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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 267

Episode 267 Just

now, Snowfall was hit by an iron pillar and flew away.

“Have you figured out the rules of the pattern?”

“Do you have any idea about the regularity?”

Hyemyeong and Chiwoo asked Kangseol at the same time.

Kang Seol shook his head.

“What then…”

he said softly.

“There were no rules from the beginning.”

“…there are no rules?”

“It’s all a trick.”

“How can you be sure?”

“It’s just a feeling.”

“what? At best, you only have a feeling…”


Hyemyeong opened her mouth at the words Chiu uttered.

“Ah… really? That feeling earlier…”

“What on earth is that feeling?”

Without having to explain it again and again, Kang Seol planned to show it directly.


His new model flew.

‘It doesn’t matter what step you take first.’


Snowfall on which turtles step.


Iron pillars flying again.


Snowfall rotated its body and hit the iron pillar exactly at the striking point.

Oh my gosh!


A method of destruction so ignorant that Chiwoo was impressed.

Of course, that was only possible with the strong people here.

The strange sensation I felt when I first stepped on the snowfall. A tingling sensation in areas that cannot be reached.

‘I clearly felt it when I stepped on the last step.’

A feeling came through me, as if it were an electric signal.

Kang Seol even thought that perhaps the pattern was just a trick and that there were no rules for stepping from the beginning.

Now it was time to check it out.


Pine Egret Lotus Flower.



Fish sit-!

A sensation came from the pine tree.

Sharp spears and reflections swept across the place where Snowfall was, but they could not reach him.

This is because the snowfall has already moved to another egret-patterned platform.


This time, the answer is right away.

Kang Seol looked back with his crane legs and smiled. The reason why he immediately looked for the next foothold was not a big deal.

This is because the tingling sensation from the tip of my toes tells me which step I should step on next. Of course, this sensation was so unfamiliar that it seemed like it would take even the sensitive Kangseol a while to find the right footing all at once.

This time I had some luck.

“Are you sure.”

The snowfall was heading towards the front with such force.




Faba Park-!


Snowfall that hits flying windows and crushes iron pillars.

‘Now I know what it means to test the body.’

Even if I believed in the stimulation coming from my toes, it was extremely difficult to take the correct step for the next step.

First of all, the sensation being conveyed was unfamiliar, so it seemed like it would take time to refine the sensation enough to know exactly where it was pointing.

In addition, even if you knew the location of the footrest, it was inevitably affected by the current posture and distance, so you had to step on other footrests to reach those that were in a position that was impossible to step on from the current posture or that were far away.

‘In other words, these obstacles will continue to be activated until an exit is found, and until then, the body must be strong enough to deal with the obstacles.’

Before I knew it, Snowfall was close enough to climb onto the platform on the other side.

Chi-woo and Hye-myeong, who thought it was finally over, flinched at Kang-seol’s next actions.

“The exit is not here! “I feel like I have to step on all the steps!”

As soon as Kang Seol’s shout was heard, Hyemyeong and Chi-woo looked at each other.

And then he threw himself away.


Snowfall didn’t say anything more.

There was no way Wattala would have prepared for this ordeal for no reason.

If he tells Hye-myeong and Chi-woo in advance about the solution he has discovered, they will not be able to gain anything from this place.

‘Focus on me.’

You don’t care what they do, you do your thing. With that in mind, Kang Seol took the next step.


Hitting the iron ball.


I step on the next step.


Blame it!

Instead, step on the flying iron pillar and move further.


I step on the desired footing.

The patterns had no meaning from the beginning, and there was no reason to look at or avoid the flying obstacles.

Kang Seol closed his eyes and focused on other senses.


Asura effectively conveyed the movement of the flying obstacles to Kangseol, and Kangseol only had to decide whether to use the movement or avoid it.

Since I couldn’t see it with my eyes, the strange sensations in my body gradually became stronger.



This is the place.

Next is here.

It felt as if the scaffolding was calling to him.



The sound that was noisy throughout the space gradually quieted down. This was because others gradually became accustomed to the feeling of the footrest.

Perhaps the occasional noise from collision with an obstacle is something that can’t be helped.

Seolhong and Mia swallowed their saliva and stepped back.

Seolhong hugged Mia, who was scared, and looked ahead.

“It’s amazing… everyone…”

When I saw it from someone else’s perspective, it was like watching a performance. Simple movements, as if dancing.

It felt even more so because their faces were all smiling and excited.

Snowfall was purely admirable.

‘Is this… the power of Wattala?’

Even though I had only tasted a small part of the power of the golden statue, a vitality that I had never felt before was welling up in my body.

This was not an energy created by his body.

The feeling of discovering a new power that I was not even aware of.

It was an unfamiliar feeling, as if I was falling into another world.

