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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 237

Episode 237

There is no great mountain, so the great river will do it.

Two are two but one, and because he owed a favor to Kwak Seong, he had to repay it all.



The king’s attacks became increasingly sharper, but the snowfall that used the night crow had a power of a completely different level than the previous snowfall.

Hitting a shield with a gun may have been part of a tactic, but hitting a stone wall with a gun was foolish.

Daeha continued to do foolish things.

Kang Seol gradually got used to the changed sensation and looked at Dae Ha.

“I can’t lose! “You can’t lose!”

Obsession with victory.

I could feel the shadow of Daesan, and I could also see a will to surpass him.

No one noticed, but only the snowfall did.

This is no longer a place to decide victory or defeat.

It’s just a place where the younger brother can show his sweat and tears for his efforts to the older brother who left before him.

And this is the place to watch over it.

So, Kang Seol planned to wait for everything.



So that Daeha can do her best.

So that he can give it all he has.

‘Because he would want that too.’

Daesan would also want that, so the snowfall in his honor had to support his wishes.

“Nothing changes!”

No, everything has changed.

Daeha could no longer reach Kangseol.

That resentment and despair made him grow.


The Great River’s Gon was scribbled as if painting in the air with a large brush.



Even Daeha didn’t know why.

It just happened because my body knew before my mind that it had to be that way.

Snowfall was the first to realize that this movement would lead to unusual results.

‘… Dangerous.’

Something bigger than your power will come.

‘Should I stop it?’

A moment of concern.

This was a power that the Great Emperor could not yet handle.

Kangseol put aside his worries and spoke to Karuna.


– … I will take action from here on.


The subject of the night crow moved from Snowfall to Karuna.


At this moment, Daeha was breaking his mold and evolving once more.

I was stepping into an unknown world that seemed elusive, one step beyond.

The moment when my skills seemed to explode was when I met a strong enemy, not at any other time.

In all his life, Dae-ha had never encountered anything worse than snowfall.

It’s a bit weird…

The muscles that weren’t used screamed.


Rain and wind gathered around Daeha.

Patter patter…

This time, rock debris gathered.

Rain and rocks became intertwined.



Some martial arts in the East used to emit a specific light depending on the nature of the martial arts?

Red, purple and golden etc.

“Take this too!”


Golden light flowed from the king’s eyes, and his face became golden.


This is the conqueror of his time.

It is that magnificent power!

Gon hit the ground.

[Great Emperor’s Season: Uses the Twin Dragon Cannon.]

[Two elements strike the target. If it hits, a strong status abnormality is given accordingly.]


The two dragons became entangled and flew towards Kang Seol.

Seolhong was sitting in the stands right behind Kangseol.

Everyone around her tried to run away.


“Danger above…”

Seolhong should have avoided it too.

If the snowfall didn’t stop the attack, the audience would be swept away by that attack.

But she didn’t move a single step.

Because her dragon stone was fighting over there right now.

At that time, Snowfall took a strange posture.

He lowered the sword, grabbed the sword with both hands, and let it hang down.


[Moonlight Chungcheon (月光衝天) Stage 3 Full Moon (滿月) has entered.]

Blue light burst out from Snowfall’s body.

At the same time, he raised his sword from bottom to top and drew.

Ordinary action.

The scene that followed was shocking.

Seolhong was able to see Kangseol’s movements especially vividly, and black energy spread out along the path of the sword.

It was as if the space had been torn apart and the night sky was popping out.

[Season: Use the night sea.]


The two dragons were not only split in half by Snowfall’s sword, but were caught in the black energy and returned to the Great Emperor.

From the moment the two dragons split in half, I felt the end of this fight.

It’s death.

“no! “No way!”

“… Castle Adult. “I’m sorry…”

Kwak Seong jumped up from his seat and shouted.

He ended up remembering the nightmare of the day he lost Daesan.

Also, the weather today is very similar to that day.

Kwak Seong realized.

Why was he not satisfied?

Why did he, who never had a nightmare even after losing all his money, start having nightmares after that day?

Have you continued to yearn for something?

I felt empty, as if my heart was empty.

‘Now you’re going to take even the lobster from my arms!’

Because I lost a child named Daesan.

How can parents who have lost their children feel satisfied? I had to live with a hole in my chest for the rest of my life.

Kwak Seong has finally realized that.

At that moment, the trajectory of the black wave changed.



A strange sound was heard from Kang Seol’s arm and blood spurted out.



The black energy was heading towards the great river, but then suddenly changed direction and soared into the sky.


The dragon flew up into the sky, carried by the waves.

The heavy rain stopped for a moment due to the shock.


“Oh my God….”

“What did you see?”

People froze at the shocking sight.

Kwak Seong stood up and shouted.

“I lost! “I admit defeat!”



“So, your majesty… please don’t kill your majesty…”

The people were silent.

Because the only person shouting at this moment was Kwak Seong.

