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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 252

Episode 252:

An amount that is three times the amount bet on Kang Seol was delivered. Jinryeo was heartbroken by this bleeding, but there was nothing he could do.

“Are you going to do it?”

“Of course.”

“It’s no fun like this, so I’ll increase the number of glasses.”

“However much.”

Kang Seol put up another amount equal to the amount he had just won.

“ha ha ha! “It’s on fire!”

“Everyone come here! “It’s a big deal!”

“Where where? It’s true, right? Mr. A….”

“Jinryeo lost.”

“Jinryeo lost?”

A large number of Yonghwa’s subordinates, including Yongseok, came.

Kang Seol felt uncomfortable being in the spotlight, but Jin Ryeo enjoyed it.

She smiled sinisterly and hid the dice in the glass.

‘I’ll peel the holedang and eat it for you!’

In fact, Jinryeo was not a talented person born at Cannes.

She was a child of the Kikidu tribe, one of the few tribes in the North. She came to Cannes in her mid-teens.

Northern tribes, including the Kikidu, worshiped beings who were neither demons nor spirits. They were high-ranking spirits called ‘Jin’.

The power possessed by each Jinn was so great that there is even a theory that the roots of the spirits branched out from the Jinn.

However, the problem was that several procedures and sacrifices were needed to implement it in the human world.

In any case, in the north, making a contract with the Jin and borrowing their power was considered a local belief.

Of course, Jinryeo, who was from there, also had a contract with Jin. The reason why many of the warriors who dealt with her were easier to defeat than expected was because her techniques were different from those of the East.

Jinryeo’s Jinn is Kunna.

The ability that Kunna granted to Jinryeo is that if you offer Kunna something of value according to Jinryeo’s standards, Kunna will grant your wish.

The quality of the wish that can be made varies depending on the value assigned.

Jinryeo had never made a big wish for Kunna. Until now, most problems could be solved just by making a small wish.

For example, moving the position of a dice stuck in a teacup to another teacup.

It was a very simple wish that could be fulfilled with just one silver coin, so it was a profitable business compared to the stake.


Jinryeo drew a triangle with both hands.

A ritual to assimilate with Jinn.

Kang Seol watched this and narrowed his eyes.

He also noticed that Jinryeo was no ordinary warrior.

‘It uses a unique ability.’

Horsepower and spirit.

It was neither.

‘Is it karma or chakra?’

His judgment was correct from the beginning. If Jinryeo’s cultivation level had been higher than or at least comparable to that of Jiang Seol, no trace of his ability would have remained, but unfortunately, a slight reverberation remained.

Based on this, Kang Seol was able to guess her abilities.

‘There are so many types of supernatural abilities that it is difficult to deal with them…’

In general, dealing with karma, which uses karma, or chakra, which uses mental training as a weapon, was very difficult to deal with. There were so many different types and abilities that I had never heard of before.


‘Yes, there is a way to know everything.’

Because the opponent was Snowfall, the concept of generality did not apply.

The fact that Snow Seol guessed the teacup containing the dice just now was hardly a coincidence, but it was difficult to call it an ability.

Season Ashura.

An ability that can only be used in the raven state. But for some reason, that power spread out like a thread and strengthened my senses.

Even though it wasn’t an expansion of the area, it was clearly because of that that I noticed that the position of the dice in the glass had moved.

‘Have your senses awakened? Well… whatever it is, it won’t be enough this time.’

The other person also intended to respond sincerely this time.

In that case, this side also had to show some sincerity.


I changed my posture.

The ring finger was hidden in the clasped hands.


His ring finger was stained black.

‘Still, it’s worth it to keep trying something that doesn’t work.’

The early days of the landing in the East when no one, let alone Karuna, could be summoned.

Snowfall tried hard to get even the night crow back.

And while enduring the pain, he succeeded in fusing his body with the shadow step by step.

In the end, without a summoner, wrist strength was the limit, but after Karuna returned, this technique was further improved.

‘Because even if it is just a little bit fused, the ability can be used.’

When even a small part of the body is immersed in shadow, abilities that can only be used in the raven state are unlocked.

That means the same goes for Asura.


four hands that people couldn’t see appeared.

Now not a bug crawling on the ground or a drop of sweat running down the back of his neck could fool him.

“Let me begin.”

Shhh shush shush!

Jinryeo’s hand moved like lightning. It seemed to be twice as fast as before.

“Oh my god… does that make any sense?”

“They say everyone under Taeyul is a monster….”

“Jinryeo! After all, it’s the truth!”

Jang Du, who had lost money, was also looking at Jin Ryeo’s hand with serious eyes.

“It’s dexterous at best, but… I have to admit it haha!”

Jinryeo moved the glass erratically, sweat dripping down her forehead. She truly intended to trample on her opponent.

