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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 261

Episode 261




“Oh, are you okay?”

“Can you give me a little push? “The carriage is shaking too much.”

“The road is rough, so… it’s not easy.”

So why did he come all the way to the outskirts… the coachman grumbled. Since it was a carriage that had been rented for a certain period of time, it was not very comfortable.

Still, compared to the past days when I toddled around with my luggage on my back, I could see that I had grown very well.



After deciding that the destination was Goblin Street, the group was speechless.

‘Because Goblin Street is not a very pleasant place.’

As for Goblin Street, it was an underdeveloped place located on the backside of a prosperous slum. In general, many of Hongyeon’s criminals were from here.

Because of this, there was clearly a view that people from Goblin Street were viewed with disdain.

Sometimes I couldn’t tell whether they were looked down on because there were so many people living rough lives, or whether they were living rough lives because they were looked down on.

The place where they were headed was Goblin Street, where the chain of cause and effect was so mixed that it was impossible to untangle it.

‘It’s also a hotbed of crime… I feel bad when I see the environment there.’

Whether it was sympathy or rejection, it did not remain as a healthy emotion and instead brought with it a headache as an aftereffect, so not many people visited Goblin Street.



Chiu crossed his arms and trembled his legs, then broke the silence and asked.

“Is there a reason you have to go there?”

“Do you hate the goblin streets that you clean up?”

“I don’t even like it… They all just quit there. “It’s full of all kinds of petty guys.”

“That’s right, most people are like that. “Not everyone is like that, though.”

“Are you close with Yushin?”

“Yes, we visited often. “It’s been a little difficult lately.”


‘This is my first time hearing about Yushin.’

He said he was close to Seolhong, so he’s probably Seolhong’s age.

No, even if that’s not the case, the fact that you don’t know the name of Kang Seol, who has worked at Cannes a few times, means that he may be someone whose name became known only recently.

Of course, all of this was just speculation.

‘Because I don’t know much about Goblin Street.’

Kang Seol asked the two.

“Is this person named Yushin famous?”

Chiwoo answered instead.

“Should I say he’s famous… because he’s a person who carries out charity work on Goblin Street.”

“There aren’t just one or two people like that, right?”

Goblin Street has been supported by numerous philanthropists. Roads were paved, broken windows were repaired, and houses were repaired.

Even so, it didn’t get much better and went back to the way it was.

“yes. But um….”

Chi-woo looked at Seol-hong.

Yushin was her friend, so if he made a mistake, Seolhong’s feelings could be hurt.

Seolhong answered as if he knew this feeling.

“They are the Youngan tribe. Yushin.”

“Youngan tribe!”

Youngan tribe.

As a small tribe in decline, not only were their numbers not large, but their numbers were gradually decreasing, so there was no way that rumors would not spread as they encountered Yushin, one of them, in the vast Khan Empire.

“They are the Youngan tribe…”

The Youngan tribe may have been similar to Khan’s history. Although they are a race that arose together with dragons with strange abilities, their strange abilities paradoxically became an excellent basis for discrimination committed by ordinary imperial citizens.

Because ordinary humans naturally tend to reject things that are different.

‘I didn’t expect to meet the Youngan tribe, but then…’

As the Youngan tribe was destined to disappear in the near future, a network of contacts was formed directly and indirectly with each other.

Even though we weren’t close, we knew how each other lived and where we lived.

The reason Kang Seol knew this fact so well was because he also had a connection with the Yeongan tribe.

To be exact, his horse, Daedeok Hyemyeong.

– Hyemyeong! Sit here!

– Why are you doing this, Mia? Smash my face again?

– no it’s not! This time, there will definitely be a masterpiece! Of course, since Hyemyeong has a lifeless face, it will be a difficult artistic path!

– Even if someone who has never seen me draws me, I think they would draw me more like you than Mia…

– Ahaha! I’ve never even seen Hyemyeong in person.

The afterimage that comes to mind is a little girl.

A girl whose abilities were so great that she became blind before her coming-of-age ceremony.

‘… missing child.’

After hearing about the Youngan tribe, I suddenly became curious about Mia’s news.

