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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 240

Episode 240

This is the Sodong Mine, located a little further away from the other mines in Tumaku.

The first floor of an old guesthouse nearby.

A handsome young man with wolf ears instead of human ears and a man with an irritated look on his face were sitting there alone.

“What about the dragon stone?”

“Chiwoo is the strongest Yonghwa. “Chiu is the strongest, so why do you need Yongseok?”

The man with wolf ears described himself as the strongest. The man across from me didn’t really refute that statement.

Although it may be true, it seemed close to the truth that Chiu was the strongest.

Wolf Ears Chiwoo is the son of Choyeon, a woman from the Lang tribe, and Hongcheon, the dragon emperor.

The Lang tribe is one of the types of beastmen, and when the full moon rises, their wild nature awakens and they become werewolves.

Of course, because Chiwoo was a mixed race with a human, his blood became lighter and did not change even when the full moon rose.

But he was born with a power different from others. A body best suited for martial arts and strong physical strength made him different from ordinary humans.

The wolf’s ears and fangs that appeared when excited were features that made it immediately recognizable as a Lang tribe member.

“I heard you received high marks for your overwhelming force in previous evaluations, right?”

Chiwoo replied indifferently.

“It’s easy to break it.”

“Hmm… really? It won’t be easy this time, right? Because it looks like we will be in charge of work related to the Sodong mine contract. “This is something you can’t break.”

“Mind your own business, disaster prevention.”

A man called Bangjae frowned and said this.

“So… So what I’m trying to say now is, I don’t know who Yonghwa will be next, but why don’t we join forces?”

“… Cooperation?”

“okay! Combine your power and my influence to overcome this ordeal! how is it? Not only this ordeal, but it will be difficult to get through it with your own strength in the future…”

“Ah, it’s noisy.”

“Difficult… what?”

“Then if you fail then, it’s no fun for you.”


Chiu was completely moody. In addition, because he was so powerful, everyone was reluctant to clash with him.

“Anyway… think about it carefully, because I’m kind.”

“Can I eat this?”

Chiwoo bit into the fruit in front of him.



Bangjae desperately persevered even in a situation where he was completely ignored by Chiwoo.

“By the way… why aren’t you coming like this? “It’s already been two days since you and I arrived.”

Bangjae shouted.

“Hey Archivist! “How much longer must we wait?”


Bangjae was upset for no reason at the inaudible answer.

“Insolent… When I become emperor later, you all must be prepared.”

“wow! What’s this? The taste….”

At that time.

Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8551114588 there?


Suddenly, the room shook with an explosion of alcohol, and Bangjae went under the table.

Chiwoo put his head under the table.

“What are you doing there?”

“What just happened? “Did you hear it?”

“I heard.”

Bang Jae quickly went outside and inspected the situation.

Someone ran toward the village, shouting.

“The mine has collapsed! “The shaft at the Soutong Mine has collapsed!”

Bangjae opened his mouth, leaving behind Chiu, who was not particularly interested.

“The mine… collapsed?”

* * *

Snowfall’s party finally arrived at the Tumaku mining village.

They joined Chi-woo and Bang-jae before they could properly undress.

‘Wolf ears…’

Kang Seol looked at Chi Woo.

Bangjae and his Yongseok fell into the ordinary category, but the energy felt from Chiwoo was anything but ordinary.

‘This is the energy I felt from Jangdu.’

Chiu also tilted his head and looked at Snowfall.

Chi-woo and Kang-seol recognize each other at a glance.

However, a conflict between the two did not occur.

“What was it, Seolhong?”

“Disaster brother….”

“Hmph, come and sit down. Do you know how long we waited because of you?”

“I’m sorry it took me some time to come from Yocheon.”

It wasn’t something to apologize for, but it wasn’t anything to fight about either. As soon as Seolhong spoke obediently, Bangjae immediately changed his attitude and called the recorders.

“Hey Archivist! Seolhong has arrived!”

Soon the recorder’s voice rang out.

“Disaster prevention Chiu Seolhong. The third trial of your battle of bravery was originally related to the renewal of the contract at the Sodong Mine.”

“I knew so. Wait… original?”

Chi-woo continued to stare at Kang-seol as if he was not interested, and Seol-hong closed his eyes, probably expecting something.

“No way… right?”

“I guessed it when I came, but was the ordeal decided that way?”

The archivist spoke.

“The Sodong mine collapsed unexpectedly. “Now that the contract-related issues have been put on the back burner, we will give you a choice.”

“Choice… Volume?”

“Now that the situation has changed, one of the options given to you is to be assigned a different ordeal in the future rather than the ordeal in the Sodong Mine, and the other is to rescue the miners buried in the Sodong Mine.”

“Wait… aren’t you all crazy? Do you know how long the shaft is? Moreover, it’s not clear where or how it collapsed?”

Everyone kept their mouths shut.

At that time, a group of people appeared in the guesthouse. Among them, an old man with white hair said.

“I’ll tell you that from now on, Yonghwa.”

“… Who is it?”

