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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 232

Episode 232

“Did you plan to do this from the beginning?”

“Your mouth is bright red. After tidying up a bit…”


Heavenly Father wiped the area around Seolhong’s mouth.

The spicy sauce was wiped off her white cloth and disappeared.

“No, you were surprised! “I thought it was just a simple spying…”

“So what was it like?”

Seolhong glanced around and said this.

“I guess this is also part of the plan?”

“you’re right.”

“I knew it because of the name the audience around me was chanting. Actually…”

She approached Kang Seol and whispered softly.

“…is this the plan?”

“…Who told you?”

“Did you get it right? “As he continued to recite Daesan’s history, which the audience had no interest in, a picture was drawn in my mind.”

“I’m surprised you guessed right.”

“If you weren’t an idiot, you could guess it. “You don’t have to praise yourself too much.”

Kang Seol was really surprised by Seol Hong.

You didn’t collect information yourself, but you put your future plans into a larger framework with only fragmentary information from the audience.

‘Am I more talented than I thought?’

Maybe she’s being underestimated because she doesn’t have the power she currently has.

“But will it be accomplished within the stipulated deadline?”

“I guess that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Isn’t this plan all useless if we don’t ultimately bring out the man named Kwak Seong?”

“you’re right. So one more process is needed to get there.”


Kang Seol explained his next plan to Seol Hong.

Seolhong, who was quietly listening to the story, spoke with a reluctant face.

“Where do you mobilize all that many people?”

“Isn’t money enough to control ghosts?”

“It’s not wrong, but… I don’t really have the money to help anyone. “You’re not planning on using up your money, are you?”

“That’s okay, but I think this money should be spent on more important things. So…”

* * *

If you were to choose a comfortable place to sleep in Yocheon, it would be Sanghwajang, which has ultra-luxurious rooms, or the mansion where Toho stays.

However, the place where you could get the most comfortable sleep was definitely the arena manager’s bedroom.

There, a middle-aged man, lying on bedding famous for not letting butterflies fly away from his pillow even when he tosses and turns, woke up.

With a terrible scream.


The husband and wife who were outside came inside in shock.

“What happened…”

“Huh… Huh…”

“… Did you have a nightmare again?”

“Heo, oh… oh, oh…”

The middle child was Kwak Seong, the owner of the warrior’s heart. The large scar across his face and the four hundred eyes gave him a ferocious appearance.

In reality, it was like that.

“Huh… huh… don’t be so presumptuous.”

“… yes.”

“Let me go. “Do not enter my room unless I invite you.”


The fight took a slow step and disappeared.

Kwak Seong tidied up his clothes, which had become too loose.

The dream I just had continued to haunt me.

– Kwak Seong… tell me…

– … Daesan?

Daesan’s death.

Although Kwak Seong was not even a child, he was afraid to sleep on days when there was thunder, and on days when he had nightmares, he cried and begged to go away.

A shower of rain poured down as if there was a hole in the sky and took Daesan away.

Daesan died on a rainy day.

That’s why Kwak Seong hated rainy days.

“Hehehehe… Daesan… Why are you still bothering me? Did I offend you? “Is that why you become a ghost and come visit me on a rainy day?”

There was no way I could hear the dead man’s answer.

Kwak Seong sat down on a fancy chair, exhausted. Although he had wealth and power, he was not as happy as before.

I didn’t know at the time that the position of a challenger who risked everything was much more valuable than the life of an uninspiring conqueror.

“Why did it happen….”

– Daesan From now on, your name will be Daesan.

– Daesan… My name…

A long time ago, I bought a large slave. As a slave, he would not have been able to fill his entire stomach, but he had a considerable physique.

Kwak Seong, who was a fairly famous gambler at the time, noticed at a glance that he was no ordinary person.

They bought him right away and named him Daesan. While abandoning him, he even bought his younger brother, who was smaller than Daesan. He named his younger brother Daehara.

– Show me the potential you have.

Gwak Seong taught martial arts to Daesan.

Of course, Kwak Seong did not teach it directly. It was only natural that Kwak Seong did not know how to use even the most common breathing techniques properly.

So we brought in an instructor.

At first, I didn’t spend a lot of money because I thought I might not have talent.

Until then, Daesan was just a slave.


– His talent is extraordinary. Daesan will need to find a better teacher than me.

Was it presumptuous of him to take the money and not do the work properly? The first martial arts teacher he took in said that he was not confident enough to teach Daesan’s talent.

Still, he thought he had suffered a loss and brought in the next teacher. And the behavior continued for several years.

– Despite my limited abilities…

– He’s a genius! Daesan will go down in history…

– Officially on Mt. Sinwang…

Daesan was not an ordinary person.

There was a talent so great that it was hard to find just one among hundreds, even thousands, of lives.

One day, Kwak Seong stopped playing.

There were only two cases where a player quit playing.

Either you wasted all your money or you found something more fun than playing.

Kwak Seong was the latter.

– Daesan, I will show you to the world. Go and break it.

