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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 238

Episode 238:

The snow turned black, turning the tide of battle that had been losing, and winning.

Everyone in the audience cheered, but Shinyo and Jangdu did not.

The two were shocked by his overwhelming inaction and were speechless for a moment.

Let’s do that for a while.

“It’s been raining for too long.”

“Doesn’t it feel a little uncomfortable?”



Red energy seeped out from Shinyo’s fingertips and touched her and Jangdu’s clothes.


Their clothes became soft and fluffy in an instant.

They got up and left the Warrior’s Heart.

The two used umbrellas after leaving the arena.

“Would you like to go to the side?”

“Shouldn’t I hold the umbrella?”

“Then will you please hold the umbrella for me?”

“I have broad shoulders, so I can’t help it.”


The two looked at each other and laughed for a moment.

“It was shocking, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, of course.”

“I think it was a good idea to come to Yocheon.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing that one line engraved on the silver scroll.”


“Depending on how you use it, wouldn’t it even save Shinyo’s life at least once?”

Shinyo looked up in surprise at Jangdu’s words.

“Is this an evaluation too generous?”

“It is an appropriate assessment. “I’m sure you still can’t believe my eyes, right?”

“I still can’t believe that’s possible.”

“I think I would have done the same if I hadn’t seen it in person.”

His dance ended without allowing any attack against the conqueror.

Even Jangdu, who noticed that there was hidden power, did not know that it was this much power.



“… Don’t you think we need to be a little closer?”

Standing tall…

Jangdu erected by singing Shinyo.

Shinyo looked at Jangdu’s words with cold eyes, as if she was in a bad mood.


Jangdu smiled and answered.

“I think it would be a little difficult if we became enemies.”

* * *

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[Title: Who on earth believes the words of those b*stards in the voting leadership room who predicted that Daeha would win? Haha, everyone go out and search haha]

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– Daeha lost ㅠㅠ

– No sir… Didn’t you use too much strength in the beginning and end up in Buksan?

– I lost like a lie…

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– Your imagination is very specific.

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In this place in Yocheon, unfounded rumors and delusions about Kangseol and Seolhong were multiplying one after another.

In fact, the parties involved, Seolhong and Kang Seol, were wearing neat clothes and staying at Gwak Seong’s residence.

After the conquest was over, Gwak Seong politely brought them here.

Kang Seol and Seol Hong sat quietly and waited for the recorders to evaluate them.

Soon the voices of the recorders were heard.

“Death Flower Seolhong!”

Seolhong responded with more energy than before.

“From now on, I will evaluate your footsteps!”

The archives’ evaluation continued for a while thereafter.

“The next ordeal will be announced in exactly three days! “Get your body and mind right and prepare for the next ordeal!”

“… yes.”

The voices of the recordists disappeared.

Seolhong said while looking at Kangseol.

“Did you hear that?”

“I heard.”

“A perfect score… I can’t believe Seolhong got a perfect score…”

“You are fully qualified.”

Kang Seol looked at Seol Hong.

It was planned that he would become a conqueror, and he had promised himself that he would do so once he set out.

However, Seolhong’s opinion was more involved in his judgment after becoming a conqueror.

In fact, becoming a conqueror was the same as obtaining the heart of a warrior, so it was as if the ordeal had already been overcome.

However, Seolhong refused to forcibly take the arena from Gwak Seong.

– How can failing to understand the hearts of a people and trampling on them be the direction in which the empire should move?

There was an element of risk.

If Kwak Seong had been a much more eccentric and cynical person than they thought, Seol Hong’s plan would have been foiled.

What is certain is that it is taken by force.

However, Seolhong said that if that was something to be learned from the Dragon War, there would not be a Yonghwa to succeed the Yongje.


At first, Kang Seol thought of Seol Hong as just a child, but the more she looked at her, the more confident she seemed to be looking at her mother, Yu Hwa.

“Oh my god… what the hell is going on?”


“I knew Seolhong would do it. no! Our Kang Seol also did a great job. “You all are great!”

“It’s because heaven and snow helped.”

“Mr. Seolhong…”

Upon hearing the news that he had received a perfect score, Cheonju went into an uproar again. If I give my acceptance speech this long, everyone will be exhausted.

“Yuhwa will be happy!”

“I’m sure you’re watching, right?”

“Of course! “No matter where you are, you will see Seolhong looking proud.”

Coincidentally, it’s right next to it.

To be exact, it was only half an oil painting.

Anyway, while Cheonju and Seolhong were talking for a while, Cheonju took out a piece of paper.

“Oh! Look at my mind. “The letter has arrived here.”

“hmm? To me?”

“Yes, please read it.”


Seolhong read the words written on the paper step by step.

“This… is a letter sent by my brother.”

“Jegak… This is Sajahwa Jeggak.”

“huh! “I’ll read it until the end!”

– … I wish you endless success and I’ll end this.


Seolhong held the letter tightly in her arms.

“What is it about?”

“A story about the last battle.”

“A fight?”

“It said congratulations on getting a perfect score and that they will continue to support you in the future.”

Seolhong twisted his body and enjoyed it.

Cheonju and Kangseol laughed while looking at her.

Kangseol asked her.

“What do you like so much?”

“Hmm… It’s natural to be happy about receiving attention and affection from others.”

“If anything… is it one of Yonghwa?”

“My brother… I am a grateful person who thought of me even when I was looked down on because I had no power. “Even though I didn’t have the strength to repay him, someday I will repay him.”

“I can’t believe that just one letter can make you feel so good. “Jegak is also a great person.”

“Ugh… Actually, my opinion of you is not very good, but since you are sincere in putting your heart into something like this, you are sure to become a bigger person…” Knock knock… “There is someone who is looking for you


“to me?”

“Yes, my name is Soryo.”