‘Are you living well?’

Kang Seol woke up from his thoughts with the brief thought that he would find out some news about Mia when he meets Yu Shin.

“Hmm… These are all troublesome things.”

While he was lost in thought, Seolhong and Chiwoo were checking the next trials of the Dragon War.

We plan to select the appropriate ones and resolve them.

However, I have not yet found the ‘appropriate’ trial.

“… Well, subjugating Hexagonal Serpents, clearing out bloody bandits, and resolving disputes with the Black Gunpowder Pirates that appear in the East Sea… It’s not good at all. “Why do things that can be solved with strength get such low scores?”

Snowfall had already been checked on the list that Chiu had just mentioned.

This trial was different from before in that you could make a choice, and the score distribution was somewhat unique.

“How come getting all the items gives you higher scores?”

Actually, there was a good reason for that.

In the case of subjugation, there wasn’t much to prove Yonghwa’s ability.

On the contrary, in most cases, rare items were in the hands of powerful people or difficult to obtain, and there was a lot to be evaluated just by overcoming those difficulties.

Therefore, trials involving retrieving rare items had rather high scores. Of course, there was a difference in scores between them.

For example, a trial with a much higher score than other trials…

‘This is it.’

Retrieval of the wilderness ordinance.

It was a legendary object with a bell the size of an egg that made a thunder-like sound when rang and was said to subdue demons.

‘It’s the wilderness…’


Chiu put the scroll away.

“How are we going to find Khan when we don’t even know where he is?”

Others may have heard of the wilderness spirit only through floating legends. Without even knowing if it actually existed or where it was.

‘Yes… wilderness spirit.’

Snowfall has actually seen it.

From a very close place.

After a while.


“I’ll wait outside.”


The driver hurriedly drove the horses and left the place. The only ones left are Seolhong, Kangseol, and Chiwoo.

Chiu said.

“Shouldn’t you at least bring something to eat? If kids cling to you, you should at least throw that to them…”

“No, it’s dangerous to show sympathy on Goblin Street. “Not everyone is like that, but there are some who are really dangerous.”

Seolhong seemed to know the goblin street well.

There were things about her that were special, including the fact that she was a huge soldier and that she lived in a slum like this.

Something that I can’t exactly explain.

“Dangerous? don’t worry. If you run at me, I’ll just….”


“I’ll just stop you.”

“Yeah, it’s better if there isn’t a conflict. “You can just look at Yushin without being noticed.”

“Okay let’s do it.”

If Seolhong’s true identity is revealed on Goblin Street, there will be a cloud of people seeking her status and wealth.

“Let’s go carefully, I’ll take the lead.”

“Do you know the way?”

“All you have to do is let Seolhong tell you the way!”

“Yeah, good.”

They walked side by side, with Chi-woo at the front, Kang-seol at the back, and Seol-hong in the middle.

Seolhong, who was between the two, could not be touched even if someone suddenly appeared.



The atmosphere in the alley was gloomy.

Shadow-like things kept passing quickly from alley to alley.

“Are they looking at us?”

“I can feel the gaze.”

The conversation between Chi-woo and Kang-seol.

I didn’t feel any malice in the gaze, but it still wasn’t a friendly gaze.

“Over there…”

People slowly approaching to beg. However, Seolhong did not hesitate and passed by them. There is no hesitation at all.

For a moment, Kang Seol wondered if she would exude a sense of intimidation.

‘Watch a little more.’

At that moment, children around 6 or 7 years old jumped out from nearby. They looked like siblings, a girl and a boy.

“Give me the money!”

“Give me money too!”

Chiu had no choice but to stop this time.

It was funny that he would casually say such ugly things when he still looked like he was old enough to eat snot, but the fact that he was so shameless caught his attention.

“Can’t you hear the growl? money! “Give me money!”

“that’s right! “I starved for several days!”

Even though he had starved for a few days, his face was clear and he was quite plump. That was clearly a lie.


As Chiu tried to pass by, the two kids did something strange.

Fur fluttering…

“Step on it!”

“That’s right, step on it and go!”

“Give me some money! If you just want to go, just step on us!”