Everyone made no sound in order to listen more intently to what he said.

At this moment, when even the host forgot his duty and kept his mouth shut, Kwak Seong spoke in pain.

“Khan… why do you want to take everything away from me?”

Everyone felt the sadness and truth in his voice.

“Daesan… was not my gladiator… my my…”

His tears fell to the ground along with the rain.

“It was my son…”

At that moment, Seolhong stood up and shouted.

“Adult Kwak Seong!”


“We won the bloody battle by a narrow margin.”


At that moment, a small cloud of Taoists flew towards Seolhong and Kwak Seong. Clouds have the power to amplify sound.

Now that the gladiator fights were over, their sponsors were the main characters.

“That woman is the owner of Snowfall?”

“It looks a lot younger than Kang Seol…”

“Who is it? “This is the first person I’ve seen in Yocheon…”

When the audience was curious about Seolhong’s identity, she revealed her identity.

“The girl is said to be Seolhong, a descendant of the great Dragon Emperor.”


“oh my god! “Why is Yonghwa here?”

“Could it be because of the war?”

“iced coffee! Could it be that snowfall is that woman’s dragon stone?”

“You’re Yonghwa, be careful what you say!”

Kwak Seong suppressed the noise and asked Seolhong in a polite manner.

“… Seolhong admits defeat. Your sword stands alone in the heart of a warrior and conqueror. Now tell me what you want. “Do you want the heart of a warrior?”

Among those who have ever produced conquerors, there was none who did not want the heart of a warrior.

Because there was nothing better than a warrior’s heart that the arena manager of the squadron who could grant desires could give.

‘… It’s all over.’

In addition to the relief that Daeha survived, Kwak Seong also felt a somewhat vain feeling of having to let go of everything.

Kwak Seong raised his head and looked at Dae Ha.

He made eye contact with Kwak Seong.

He seemed satisfied with even a faint smile.

‘That’s it…’

Gwak Seong never got angry when Daesan and Daeha were defeated.

No, since he had never lost in the first place, even Kwak Seong was curious about how he would react.

But instead of being angry, I just felt lucky that I didn’t lose my life.


Gwak Seong now looked at Seol Hong.

Seolhong will definitely take away the warrior’s heart from him, just like Yonghwa did until now.

Just as Khan took away the Great Mountain.

However, Seolhong began his story in a somewhat unusual way, contrary to what he expected.

“What the girl wants is not material things like the heart of a warrior.”


“… what?”

People were buzzing, but they gradually quieted down, drawn by the power of Seolhong’s story.

Her story continued.

“We are living in a time entangled in a cycle of hatred and regret. Kwak Seong, you and my country Khan are also like that. A long time ago, Daesan lost his life due to Khan’s mistake.”


“We want to convey our sincerity to you in our own way. The girl was foolish and decided that this was the best option. “I have one wish. Please do not doubt the girl’s sincerity.”

“What are you talking about… what are you talking about!”

When Kwak Seong shouted, Seolhong lowered his head.

The attitude of a winner was strange.

“The girl apologizes on behalf of Khan for Daesan’s death a long time ago and asks for forgiveness.”



At that moment, people even stopped murmuring at Seolhong’s words. And then he shifted his gaze to Kwak Seong.

“… You planned to do this from the beginning.”

“This is the girl’s only wish as a winner.”

Everyone focused on Kwak Seong’s next words.

Anyone can imagine Seolhong’s actions from the heart of a warrior, but they are difficult to actually carry out.

He showed the power of the Khan and showed the mercy of the Khan. What made all of this possible was also the unprecedented dragon stone called Snowfall.

At first glance, he seemed arrogant, but his behavior was significantly different from that of other Yonghwas so far.

People held their breath and waited for Kwak Seong to speak.

Not accepting the apology would be tantamount to dishonoring Daesan, the conqueror of the warrior’s heart.

His life as a conqueror.

As his guardian, or even as his father, I couldn’t choose that path.

He was a great outsider.

“Puhuhuh… I got a real kick out of this.”

Kwak Seong said.

I accepted the result in his own way.

He bowed his head and answered.

“Justice always wins. We will do our best to fulfill your wishes. “I, Kwak Seong, accept your sincerity and accept Khan’s apology.”


The audience cheered at Kwak Seong’s words.

Today offers the best competition and attractions at the same time.

It was a historic moment that will remain in the hearts of warriors.


Kwak Seong saw the back of Daeha leaving in the rain.

“… Are you listening to Daesan? Everyone sent you.”

Daesan left on a rainy day. I sent Daesan on a rainy day.

Kang Seol’s eyes, which remained in place, intersected with Kwak Seong’s eyes.

“…Goodbye, my son.”

One banner did not have only one meaning.

If you have something to say, take up arms.

Make your desires come true

Also, your sincerity will not be tested.


if you have something to say, take up arms.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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