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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 255

Episode 255

“Oh my god….”

“It’s Seolhong, right?”

“Is that Seolhong?”

It was Seolhong who got off the carriage pulled by a black horse.


The blue traditional clothes gave Seolhong an unprecedented, old-fashioned feel.

Seolhong tied her hair neatly, placed a gold hairpin on it, and wore a similar outer garment over the clothes that exposed her skin.

It couldn’t be said to be very flashy, but in a strange way, it felt like something that kept drawing attention.

Seolhong slightly lifted his face from looking at the ground.


“You even put on makeup?”


When her originally good skin met subtle makeup, she definitely caught the attention of the crowd.

At that time, another person also got off the carriage.

Likewise, it was Chiu who was stylishly dressed.

“You’re cleaning it up, right?”

“Did Chiu decide to come too?”

“Oh, I heard that, but…”


Chiu holds Seolhong’s hand and moves to the place where the banquet is being held.

Kang Seol quietly followed Seol Hong and Qiu out of the carriage and watched them from a distance.

– I’m happy~

– I think I understand my father’s feelings as he cries out at the ceremony!

– No, don’t create a strange atmosphere haha

– Awesome! Ugh…

– Look at everyone staring at them hahaha handsome men and women!

Although the viewers’ reaction was a bit exaggerated, it was not much different from the atmosphere of the banquet.

They shined so brightly that even people who were not interested in Seolhong and Chiwoo looked back at them.

– Tsk tsk tsk… If there is light, there is darkness…

– Today too, the snowman quietly becomes a shadow…

– Snowman… General Hwang Mode ON

First of all, the first step was successful.

Seolhong seemed anxious and kept looking back at Kangseol.

Although Snowfall reassured her with a faint smile each time, it still seemed like she was walking on ice.

Kang Seol followed Seol Hong and Chi Woo into the banquet hall. Some time has passed since then.

People were already constantly gathering around Seolhong and Chiu.

This was a good sign.

‘Is it because there is no Taeyul?’

Taeyul, who is always ahead of the curve, will have many more people clinging to his side.

However, he was not invited to this banquet. There were rumors that Je-gak didn’t invite Tae-yul because he didn’t know what he was thinking.

In any case, perhaps because they benefited from it, the attention that should have gone to Tae-yul was focused on Seol-hong and Chi-woo.

‘Oh, it was there too.’

Shinyo, a woman who follows closely behind Taeyul.

Compared to Taeyul, he was also a talent with few flaws to be found.

His appearance was brilliant and his personality was cautious.

Many people gathered around her.

It is a natural procedure.

However, Shinyo was in a slightly different mood from Seolhong and was not very pleased with the kindness of those who approached him.

I didn’t know much about Shinyo, but considering that I had encountered it once before, such a reaction seemed somewhat natural.

Kang Seol turned his gaze again and looked at Seol Hong.

Seolhong’s movements, which were clumsy at first due to nervousness, have improved a lot.

He seemed to be joking with people from time to time, and even told short stories about the war without difficulty.

‘Rather, am I the one who couldn’t adapt?’

If you’ve ever been to a place like this, you’d know how to behave, but since the nobles’ banquets were all verbally attended, I didn’t know anything about the little rules of conduct.

Maybe that’s why I was thankful for Chiwoo.

In fact, from Chiwoo’s perspective, there was no need to worry about Seolhong. No matter how much he gave up the fight, it is natural for people to be tempted by him, who is only second among the dragons in terms of military power.

However, Chiu accepted the inconvenience and helped Seolhong slowly infiltrate the banquet culture.

‘What on earth are they thinking…’

As Kang Seol was looking at them from afar, he heard jealousy from the nobles next to him.

“Look at that thing sticking right next to Chiwoo and wagging its tail!”

“therefore! “If it weren’t for Chiu, I would have stayed quietly in the corner!”

Kang Seol glared at them for a moment.


“Suddenly, my stomach feels….”

Simply conveying energy will put a lot of pressure on the average person.

“Have you seen it? “That guy just looked at me.”

