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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 254

Episode 254 Cheonju

and Qiu suddenly became busy as if a switch had been turned on.

“Unbelievable! Two days later! The banquet is in two days! Why are you keeping the schedule so tight… no! “Two days is enough!”

Cheonju continued his monologue as if he was talking to God, and Chiu also rested his chin and muttered.

“Two days isn’t enough to get it tailored… but that doesn’t mean you can’t just wear anything… haha…”

Seolhong, who was actually involved, was just glaring and observing the surroundings. Even though she hadn’t committed a crime, she continued to get smaller.

“Chiu, do you have any useful arguments?”

“Doesn’t Heaven know much about these things?”

“It was a long time ago so I don’t remember much. That day will definitely come someday, but I can’t believe I’ve neglected my practice! “I really…”

“I have many martial arts servants, but they are all ignorant of these events.”

“Ugh… Tsk… Then I have no choice…”

At that time, there was a commotion outside.

“Someone who has business with Seolhong has come to visit. “I will serve Seolhong as soon as possible…”

Cheonju got up and ran out to the door of his residence.

“What happened… huh?”

She was distracted by three beautiful women standing outside the door. Everything about him, from his movements to the clothes he was wearing, was luxurious, and for a moment she wondered if there was a similar face among the Yonghwas she remembered.

“Adult Kwak Seong sent us.”

“… Adult Kwak Seong?”

“Yes, there is a letter here.”


Cheonju, who had been looking at the letter handed over for a while, ran to Seolhong with a smile on his face. Her joints had been overworked to the point where it felt like they were overworked.

“Seolhong! Seolhong!”

“Why are you like this, Heavenly Lord? “Who’s here?”

“Please read this. Salvation has arrived!”

“… Salvation?”

Seolhong, who felt suspicious of Cheonju making strange noises, took the letter Cheonju handed him and read it.

– This is Kwak Seong.

“This is a letter from adult Gwak Seong.”

“You’re an adult! “Seolhong is in a much higher position.”

“You know we are not in that kind of relationship, Lord.”

“Yeah… that’s right.”


– … to understand the difficulties of the struggle. Now that she has learned that Seolhong has not been able to challenge even one worthy quarrel, Mrs. Kwak cannot pretend not to know. These are the children I have raised and educated since they were young, so they will take good care of Seolhong for the rest of their lives. If you don’t like it, please let us know at any time.


Since it was a letter with Gwak Seong’s seal on it, this information cannot be false.

“Supply! “Supplies have arrived from the rear!”

“Heavenly Lord are they?”

“I parked it in front of the door. Shall we bring it here?”

“Yes, please.”

The husband and wife who appeared later were all women who looked older than Seolhong.

They were all impressive, if not exquisite, women.

“I say Hwa-ara.”

“This is Cheong-ah.”

“It’s Hwia, Seolhong.”

– It’s Cerberus!

– Let’s go!

It was surprising how their speech wasn’t unified, but since they were all people that Kwak Seong trusted, I refrained from making hasty judgments as much as possible.

Snowfall looked at them with keen eyes.

‘I learned martial arts.’

He was now able to evaluate others to some extent just by looking at their standing posture, eyes, and body balance.

Chiu also must have felt that they were unusual women, so she made eye contact with Kang Seol and nodded.

“I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

“I’ve come a long way, so please don’t throw me away.”

“Seolhong, you are very beautiful!”

Among them, Hwia in particular had a lively voice and personality that embarrassed Seolhong.

“Ah… huh? Thank you. Rather, is it true that Elder Kwak Seong sent you?”

“That’s right, the old man apparently sent us to reduce the number of mouths he eats. Hehehe… Please don’t abandon us.”

Hwia pretends to cry for no reason.

“Throwing it away… there’s no such thing.”

Seeing Seolhong in embarrassment, the three women who became her new rivals spoke.

“You are really kind.”

“What I heard from Kwak Seong was correct.”

“What did Adult Gwak Seong say?”

“I asked you to help the kind Seolhong. “I definitely want to be your ally by your side when a difficult moment comes.”

Seolhong silently closed his mouth and even closed his eyes.

It was not to enhance one’s senses, but to enjoy Kwak Seong’s sincerity conveyed through one’s heart.

“Adult Kwak Seong is truly a generous person.”

“Are you that old man?”

“Shh, Hwiya. “I try to be careful about what I say in front of Seolhong.”

“ah! “I’m sorry… was I being shallow?”

Seolhong shook his head.


“So… are you accepting us?”


“Please take care of me in the future.”

“It’s us!”

“i look forward to.”

“Please take care of me.”

Heavenly Father watched quietly and asked them.

“Have you ever prepared a banquet?”

“I’ve never hosted one before.”

“Subjectivity? That’s not it, I’m talking about attendance.”

Hwaa, Cheonga, and Hwia looked at each other and looked at Cheonju strangely.

“Do I need to prepare to attend?”

“then! Clothing, jewelry, etc…”

“Oh, that’s what you were talking about!”

Hwia nodded furiously.