Seolhong tilted his head and stood up.

Snowfall also stood up and followed her.

“Well then, I’ll stop by there while I’m on my way out.”

Heaven bid them farewell.

“Please be careful.”

“don’t worry. Snowfall….”

Seolhong answered while looking at Snowfall.

“Because he is the strongest man in Yocheon.”

“… It’s okay.”

Kang Seol and Seol Hong went down the stairs and followed Si Bi.

There was a woman sitting in the garden outside the door.



“Let’s just talk.”

The atmosphere of Soryo had changed slightly.

Unlike before, when he was harsh, I felt that his eyes and his overall impression had become gentler.

Seolhong walked over and sat down on the chair across from him.

The snowfall had fallen and I looked around.

“I heard the news. “I heard that Kwak Seong sent compensation to Khan?”

“yes. The amount is not that big, but….”

“Isn’t the symbolic meaning more important in the first place? I don’t think you need to worry too much about the amount. “Plus, they said they would personally support you, so it must have been like gaining a thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses.”

This was also the reason why Seolhong’s clothes were changed into much more valuable items.

Gwak Seong promised to support Seolhong’s Geomabi Monument during the Dragon War.

Seolhong felt awkward being here with her older sister, Soryo.

Didn’t we fight like enemies not long ago?

“Now I plan to return to the Dragon Palace.”


“I realized my shortcomings and there is no reason to stay anymore. Seolhong Before I go, there is something I want to say to you. That is also why I came here today.”

Soryo closed his eyes and spoke as if he was drawing something.

“I was also in the heart of the warrior that day. “The sight of you confidently speaking out to Kwak Seong… seemed so bright to my eyes.”



Ingredient for putting something on the table.

It was an item that at first glance seemed like a gift.

“It is a good tea to drink and a herb to relieve fatigue.”


“It was originally meant to be used during the War of the Dragons, but it burned down, so what can we do?”

Soryo’s words continued.

“Brother Baeyu, who lost his life due to reckless behavior, and I, who thought the fight was easy, cannot go forward. “The only ones who can go forward are you and that man.”

Soryo scratched his head.

“I wanted to give you something better as a gift, but since it’s not the Dragon Palace, I don’t have much to give.”

“Thank you… I will write gratefully.”

“… Now that the competition is over, people are visible. Seolhong, there is something different about you from other Yonghwas. Although I am too stupid to know what it is yet, many people will realize it someday.”

Soryo stood up.

“I feel relieved after the competition is over.”


Soryo spread his arms.

She is much taller than Seolhong.

“Can I hug you?”

Seolhong hesitated for a moment and then went into Soryo’s arms.

It was a warm embrace with no sense of bad intentions at all.

“Don’t lament because your legs are short. “You have wings, so you will definitely be able to fly.”


“Please aim for a higher place.”

With those words, Soryo left.

Kang Seol quietly approached Seol Hong and asked.

“Are you trying to cry?”

“Crying… I won’t cry unless there’s someone… the… heaven!”

– I declared that I would not run unless it was a circuit!

– Haha, the ingredients have changed a lot.

– It seems like he came to his senses after being threatened and eating with his half-brother’s corpse haha

– It’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else haha

– Kwak Seong… How on earth are you…

“I understand.”

* * *

After a while, Kang Seol and Seol Hong were walking with Gwak Seong.

“I see you’re listening to all sorts of strange requests. “You want to pay tribute to Daesan… There must be no other intention, right?”

Even though Kwak Seong said it as a joke, it was rather serious.

However, Seolhong and Kangseol, who knew something about the person named Kwak Seong, answered regardless.

“More than me…”

“I’m the one who asked you to do this.”

Kang Seol answered instead of Seol Hong.

Kwak Seong smiled and asked.

“Are you saying that drones can communicate with each other?”


“ha ha ha! I tried very hard to dissuade him from coming with me. Recovery isn’t over yet. “If the man who defeated Daeha came to his charnel house, Daesan’s blood would definitely be boiling.”



The place they found was a charnel house with few people around.

The reason why there were few people was not because the charnel house was located in a remote location, but because outsiders were strictly prohibited from entering.

‘I ended up being buried in a charnel house…’

Kangseol comforted his slightly regretful heart.

I also heard from Kwak Seong why Daesan had no choice but to be placed in the charnel house.

The knife that cut his body was coated with poison.

It is said that due to the extreme poison, all of his flesh rotted away after his death, so he had no choice but to commemorate him in the form of bone meal.


As we descend deep underground, a small space emerges with an eerie atmosphere.

“This is the place.”

A portrait of Daesan and even the name written on it.

Guo Sheng looked blankly at Daesan’s portrait.

“… It resembles a lobster.”

“Hehehe… It wasn’t at first, but after the king’s face gained some weight, it became so.”

Kwak Seong’s voice sounds a little lonely.

Kang Seol said to him and Seol Hong.

“Can I be alone for a moment?”

Seolhong looked at Kwak Seong in confusion, but Kwak Seong actually nodded.

“Would someone who has already achieved so much go on a rampage in a charnel house honoring the dead? “Then I’ll wait outside, so please come out slowly.”

Seolhong and Kwak Seong left Snowfall alone and slowly climbed up.

The two of them talking loudly was like watching a granddaughter and a young grandfather.


Kang Seol approached the large sword placed in front of Daesan’s portrait.

“I can feel it.”

Kang Seol’s eyes changed.

“Are you here, Daesan?”

Kang Seol placed his hand on Daesan’s great sword.


The giant sword vibrated.


All the candles that lit up the charnel house went out.

[The transmission of ‘Daesan’ begins.]

At the same time, a message emerges.

[Settlement is made halfway through the long journey.]

[You will obtain the spoils of struggle as a reward.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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