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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 246

Episode 246

[There are three! Three, three!】


When Bitan shouted in anger at Kangseol’s words, Kangseol let out a syllable as if he had realized something.

“That’s right, three.”

An ability acquired through a brief fight.

Snowfall has gained numerous titles and abilities. Among them, there were some things that were quite valuable, such as increasing the probability of skill acquisition and enlightenment.

In fact, thanks to that, the summoned beasts became stronger day by day. I realized new abilities and increased my strength.

In some ways, it could have been a satisfying situation, but at some point, Kang Seol realized that this situation was strange.

‘Why am I not getting stronger?’

Kang Seol has not made any significant progress since meeting Toki. Frannan and Ur helped, but it was only related to the summoning spell and they were indifferent to the snowfall itself becoming stronger.

But I knew about snowfall.

I’ve been in the eternal world for over 17 years, so shouldn’t I be able to diagnose my own condition?

It would be Kang Seol who knows himself better than anyone else.

‘It’s dangerous like this.’

My abilities were rising day by day, but there was no way to utilize them. The only thing I learned from Toki was the fighting techniques.

Even that level was not that high.

When he faced an overwhelming opponent like now, his shortcomings were even more highlighted.

In the world of eternity that Kangseol knows, the job you choose does not determine your future.

Even if you chose to be a swordsman, you could learn as much magic as you wanted depending on your abilities, and even if you were a priest, you could go to the front and wield a weapon.

What this means is that the Snowfall Shadow Summoner can also change as much as he wants.

The snowfall could get stronger.

Then why couldn’t he become stronger?

Kangseol, facing the darkness, realized the reason. No, it happened once during the battle with Daeha.

The struggle against a strong enemy moves us forward.

That truth has now unfolded before my eyes once again.


darkness encroached on the space.

I was already in the realm of darkness and my eyes were also closed. I couldn’t see it with my eyes, but I felt it with my senses.

Shadow Hand’s new modified ability Sensory Area.

I knew that a raven’s abilities change depending on their class, but I never thought they would transform into completely different abilities.

Kang Seol learned how to use the sensory area in an instant.

‘It’s like I have another virtual arm.’

The feeling of virtual arms extending from the back and waving in the air. And information was transmitted from that virtual arm.


If you hear a sound and react, it will be too late.

Kang Seol knew this fact well because he had already been subjected to the same attack several times.


Blocked the first blade.


The sensory area detected the blade of Darkness.

“There you are!”

Immediately, Grief whirled around and blocked Darksini’s combo attack.

[Dark Shini uses a blind spot.]

[Dark Slash is activated at the enemy’s most vulnerable point.]



A dark blade that cuts across the waist.

– Did you think you could avoid it?

“It’s so… disgusting.”

Just as there are different types of ghost powers, there are also different types of magic they use.

The texture of the power of Eoduksini was concentrated in its sharpness. In human terms, he can be said to be a quiet and vicious swordsman.


My intestines almost spilled out, but I held on for a little while and the flesh healed quickly.

As it was dark, I felt that the snowfall had become even stronger than before. And the feeling changed from doubt to confidence.

“The recovery of power is getting faster…”

– I will regain my full power and instill fear in you all.

“You can’t even get out of here?”

– Bullshit.

Kang Seol briefly provoked his opponent, giving his body time to recover.

He decided it couldn’t go on like this.

‘It would be faster for him to regain his strength than to defeat Eodukshini…’

After thinking for a moment, he said to Karuna.

‘Karuna, I will take control from now on.’

– But… I understand.

If we leave it to Karuna alone, there will be no resolution.

Karuna is already a highly accomplished swordsman. What he would learn from this fight was limited.

‘If it were me…’

On the other hand, for a prosecutor, Kang Seol was like a clean white sheet of paper. If you learn anything, you will absorb it.

The sum of the strength of Karuna and Kangseol was the combat power of the night raven, so Kangseol’s decision was the only move left to him that could not be dismissed as a gamble.