– Does it have to break?

– then? Do you think the world will leave you alone? Your talent is common. There are more crazy people in the world than you.

Daesan laughed.

In the past, Kwak Seong used to beat up all the slaves who showed their expressions in front of him.

But for some reason, Daesan’s smile couldn’t be suppressed.

Gwak Seong released a wild beast called Daesan into the warrior’s heart. Until then, it was thought that an experienced hunter would appear and grab Daesan by the throat.

– Daesan! Daesan!

– Daesan won again!

– Wahahaha! Are you coming to see Daesan these days?

However, the great mountain did not break.

He was a natural hunter, not a beast of prey.

Daesan climbed onto the arena and teased everyone and massaged their hearts. Kwak Seong was also touched by him.

He was a cynical person.

A cynical person who denigrates the efforts of others and lives a dissolute life citing the wrongs of the world as reasons.

But after meeting Daesan, I stopped playing games that I liked and started paying attention to him.

– You can do it! you can do it!

– Aaaaaaa!

– The undefeated man! Daesan, the demon of Chongak, becomes the conqueror!

– Waaaaaa-!

Kwak Seong shed tears that day for the first time since he turned 10 years old. Because I have never felt such a roar in my life.

Daesan shook his roots and turned him into a completely different person.

But his spark soon died out again.

Because Daesan passed away.

And as time passed and Daesan died, Gwak Seong was left behind in the world.

“Damn you… shouldn’t you have stopped? “Why are you so unfair and tormenting me?…”


When I lifted the curtain, I could see the rain pouring outside the window.

I could see the day I lost him.

* * *

“It’s impossible.”


Another Yonghwa Solyo who is undergoing a trial to return the warrior’s heart to Khan’s arms.

She was confident inside.

Although she was not the legitimate child of a dragon, her family’s power was considerable.

In particular, since Yocheon was just a stone’s throw away from the area where her family was founded, she had a long history of close ties with the local clans of Yocheon.

So, while I was talking with Yocheon’s Toho, I was momentarily dizzy by the frustrating answer I received from the other person.

“That kind of approach is impossible.”

“What do you mean? “You mean it’s impossible for this material to retrieve the warrior’s heart?”

“The heart of a warrior belongs only to the winner. As of now, I cannot order Guo Sheng to hand it over. At least here in Yocheon. “We will have to find another way.”

“Nonsense! After Guo Sheng became the ruler of the arena, he did not give a single copper coin to the empire! Aren’t you truly impure? I will meet him in person and talk to him, so make a place…”

“Geumaan! ” Soryo!”

“What what?”

“I thought of your mother so I took the time to meet you. But do you still think this is the dragon palace where you were protected?”

Yocheon’s Toho gets angry.

Soryo stared at the other person blankly, as he had never imagined that someone would scold him like this.

“Are my words offensive?”

“… What did you just say?”

“This is not the Dragon Palace. This is not a place where there are only people who treat you with a smile! Do you even know that you are Guo Sheng’s character?”

“Should I be curious about who he is?”

“of course.”


“If you ignored my warning and contacted him carelessly…”

Toho said for Soryo’s sake.

“Because you will come back as a corpse. Kwak Seong… is that kind of person.”


“Remember, no one will protect you here.”

After a while, Soryo leaves Toho’s mansion with slumped shoulders.

Then someone approached her.



Soryo, who was startled, frowned and said.

“It’s you, Seolhong.”

“… Your complexion doesn’t look good. “I guess the story didn’t go well?”

“It’s pathetic that you’re now chasing after other people.”

“How about we talk?”

“What are you talking about… that you changed your mind?”


Seolhong and Soryo leaned against Yongseok and blocked the rain with their umbrellas.

“Do you mean to solve the ordeal together?”

“Of course, even now you…”


“… what?”

“I will be with my sister. Instead, it’s my plan, not your sister’s plan. How do you feel?”

“Completely… turned around? you?”

Naturally, the evaluation will vary depending on who takes the lead in overcoming the ordeal. It was clear that if he helped other Yonghwa solve the problem, he would receive a deduction in points even if the results were good.

Of course, even taking that into account, it was a good offer. But Soryo’s heart did not allow it. Even if I couldn’t think of a better way, I didn’t like it when Seolhong took the lead.

Soryo was a petty person, and it was terrible to go under Seolhong, who he thought was inferior to him. That’s why I answered like this.

“Seolhong, even if I die now, I will never join forces with you.”

“… That’s sad.”

“What’s unfortunate is your future ahead. joy! let’s go!”


Soryo has left.

Seolhong looked up at Kangseol with an expressionless face.

“You seem to hate me.”

“Everyone seemed to dislike it. “It can’t be helped.”

“What should I do now? “How can we get enough people to create rumors… and trustworthy people?”

“I’ll have to think about it. Still, there must be a way. Rather, Seolhong.”

“Why are you doing that?”

“Can you identify the man and woman in front of the dry goods store without turning your head?”

“… a dry goods store?”