“My name is Shengchi, the owner of Sodong Mine. And these are the people who help me run the mine.”


People gathered around Yonghwa and sat down.

Bangjae glared at them coldly and said.

“Have you already finished talking with the archivists?”

“To be exact, I heard about it through Khan’s management who was at the scene after the incident occurred. “I heard that Yonghwa is here because of a contract renewal issue, so it might be helpful.”

“You just arbitrarily said it wasn’t your business.”

“Please don’t punish him. “It’s because the situation was urgent and I begged them to do it.”

Bangjae shot at Seongchi, who looked like a criminal.

“I don’t have much time, so can I ask a sensitive question right away?”

“You can ask anything as long as we can get the miners out of there as soon as possible.”

“How is the Sunni Kingdom, where there is talk about renewing the contract for the Sodong mine, responding to this situation?”

“They said it would be difficult to take immediate action. Not only is the distance far away, but it is not an ordinary issue…”

“It’s just an excuse for a delayed response. “What about Khan?”


Seongchi paused for a moment before speaking.

“How much do the Yonghwa people gathered here know about the Sodong Mine?”

“Isn’t this a mine that mines special ores that can only be found here and has the most advanced equipment?”

“you’re right. The main mining item in Sodong Mine is Guiyao coal.”


“Surprisingly, it is an object with a demonic energy in its body. “This is an ore that only comes from the Sodong Mine.”

Everyone here has heard of Gwiyotan.

It is an ore that has many national uses, but is always in short supply.

“Do you know that Sodong Mine is an important place?”

“No one is allowed to enter the Sodong Mine because it is an ore that always emits a demonic energy.”

“Will there be any problems if exposed to the ear?”

“If you go crazy or get severe, you will bleed from your nose and die.”

“That’s serious.”

“So Sodong Mine mines Gwiyo coal in a unique way. “All the miners wear protective clothing and a mining unit goes down to the mine shaft.”

“… A giant soldier? “That giant soldier I know?”

The essence of mechanical engineering and Khan’s military weapon.

To put it simply, it was a huge bipedal riding device. Khan used it for various purposes, including military purposes.

“yes. “We filled that large bottle with fuel for the protective clothing and went down the tunnel.”

“Hmm… Why are you bringing that up?”

“Khan promised to send shamans to help with the purification, as well as mining giants. “I appreciate the quick response, but the problem is that it takes about two weeks at the fastest.”

“There is no way for such a large soldier to climb into the mountainous terrain. Moreover, large armies are mainly controlled from the center.”

Seongchi nodded.

Seolhong asked.

“Will the buried miners still be alive by then?”

“… That’s the problem we face. “It’s an urgent situation because everyone’s survival depends on it…”

Unlike Seongchi, who was sad, Bangjae asked indifferently.

“Aren’t there any other giant soldiers?”

“Actually… there has been a problem with giant weapons recently.”

“A giant soldier?”

“yes. All of the giant soldiers in use were out of control, and most of them were sent to the capital, Hongyeon, for repairs. Currently, there are only two large units mobilized for mining operations. To make matters worse, the operators and maintainers of other giant armies are all in Hongyeon…”

“If something is going to happen, it’s going to happen in a place like this.”

“Please, we cannot put the miners’ lives on the scale. The miners buried underground are someone’s father, someone’s husband, and someone’s son. “If anyone can rescue the miners from the mine…”

Bangjae leaned back in his chair.

“… damn it.”

Contrary to expectations, the third ordeal was not a negotiation but a rescue.

Seolhong asked.

“If you can’t go in n.a.k.e.d… can’t you go in wearing a protective suit?”

“The hazmat suit will not be able to maneuver because it will run out of fuel along the way.”

“Seolhong, don’t you know anything like that?”

Seolhong touched his chin despite Bangjae’s ridicule and asked the next question.

“As I came, I saw a giant soldier in the village. “Is that not moving?”

“It’s outdated. The operation method is so complicated that there is only a self-maintenance manager who can handle it, and he is in Hongyeon…” “What

I am asking is whether or not it can be operated. “Does the old giant soldier move?”

Seongchi tilted his head and responded to Seolhong’s words.

“The repairs are complete. But why is that…”

In the early days, the large armies were crude, as Seongchi said. A huge and powerful monster was created, but it was very complex and had many miscellaneous functions, making it very difficult to operate, so there were few people on the front line who could handle it.

Those who are qualified to do so have already been invited to Hongyeon and are working in research.

“It has been concluded.”


Bangjae stood up and said.

“I will give up and undergo another ordeal.”

“Please reconsider. The lives of the people of the empire….”

“This is not a situation that can be saved. Don’t force yourself. “Chiu, what are you going to do?”


Chiu yawned and answered.

“I saw it.”

“Tsk… whatever you say.”

Bangjae left.

When the first person to give up appeared, Seongchi was in despair.

“Is there really a way…”

“If it’s an old giant weapon, is it Towang Unit 1?”

“… yes?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Seolhong’s question.

“Can I try a test run?”

“What is that….”

“I know how to drive, Towang.”