When Kang Seol even thought that the glass might be sharply ground, he gave up trying to follow her movements with his eyes.

It wasn’t because I couldn’t keep up.

‘The dice were in a place other than the cup I saw earlier.’

It’s probably because of the opponent’s abilities.

Shen Jian doesn’t mean much in this situation, and the insight is also slow to react.


I had to rely on Asura.


The moment the glass stops drinking.

[Temperament: Shadow Stealing activates.]

[Season: Continuous: Sixth Sense Asura affects Shadow Stealing.] The

black hands of the snowfall moved like beams of light. Snowfall flinched from the recoil.

And after checking his grip for a moment, he grinned.

Whether Kang Seol said it or not, Jin Ryeo was focused on winning.


Jinryeo breathed out harshly, as if she had been holding her breath for a while. Her chest heaved.

“Haa… where are the dice…?”

A choice occurred to Kang Seol.

[Which teacup are the dice in?]

1. The first teacup from the left.

2. Second teacup from the left.

3. Teacup in the middle.

4. Fourth teacup from the left.

5. Fifth teacup from the left.

Snowfall stared intently at the teacup.

Jinryeo looked at Kangseol with silver coins ready.

It’s already a situation where Jin’s power can be activated at any time.

However, it was a bit burdensome to consume chakra in succession, so you should just act according to the other person’s answer.

“Hoho… is it too difficult? If it’s difficult to guess…”


“… yes?”

“That’s it.”

The snow fell.

“Is that it?”

Kang Seol slightly leaned over and whispered to Jin Ryeo.

“Your abilities. Are you using what you have in your hand?”


Jinryeo tried not to be embarrassed, but she couldn’t help but shake the corners of her mouth.

“What are you talking about! “Ability?”

“Are you not going to use your powers?”

No, I was going to use it.

Jinryeo quickly scanned the reactions of other spectators.

A strangely suspicious look. Why did so many people gather?

She clicked her tongue and had no choice but to answer.


“under oath?”

“Yes, to whom shall I swear? “Can it be Taeyul?”

“I guess that would be appropriate.”

“So what’s the answer?”

Kang Seol hardened his face and said.

“There are no dice in the glass here.”


People looked at each other with wide eyes.


“Is that true?”

“really? “I saw the dice go into that glass with my own eyes, right?”

Jangdu said with a grim expression.

“I’m going to turn the glass over.”

“Wait a minute…”

Jinryeo dissuaded Jangdu’s actions.

And then he shook his head.

“There is no need for that. “There is no cup with dice in it.”

People protested all at once.

“under! “Really?”

“You b*stard! “Did you commit fraud?”

“for a moment! Speak clearly! Because when I play with you, it never happens that there are no dice in the glass! And this person got it right!”

“You’re saying that now….”

“You’re talking bullshit…”

Kang Seol slightly raised his hand.

The gesture that strangely brought silence.

“I will take the money.”

“wait a minute.”

Jinryeo looked into Kangseol’s eyes and said this.

“… keep going. That’s right, the dice are in my hand. Then, which hand should the dice be in…”


Kang Seol interrupted her and replied:

“Why should I participate in that competition?”

“That’s… I see.”

“Is it difficult to give in?”

Is it difficult to give in?

‘Oh, that’s it.’

After hearing Kang Seol’s words, she realized.

That he can’t accept that he lost to Kang Seol. It was lame.

‘So what’s wrong with that?’

If this was the case, it was a judgment call.

“If I lose, I’ll give you twice the money I’ll give you back!”


“Instead, if I win… please just give me a slap on the forehead.”

“… forehead?”

“yes! I just want to hit just one person, please. I’ll hit you with a snap of my fingers. how is it?”

Kangseol stroked his chin and smiled.

“I’ll take that too.”

“… yes?”

“The money that was originally supposed to be handed over is enough. How is it?”

Jinryeo nodded.


Just then, the voice of Jin Kunda, who had signed a contract with Jin Ryeo, rang in her head.

– Stop, Jinryeo.


Ignoring Kunda’s warning, she pushed ahead with the match.

“ruler! “Which hand will the dice be in?”

Jinryeo had no hesitation about losing money.

‘I’ll hit you hard just once!’

This was purely a battle of probability.

Since I had no intention of using the ability, the odds were only halved.

That’s what I thought.


Kangseol said.

“doesn’t exist.”

Jinryeo couldn’t control her laughter.

‘I fell for my own trick!’

It seemed like Kang Seol’s judgment of the situation was clouded by his vigilance.

Otherwise, there was no way I would have given such a ridiculous answer.

“No softness!”


Jinryeo burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Wrong! Now, in this hand…”

Empty hand.

does not exist.