You have entered a world of trance.


This wasn’t a sound that echoed in space. It was a screaming sound, a sensation that made one’s body tremble just by its mere presence.

I felt like my mind was going somewhere.

However, the reason he was able to avoid fainting was because his body was deeply rooted in reality.

Coo Goong…

Coo Goong…

Coo Goo Goong…


When I came to my senses, Hyemyeong, Kang Seol, and Chi-Woo’s toes were placed on a lotus platform.

In that state, all three twisted their bodies and hit the flying iron ball.




A well-organized performance has finally come to an end.


– Crazy! Awesome!

– Wow haha it’s so exciting.


Seolhong and Mia opened their mouths in admiration.

The movement just now was nothing short of the sum total of the exhilarating sensations that the body can provide.

That moment.

Clap la la la la la larak…

All the steps that Kang Seol and his party had stepped on were overturned.

Seolhong and Mia, who could see the whole thing, were amazed.


The scaffolding turned into a painting.

It was the scenery of a day with flower petals fluttering.


The space vibrated.

Kang Seol noticed something suspicious and flew away to return to Seol Hong.



And then he lifted Seolhong and Mia onto his shoulders and fell onto the scaffolding.

At the same time, the place they stepped on began to slowly descend.

“What is this?”

– Was it an elevator?

– Hold on tight as it goes down!

– What is it haha then why did they make the opposite side haha

– even that is a trick… Wattala is quite good.

The speed at which they went down was not very fast.

Chiwoo spoke first.

“I’m not the only one who felt this, right? “That feeling.”

Hyemyeong nodded.

“Is this the spirit power that Wattala mentioned? “It felt… different.”

Kang Seol agreed with that.

‘That strange feeling quickly disappeared. ‘Have you not figured it out yet?’

As if it were difficult to even remember what I had seen in my dream when I woke up, the senses that I had been using freely until now suddenly fell asleep again.


* * *

After some time, Snowfall’s party arrived at a place leading to a new space.

When I looked up, I could see the space they were in earlier at a great height.



As I walked forward a little, an open space appeared.

“What stone statues…”

Human-sized stone statues that seemed to resemble golden statues of gods were scattered at regular intervals, each holding a weapon, looking at them.

Chiwoo laughed.

“I think if you step on this gold, it will attack you right away.”

“Why are those chains down?”

“what? I know?”

Several ring-shaped chains were hanging from the ceiling of this space.

There were also strange letters written on the wall.

The golden statue that Hyemyeong was holding opened its mouth just as it did during the first ordeal.

– Realize the weakness of the body.

“… what?”

Up until now, you had emphasized the importance of the body, but now you realize its weakness.

By the time everyone started to have doubts about the rapidly changing teachings.

– A body without a spirit is nothing more than a piece of meat.

And this time, he repeated the words as if something had broken down.

– Awaken your ignorance, awaken your ignorance, awaken your ignorance, awaken your ignorance….


“What are you saying!”

A golden statue of a god muttering the same words so unpleasantly that it gives you goosebumps.

– Realize that it is not everything.

And he ended it like this:

Chiu looked at the golden statue for a moment and then made this suggestion.

“How about we jump in at the same time this time?”


Hyemyeong and Kangseol expressed their agreement.

“Okay then…”



Kang Seol and his group, except Seol Hong and Mia, crossed the line drawn in front of them and advanced to the space where the stone statues were waiting.



Kugu Palace…

Stone statues that react immediately.


They waved their military flags at Kang Seol and his party.



A stone statue wielding a spear.

The statue moved strangely quickly.

However, those who faced the statue were all powerful men and were not slow enough to face the statue’s attacks with both eyes open.


Kang Seol lowered his head and avoided the spear.


‘what? There was just a different movement…’

A strange sensation was felt from the stone statue wielding the spear.

Should I say that the movement that I saw with my own eyes felt different?

‘This… is that feeling from the first trial!’

This meant that the stone statue could also be a trick of the eye.


“… Ugh!”



Hyemyeong and Chiwoo fly like a kite that has lost its strings.

They quickly retreated to where Seolhong and Mia were.

“I definitely avoided it….”

“Look at this….”

Hyemyeong lifted up the lyrics and showed a glimpse of the law’s chest.

His chest was swollen red.

It was definitely a strange thing, but since Snowfall was still facing the stone statues, she couldn’t pay attention to it.


A fast but slow attack against Snowfall.

The statue’s shield was thrust forward.

A movement that can be avoided just by turning your body.


Kang Seol couldn’t move from the spot.

‘… body!’


In the end, Snowfall gets hit by the shield and falls off.

[The bones of origin absorb all shocks.]

[The bones of origin absorb all shocks.] [The bones of origin are in an empty stomach.] [

The bones of origin absorb all shocks.]