* * *

Clap, clap, clap!


A light came on in the giant soldier’s cockpit.

Kang Seol laughed as if he was empty.

“I didn’t know that Seolhong had such talent.”

“Why are you so unexpected and surprised?”

“Isn’t it natural to be surprised?”

The difficulty of imagination was too high for a woman who had lived less than twenty years to handle such a large mechanical device with such a small body.

“This Seolhong is the only talent worth showing off, so don’t praise him too much.”

As Seolhong spoke, a sound came from the back of the cockpit.

“Did you learn mechanical engineering?”

It was Chiu’s voice.

“Oh my surprise!”

“Heh… why are you surprised?”

Seolhong looked at Kangseol.


Snowfall already knew that he had climbed into the giant soldier’s cockpit without saying a word.

Seolhong turned around and asked.


“Are you going down? “I want to go too. I’m bored.”

It would have been crazy to enter a mine with a collapsed mine just because I was bored.

“Well… I don’t know what the reason is, but regardless of the reason, exposure to danger is the same.”

“Then why did you learn mechanical engineering? “Didn’t Yongje teach you anything else?”

The Yongje was not interested in the Yonghwas, but he guaranteed them one right.

This means that you can receive the best education.

Of course, this wasn’t the case in all fields, and among them, I focused on teaching people who were talented.

Seolhong said.

“I wasn’t good at martial arts or martial arts, but I was lucky.”



The giant soldier stood up.

– Towang maneuver.

– Hello world. I am Towang.

– Hello Se…

– An…

“You said you fixed everything, but there are still some parts that aren’t in good shape.”


After that, Seolhong checked while moving the giant soldier for a while. It seemed she had already decided to go down the shaft.


“Heavenly Lord? ha ha ha! Heaven and earth little!”

Because Cheonju spoke at the feet of the giant soldier, she seemed small to Seolhong.

“…Do you really have to go?”

“What if I don’t go?”


“Don’t worry about Cheonju. There is snow. yes?”

Kang Seol nodded.

Cheonju said, crying.

“Why do you always take risks!”

“What if I’m always needed in dangerous places?”


“I like the warm water of Cheonju.”

“… yes?”

“Tumaku is famous for its hot springs other than its mines. “I like warm water.”

Heaven surrendered to Seolhong’s bright smile.

“I will prepare a suitable location and wait for you. So please come back safely.”





A load was loaded onto a large vessel in front of the Sodong Mine.

“Please fill up the fuel tank! “Because we can solve the problem of food!”

Because there was snow, there was no need to load food. Snowfall wanted to fill up her belongings with fuel cans, but the fuel cans were not of a normal size, so she limited herself to putting in one or two.

“Then… now…”

I was about to close the cockpit ceiling when people came rushing in from the direction of the village. A bunch of women, led by children, came running as if they were seeing a herd of cattle.

“… What is that?”

Seolhong was looking shocked, but soon a lot of people piled under the giant soldiers.

A rumor spread that Yonghwa was going down into the mine shaft to rescue buried miners.

“Yonghwa… Yonghwa… please bring my husband.”

“Dad… Dad is down there!”

“Yonghwa! Please…”

“Do something!”

Seolhong’s expression hardened.

But someone’s voice broke through the noise of people and created silence.

“Honestly, you don’t have to do something this dangerous… right?”


“Why are you coming forward? This kind of thing…”

People didn’t ask these questions for the sake of blind faith. I also tried hard to erase the idea that Seolhong would fail.

But since the question was asked, it had to be answered.


Seolhong said.

“Honestly, who does it because they want to? “There is a high probability of death.”


Everyone will know. That Seolhong risks death on behalf of those gathered here.

People could mourn here, but they could not die for them. The situation was different with Seolhong.

“Unfortunately, on the day I came, the Sodong Mine collapsed, and as it happened, I was the only person here who could move the old behemoth. In this situation, Yonghwa’s identity has no meaning. “Is it also a coincidence that I am Yonghwa?”

Although Seolhong didn’t intend to, he was speaking as if he was speaking to people from a high place. Unlike many demagogues, she differed in that she spoke the truth.

“Do you believe me?”

“I believe it! I must… I must protect my family…”

“I trust Yonghwa!”

“…don’t trust me.”

“… yes?”

“What is that…”

She silenced the people’s chatter with a few words.

“Don’t be reassured that everything is okay while entrusting the fate of your loved one to others.”


“Pray so that even those buried underground can hear.”




The entrance to the huge Sodung Mine.

There was an elevator because the terrain made it seem like you had to go down a steep cliff.

Seolhong’s giant soldier climbed onto the elevator platform.

The giant soldier turned around and the cockpit closed.

Seolhong was covering half of his face with a respirator mounted on a giant bottle.

Soon, Seolhong’s voice came through the soundboard of the giant soldier.

“I am not your god. Yonghwa is also just a human being. So….”


The giant soldier moved his arms and saluted.

“I will do my best. descent!”



The giant soldier with Seolhong and Chiu Kangseol on board descended into the black darkness.

Into the endless abyss.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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