“of course. These are the skills I have learned so far this day. But the fact that you’re asking about that now…”


Even though Hwia was full of fun, playful smiles were also drawn on the faces of the other maids.

“Are you planning to attend the banquet?”

“Is it a banquet?”

“Is it a banquet?”

Heavenly Father nodded.

“Yes. Unfortunately, there are only two black men and an old woman, so they are not of much help, so I am trying to ask for your opinion…” “What

is the deadline?”

“It’s the day after tomorrow. “Can you do it?”

Gwak Seong’s reinforcements, who had suddenly been supplied from the rear, nodded at the same time.


* * *

Snowfall was keenly aware of their every move.

‘It looks like only three were dispatched.’

It seemed like they probably had three or more minions under their command. All of their salaries seemed to be taken care of by Kwak Seong.

After a while, the maids gather together the stories of the minions who asked for information and lead Seolhong to somewhere.

“This is a place in Hongyeon that mainly handles event wear for nobles.”

“… You know Hongyeon pretty well, right?”

“yes! “It’s the home of the heart!”

“Have you ever been here?”

“It’s my first time here!”


“But there is a way to know everything, so don’t worry, Seolhong.”

“I believe it.”

Hwia lightly advised.

“When you enter the door, you must enter with as much confidence as possible. “Adult Kwak Seong sometimes kicked in the door to get in.”


“I don’t want that! Now, let’s go in.”

“Wait a minute… Ugh…”

I entered the store with a lot of shyness, like a child trying shopping for the first time.


A scene reminiscent of a library filled with bookshelves filled with silk. Each person was touching the fabric or trying on the clothes with a polite or classy gesture.

The maids, now Seolhong’s, changed their mood as soon as they entered the store.

He glanced around with cold eyes and made the clerk approach him.

“Are you looking for something?”





Hwiah stopped Seolhong from answering by stabbing her in the side.

Hwia spoke to the clerk with a cold face.

“I need clothes to wear to an important banquet.”

“Is there the form you are looking for?”

“Make it as elegant and luxurious as possible. “Reduce decorations as much as possible.”

To create that atmosphere with little decoration, the fabric had to be different.

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

After a while, the clerks place the full-length statues dressed in clothes in front of Seolhong one by one. At first glance, it seemed that many of the store clerks were assigned to this location.

“Are there any of these that appeal to you?”





“Okay, I’ll show you what’s next.”

“You don’t need clothes with a dull atmosphere like dark green, so get rid of them and fill them with a different feel.”


Seolhong is crying.

However, everyone waited quietly because they felt it would be right to do as Hwia said.

Among the clothes that appeared soon after, there was one that the maids liked.

“Those clothes.”

“You have great insight.”

“There is no need for honey-coated words. “Can I try it on?”

“Oh, those clothes…”

Hwa-ah listened quietly and frowned.

“That’s annoying.”

Her one word conveyed a lot of intent in a short period of time, and the atmosphere was quite sharp.

“You can try this on. Come this way.”

Seolhong was almost caught by the maids and entered the dressing room. And not long after, it appeared again.


The soft blue, tight-waisted outfit didn’t have any eye-catching decorations, but it was the perfect combination with Seolhong’s white skin.

“Isn’t it awkward?”

Kang Seol and Qiu looked at each other for a moment and then laughed lightly.



Seolhong said to Hwiah.

“Exposing skin…”

“It’s okay because you’ll be wearing outerwear. And isn’t it all about showing a little of your arms?”

“That’s true… but…”

Hwia told the clerk that she would wear these clothes.

“It’s a platinum coin.”

Seolhong was shocked when he heard the price.

“It’s okay. Why is it this expensive?…”

“I’ll buy it for you today.”


Even if it wasn’t Chi-woo, Kang-seol would have paid the amount anyway, but it was surprising that Chi-woo said he would pay the entire amount for today.

“Yes, because it’s the prettiest. Wear that.”

“… thanks.”

– My MMM system is powered on.

– Turn it off quickly. It’s your half-brother.

– Hello world… I failed.

– Oops! It was a friendship!

After paying for the clothes and receiving an appointment for delivery to my residence, I headed to the next location.

On this day, a large-scale march was held, including the maids of the action group, Cheonju, the operational staff, and Chiwoo, the supply officer.

They break through several stores that, at first glance, seem to only sell expensive items, at breakneck speed.

– The proud mechanized diameter battalion!

– General Secretary Chi shoots

Seolhong was now Cinderella in a fairy tale.

“Next is Danghye! Of course, the highest quality!”

“At the highest level!”

I even bought pretty flower shoes to wear at the banquet and moved forward again.

A pumpkin carriage and glass slippers were being made for her.

“Next is trash!”


– Soooo… so sad….

– It’s a zombie! Zombies!

– I’m already irrational!

At first, Seolhong was happy as her appearance gradually changed, but later, she found it difficult to keep up with her changes.

All kinds of pretense were added.

It’s not that bad, actually, it’s a good show.

But not like Seolhong, not like her.

Because he was running around so hard that he was exhausted, Chi-woo also went out and fell asleep in the carriage first.

