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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 248

Chapter 248

Some time has passed since the giant soldiers entered the mine.

The miners had already been brought back, but people gathered around the Sodong mine and waited for news.

“The elevator is moving!”

“Didn’t something go wrong again?”

“no! “Something is coming up from underneath.”

Even the miners who were saved, including Seongchi, the owner of the mine. Everyone held their breath and waited for the elevator to come up to the ground.

How many nights and how many days must have passed to reach a moment like this?

Yonghwa Disaster Prevention and recorders related to this incident were also looking at the mine entrance.

Seolhong should not have died here.

He was too precious a person to die in a place like this. And her Dragon Stone, who is also in a bond with her.

However, disaster prevention and record officials knew the severity of the situation. With the seal of the Great Demon Darkshini released, the situation has already gone far beyond what can be done by individual efforts.

“Has the great shaman arrived yet?”

“It hasn’t been long since you left Hongyeon, so there’s still a long way to go before you arrive at Tomaku…”

“Tsk! If Seolhong’s words are true, then Darkness has come into the world. But how can you be so carefree?”

While Bang Jae and his subordinate were talking, the entrance to the mine became noisy.

“come! “You came!”



Giant soldiers advancing in front of people in the dark. Because the number of giant soldiers was considerable, the sight was quite spectacular.

Everyone looked for the giant soldier that Seolhong was riding.

If this miracle had ended with her death, the residents of Tomaku might have lived a life of abandonment of faith in the future.

“It’s over there!”

“Seolhong came back alive!”

“Is there one more person in the cockpit?”

“This is Seolhong’s Yongseok! “You’re alive?”


The cockpit opened and snow and snow fell. Seolhong’s face was dark because he had been in and out of the mine without being able to wash. It was the same with snowfall.

The difference between the two faces is that Seolhong’s face has clear tear marks that have erased the soot from shedding tears continuously.

The painters delivering the news raised their fireballs.

They use magic to depict phenomena.

They now waited with their brushes in hand to capture the decisive scene.

Soon the moment they had been waiting for came.

With a fluttering sound, Seongchi, the owner of the mine, bowed his head and bowed to the floor.

“I think it is a grace bestowed by the gods of heaven and earth who took pity on the lives of moles. Thank you very much.”


“You really worked hard. “I will never forget the grace I received from Yonghwa as long as I live.”

“Waaah! Seolhong!”

“Seolhong! “Please look here!”

Seolhong has lived without being loved.

When she left the Dragon Palace, there was no one to see her off.

A past life where it was thought that it was natural to be away from everyone’s attention.

“Here you go! here!”

“You’re back!”

“thank god! thank god! “Black…”

It was a past that I couldn’t even imagine now, surrounded by so many people.


“Disaster prevention brother.”

“What happened? I know your Yongseok is safe. “Wasn’t there one important problem?”

Bangjae asked, hoping to learn the truth from Seolhong’s mouth.

“It’s dark. What happened to it being dark? “That guy…”

“He collapsed.”

“… what?”

“It was dark and I collapsed.”

Are you saying he died of natural causes when it was dark?

Bangjae looked at Seolhong for a moment and then his gaze shifted to Kangseol.

“Could it be… it’s not what I think?”


Seolhong told Bangjae the truth. If you hide it, you will receive unnecessary suspicion.

“It is presumed that all of Sodong’s abnormal demonic powers are caused by darkness. “Once the darkness disappeared, the demonic energy subsided to the point where I no longer had to wear protective clothing.”

“Seolhong… Is this really true? It’s dark so you’re dead? “The giant soldier’s weapon is against him…”

The commander approached and shook his head.

“When we arrived, the situation was already over.”

This means that Kang Seol alone defeated Eoduksini. These words are nothing short of a bombshell.

Bangjae turned around with an expressionless face.

“The recorders will check for details. The truth will be revealed then. “You worked hard, Seolhong.”

“Thank you, brother.”



A few days later, rumors that Udukshini’s life had come to an end spread from Tomaku to other nearby areas and eventually throughout Khan.

But people trembled rather than rejoiced at that fact. Because the resurrection of Darkness, which should never have occurred, occurred.

That was the same as saying that the legendary evil dragon Hwagmu could also be resurrected.