“Oh my, I saw it wrong. “It was me.”

“It’s flat, but it’s not my taste. So, do it yourself.”

“Because he’s not my type?”

– Snowman Mysterious boyfriend is passing by hahaha

– Have you ever been humiliated like this!

– Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill


The music that was echoing through the banquet stopped for a moment.

At this time, as the band began preparing for the next song, the excitement at the banquet would quiet down a bit.

“Why don’t you smile a little, Seolhong?”

“Like this?”

Seolhong forced a smile at Chiu’s words.

That sight was very funny.

“haha! fun! “Has it always been like that?”

“No, don’t make fun of me.”

Only then did Seolhong smile comfortably.

I truly let go of my heart, like a baby turtle encountering the sea for the first time.

This was Seolhong’s first contact with the world she lives in.

Now, I had to adapt to the way I looked at her, whether it was jealousy, disgust, or love.

She was gradually becoming more natural.

He was truly becoming a nobleman around Yonghwa and others.

Now she even changed the topic of conversation herself and led the conversation without it being awkward at all.

Seolhong smiles brightly while surrounded by Yonghwa and other influential people. Then her eyes met with Kang Seol, who was watching her from afar.

Seolhong is a little embarrassed.

– I feel strange…

– I feel like I’ve been robbed! Give me back my snowflake!

– Stop obsessing! Send it to me!

– Haaaaaang ㅠㅠ

Kang Seol didn’t react to that gaze.

He didn’t even need to have a conversation with Seolhong. Because I knew very well what kind of state of mind this woman named Seolhong was in there.

– From now on, we will have an in-depth discussion on whether we should let Seolhong go like this.

– the opposite! It’s the opposite! Moderator! Give me more time!

– I’ll give you a little more time. Do you have anything to say?

– the opposite! It’s the opposite! I’m against it!

– I heard you well.

‘The End of the Great War’ sponsored Madness by 2000!

[Seolhong… That’s great… I’m done…]

– Don’t attain Buddhahood! Not yet!

– Don’t go! mister!

‘Najak’ sponsored Madness by 1500!

[My little Yonghwa and Seolhong…]

– The snowman is the one who worked so hard, so why are you feeling rewarded? LOL

– Our hearts were together!

– We didn’t go through the hardship together!

– The snowman is taking care of all the hard work!

Kang Seol looked at Seol Hong’s back for a moment and thought.

‘Is this what oil painting wanted?’

He thought about it carefully, but couldn’t find the right answer.

‘If I get a chance someday, I’ll have to ask the hand mirror. I don’t know if I’ll give you an answer.’

Are you still not satisfied?

How much further will Seolhong have to go to be satisfied?

And if the answer comes back….

if the answer comes back as being satisfied.

‘What am I going to do?’

If Yuhwa’s maintenance is restored, should she leave Seolhong immediately? Do you hope so?

‘If it were oil painting…’

No, Kang Seol was oil painting.

So, I was able to quickly get the lost answer back.

Seolhong can go further.

If you care for it with affection, it definitely has the power to vibrate. Yuhwa is probably hoping for a little more snowfall.


“What are you thinking about in such a happy place?”

Kang Seol turned his head and looked.

A giant and a woman.

“Haha! I thought you were the main character because you set the tone at Yonghwa’s banquet like that. “It stands out too much, doesn’t it?”

It was Shinyo and Jangdu.

If Seolhong was the morning star that suddenly rose, Shinyo was the moon that always illuminated the night sky.

The real star of this place must be Shinyo, but Seolhong only shares a little of the attention.

‘There’s still a long way to go.’

Shinyo asked when he saw Kangseol thinking differently even when he was in front of him.

“Is the seat uncomfortable?”


“haha! Our Shinyo didn’t bother to come here to see you…”


In an instant, the power of the sword flashed, and smoke covered the corner of Jangdu’s mouth.


Jangdu couldn’t continue his words.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Jangdu. “I came to meet Seolhong.”


Jangdu couldn’t help but nod his head.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

Jangdu made a sinister expression behind him.

