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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 233

Episode 233:

Exactly three days after the strange rumor created by Snowfall spread.

Within three days, everyone in Liaochuan was talking about him.

“So you’re saying Gwak Seong was scared?”

“Is that so? Who wouldn’t want to avoid it? “The other person is the successor to that great mountain!”

“Wasn’t Dae-ha the successor to Dae-san?”

“It’s completely different! “The way we fight is the same.”

“Well, Daesan was able to fill 5 minutes, but Daewoo absolutely unilaterally overwhelmed the opponent.”

“Gwakseong is gone too. “Is this the same Gwakseong that produced conquerors twice?”

“I guess I’m getting older. “As you get older, you become complacent.”

Kang Seol did not express any opinion on these rumors.

He just quietly played the next games given to him.

With about 15 days left until the deadline for the competition, the number of times Kangseol played the game reached as many as 15 times.

Of course, we never lost in the process.

It is true that the rumor spread with Shinyo’s help was helpful, but it was a rumor that would spread anyway even if left alone.

Creating rumors arbitrarily means hastening the time to create a spark.

One more interesting thing happened around that time.

In other words, Yonghwa, whom Seolhong had offered to cooperate with, sent her Yongseok into a bloody battle.

It seemed like they wanted to take the same approach after seeing the rumors spreading in Liaochuan and the status of Jiang Xue in the heart of an actual warrior.

However, like Snow, he was unable to subdue his opponent in time and even suffered the humiliation of losing to his next opponent after two wins.

Soryo was so shocked that he did not play Yongseok from the next game.

The fact that her dragon stone was weaker than Seolhong’s dragon stone must have been quite a shock to her.

And now, the fight between Kangseol and the gladiator who was ranked in the bloodbath was about to begin.


Snowfall’s strength still had not returned.

Although she was a summoner, Kang Seol suddenly felt sad about her situation and sighed, wondering why she had to have this kind of body-to-body conversation.

‘Can someone please come back?’

There are as many as 4 summoned beasts, but why can’t I even see a nosedive when I come to the east?

The host’s voice immediately resonated with the warrior’s heart.

– ah! I think this is the moment you are most looking forward to these days! There are a lot of people coming to the Heart of the Warrior to see him recently, right? ha ha ha! Me too! Shin-ye, who claims to be the true successor to Daesan, the demon of Chongak! Undefeated in 15 matches! It’s snowfall!


“I bet on you! “I bet on you!”

“Take my money! “Get the hell out of here!”

“shut up! “Then my money!”

“snowfall! cheer up! “The support is here!”

Now the host’s introduction has become quite meaningful, and the booing from the audience has disappeared.

Even cheering people showed up, so it wasn’t a bad feeling going into battle.

– And the gladiator who faces him is a strong man who many predicted would be the next conqueror until Snowfall appeared! This is Chirang, a martial arts expert!


“I have only you! “Take away the snow!”

“Kill me completely!”

Kang Seol continued his winning streak with the heart of a warrior and did not neglect to study the gladiators of his time, and Chirang was one of them who was noteworthy.

‘There are few who can be my rival at the heart of a warrior. Even martial artist Chi, conqueror, Onmyoji Seonyu, and former king Gyuho.’

As I watched their matches and imagined the battle against myself, who only had a lot of abilities, the battle with Chi-rang, Seon-yu, and Kyu-ho seemed like it would be worth it.

And the battle with Daeha, which is currently not scheduled for a match, could not be held even virtually, so it was impossible to know.

“It’s called Chirang.”

“It’s snowing.”

There was no need for long words.

– Then let’s get started!


A armor implanted with a mechanical device popped out from Chirang’s hand and wrapped it around his hand.

The Khan Empire had its own developed mechanical civilization. In particular, in the area of weapons, mechanical engineering was more advanced than in the West.

Snowfall was able to experience it when it came to Yocheon.


[Chirang uses Gongpa (攻破).]

[The range of destruction expands.]


Strong numbers from the start.



Kangseol bent down to avoid Chirang’s ominous fist that was extended towards him.


Chirang’s fist breaks in the air.

There would have been a reaction, but his armor seemed to have offset it.

In this way, battles with those who use the power of civilization were difficult because the future could not be predicted.

Of course, we were preparing for snowfall even here.


He broke his back and at the same time avoided the follow-up hit with great dexterity.


Chirang’s fist crashes into the ground.


The destructive power instantly caused the entire stage to shatter.

If it had been the original battle, both would have fallen and it would have been nullified.



The moaning sounds of Taoists and shamans were heard everywhere.


Pieces of the broken stage floated in the air.


“Chirang! show me!”

Kangseol and Chirang stood on the sculpture of the stage and looked at each other.



And then they clash again.



Chirang’s chest muscles swelled greatly.

[Chirang uses mountain throwing.]

[The power of the throw increases significantly and the weight it can handle increases significantly.]

Chirang grabs a piece of debris floating around that appears to be several times larger with both hands and throws it at Kangseol. threw it


A rock flying at incredible speed.

It was so big that it completely blocked the view of the snowfall.

‘Can I break it?’

The situation was not easy to avoid.


Soon, Kang Seol’s hands were stained black up to his wrists.

I used the raven as an improvisation, but it was a power I had adapted to through recent combat.

Pull your right arm back like a bow…


The wreckage was smashed.


Chirang was visible through a gap in the wreckage.

Chi-Rang was deliberately hiding behind the rubble, aiming to strike.

It was not an unexpected snowfall.


In an instant, our hands clashed several times.