‘The day is short.’

The sun was already setting.

Like a father who came out to help his daughter with shopping, I sat outside the two-story store and watched the sunset.

I felt a presence behind me.

“Is it hard?”

Kang Seol’s gaze turned towards the direction from which the voice was heard.

Seolhong was standing awkwardly, adjusting his hair like a wild beast’s mane.

Her cheeks were unnaturally stained red and her lips were exaggeratedly vibrant, as if she had put on her makeup as a precaution before leaving.

“Even if it’s hard, please be patient, I’m not used to it either.”

The two sat on chairs and enjoyed the scenery.

Luxurious carriages wandered around the streets under the setting sun. Seolhong opened his mouth.

“A long time ago, I really hated being born in the Dragon Palace.”

“Why did you do that?”

“If I hadn’t been born in the Dragon Palace, I don’t think I would have felt contempt among the nobles.”


“You’re complaining that you’re full. But at that time, that was my whole world.”

Perhaps the reason Seolhong grew up early was because he had to survive alone.

“At this time, carriages carrying nobles and dragons often travel around the city.”

“Where is everyone going?”

“Where do you think we’re headed?”

Kang Seol saw Seol Hong smiling and answered.

“It’s a banquet.”

“Even when the moon rises at night, laughter leaks out of the carriage. I sat on an inconspicuous hill near the Dragon Palace and watched the carriages. Then, I used to get scolded by Heavenly Lord…”

Old memories were filled with regret.

“At that time, I mainly had clumsy delusions about whether one day I would be able to ride a carriage like that and mingle with other people.”

“It’s not a delusion.”

Kang Seol looked into Seol Hong’s eyes.

“Recently I have been dreaming.”

“Are you talking about a dream?”

“Yes, it’s all thanks to you. It feels like walking on clouds. I’m out of breath because the height is too much for my abilities. “People’s cheers and hospitality shake me.”

“This is the result that Seolhong achieved thanks to his hard work.”

“I haven’t yet…”

“Enjoy the banquet. You have a lot on your mind.”

Seolhong and Kangseol are smiling.

“Don’t laugh at my awkward appearance. There’s a first time for everyone.”

“For Seolhong, the beginning was just a little late. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“… I will try my best.”

Snowfall looked down on the city again.

The night view of Hongyeon slowly emerged.

“I will support you.”

Soon Cheong-ah and Hwi-ah found them.

“You’re hiding here!”

“Come here!”

* * *

On the day of the banquet.

Everyone was wearing colorful red robes and appearing at the entrance of the large palace. This was not Yonggung, but a private residence.

A big man

and a woman got off the old-fashioned carriage. Jegak and Yugyeong, looking at the Geohan and the woman, each spoke.


“I guess Jangdu will be next to you.”

“Yes, if I leave it alone, it is a troublesome entity that will block my path.”


Jangdu yawned and looked around.

“Shinyo has arrived!”

“Shinyo is here!”

It was the same for people to consider Jangdoo, Shinyo, and banquets a nuisance. If it weren’t for the requests from all parties, I wouldn’t have attended.

“Are you there yet?”

“Take a good look with those big eyes.”

“Shinyou, don’t your eyes have the same size? And just because you have big eyes doesn’t mean you have a great vision.”

“That makes sense.”

“What should I do with those people who bother to stick around?”

“Leave it alone. “Sometimes something like this is necessary.”

“Do you hate banquets?”

“I liked it. Although I hate it now. I was led around by my mother until I got sick of it. “Taking time to say hello to strangers over 100 times…”

“It was pointless.”

Shinyo shook his head at Jangdu’s words.

“Not like that. “Only once, at a banquet, did I encounter someone who could be of help in my life.”

“ah! “I think I know who it is.”

“Yes, you are my teacher.”

Shinyo’s martial arts was second to none among the dragon paintings.

“Your mother succeeded.”

“Okay, so I can’t really criticize it.”

“But… it seems like all the dragon flowers that were locked up in the palace have come pouring out.”

“… I see. I can see quite a lot of Yonghwa in my eyes too. “This is the first time a banquet of this scale has been held in several years.”

“It looks like Taeyul won’t participate?”

“Maybe I wasn’t invited. “Whenever Taeyul appears, he becomes the main character.”


At that time, a carriage pulled by a black horse arrived at the banquet hall.

“That’s a nice horse. Whose carriage is it?”

Just as Shinyo said, the black horse’s body was shiny and its mane flowed beautifully.

The carriage was also enough to capture the attention of the people gathered here.

“It’s stylish without being excessive. “It looks much better than the idiots drunk on glamor.”

“I think the same thing. “I’m curious about the owner.”

“If you’re a person who doesn’t have as much as you think, I think you’ll be a little disappointed.”

I didn’t know that the eyes of Hongyeon’s influential figures, including Yonghwa, who were invited to various banquets, would be focused on the carriage that had just arrived.

“Who is it?”

“Why aren’t you getting off?”

And then.


The door of the pumpkin carriage opened.

Shinyo’s pupils shook.

“Seol… Hong?”

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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