Karuna was of transcendental grade, as was Karen, and even the great shaman Jamad was of transcendental grade.

Even though the seal was not broken, Ur was rated immortal.

‘Then… me?’

Where am I?

There was fighting spirit in Kang Seol’s eyes.


It got a little bigger in the dark.

– You feel afraid. Does this have something to do with your energy change?

Snowfall was inferior to Karuna, and he knew that well. So it was natural to be more fearful than before.

‘You have to get rid of the idea that you can’t defeat him. You shouldn’t feel afraid.’


A flying blade.



The first blow carried enormous force.




me their me their their their theirs… their audacious avatars their avatars.

I stumbled for a moment because my thigh muscle was torn, but I was soon able to regain my bearings.

– I am the darkness. Don’t try to avoid the inevitable.

Snow covered in blood said.

“…Thank you for the advice. “I tend to learn by getting hit.”

[Raven: The proficiency of the sensory area increases.]

With the attack just now, one more virtual arm has been added.

‘You don’t need to see it because you can’t see it, and you don’t need to avoid it because you can’t avoid it.’

My blood boiled.

I gave up my senses, such as hearing and sight, and became more sensitive to my other senses.

The information conveyed from things that cannot be seen or heard gave great pleasure in itself.

‘You must remember when Frannan subdued Ur. He defeated Ur, who was much stronger than him. ‘Why?’


The reason Frannan stopped Ur was not because he was stronger. This is because Ur attacked him in a way he could not have imagined.

– That’s fun.


Dark Shini changed the method of attack.

‘Is this… space transformation?’

The spatial transformation that affected the entire mine was used in the battle against snowfall.

[Dukshini uses a twist.]

[The surrounding terrain changes.]


A stone pillar suddenly rose from the ground and aimed at Snowfall’s chest.


Snowfall that can be easily avoided.


A blade flying from the changed terrain.

Fortunately, I was able to respond because it happened within the sensory area.


– It’s a pity.



My left ankle was cut in half.

Snowfall rolling on the ground from the impact.

There were no follow-up attacks.

“Haa… haa….”

– I realized what you realized a long time ago.

“But why can’t you kill me?”

– ….

“I found out a few things. You mean the blade can only be used a maximum of three times at a time, right? It didn’t make sense in the first place. Areas that block visibility and speeds that are difficult to deal with. is not it? If you use all your power, will it be delayed to get it back? Which one?”

– Even if I realize that now, nothing will change.

“No, it’s changing! Absolutely!”


[Raven: The proficiency of the sensory area increases.]

Now, the total number of arms in the sensory area has increased to three.

– You don’t know how to give up.

“Either try making me give up.”

– … good night.


[Darkshini uses twisting.]

[The surrounding terrain changes.]


Snowfall was momentarily startled by the loud noise she heard around her.


It was a ploy to add confusion by using spatial transformation.


[Dark Shiny uses Induce Fear.]

[The fear felt by the opponent is greatly amplified.]

[Resistance to mental manipulation is activated.]

[Resists Dark Shinni’s Induce Fear.]

Quaaaang- !


Rocks continued to fall.

I could sense the amplified sensation even without looking.

‘Focus only on what comes within your sensory area.’

Since I had three more senses in addition to my original senses, I only had to pay attention to transformations that threatened my body.

Snowfall that closes your eyes and concentrates.

[Dark Shini’s continuation: Ominousness activates.]

[The number of darkness cuts increases by the amount of fear the opponent feels.]





At the same time, two blades flew out.

Snowfall twisted its body and spun violently, floating in the air.

Kaga River!




‘Damn it…’

Aside from my heightened senses, there were rarely situations where I could respond to all blades.

Countless wounds growing on his body.


the blood of the beginning heals his wounds again.



More wounds appeared on top of the healed wounds. Snowfall also changed the way we responded.

We decided to only cut off blades that pose a serious threat and allow blades aimed at non-vital areas.

“Haa… haa….”

– How long can you play? You have never done me any harm.