“Someone is watching us. “Do you know someone?”

Seolhong rolled her eyes at Kang Seol’s words.

“Oh my god….”

“Do you know them?”

“Oh, I know.”

Seolhong made eye contact with the woman Kangseol had mentioned. A woman spoke to me.

“It’s been a while, Seolhong.”

“Shinyou… sister.”

Cold-blooded Shinyou.

The large man next to him was probably her dragon stone.

‘He is strong.’

Kang Seol felt that the man’s spirit was unusual. The man also twitched his eyebrows when he saw the snowfall.

“I came to Yocheon because I had work to do. I heard you were in Yocheon so I came.”

“How… I still have to go through the second trial…”

“It’s over.”

“… yes?”

“Didn’t you ask about the second trial?”

Seolhong’s complexion darkened.

Shinyo was Yonghwa, who was at the top of the succession rankings, following closely behind Taeyul.

Obviously, the ordeal would not have been easy, but it was the exact opposite of Seolhong’s situation, which had not even progressed properly yet.

“I see…”

Shinyo’s words did not contain any kindness at all. Just like her nickname, Cold-Blooded, made her feel cold.

“Do you need any help?”

“… yes?”

Seolhong never dreamed that he would meet Shinyo here, but he never imagined that those words would just come out of her mouth.

“Uh… why?”

“Because it looks like you need help.”


“It’s not sympathy.”


A scroll popped out of Shinyo’s sleeve.

Eunwonrok (恩怨錄).

Seolhong immediately knew what it was.

“Any help I give you will be recorded here, so don’t worry.”

In a way, Shinyo had a eccentricity that was almost like an obsession.

She wrote down all her favors and enemies in a scroll and kept it. This was another reason why she was called cold-blooded.

She made sure to repay the favor and collected the debt.

Seolhong’s face brightened noticeably.

Kang Seol didn’t know who Shin Yo was, but seeing Seol Hong happy, he thought he wasn’t someone worthy of hostility.

“But… why me?”


“Brother Baeyu and Sister Soryo are also going through this ordeal….”

“Because I am not interested in those children.”

“… yes?”

“Seolhong, I’m interested in you.”

“Is it because of my mother?”

“at all.”


“With you…”

Shinyo’s eyes landed on Kangseol.

“I am interested in the author.”


“So you’re putting down debt in advance. “Before it becomes difficult to owe you money.”

Shinyo was very quick to calculate the gains and losses. Even when others ignored Seolhong’s progress, Shinyo quickly caught the difference in Seolhong.


The large man held out his hand.

To Kang Seol, not Seol Hong.

“Call me Jangdu.”

“… It’s snowing.”

Snowfall held his hand.

The difference in hand size made it look like the hands of a nephew and an uncle, but instead it was Jangdu’s hand that twitched.

“… Good.”

Jangdu nodded briefly and let go.

Shinyo said to Seolhong.

“Then are you accepting it?”

Seolhong thought for a moment and then whispered to Kangseol.

“The offer… is it right to accept it?”

“Are you sure you can be of help?”

“Shinyo… she is the second most powerful person in the Dragon Palace next to her older brother. “I don’t think he’s someone who can’t at least listen to our small request.”

“What about your reputation?”

“It is also famous for being certain about making and breaking up things and not being affectionate.”

“Then it’s not a place to hide. In fact, it is a better option than raw materials. “Even if it’s a debt, what we’re asking isn’t that difficult.”

“… good night.”

Seolhong nodded.


“Then how can I help you?”

“I want you to spread a rumor throughout Yocheon.”


“Is this difficult?”

“No way. If we release people, it will be resolved in a few days. “What is the content of the rumor?”

And after a while, Kangseol and Seolhong left Shinyo and Jangdu’s side.

One line of content was added to Eunwonrok.

“That’s interesting…”

Shinyo twisted his mouth and rolled up the scroll.

“What do you think?”

“What do you mean?”

Jangdu answered bluntly.

“You were the one who suggested we stop by here and there while we have some free time. “You were the one who said you were curious about the dragon stone attached to Seolhong.”


“Is he someone worth being wary of?”

Jangdu frowned.

“I do not know.”

“… what?”

“He’s definitely not an ordinary person, but… what should I say… I can’t feel anything at the moment.”

“It’s not normal, but it’s normal… I guess you’re right. “It wasn’t in vain.”

“What should we do now?”

“Release people with trustworthy people.”

“How many people?”

“Still, it would be nice to have a variety.”

Soon after, more than 100 foreigners came to Yocheon. They spread the word like wildfire, as if they had been waiting.

There were three rumors in total.

One is the rumor that the gladiator Kang Seol, who is currently causing trouble, will challenge the Conqueror.

Another is the rumor that gladiator Kang Seol will become a greater gladiator than Daesan.

And the last one is the rumor that Guo Sheng avoids Jiang Xue’s challenge for fear that his conqueror will be defeated.

These were all rumors that would startle Kwak Seong, who was always out of the house, and make him jump out.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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