At this moment, cold sweat formed on Kang Seol’s forehead.

‘You must concentrate!’

Two people fought on a very small piece of debris.

If you make even the slightest mistake, you will be hit by a single blow, and if you make a large evasive move, you could fall to the bottom.


“Are you watching Bo?”

– It’s a huge win!

Faba Park!

Green onions!

Chirang was all about attack.

We continued to focus on pushing attacks to find openings in the snowfall.

Let’s go!


A spear that wants to succeed in its attack somehow.

Faba Park!

Faba Park!

On the other hand, snowfall was the strongest shield.

He cut off Chirang’s attack and blocked all of his attacks with his black-stained hands.

Chirang was intoxicated.


Wherever my polite attitude went, my fever rose to the top of my head and put a strain on my armor.


The heat of the armor burned the sleeves and rolled them up, exposing Chirang’s delicate arm muscles.


Chirang’s armor began to emit strange smoke.

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Shut up!”

Chirang is excited by Kang Seol’s provocation.

Since Chirang had not been able to land a single proper blow, even light provocations made him angry.



I followed the flow of snow and put my fist into his chest.

I’m crying…

“It’s time.”

“Kill me…”

Kang Seol paused for a moment and placed both hands on Chirang’s armor.

Chirang cursed him.

“You can’t beat a king….”


In response, the snowfall completely crushed his armor.


Then, after slightly pushing Chirang, he hit him in the abdomen with a front kick.

Whoa whoa!

Even though it was a simple front kick, it contained tremendous power. If Chirang had been an ordinary person, he would have died instantly in this attack.

Chirang fell beneath the rubble.


Fortunately, the Taoists lightened his body and he did not suffer fatal injuries from the fall.

“Chi Chirang….”

“I lost the same way again.”

“That Chirang lost so helplessly?”

– This bloody battle is Ga Snow’s victory! He really easily defeated Qi Lang!


“snowfall! snowfall!”

“thanks! thank you!”

* * *

After defeating Chirang, who was considered the next conqueror in the heart of a warrior, Kangseol’s popularity soared like a volcano exploding.

It’s so popular that you can’t even go outside without covering your face.

Onmyoji Seonyu and Jeonwang Gyuho canceled their bloody battle with Kang Seol using the excuse of his physical condition.

As of now, there is virtually no one other than the Conqueror who can stop the gusts of snow.

‘Is the plan almost complete?’

Things are progressing step by step, and now all that is left is for Kwak Seong to intervene.

However, just because everything went as planned did not mean there were no problems.

‘There is a possibility that the Great King is stronger than me.’

Kang Seol recalled how strong he was during Daesan’s heyday.

‘Even if my abilities are much higher now…’

I came to the conclusion that unless I could use the summoning spell, I might lose if I fought Daesan back then.

There was a unique power possessed by beings whose main occupation was fighting. Perhaps his younger brother, Daeha, also inherited Daesan’s energy.

While Kang Seol was worrying about what to do next, Cheonju came to Seolhong.



“Someone came looking for Seolhong.”

“… You came looking for me?”

Kang Seol and Seol Hong’s gaze crossed.

The only people who knew that he was in Yocheon were Yonghwa and the records officers.


Kang Seol went outside on Seol Hong’s behalf.

Contrary to what Cheonju said, there was no one at the door.

However, a note was left behind.

Kang Seol picked up the note and checked what was written.

Squeak… Snow


“Mr. Seolhong.”

“What’s going on? people?”

“This was left in front of the door.”

Seolhong looked at the contents of the note and nodded.

“Finally, Gwakseong has moved.”

The note contained the message that Kwak Seong wanted to talk.

* * *

The location where Kwak Seong wanted to talk was a fairly central place in Yocheon.

And at this secret chat, there was even a person Seolhong had never thought of.

“So Soryo-nim?”

“Seolhong? “Have you also been contacted?”

“What do you mean?”


Soryo said this, showing a look of disappointment.

“I came here because Kwak Seong said he had something urgent to say. “Seeing as you also received the message, I guess Brother Baeyu is here too.”

The material cleverly mixes into the content the fact that Seolhong is in a lower position than them.

But Seolhong didn’t care about this. Rather, I sensed something strange.

“Why the three of us… How did Kwak Seong know that we were here?”

“Maybe Baeyu’s contact with Kwak Seong was successful.”

“Has Brother Bae Yu really made contact with Kwak Seong?”

“I do not know either. “You’ll find out when you go.”

Seolhong looked at Kangseol with a questioning expression for a moment. Kang Seol said:

“No matter what happens, you’ll be able to get out, so you don’t have to worry.”

“… I get it.”

“Act confidently. “If Seolhong shows weakness, Kwak Seong will dig in.”


They climb up to the third floor of the pavilion in a nervous state.

“Here you go, little ones.”

“Huh… you have a nasty way of speaking.”

A man who appeared to be middle-aged was eating with someone. There are a total of 4 seats provided.

There were already people sitting in two of them.

One seat was, of course, Gwak Seong, and the other seat appeared to be Bae Yu’s back.

Soryo sighed and said this.

“Haa… Brother Baeyu finally hit the ball.”


“Seolhong, even though I told you that you have to struggle to get it back in place, you didn’t accept it… will you accept it now? “The other brothers are better than you…”


“The story of Seolhong to the end….”

“Brother Baeyu… seems to have suffered a misfortune.”


Soryo’s head moved from Seolhong to Baeyu.

Even then, Bae Yu did not turn his head. Kwak Seong spoke on his behalf.

“Sit down.”

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