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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 268

Chapter 268


As if possessed, Kang Seol stretched out her hand towards the door.


His hands were only fluttering in the air and could not move forward to where the door was.

‘Damn it… I can see it, but I can’t touch it!’

No matter how hard I swung or how much I stretched, the door was far away.

‘I can finally see the door… why!’

If I open that door, I will be able to meet everyone again.

Everyone is waiting for the door to open here.

“snowfall! Damage!”

Chi-woo’s sharp scream.

Kangseol suddenly came to his senses and hurriedly bent his back into an arch at the sight of him.


The stone statue’s club, which had been swung at his upper body, groped awkwardly in the air.


uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuedededed the door of nothingness moving away immediately.

Was I too greedy in wanting to solve the problem right in front of me right away? Snowfall inevitably returned to reality.

‘First of all, let’s start with the ordeal.’

There would be nothing more absurd than that if you suffered a stone statue like this because you were looking out for one eye.

“There are more statues! “Focus on your senses!”

“There are more statues? no wonder!”

Chi-woo and Hye-myeong gain confidence in Kang-seol’s words. They hurriedly gathered at the location where the snowfall was.




[Chiu uses Gust Sweep.]

[Elemental damage is converted to physical damage for a short period of time.]

A vortex was wrapped around both of Chiu’s arms.


As if firing a gun, Chiu struck the statue’s chest with both palms, and a palm-shaped seal was engraved on the statue’s chest.


Chiu’s attack shattered the statue, starting with a crack in its chest.

“I can’t see yet! So, I’ll take care of the statues!”


[Hye-myeong uses blockade.]

[For a short period of time, all attacks have a knockback effect.]


Hyemyeong’s baton rotated and hit the stone statues.



Hyemyeong pushed away the stone statues that kept gathering around him, and Chiwoo cut them into pieces.

Quasi profit-!

In the meantime, Snowfall gradually reduced the number of monkey statues that were invisible to them.



“I’m going crazy because I can hear the sound but can’t see it….”

“I think I’ll see it soon.”

“Uh, actually, me too!”

– Confidence) Chiu is a lie.

– Chiu Baekper is not visible haha.

But then an unexpected situation happened.


Isn’t the broken body of the statues being put back together again and returning to its original state?

‘This isn’t it…’

It seemed like overcoming the ordeal wasn’t something that could be accomplished simply by destroying all the monkey statues.



The monkey statues that had been broken down were also repairing the damage, just like the visible statues.

“damn! “It won’t decrease?”

“How can this be… A monkey? “There are so many…”

Hyemyeong felt like she could finally see the stone monkey statue.

And they seemed embarrassed by the intimidating feeling of numerical superiority they gave off.

‘The number has increased since the beginning. why? And why is it a monkey?…’


Kang Seol suddenly remembered something that had struck him as strange when he entered this space.

His gaze fell on the chains installed on the ceiling.

There were many monkey statues hanging from the chains. The sight of them all sticking together was bizarre, but what was important now was another fact.

Among the stone statues hanging on chains, there was an unusual one.

As soon as Kang Seol confirmed the reality, he decided that this guy was the key to breaking through this ordeal.

‘Golden Monkey!’

The golden monkey statue was surrounded and protected by monkeys hanging on chains.



“Ugh… Is there no way?”

Kangseol said this to Chiu, who was increasingly having difficulty blocking the attack.

“ceiling! “It’s the ceiling!”

When Kang Seol mentioned the ceiling, Hyemyeong frowned.

“I can see it too.”

“I’m serious this time too.”


Kwaja Jajajak!

As if it wasn’t a joke, Chiu struck the head of the monkey statue and blew it away.

Although everyone was aware of the existence of the monkey statue, it did not seem like the situation would improve any time soon.

While they were hesitating, stone monkey statues came in droves.

“Goes to the ceiling in one go.”


Chiu clenched his teeth and gathered wind.


His body glowed golden.

[Chiu uses Whirlwind Kak.]

[Opponents hit by the kick have a high chance of falling.]

[A rising wind is created.]


Chiwoo’s rotating body.

But no one hit anything.

It wasn’t an ability used to attack someone in the first place.


A massive wind was focused on him.

Chiwoo stopped spinning.


As he shouted, Kang Seol and Hyemyeong each placed a new figure in Chi-woo’s hands.


[Chiu’s combo: Uses Waterspout.]

[A storm based on elemental attack power deals damage to enemies within a certain range.]


Snowfall and Hyemyeong rise high with that power.

The two looked like they would quickly climb up to the ceiling, but a problem arose.



A stone monkey statue blocked their path.

I couldn’t give up the opportunity I worked so hard to create.


