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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 253

Episode 253

“Mr. Tae Taeyul…”

“It is Mr. Taeyul…”

The other Yongseoks who had been watching the situation across the river as if watching the situation began to retreat awkwardly with the appearance of Taeyul.

They had forgotten for a moment that Jinryeo was the legitimate son of Taeyul, the number one successor.

“Finger… Finger…”

Jinryeo stumbles and leans on Jangdu.

Taeyul was watching that scene.



Taeyul walked gliding.

Behind him came a line of subordinates, including Yonghwa, who wanted to fart at him, as well as Jinryeo, who he usually treated.

This was Taeyul’s current status.

“What on earth are they doing in the palace where the Dragon Emperor lives?”

The answer was difficult.

To make matters worse, there was even a mark of Kang Seol’s finger on Jin Ryeo’s forehead, so even if Taeyul got angry, he had nothing to say.

As Kang Seol and Jang Du were contemplating how to respond for a moment, Jin Ryeo suddenly stood up.

“Ugh… Taeyul.”

“What is that on Jinryeo’s forehead?”

“These are the scars of a loser caused by playing.”

“… what?”

“The thing that caused a commotion at the palace….”

“No, that’s not it.”

Taeyul looked at the people in turn and said.

“You lost the game?”

Jinryeo bit her lip and answered.

“Yes… shamefully.”

“Who were you defeated by?”

“That is…”

Jinryeo was unable to look at Kangseol openly and glanced at him, turning her pupils towards him. I was afraid of making eye contact, so I slowly walked away from Snow Seol.

Taeyul stroked his chin, thought for a moment, then smiled slightly and spoke to Jinryeo.


“Yes, yes….”

“You probably haven’t forgotten the promise you made to me before, right?”

“If it’s a promise…”

“It means that if you lose badly at a game, you won’t play again while you’re with me until you get my permission.”


“You don’t dare think of breaking your promise to Taeyul, do you?”

Jinryeo rolled his eyes and eventually sighed heavily and said this.

“Would it be possible? “I will keep my promise.”

So, did it end well?

The dragon stones swallowed their saliva.

Taeyul looked up at Jinryeo’s forehead once and then turned back.

“It’s ugly.”

“I’m sorry….”

“Let’s go.”

Taeyul’s crowd rushing out.

Taeyul was silent for quite some time as he left the palace. Until his carriage arrived.

Taeyul’s carriage was not just one.

There were so many carriages waiting that they could carry all the followers.

Among them, the carriage he was riding was indeed one that a would-be king would ride. The sheen of the horse’s body and its not-excessive muscles made it clear that the horses pulling his carriage were famous horses, and the exterior of the carriage did not seem to be made of ordinary materials.


Except for Taeyul’s Yongseok, the other subordinates got on the carriage with Taeyul.

Just the fact that Yongseok was riding in a different carriage made Taeyul realize how much he trusted his other subordinates.



“Yes, you did exactly as I instructed.”

Jinryeo bowed her head and thought for a moment.

‘instruction…? ah!’

I forgot for a moment.

The instructions that Taeyul gave to his subordinates.

“As expected, I blended in well because I was sly.”

“Hoho… Getting to know a man is much more effective through a little fun than spending a night with him.”

“I always thought that kind of thing about you was useful.”

Jinryeo’s heart pounded.

I had really forgotten. I was instructed to approach him to confirm the truth of the rumor that a man had single-handedly defeated the resurrected Darkusini.

The subordinates of the same status as Jinryeo were also looking at Jinryeo with admiration.

‘no! I was just playing….’

Taeyul had many subordinates and he didn’t want to get ahead any further, so he just sat there and played around, thinking that someone would take care of the orders given.

I never approached Kang Seol with feelings born of loyalty.

It was unfair.

Even if Jangdu hadn’t dragged the man.

‘Wait, is this a celebration?’

A chance to repay Taeyul’s trust.

