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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 244

Episode 244:

Clap… Clap…

Every time the giant soldier ran, the ground shook.


A fairly large ghost appeared.

Its size is not that far behind that of a giant soldier.

“No… if you do this…”

“What’s the problem?”

“This is not a large army for military purposes. It will not be easily defeated, but like this…”

Seolhong said, looking back at Chiu.

“You will run out of fuel and oxygen before you reach the ground.”

Looking at Seolhong’s nervous face, Chiu sighed.

“Leave that to me.”


“If I leave you to die, he might not stick with me.”


Chi-woo jumps to the ground wearing a protective suit.


As Qiu’s small body, which seemed much weaker than a giant soldier, was exposed, ghosts appeared everywhere.

They were all hiding because they were intimidated by the size of the giant soldiers.

“These b*stards… look down on them!”

[Chiu uses Taishan’s Rage.]

[For a certain period of time, all attacks push the hit enemy hard. Also, if the pushed enemy hits another enemy, both receive double the damage. This applies repeatedly.]

Chiu lightened his body and flew up.


His foot coolly kicked a decent-sized ghost.



A larger-sized ghost collides with the flying ghost and flies back again.


Finally, it flew and crashed into the huge ghost that was blocking the giant soldier’s path.

A large hole was created in the ghost’s chest.

“Oh my…”

Seolhong knew that Chiu was strong, but he didn’t know that he was hiding this much power.

Or, more precisely, it may be that Chiu didn’t have a chance to show his power.

“Come here you b*stards! “I will make you all attain Buddhahood!”

Chiwoo’s fangs stuck out.

Whenever wild power was used like this, the characteristics of the wolf would stand out.




Chiu was literally a wolf that jumped into a flock of sheep.



[Chiu uses a vortex sphere.]

[The movement creates a gust of wind.]



Every time he moved, a subtle wind was formed. Huh…


Seolhong also knew because he was trained in martial arts.

How much inaction is he showing now?

‘It’s spinning.’

When I glanced at it, it seemed like the movement was excessively large, but upon closer inspection, I could see that the movement was creating wind.


The vortex gradually grew larger, and eventually a whirlpool the size of a giant soldier was formed.



The ghosts were caught in the whirlwind and crashed into the wall. The ghosts look as unsightly as if they were lumped together.

“Seolhong! Where are you!?”

The problem is that Chiu was so preoccupied with the battle that he lost Seolhong’s giant soldier.

“Put it away here.”

“It was clearly in the back, so why did it appear in the front?”

“Space transformation continues. Connect your body with Towang’s steel wire.”


The steel wire used for towing came out of Towang’s left shoulder.

Whoosh… whoosh…

Chiu tied the steel wire to his protective suit.

“This way you won’t get lost.”

“We have to hurry. If we delay…0”

“Okay, run!” From now on, even if something blocks your way, just run! “I’ll take care of it.”


thump thump thump!

The space continued to transform.

Even after a day, they were unable to escape.

“Huh… wow… snow red oxygen and fuel… how much is left?”



The giant soldier did not move for a moment.


“Ah, not yet… it’s okay.”

Chiwoo shouted.

“you idiot! “How much did you lower the purification level?”

He noticed that Seolhong was conserving oxygen by lowering the purification level in the cockpit.

I’m sure he fainted for a moment in the aftermath.


“You idiot… you didn’t even make your hazmat suit work properly, did you?”

“It’s okay. “It’s arriving soon.”

“Yes, it seems like ghosts don’t appear until it’s dark and far away. Now…”



The giant soldier approached the cliff.

“You did it, Chiwoo.”

“Are they all there?”

“There’s an elevator over there.”

“Hehehe… The look on Kang Seol’s face will be worth seeing if he finds out that this project was successful. is not it? If it weren’t for the help of this very Chiu…”


Towang gets on the elevator.

“Then I’ll go up.”

“okay. More than that, if I go back in now….”


The elevator went up.

The speed wasn’t that fast.

If it were possible to carry a huge piece of metal called a giant soldier and achieve the desired speed, it would be a strange sight in itself.



“I’m sorry for saying something harsh earlier.”

“no. I don’t really care about things like that. “Is it better than that?”


“Snowfall, maybe….”

“… stop.”

Chiu asked another question.

There was nothing else to do while I was in the elevator anyway.

“You know, then what’s good about it?”

“What question?”

“You guys sacrificed yourselves for the people you met a few days ago.”


“Why on earth are you so reckless?”

“The faith of the people of the empire is the root. “They always work for the empire and live with vague faith.”

“trust? “What do you believe?”

“If it were the Empire, they would definitely help in matters they could not solve.”


“If you betray that faith, the bowl will be filled with water. “Khan has a long history, so the bowl is probably full.”

“Do you think saving the miners means taking water out of a bowl?”