“So you were mistaken. “In this hand…”

It’s not in the other hand either.


People were confused as if they had seen a ghost.

“What is it?”

“Then where did the dice go?”

“Didn’t Jinryeo hide it somewhere else?”

Jinryeo was greatly shocked.

‘Why… why isn’t it there? The dice…’

It definitely felt like I was holding it in my hand…

but now that I thought about it, I wasn’t sure about that feeling anymore.

Since he was also holding the silver coin, did he mistakenly think he was also holding the dice?

I thought that might be the case because the dice were made of very light material.

Did it fall on the floor?

Jinryeo looked around the floor.

That sight was pitiful.


Jinryeo quickly raised her head and asked.

“But how did you guess that there were no dice?”

“That’s right…”

Kang Seol spread his palms.

“Because I have it.”


A dice was placed in the palm of Kang Seol’s palm. The back of Jinryeo’s neck felt cold.

‘When… when?’

Coincidentally, Shadow Steal was activated through the slight gap where Jinryeo took out the coin after mixing the glasses.

The shadow hand, which has now evolved into Asura, stole Jinryeo’s dice at that time.

Snowfall did not intend this to happen.

I was just planning on guessing the position of the dice, but as it happened, my temperament kicked in at just the right time.

Kang Seol suddenly felt a foreign object in his hand and looked up to see the dice lying in his hand. It was still funny.

Of course, the answer that there were no dice in Jinryeo’s hand was given after thoroughly verifying with Asura that the dice in Kangseol’s hand were the ones used in this game.

“Hahahaha! Hey Jinryeo.”

Jangdu’s vicious hand was placed on Jinryeo’s shoulder.

The other Yongseoks who had been deceived by her also glared fiercely at Jinryeo.

But since Jangdu came out first, everyone just stared at him quietly.

“You got a kick out of that friend. Perhaps you used various tricks when playing with us? yes?”


“That’s it! By the time Jangdu eats dinner, he’s forgotten everything he ate for lunch! The same goes for other people. “Right?”

Everyone flinched and nodded at Jangdu’s grim expression. It seemed like Jangdu had an idea.

“…are you forgiving me?”

“Well then!” “As long as you keep your promise.”

“If it’s a promise….”

“Did you forget? “Give me your forehead.”

“Are you going to hit me?”

“no? “That friend is going to hit you.”

Kang Seol approached with a grin.

It was an attractive laugh, but in Jinryeo’s current situation, it was comparable to a murderous murder.

“I am ready.”

“I, I still…”

Jinryeo came up with a trick.

‘Wait, this isn’t a game, is it?’

She said, twisting her mouth.

“I’m ready.”

I held the gold coin in my hand.

This made me feel more at ease than in any other situation.

‘Kunda is ready?’

– I will grant your wish as long as the offering is sufficient.

‘At best I can just avoid my fingers and make a fuss…’

But just in case, I held a platinum coin in my hand.

‘I’ll give you a dose of medicine from a distance that makes you feel like you haven’t been hit!’

If you hit something and something is not right, the person who hit you will end up getting angry.


A platinum coin engraved with the symbol of the Khan Empire bounced upward.


The platinum coin disappeared along with the light in the air.

“I’m ready!”


Jinryeo believed in Kunda.


The snowfall’s movement seemed slow.

A feeling as if time passes slowly.

Kunda’s ability was activated.

‘it’s okay! ‘You can avoid it!’

The middle finger of the snowfall spread out horizontally and flew out.

I had to use my back strength.

I bounced my back…


But then something strange happened.

‘… why?’

It was neither fast nor powerful. For some reason, the thought that it was inevitable filled my head.

– Oh, I can’t grant your wish for this amount of money.

‘hey! ‘I should have told you in advance!’


Only the fingers filled Jinryeo’s field of vision. A strange feeling came over her, as if her world was being swept away by the snowfall.

My body was shaking like an aspen tree, and a tingling sensation came over my whole body.

‘Damn… fingers…’

Kangseol’s fingers digging in at perfect intervals, as if they were joined together.

His middle finger touched Jinryeo’s forehead like an unstoppable flow.


Not a very strong blow.

Both strength and speed were at an ordinary level.

Still, a red mark will remain for a while.

Jangdu laughed.

“You saw it.”

But for some reason, Jinryeo’s reaction to being hit by the finger was strange.

“Mr. Ai… Finger….”

Sreuk… When

Jinryeo’s new brother tilted to a corner, Jangdu quickly stepped forward and helped her up.


While Jinryeo was muttering and unable to come to her senses, Yonghwa and Yonghwa were coming down the stairs after the event.

As Kang Seol looked up at them, she made eye contact with a man who was watching the situation with fierce eyes.

It was a deficit rate.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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