“Oh, it’s going to hurt…”

A choice occurred to Kangseol.

[Unidentified children approach and demand money. How would you answer?]

1. Shame on you for coveting free wealth!

2. How much do you need?

3. We have no money.

4. I wish I had starved like that…

5. [Risk factor: I don’t know about bad reviews and criticism] I’m going to step on it.

There were some pretty bloody options, but I didn’t have to worry about snowfall.

Seolhong smiled and bent down.

“I came to see Yushin.”

At those words, the children who were sprawled on the floor like dog shit crushed by the wheels of a carriage jumped up.

“What, do you know Yushin?”

“Are you and Yushin oppa friends?”

– Sheesh! Damn it!

– Kids these days are scary.

Seolhong nodded.

“Do you know where Yushin is?”

“… I’ll take you to Yushin, follow me!”

Snow and his party suddenly find a guide.

They walked for a while again and arrived at a mud house that looked like it might collapse if it rained.

A sturdy man was guarding the door. When I looked at it, I got the impression that I was doing something bad.

“What are you?”

The children answered instead.

“You’re Yushin’s friend!”

“Oh buddy? “Just wait.”

It was kinder than I thought.

As I was standing there, kicking the dirt, waiting, someone stuck their head out of the mud house.

“Who… Ah!”

A young man wearing an eye patch and sticking his head out the door.

It was Yushin.


“This voice… It’s Seolhong. It’s been a while.”


Only then did Yushin come out and approach Seolhong, and Seolhong also approached Yushin. The two shared a happy hug, as if they had reunited after such a long time.

And then they smile and talk happily.

“Oh, come in.”

They were invited to Yushin’s house.

There were dozens of children inside.

They all looked at Kang Seol and the others.


Chiwoo swallowed.

After a while.

“Hey hey hey! “Don’t pull my ears!”

“ha ha ha! Interesting! Puppy ears! Puppy ears!”


“puppy! “Tickle!”


– Chiwoo is finished.

– Maybe this guy was chosen?

– My uncle has talent.

While Chiu, Kangseol, and Bitan were playing with the children, Seolhong was chatting with Yushin.

‘It would be better to leave it alone.’

Seolhong seemed to be exhausted both physically and mentally from fighting one battle after another. Chiu also seemed to have felt it and said something.

“Yonghwa, who walks in and out of Goblin Street, will be the only Seolhong in Cannes! “I can’t believe I ended up here…”

Seolhong smiles as if he is enjoying the conversation with Yushin.

“That guy looks happy.”

“I know.”

“I think going out sometimes is good sometimes.”


“The fact that he has a place to go even after leaving the Dragon Palace means that Seolhong is a good guy.”

When Kang Seol heard Chi-woo’s words, a different meaning came to mind.

This also means that Yonggung was not able to become Seolhong’s home.

Their reunion ended sooner than expected.

Seolhong didn’t drag on the conversation with Yushin for long and seemed to have revealed everything he wanted to say.

Yushin listened to her story for a long time.

‘He’s a good person.’

Seolhong put on his outerwear.

“Thank you, Yushin.”

“I am.”

Kangseol and Chiwoo approached, separating the children.

“Can you please let go of this? Stop listening… It was nice to meet you, Yushin.”

“It was nice to meet you.”

“… Thank you for playing well with the children.”

“Well, except for touching my ears, everything was fine. Rather, it’s snowing. “Didn’t you say you had something to say?”


Kang Seol approached Yu Shin and said.

“Do you… know Mia’s whereabouts?”


Yushin is visibly shaken.

Yushin’s reaction was somehow strange.

And among the children who heard Snow’s story, the children who were blocking the road earlier joined in.

“Sister Mia?”

“I know!”

“If Mia is…”

Yushin urgently tried to cover the child’s mouth. But it’s a little late.

“I came here yesterday too… Ugh…”

Kang Seol’s eyes widened.

– If I don’t go… I can’t go if I don’t go?

– … missing child.

‘Mia is in Hongyeon? why?’

At that moment, a message occurred to Kang Seol.

[Obtain new information.]

[If the conditions are met, an unexpected adventure will occur.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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