And the reward will be used to condone further negligence.

Working to have fun without any other plan.

That is the real reason why Jinryeo follows Taeyul!

“What was your judgment?”


Jinryeo expressed exactly what he felt from Kangseol.

“He was special… no, he was special.”


“I didn’t want to get close to him because he looked dull, but the more I talked to him, the more I felt something.”

“Are you eloquent?”

“It wasn’t like that… It’s just…”

What was that b*stard like?


“The weight of words was not light.”

“Aren’t words light?”

“Because I proved every word with action.”

“In other words, it is no different from saying that you act heavily. “Is it possible to know that just by playing?”

“Playing makes even those who have reached the end of life smile. “You can quickly capture the character of a young man.”

“It’s reassuring just to know that it’s not frivolous. When you achieve that level of accomplishment at a young age, you tend to get drunk on power… guess what? What are his powers? “Is it really true that the rumor that he defeated Eoksini alone is true?”

Jinryeo shook her head.

Taeyul snorted.

“It’s a rumor?”

“That’s not it, I couldn’t figure it out that far. Because I haven’t actually tried it. However… I got the feeling that that possibility might not be entirely false. “His inaction is worse than Jiang Du.”


“I will ask Jinryeo Taeyul.”

Jinryeo looked at Taeyul and said.

“Are you trying to get rid of him?”

“… It’s not your business to interfere.”

“If you have such feelings, I have no intention of dissuading you. But… from what I feel, he is needed.”

“I need nothing more.”

“It’s not what Taeyul needs.”

She spoke with sincerity this time.

“Khan needs it.”

“… I will refer to it.”

A man was sitting in a suffocating dark room. And next to him stood a pot-bellied man who looked like a catfish.

Just by looking at it, the man sitting seemed to have much more power.

“So this is the place you prepared with great care? “Is it normal?”

The greedy man smiled and answered:

“It’s good to be normal. The doors and walls here are all made of hoeri steel. “We covered the Hoeri River with other materials.”

“Hoeri River? “This is all Hoeri River?”

Hoeri River.

This steel was nothing short of a nightmare for warriors. A steel that has the characteristic of absorbing everything that carries energy or weighs down with magical power. Even in a place where all sides were blocked by the Hoeri River, even Taoist powers were scattered and Taoist arts could not be used.

Moreover, the energy felt there was so ordinary that it was an extremely rare material that could not be known until it hit it.

It was a material that only appeared in legends, but unfortunately, once the power was absorbed, its shape was deformed, so it was not suitable for weapons that would be used for a long time, so it was mainly used for memorization.

However, the catfish-like man was saying that he had made up the entire room with this.

“If this is all Hoeri River….”

“Yes, even that famously vicious Jiangdu will be difficult to break through from the outside in a short period of time.”

“Can we just handle things there?”

“you’re right.”

“But even if we can get Shinyo and the other Yonghwa to swear, how can we enforce it? If you let me go, won’t you hit my head right away? What if the archivists even intervene?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. The archivists never intervene in anything that happens. That’s discipline. Moreover, our plan is not forbidden even by the Dragon Emperor.”

“Hmm… Jangdu is scary.”

“So we also prepared this as a safety measure.”


The catfish-like man took out a scroll.

“It’s a blood oath.”

“… Wasn’t this a blood spell item? “The blood spell disappeared a long time ago, right?”

“It’s something that’s floating around in the behind-the-scenes world. “The quantity is not that large, but we put a lot of effort into preparing it.”

Blood oath.

It was a hex book left behind by the vicious group, Blood Spells. A terrible thing that says that if you write your name here by hand, you will become blindly loyal to the owner of the blood oath.

Even if the owner dies, there are many people who are upset because it is extremely difficult to do.

“But you have to eventually subdue them to get them to sign here, right? Even if I were to lock them in here, I wouldn’t be able to defeat one of them. ah! “Maybe Seolhong can win?”