Just like that…

The stone statues return to their original positions only after the snow bounces off them.

Kang Seol looked back at Chiu and Hyemyeong.

They immediately realized the secret hidden in this ordeal.



Kang Seol nodded and said.

“There’s another statue, I can’t see it.”

“There is a way to see…”

Everyone could guess the way.

Because I was able to feel the power of spirit that Wattala talked about through the previous ordeal.

“I’m guessing you’re saying that you need to sharpen your senses more sharply.”

Chiwoo said, sticking out his tongue.

“You learn by being physically hit. “You b*stard!”

Chi-woo rubs his fists against both temples of the golden statue.

– Wattala: Oh, don’t do it.

– it hurts! It hurts!

Kang Seol laughed.

“Still, he teaches us kindly.”

– Wattala: Huh? It’s not…

– What… you…

– LOL A snowman that even Wattala couldn’t predict.

Hyemyeong quietly recited.

“I don’t have much time. “We have to break through here as quickly as possible.”


Chiu and Kang Seol nodded and took their positions.

“Shall we make a bet on who bounces off first?”

“Okay, let him be the one in charge of cleaning up after the meal.”


Hye-myeong readily accepts Chi-woo’s offer.

Snowfall also nodded.


Pot-! Pabat-!

No matter what the results were, Snowfall decided to focus on the statue in front of her.

‘The most fatal thing is to be caught by an invisible stone statue like before. You have to keep moving.’


The stone statue’s blunt knife cut horizontally.

The stone statues here had all their weaponry blunt, probably because they were designed not to cause fatal wounds.

Even if that were the case, I had to be nervous because if I got hit properly, it could have resulted in more than a few bruises.

‘First of all, I dodged the stone statue’s attack… Next time!’

After the first attack of the statue that was dodged, there was still time until the next move. In the meantime, it was clear that an attack would come from an unseen place.



There was already an invisible stone statue behind. I don’t know why, but the feeling I felt when I passed the first trial said so.


Snowfall rolling forward unsightly.

But that judgment was right.

‘I avoided it!’

Chiwoo shouted.

“Hye-myeong! damage!”



Chi-woo warned Hye-myeong of a crisis, but he himself was the first to escape.

– Chiu Confectionery: Avoid breathing! Come to the corner!

– Chiu has passed away.

– Clatter… rattle… washing dishes is fun!

– Chiu: I am happy… I am happy…

“Chiu! Ha ha ha ha ha! “You…”



Just as Hyemyeong was feeling relieved, she was surprised by another stone statue and ended up in the same situation as Chiu.

However, Chiu and Hyemyeong, who quickly got over their shock, immediately ran back into the place full of stone statues.

The reason they fiercely challenged again was because Kang Seol had still not been defeated in his confrontation with the stone statue.



‘I can feel it!’

Snowfall was now swept away by waves of exhilarating sensations.

I was captivated by a new sensation, as if the dam that had let my senses flow little by little collapsed and the hot spring area turned into a sea of water.


I could gradually see with my own eyes the winding outline, like a haze where the phenomenon seemed distorted.

‘…I’m getting used to it.’



‘You have to soar!’


Snowfall took the stone statue’s attack and jumped a little higher.


It felt like a barrage of fists were being thrown at the spot where he had just been.

Slowly, I got used to the sensation.

It feels like I can somehow see an invisible stone statue.

– Wake up from ignorance.

What the golden statue said.




Snowfall was already waking up.

– Wake up from ignorance.


I didn’t know until now.

That this feeling exists.

What Wattala said was true.


When he got down, there was nothing in front of him, but there was definitely something.


Stone statues that were not supposed to be visible began to appear.

A stone statue that looks like a monkey and is slightly longer than the statues that appear in reality.

– Realize that it is not everything.

The world I saw and felt was not everything.


Snowfall pulled his arm close and struck the face of the monkey statue.


Only Chi-woo and Hye-myeong could feel the sound just now, and they were startled by the sound and turned their attention to Kang-seol.

But nothing existed there. It’s not visible to them yet.

A stone statue of a monkey falling in the distance.

After hitting the stone monkey statue, Snowfall stopped for a moment.

It wasn’t because of the aftereffects of a newly recognized sensation.

In the distance, out of reach, a door briefly illuminated.

A huge door with a chain hanging full of amulets.

If a human being was placed in front of that huge door, he would look like a rice seed.


their “A new ability blooms.”

[The type of power that can be recognized increases.]

[Projects the mind into the field of vision.]

Kangseol chanted.

“I found… the door.”

I finally figured out where the door was.

[Amazing discovery! A mysterious object is discovered.]

[Recognizes the door of nothingness.]

The door has been by his side the whole time.

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