Khan’s great shaman arrived at Sodong Mine, checked the traces of the battle, and said this.

– The resurrection of Darksini is a fact.

And it ended like this.

– Also, the death of Eoduksini is also true.

The great sorcerer’s words, along with the picture of Seolhong covered in soot and Seongchi bowing to her, along with several giant soldiers standing behind her, conveyed to the people of Khan that something like a miracle had happened in Tomaku.

* * *

“Did you call me?”

“… Welcome. “Dalyoung.”

Dragon Emperor Hongcheon summoned a man in the dark of the night. The attire of the person called by the Dragon Emperor was unique.

The rest of his attire was nothing different from that of the Dragon Emperor’s subjects, but the eyepatch tied over his eyes was a clear difference.

The man, Dalyoung, was a member of the Youngan tribe.

The Youngan tribe is a special entity with deep roots in Cannes and has produced talented individuals who will leave a mark in history.

The Youngan tribe loses their eyesight when they undergo a coming-of-age ceremony.

You really lose your eyesight, not in a double sense.

And in return, you gain special abilities that are different from others. The Youngan tribe’s deep involvement in Khan’s history was also achieved based on these abilities.

“Were you looking at the sky?”

“I see. “I’m not as good as you, but I can imitate reading.”

Dalyoung could read astronomy.

Instead of giving up my eyesight, I was able to sense the energy of the sky.

Based on this ability, he was given the position of planetarium in Cannes.

“I don’t know. “That’s why I found you.”

“I’ll check.”

Dalyoung stands side by side with Yongje for a moment and looks up at the sky.

Even though I couldn’t see it, I could see it.

“So how did the sky come to be?”

“Not good.”

“That’s clear.”

“The energy of the great star has waned. It wasn’t to this extent just a few days ago…”

“You know that. “That star is my star.”


“Yes… I did.”

“There have always been instances where the Dragon Emperor’s energy fades for a while. Maybe my health has been bad lately…”

“It’s not a health issue. It is natural that soil that has been deprived of nutrients for a long time becomes a wasteland. “I never thought I would say that there are things in this world that cannot be resisted, but it is true.”

Yongje looked at Dalyoung.

“I am falling apart.”

“…you overcame everything, didn’t you?”

“What I have overcome is just a wave, not a flow. Have you ever heard of the term ‘power of your time’?”

“I remember a clan elder once said this.”

“The power of the times I call it the calendar of the times. I believe that those who led great changes on the continent had this power. How do times change? “You can go beyond a tiger to become the king of a mountain and rise to the peak of a beast, but you can never change the era.”

The Yongje’s regretful words continued.

“The new era of this land has been changed by rational beasts. The beast called human. Of course, this does not mean that all humans can change the times. A new wave must have a source. “Where the waves begin.”

At this moment, Dalyoung was able to resolve her doubts about Yongje’s recent actions.

“No way, this Brave….”

“Yes, it’s about preparing for the next era. The goal is to find a child who can create waves to prevent Khan from being swept away by the waves. “Cracks have already begun in Pandea, and Darkshini’s resurrection may be one of those small cracks.”

“But the Dragon Emperor is so healthy, how can the Dragon Flowers…”

“They are old. He has lived for 300 years, so how can he be fine? “I’m broken.”

The Dragon Emperor said bitterly.

“I often feel like my mind has become blurry lately. This is a completely different phenomenon from aging. Maybe…”

“Dragon’s blood!”

“okay. Hwagmu’s blood may have extended my lifespan, but it seems he doesn’t intend to guarantee me a comfortable end. Hehehe… Hey, take a break.”

Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss fort

for Banghyu appeared from a dark place.

“yes. “I await your orders.”

“Invite the flowers that are engaged in a war of dragons to the Dragon Palace. “I will treat you as a guest who makes Khan great, not as my child.”

“We will prepare grandly. However, there are also concerns that a conflict may arise between them.”

“There is no need to intervene. “A person who cannot solve even such trivial problems will achieve nothing.”

“All right.”

* * *


Bubbles rose from the warm water.

“Are you really better?”

“The bodies of the Lang people are different from humans! Of course you recover quickly. How are you? ha ha ha!”