“Phew… So, there are those who have prepared.”

A list with people’s names was given to those seated.

“All these people…?”

“The leech, the glutton, the king, the thunderbolt, all the way. “These are assassins who paid a lot of money to do this job.”

“I haven’t heard your name?”

“Wouldn’t it be strange if the assassin’s name was known?”

“How do you know these names?”

“I built relationships with them at my previous job.”

“Hmm… Can they fool Jangdu’s eyes?”

“I wouldn’t know if it were anywhere else, but it’s impossible in this room surrounded by the Hoeri River. We also have tables custom-made for them.”

A plan with a lot of different things in mind.

“… You prepared pretty hard? “Yukyeong is very useful.”

“Hehe… You accepted me as a lowly person, but it’s still not enough in return.”

“Why did Banghyu punish you? “It’s so useful.”

“It must be jealousy. They were afraid of my drive to do whatever it took. “I wonder if that position will be taken away from me someday.”


“If things had gone well in Yocheon a long time ago, I wouldn’t have had to wander around Khan’s land suffering this humiliation. The warrior heart that Gwak Seong was occupying would have been mine…”

“Okay, just trust me. “When I become a dragon, I will put you in the position of prime minister.”



Yu-kyung, who resembles a catfish, responded by banging her head on the floor.

“ha ha ha! Do you plan to experience the power of the Hoeri River?”

“As much as you want! “If you tell me to die, I will die as much as I want!”

“… okay? Really?”

Yu-kyung lifted her bleeding forehead and smiled.

“If that is your order.”

Je-gak returned Yu-kyung’s laughter with a more pure smile than Yu-kyung’s.

This was just two days ago.

And now, two days later, a man came to Seolhong’s residence. Naturally, the man went through Heaven first.

“What is this?”

“Please tell this to Seolhong.”

“Can I check the contents first?”

“Of course. “You can check as much as you want.”

As the man was about to leave, Cheonju hurriedly asked:

“But who…”

“It will be written on the record.”


Cheonju pulled the seal on the book and checked the contents first. It was because I had an ominous feeling. No, it could be that I have become more cautious as I get older.


Cheonju looked at the contents of the letter for a moment and then ran to Seolhong with a big smile on his face.

“Seolhong! Seolhong!”

“What’s wrong, Heavenly Lord? “What happened?…”

Seolhong was anxious that something big might have happened as Cheonju rushed to him.

“This is a big deal!”

“Is it a big deal?”

“Hurry and read this manuscript!”

“What the hell…”

“Come on!”

Chop rock-!

Seolhong read the letter delivered by Cheonju with anxiety.

When I read the first part, I was filled with anxiety, but around the middle I thought it was strange.

The writing feels strangely luxurious, and it feels like every syllable and word was written with great care.


“Hey girl.”

Bitan felt that Seolhong’s reaction was strange and called her from above Kangseol’s head.



“Did you call me?”

“okay. “Why do you keep shaking?”

“You must have mistaken the car.”

Seolhong finally closed down the writing.

He then said this to Bitan and Snowfall, who were looking at him with questioning looks, and to Chiwoo, who came to play.

“I was invited to a banquet for the first time.”

Seolhong’s face was broken.

“What should I do?”

Bitan replied, digging her nose.

“What a fuss….”


Chiu denied the words of grief and said this.

He was also deeply troubled by the fact that Seolhong had never really enjoyed a banquet before. I wanted to somehow resolve that unfortunate situation, and now the opportunity has come.

Chiu wanted to somehow make this first banquet the best memory for her.

“This is… yes, that’s it….”

Chiu looked at his colleagues around him.

Snowfall and grief… Aside from these two.

I turned my eyes to Heaven.

Cheonju closed his mouth tightly and nodded.

Chiu declared as if he had found a like-minded colleague.

“It’s a win, Seolhong!”

The universe also responded.

“You must absolutely shine at your best!”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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