“At least it won’t fill up any more.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. At most, there are a few people….”


Seolhong looked down at Chiwoo from the cockpit of the giant soldier. There was a lot contained in that vague gaze.

“All it takes is one drop of water to make a full vessel overflow.”

Chiu trembled for some reason.

“You… you…”

A noise suddenly came from halfway up the cliff


It was a sound that came from the steel wire of the elevator.


“What the hell! I almost fell…”

“Chiu! Hold on tight! “Don’t fall!”

“… what?”




Qiu’s heart almost dropped.

The elevator tilted and fell into the abyss below.

Fortunately, Geobyeong and Chiu were safe.

The giant soldier was holding on to the cliff with both arms.

“… Hey Seolhong?”

“There was a problem with the steel wire of the elevator. I think it’s probably the work of a ghost…” “

… What should I do?”

“There is no other way. We have to hold on to the cliff and climb up like this.”


“Hold on tight.”






Towang’s movements were somehow slow.

After moving a few more times, the Towang suddenly vibrated.




The lower body of Towang was eliminated.

“What are you doing?”

“We just reduced the weight.”

“… why?”

Dropping a good leg simply to reduce weight. Something was strange.

“You lied to me, right?”

“Chiu, listen carefully.”


“You only get one chance. No matter what the fuel is, if oxygen is depleted even once, ghost energy will invade the inside of the bottle. If that happens…”

“The miners will die…”

“There is no way to go down and come back up. Even if you fall, you die. “There is only one way.”

Chi-woo makes eye contact with Seol-hong in the cockpit.

“We must climb up at all costs before time passes.”



Is it because the heavy leg has completely disappeared? Towang moves much more easily than before.

The edge of the cliff came into view.

“But we’re almost there, Seolhong!”


“… Seolhong?”

Seolhong in the cockpit told Chiu one more lie.

– If the current purification level is 50%, problems may occur in the body.


Ghost energy seeped in through the cracks in the cockpit.

This enormous demonic energy comes not from Gwiyotan, but from Eoduksini.

Obviously, the ghost energy of this place, which was far away from the darkness, should not have been much compared to the ghost energy in the center, but it emitted an energy that was ridiculously powerful.

No, Seolhong might not be able to bear even that.

‘It’s painful…’

My vision became blurry.

Even with this level of demonic power, it is this painful. How much strength can the snowfall that is holding on to in the dark be holding on to?

‘I want to give up… Snowfall… I want to give up.’

Seolhong checks the remaining amount of oxygen and operates the giant bottle again.

Pii –

If the current purification level is 40%, something may happen to your body.


– If the current purification level is 30%, problems may occur in the body.


My vision became blurred along with the tinnitus.

If the purification level was raised, the miners would be exposed to demonic energy due to lack of oxygen, so there was nothing they could do.



The cliff held by the giant soldier collapsed in an instant.

‘… uh?’


In the process of slipping, a huge load was inevitably placed on the opposite arm, the left arm.


The light in my left arm went out.

A problem arose.

I had no legs and even my left arm was damaged, so I could never climb the cliff like this. It was impossible to do with one arm.

‘This is it…’

It will fall like this.

I thought that it wouldn’t matter if I was going out of my mind.

When unbearable pain increases, people think of giving up. Because it would be much more convenient that way.



But why doesn’t it fall?

… ryo!

… red!

Why is the giant soldier still hanging on the cliff?

Before I died, I became very curious about the reason.

Seolhong looked at his left arm with red eyes due to the invasion of demonic energy.

“Ugggggguk… Seolhong!”

Chiu was seen desperately clinging to the cliff, entangled in the steel wire ejected from the left shoulder of the giant soldier.

“Chi… woo?”

“Come to your senses! “Are you going to die in a place like this?”

“Why… why….”

“From now on, I am the left arm! Nothing has changed… nothing. I’ll do my best! So… let’s go up.”


“Please… I can do it!”

Seolhong came to his senses.

“This is crazy. “A human cannot bear the weight of a giant soldier!”

“I am not human! It’s a monster with Lang blood mixed in! So you can do it!”

“… Even if I die, I don’t know.”

“Remember this when you die, you heartless b*stard!”


A golden, majestic energy spread out from Chiu’s body.

The wolf’s ears perked up and its eyes became far from human-like.

“in action!”



A giant soldier that pierces the fingers of his right arm.



“I almost threw up all my intestines. Haha… next time we go!”



Chiu went up, not paying attention to the weight of the giant soldier.



Turn off




“Ha… ha… So why are we doing this? “I’m so stupid I forgot everything.”

Qiu asked, bleeding.

Little by little, the giant soldier headed upward.

“I think I’ve got the hang of it! “It’s broken in a few places, but it looks okay… no, it’s not okay.”



“Are you crying?”


“Tell me what I asked you earlier.”

“Now that…”




“They’re all up.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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