanation that he cut off three people’s heads while he was on a three-game winning streak.

“Waaah! A bust! “Please this time too!”

“Hyungbi! I bet on you! “The next conqueror is you!”

“If you lose, I’ll kill you!”

– That means the chest ratio is cruel, right? And against that… uh… A man who participated that day and jumped into a bloody battle instead of just another sport! This crazy thing needs no further explanation, right? It’s snowing!

It’s not that there is no need for explanation, but there will be nothing to explain. There will be no history or information separately disclosed.


“… who?”

“So who is it?”

“Oooh! Search! Separate the branches!”

“The face is still pretty…”

“The boy looks so smooth, so what can he use it for? “Kill me, Hungbi!”

The audience reaction contrasted greatly with the chest rain.

‘I didn’t even expect it…’

– Come on! So let’s get started right away!


Kwazik… Swoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

The ground began to rise along with white smoke. This is what the Taoists and Shamans did. Even though it wasn’t that high, it was quite impressive as the smoke billowed under the stage.



[Heungbi uses wild dog spearing method: Fang Rampage.]

[The sharpness of the spear increases significantly and bleeding from the cut area increases.]




Every time the woldo was swung, the situation continued to chill the hearts of those watching. Because the snowfall narrowly avoided it.

From the perspective of watching it, it seemed like the snowfall had barely escaped.

“Ahahaha! “It’s pretty good!”

“Kill Hungbi! What are you doing!”

In the first exploration match, Kang Seol figured out Hung Fei’s skills.


Has the level of fighting changed from the time when he was in the heart of a warrior? Snowfall was a little disappointing.

Of course, things were much easier this way.

‘I could finish it right away…’

So it would take a long time to get Kwak Seong’s interest. The arena had to be returned to Khan’s arms within a set deadline, so it had to be done efficiently.


When the sword of the chest was struck on the floor of the training ground, the blade dug into the floor as if cutting tofu. There was no way he would have wanted to cut the floor in the first place, so of course he avoided snowfall.


If it had been, it would have ended here.

If Kangseol had taken advantage of the opportunity and struck a blow, the game would have ended just like that.



Hungbi retrieves Woldo.

His face was seriously distorted.

“What are you doing?”

“as you see.”

“… I’ll kill you.”

Hung Hung Hung!

Heongbi realized that Kangseol was deliberately taking time and became angry to the end.

[Heungbi uses the wild dog spear method: ripping off the leash.]

[The rotational power of the spear increases dramatically.]


There was a noise like a rotating propeller, and stone debris was scattered around the area.

The spear rotated furiously, targeting the snowfall.



Snowfall was still busier than before. Of course, I didn’t lose my composure, but I moved cautiously because if I were to be attacked even once by that blind attack, all my internal organs would spill out.


Hyeongbi tried to catch snowfall by exposing all his resources, but he was unable to reach it at all.

For as long as 5 minutes.

“What is it?”


“What are you doing wasting your time? “Hurry and kill me!”

When the audience felt something was strange, Kang Seol opened his mouth.

“It’s time.”


Although the situation was not going as planned, Hungbi was optimistic.

Anyway, the offensive continued.

But it only took a moment for the situation to change.

In the blink of an eye, snowfall was standing right in front of his nose.

Avoiding the flying spear blade.

Kuwoung …

“Woo Woo ….”

I felt the body floating.

The moment he was attacked by Snowfall, Hung Fei felt an overwhelming difference in power.

It wasn’t about martial arts or martial arts.

The difference was simply in the sheer power of the human being.

‘What is this…’

There was no next chance for Hungbi.


Because with that single attack, he fell to the bottom of the smoke billowing stage.


“Did you lose your chest?”

“This is a scam!”

Kang Seol turned his eyes and checked where Seol Hong was. She had her mouth wide open with the seasoning from the chicken skewers on it.

Perhaps, just in case, he bought a few more skewers with the money he gave away.

Anyway, it was Snowfall’s first victory.

– Mysterious participant Snowfall! Uh… so it’s an unusual victory. They are known to have participated on the same day….

“Ah… so frivolous….”

“You didn’t do it on purpose, did you?”

“Hyeongbi can’t dance at all….”

“But the next game is Chusang, so Chusang is trustworthy.”

“I heard that guy named Kang Seol is playing three games in a row?”

“What about 3 games? “Because of the abstraction, all the bones in my body would have broken.”

15 minutes later.

– Snowfall wins once again as Chusang falls under the stage! snowfall! You’re causing a stir! Abstract has a long history in bloody battles….

“No, you’re saying it’s a fraud?”

“My vote! My vote! That b*stard took my voting rights…”

“Abstract! Aren’t you dead? Move! “If you aren’t already dead, I will kill you!”

“Is it snowing or something? They were fighting just like before. Isn’t it a little strange?”

“So, at first glance, it felt like…”

“Oh, it’s a coincidence.”

15 minutes later.

– The castle lord is defeated. With this… um… Kangseol achieves the feat of three consecutive wins against strong opponents! What is worth keeping an eye on is his very unique fighting style…

“No shit! “Why are you like this today?”

“Where is the guy who was fooled three times! “Here you go, you b*stards!”

“Are you still accepting participation on the day? “I need to stuff that b*stard’s stomach!”

The audience whispered.

They should have figured it out by now.

“This time too.”

“I finished it in exactly 5 minutes this time too.”

“What are you doing? This is….”

“At first, I thought it was a joke, but this is definitely….”

“… No way?”

The host’s words poured out to add credibility to their suspicions.

– It shows an overwhelming gap in skill and ends in exactly 5 minutes. Everyone gathered today! Doesn’t this one sentence remind you of someone?

“Uh… Now that I think about it…”

“That’s right! 5 minutes… that’s it!”

– The devil of poor health! Is Daesan (大山) reincarnated? Or is this a challenge to him? Snowfall is now following the same path as Daesan did when he was alive! There were many gladiators who respected him, but no gladiator could look like he does today… If he was trying to imitate him, then Kang Seol is truly a perfect imitator!

A gladiator who entertained the audience by fighting any opponent for five minutes. The undefeated man was able to show off as much as possible if the opponent was weak and finished everything in 5 minutes so that if the opponent was strong, it would not be boring.

Snowfall muttered as she came down from the stage.

“Imitating it… that’s too much…”

Everyone gathered that day remembered the name Daesan, a legend of the heart of a warrior.

“I am Daesan.”

Daesan, the conqueror who conquered the hearts of warriors for the longest time, was the horse of Kangseol.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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