As if earthen mountains were being piled up, monkey statues stepped on the shoulders of the group and aimed at Kang Seol and Hyemyeong.

At that moment, Kang-seol and Hye-myeong’s gaze crossed. That moment brought a truly amazing feeling.

‘… I think I know what you’re thinking.’

We could feel exactly what each other was thinking just by looking at the will in our eyes.

After obtaining Wattala’s weapon of spiritual power, they reached a perfect connection unlike before.

Like one body.



Kangseol turned his body to face the floor and Hyemyeong looked towards the ceiling.



Hyemyeong’s hand stretched out fiercely.

Kang Seol stretched out his hand and pushed Hyemyeong’s hand away.

His body rose significantly once again.


Leaving behind the falling Hyemyeong, Kangseol quickly grabbed the chain.

[enlightenment! The ability is strengthened.]

[Continued: Resonance Continuous: Strengthened with all one’s heart and mind.]



Snowfall that skipped the chain in an instant.

The golden monkey statue was embarrassed and tried to hide between the other monkey statues.


Kang Seol extended his sword forward.

‘Damn not enough!’

Because he was chained and the monkey statues around him got in the way, his attack felt a little short.

But the sword he wielded was grief.

“I’ll catch you!”


A grief that stretches like a snake and breaks through the monkeys.

In this way, even though the power was weakened, it was possible to reach the opponent.


A sword strike that hits the golden monkey right between the eyes.

“I got it!”

Blah blah blah…


With that blow, the golden monkey’s body was drawn with incontinence and split apart.

Stand tall!

All the statues stopped in an instant.

“Huh… Huh….”

“Haaaa… Whew….”



Snowfall fell to the floor with a straight posture.

On the ground, stone statues were gathering together and changing their appearance.



They bent over and piled themselves on top of each other.


One side of the ceiling opened and the stone statues turned into a staircase leading there.

* * *

Meanwhile, they were not the only ones going through hardships.

“Ahh! “Aaaah!”

A woman in agony, letting out terrible screams and hitting her head on a stool.

It was Mia, a woman from the Youngan tribe who let Kang Seol and his party into the picture.

“Haa… haaaa….”

Mia, who exists in the present rather than the past, was experiencing a change with a pale complexion.

New memories flooding in like a flood.

Anecdotes with the three members of the Relic Society that are overwritten with existing memories.


Mia, shivering, looked into space with glass-like eyes and shed tears.

“Ahh… ah… I know everything… everything.”

The true identity of the three members of the Relic Society who visited her in the past.

No, is that really the right expression?

Are the memories of them new memories created by changing the past through paintings?

Or is it that their entry into the picture was a predetermined fate they faced while following a predetermined path in time?

If so, isn’t their fate also predetermined?

I don’t know the answer yet.




Her paintings that had been gathered together turned into flower petals and fluttered away.

This happened because the old man burned all the paintings that Mia had left behind without being able to take care of them.

“No… don’t go!”

For her who lives holding on to the past, the most important thing was painting.

Her picture is like a fragment of memory.

After this attempt, she lost her power, so when the remaining paintings disappear, she will be left with nothing.

“Ugh… Ugh… Don’t take it from me. Traces of that person….”

Mia sobbed for a long time, holding on to the scattered pictures. Although she acted calm toward Kang Seol, she was actually sick.

The deep illness in her heart devastated her. It made her curse herself once again for her cursed life.

If I shed tears, will my worries go away?

However, there was still a bigger worry for her than the missing painting.

“Oh my God… no… not like this… not like this…”

They set out to find the past to obtain the spirit of the wilderness. What happens to them?

Mia is the person who read the last chapter of the book.

Because I had memories from the past, I knew what was happening to them.

Is this a future that hasn’t changed yet?

Otherwise, is it the past that has already been decided and cannot be changed?

What awaits them is…

“They… will all die…”

If they do not change the past, they will all die. In her mixed memories, the images of the three members of the Relic Society who died after being turned into rags by the Sundae came to mind.

“Stop it… please!”

Was it wrong to touch the past?

I was still wandering around looking for the answer.

* * *



“You don’t have to go to sleep?”

“I tend to recover quickly.”

“ha ha ha! “That’s the same thing.”

Hyemyeong and Kangseol were sitting by the fire talking.

After passing the second trial, I walked along the path leading to the stairs.

There was nothing.

Because of the strangely long road, Kangseol and his party had to force a march.

It feels like the second day of entering the ruins is coming to an end.

Only with the space where the next ordeal would take place right in front of them was they able to take a proper rest.

Not being able to sleep properly for two days was a very painful situation for Seolhong and Mia.

Kangseol, Hyemyeong, and Chiwoo.

In a broad sense, even Seolhong could be considered a warrior… They were able to continue the arduous march, but Mia suffered from high fever and body aches.