Chiu looked at Kangseol for a moment as they soaked in the hot springs together.

“Ha… ha… damn….”

Even though Kang Seol was not from the Lang tribe, she had a clean body as if she had never been in any trouble.

Anyone who saw him would never even think that he was the one who fought the Dark Lord.

“Thank you, Chiwoo.”

“… joy.”

“What about disaster prevention?”

“I guess disaster prevention doesn’t like hot water. That’s why it’s so cold, right? “A man should enjoy hot springs like this.”

Kangseol and Chiwoo relax in the open-air bath.

The struggle was temporarily halted due to a major event called the resurrection of Eoduksini. The archivists told us to rest until further contact.

“Ugh… it’s nice.”


Kang-seol was dumbfounded by Chi-woo’s uncle-like exclamation.

‘Has it been a while for me too?’

As I soaked more than half of my body in this warm water, I felt dazed for a moment.


For a moment, bubbles rose around the snowfall.

【Aww wow….】

Oh wow…

that’s where the heartbreak came out.

“… what are you doing?”

【3 minutes! I lasted 3 minutes!】

“… Isn’t that amazing?”

Snowfall was just a polite thing to say, but there was one more person here.

“What is this, you b*stard! “That little thing had the audacity to dive for three minutes?”

【Is grief the biggest of all griefs?】

“Are there multiple griefs?”

【no! Grief is one thing. So, the average is whatever you want.】

Strange logic.

But the opponent was Chiu.

“Well, that’s right. It wasn’t a small thing, was it? But the king of diving is me! 3 minutes? “I can do it for 5 minutes!”

【Try it! I’ll break the record too!】


Meanwhile, Kang-seol sighed as he watched Chi-woo suddenly engage in a diving competition with Bitan.

Snowfall had not yet checked the items obtained from this adventure. I was called here and there for a problem related to the darkness, and I was away from a dangerous situation for a while.

‘But I still have to check before the next trial.’

If it had been in the early stages of the War of the Dragons, I would have set it aside and checked the reward first. At that time, I had nothing other than summoning skills, so I had to get something new as quickly as possible.

‘It’s different now.’


Kang Seol took her hand out of the bath and looked at it for a moment.

At times, I couldn’t believe that I had defeated Eokshini alone.

I wondered if I had ever felt that much pain in my life. I’ve already died once, but the pain was worse during the battle with Darknessini.

‘I gained a lot from this battle.’

There were rewards that had not yet been confirmed, but whatever the rewards were, they would not be comparable to those that Snowfall had obtained directly.

‘I opened two seasons at once…’

I opened the darkness along with Asura.

Asura was another word for extra sense.

My skin felt like it was stretched like a giant parasol.

The senses spread out and information about things that entered the area was instantly read.

Could someone penetrate into this area and carry out a sneak attack?

Kang Seol shook his head.

There was a reason why it was judged seasonal even though it was a continuous ability.

And the attack aircraft, Shadowslaughter.

If the night sea strikes a wide area at once, the darkness slithers through the gap and delivers a powerful slash. It was proven at the end of Darksini that the extent of power that the Shadow Slash actually possessed.

After gaining these two abilities, Kang Seol was completely transformed. Instead of being a summoner who is not good at summoning, I have become a summoner who is good at summoning.

– It’s amazing that Seommotjin has grown this much…

– I stood up on this earth with my bare fists!

– It really feels like I’m watching some kind of founding myth lol

– I miss Karen Ur Jamard…

– Huh? Who is that?

Snowfall came out, leaving the two still underwater alone.

I went outside to get some fresh night air, but the chilly wind seeped into my collar.

I also felt a little stuffy.

It’s peaceful, but it feels somewhat uncomfortable.

Kang Seol thought for a moment about how to explain this feeling, then nodded.

‘It’s just that it hasn’t fully returned yet.’

The vacuum of summoned animals still existed.

Because Karuna can’t do everything alone.

“I’m so disappointed… Did I have expectations for nothing?”

At that moment, someone’s voice reached Kang Seol’s head.

– hey.

“… uh?”

It wasn’t Karuna’s voice.

– hey.

“… Ur?”

– Can you hear me?

It was clearly Ur’s voice.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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