Eomdukshini felt uncomfortable with Kangseol, who persistently opposed him. No, I didn’t know exactly what this feeling was.

“… Don’t you think we’re getting closer?”

– ….

Snowfall asked out of breath.

“Anyway, it only takes a moment to reach you. Until then, just be patient, even if it’s boring.”

– Do you think you can reach me?

“Oh, of course. More than that, you…”

Kang Seol closed her eyes and smiled, showing her teeth.

“It got a little smaller?”

Eodukshini defined what he was feeling. It wasn’t unpleasant.

It was ominous.

– … I’ll tear it to shreds so it can’t regenerate.

“You can try it. “What happens if you don’t kill him… you know?”



The shape of the blade wielded by Eoduksini has changed.

Until now, it had looked like a straight razor blade, but from now on, it looked similar to a chakram in the shape of a wheel.

This blade returns after one attack and attacks again.

– Torn to death.

[Dukshini uses Dark Slash.]

[If the opponent is not aware of it, the cutting power is doubled.]


‘The speed has decreased compared to before.’

The speed of the blade was dead.

What this means is that even if they fly at the same time, you can easily hit them.





When it got dark, I was embarrassed.

Just because the shape of the blade changed did not mean that the speed was drastically reduced. It’s just a very subtle difference.

Nevertheless, Kang Seol’s response was very clean.

Like a great sword dance that had been put together in advance, they twisted their bodies this way and that and beautifully struck the blades in the darkness.

When it got dark, I sensed a change in the snowfall.

A new sense is awakening that he is gradually becoming stronger.

And that it will ultimately threaten you.

That judgment made Eoksini impatient.



However, an unexpected situation occurred during the battle.

The falling rock struck the blade in the darkness. This was unexpected even in the dark. Because of this, the blade was twisted at a bizarre angle and aimed at Kang Seol’s neck.



Although he managed to block the blade, Snowfall’s posture collapsed due to the wind.

When it got dark, I thought an opportunity had come.

– die!

All blades were pointed at Kang Seol at the same time.




This attack was swung with quite a bit of force even though it was dark.

As a result, several blades became embedded in Kang Seol’s body.


The snow fell behind.


The realm of darkness has cleared.

Before his eyes, Kangseol was lying in ruins with a large stab wound on his body.

– ….

When it got dark, I looked closely at the traces of the sword dance in front of me.

The snowfall was gradually getting closer to him.

He really tried to reach.

But in the end, I couldn’t reach it and fell down. That is the result of the continued fight.

– You’re pushing my territory so far…


– Die.


The blade of the darkness flew into Snowfall’s neck.


– … what!

Snowfall, which had been hanging limply like a doll whose strings had been cut, raised its sorrow and blocked the blade.

“What did you say would happen if I couldn’t finish it in one go?”

Swirl riri ril…

Flesh healing again.

As it got dark, I saw Kang Seol’s body changing.

[Through repeated regeneration, all the blood in the body has been replaced with the original blood.]

[The original blood boils.]

“The body… is hot…”

[The original blood changes.]

“Uuuuu Ahhh!”

Snowfall, whose face was full of red veins and white eyes, screamed in pain.

Dark Shini aimed for an opening and lashed out with his blade.



– This is….

Kangseol held the blade with his bare hands.

The blade could not pass through the hand.

The reason could be seen just by looking at the changes that occurred in the snowfall’s appearance.

[Continuous: Sticky darkness (composite) merges with the blood of origin.]

[Enlightenment! Awakening a new ability.]

[Night Raven: Awakening the Bone of Beginning.]

[Night Raven: The Bone of Beginning is born!]


Armor that seemed to be made of bone surrounded Snowfall’s body.

[The Origin Bone is connected to the Hope Predator.]

[The Origin Bone replicates the Hope Predator’s special effects.] [

The Origin Bone greatly enhances the cloned Hope Predator’s special effects.]

“Give up holding on now . “I will do it.”

Kang Seol twisted his mouth and said.

“From now on, I will truly destroy you.”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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