When Kang Seol saw that, he felt a little awkward.

Shinyo closed his eyes and complained.

“I will kill you, Jangdu.”

“You are lacking in practice. ha ha ha! Young people should surround themselves with young people! “I’m going to go over there and eat some food.”

– ㅇㅋ Jangdu Nice

– You have a brilliant sense of humor!

– Shinyo! i love you! Take me with you ㅠㅠ

Jangdu said that and walked away with a suspicious smile on his face.

“Haa, that big guy… whew… it won’t be a very pleasant story. “Maybe I’ll hurt your feelings.”

“I think I’ll feel worse if I stop talking here.”

“If that’s the case.”

– That’s right, stopping while talking makes the listener…

– Saturdays and Sundays! It was me! Did you do well?

– good job!

Music rings out at the banquet again.

The sound of music lessened the weight of Shinyo’s words.

“What do you expect will be at the end of the war?”


However, the weight did not change.

“It’s all about Khan. Whoever reaches the end of the struggle can gain everything Khan has. “That is no different from saying that we will follow in Hongcheon’s footsteps.”

Xin Yao did not show respect to Hong Chen now.

She identified herself with Hongcheon.

What this means is that it is believed that it will reach Hongcheon’s place. It was difficult for even a reasonable amount of confidence to convey such meaning to Kang Seol, who was not even close to him.

Kang Seol quietly laughed.

“You don’t get everything.”

“… what?”

“It’s about carrying everything.”


“Isn’t that what it is?”

The corners of Shinyo’s mouth rose.

Perhaps the presence of Snow Seol had already created an expression on her face that she had forgotten over and over again.

“That might be right. That’s fun. “I will ask you.”

“Please tell me.”

Kang Seol and Shin Yo’s eyes were on Seol Hong enjoying the banquet. However, the words were directed to each other.

“Aren’t you planning on redirecting the power directed at Seolhong towards me?”


“I recognize your abilities.”

“Shinyo and Seolhong need time.”

“It’s an immediate rejection. I have one question. Does the fact that Seolhong needs time mean that he has enough capabilities?”

“At least he has a big heart.”

“… You don’t know Seolhong’s soft side.”

“Do you know Shinyo well?”

“okay… “I know what you don’t know.”

Shinyo spoke of a memory from a long time ago.

Let Kang Seol know what happened a long time ago.

“Stop that….”

“It was wrong…. stop….”

There is a young Shinyo and an even younger Seolhong next to him.

Shinyo was looking at the children kneeling with a cold expression, while Seolhong was fidgeting.

Seolhong was harassed by them. Taking advantage of the fact that there were no minimum safety measures to protect her, these Yonghwas committed scandalous acts. And Shinyo, who could not see it, used Taoism and trampled on them.

Did you help Seolhong?

No, maybe it was Shinyo’s anger.

I wanted to overturn the base parts of this world and avoided responsibility for it. All responsibility was placed on Seolhong.

“Seolhong, you decide. What do you want us to do with these guys? “Do you want these guys to do the same thing they did to you?”

“… cast.”

“… what?”

Seolhong pleaded.

“Forgive me, Sister.”


“Please. “There’s no reason for someone to suffer any more because of me…”

Kang Seol said, breaking the long-awaited reminiscence.

“Is this the end of the story?”

“After that, I did not intervene in Seolhong’s affairs. They too were afraid of me and left. “But is all of this right?”


“Seolhong can only choose one path. It’s been like this all along. Do you think that is good? “If you continue that weak behavior….”

“There is no way that will happen in the future. Seolhong is learning right now.”

“Really… is that so?”

“All things grow. Seolhong also has that possibility. “Just like flowers grow when it rains.”

Shinyo’s complexion hardened and he turned around.

“… That’s fun. “It was a fun conversation.”

After Shinyo left, time passed again.

As the excitement of the banquet was about to die down, people came to visit Jangdu and the Yongseoks.


“Jegak has prepared a gift.”


And they came to Kangseol too.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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