Because of that, the group takes a short break to restore Mia’s stamina.

Even during that brief break, Kangseol and Hyemyeong did not fall asleep. Because I thought I never knew what might happen at any time.


Hyemyeong sighs while looking at the burning embers.

“… You look worried.”

“Don’t be too sensitive to my feelings. Wattala’s power should be used for that purpose…”

“No, I said that because you were sighing.”

“… me again.”

Hyemyeong looked at Mia’s sleeping form.

‘Is that what you’re worried about?’

A choice that came to mind countless times when moving Hyemyeong.

After he became involved with Mia, it was a question he had to choose over and over again.

“Please listen to me.”

“… However much.”

“It’s about Mia. “No, is it exactly my problem?”

“I think I heard it last time.”

Even though Kang Seol knew what Hyemyeong was worried about, he calmly pretended not to know.

“It’s a different matter from that. Did I ever tell you about Mia’s abilities?”

“… no. “I only heard that you were kicked out of the tribe.”

Hyemyeong explained with a stern expression.

“Mia’s painting is dangerous.”


“You have the power to change the past. “You’re out of breath just listening to it, right?”

“I understand why you were kicked out of the tribe. “It is not a power that a single spirit tribe can protect.”

“Yes, it is such a dangerous power.”

Hyemyeong seemed somewhat listless.

Feeling unsure of himself.

“For Mia, paintings are everything. They say that the moment of drawing is the most enjoyable moment. They say I was born well, haha…”

Hyemyeong’s face distorts.

“I… I hope Mia doesn’t paint for the rest of her life.”


“Those who knew Mia’s whereabouts even broke the rules and killed them all, but… I…”

“Are you planning on leaving?”

“… okay. “Someday I have to leave her.”

It will happen.

Hye-myeong cannot protect Mia forever. When Kang Seol, who lived as Hyemyeong, was young, he thought that was the only way to do it.

Because Hyemyeong was destined to leave Mia someday.

‘That judgment may have been wrong.’

Now that I am here, I look back at Mia in the distant future, when she was left alone. There was something off about her abandoning the painting after Hyemyeong left.

It was not Hye-myeong, but he who sentenced Mia to such a future.

‘It’s similar.’

Perhaps Kang Seol and Hye Myeong’s current situation was similar.

Hyemyeong will leave Mia and Kangseol will leave Seolhong. The time will come when you have to make an important decision.

“The world might be fine if Mia didn’t paint.”

“… okay.”

“But if Mia doesn’t paint, her world will definitely fall apart.”

Kang Seol speaks confidently.

Hyemyeong faced the eyes of Kang Seol.

“… Why are you speaking so confidently?”


By changing Hye-myeong’s actions, can Kang-seol’s own judgment, which is driving him now, be changed?

That is something unknown.

If Hyemyeong was a horse that was only driven by Kang Seol’s will, all of this series of actions would have been so worthless that they would have been thrown into the trash can, but he was not an ordinary horse that acted as simply as a doll.

‘Because I was stubborn.’

Hyemyeong shook her head.

“Well, when I think about it, I think it’s quite possible to say that. “Thank you…”

He couldn’t finish his sentence.

This is because Kang Seol interrupted his words and changed the topic.

“I can’t believe it… We have to wake everyone up quickly…”

“… What? What is that all of a sudden…”


Snowfall trembled and woke up.

An enormous ghostly sound from a distance awakened his senses.

‘So… how!’

There would still be a day left until the gates of the ruins opened.

‘no way…? ‘You forced your way through the gate of the ruins?’

The suspicion grew bigger and bigger.

As I could not sense any other ghosts, it seemed as if I could not bear to wait and entered the ruins alone.

‘Damn it…’

Kangseol said, looking in the direction where Geunseondae was approaching.

“This guy… broke through the gate of the ruins.”

Hyemyeong was startled.

“If it’s him… the one who was chasing us…”

“… yes.”

“why! There would have been one more day… Could it be that they were forced to intervene? “Is that possible?”

Kangseol turned his head in the direction where Gwangyaryeong was sleeping.

Now you will have to worry about your party getting out of the ruins safely rather than obtaining the wilderness command.

So much has changed.

Every moment was tightening them.


From the entrance, the ruins shook as if a force was smashing down the gate.

At that moment, Snowfall’s vision changed completely.

Darkness filled all around him and a huge curtain fell.

Snowfall looked down at her feet.

His feet were stepping into the darkness.




The huge door shook as if it had been hit by a mythical monster.

A sound came from beyond the door.

– The hesitation is still there.


– Do I have to destroy this body again this time?

A roar was heard from beyond the door.


The door shook violently from that laughter.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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