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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 269

Episode 269: An

overwhelmingly huge door.

Snowfall stopped in front of the door.

When I looked back, I saw Hyemyeong frozen in the same position she was speaking.

‘This is the power of spirit that Wattala spoke of.’

It may not be a grand power like the power to stop time, but it was a thankful power that allowed me to focus entirely on this door.


Snowfall felt that even the chains surrounding the door were heavy.

‘Why is it like this…’

I felt unreasonable, as if I was facing a harsh ordeal.

How can a small being like this open a door like this?

I even had that thought.

However, he said something different out of his mouth.

“Wait, I’m now…”



When you move your body in a dream, you feel stuffy. That was exactly the case now.

While everything related to the door felt ridiculously heavy, the force it generated was limited.

“Haa… haa….”

Kang Seol’s breathing became rough just by pulling the door handle a little.

“Huu… Huuuu….”

I tried pulling on the door, groaning, but it didn’t move at all. Even though I was in front of the door I had been looking for, I couldn’t open it.


The face of a golden statue was revealed in the sky of a dark space. It was so large that it ate up most of the field of view, much larger than it actually was.

The golden statue opened its mouth and spoke.

“You… are not immortal…”

“… What?”

Another new face appeared, this time from the right.

“Because you are not immortal, you cannot open that door.”

“F*ck it! What are you talking about!”

“You can’t become immortal… you pitiful being…”

“No! “I never… never… tried to become immortal.”


this time on the left.

“Obviously only immortals can open this door. “You’re feeling it too, right?”


“Immortal is stronger than you are now. “You will end up frustrated by chasing after him.”


Snowfall gently let go of the door handle.

“Your mind is weak.”

“You are ordinary.”

“They are greater than you.”

Snowfall was greatly discouraged by the pressure of golden statues being thrown up from all over the place.

There was no strength in my hands at all.

“You can never sustain the power of the mind.”

Kang Seol bowed his head.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I can’t open it now… So this time, you too…”

A sound came from the other side of the door once again.

– Hmm… again?

Snowfall’s pupils were weak.

His will seemed to be broken.

‘Are you asking me to break down my door again?’

Kang Seol suddenly remembered the sentence he couldn’t complete.

‘That’s not right. I never wanted that!’

I… someday…

‘I have to surpass them.’

Snowfall spoke to the being beyond the door.

“Please wait a little longer this time.”

– ….

“Because I will definitely open the door.”

The being beyond the door was bright.

– Hahahahaha!


– Hey snowfall.

The being beyond the door asked Kang Seol.

– Is the guy who was muttering about immortality really that big of a guy to you?

The immortal was the founder of the Church of Eternal Life and a legendary warlock. But not everyone knew him.

The being beyond the door also didn’t know him.

“… I don’t know.”

– What is certain is that what I am waiting for is not immortality, but you.


– So, be patient and wait a little longer. Because putting off something fun is nothing.

When the face of the golden statue seemed to have ended the conversation, it asked Kang Seol.

“Why don’t you give up? “You have no right to open the door.”

“… I promised.”


– I will become a god.

– If so, you qualify. This body deserves to join you on the journey to become the king of all things. Let me take you on this glorious journey of this body.

It was clearly promised.


The face of the golden statue disappeared.



The door moved away again.

The words left by the being beyond the door lingered like a reverberation.

-Struggle as much as you want, I’ll be waiting for you.


The dark space was broken.

The situation where I was talking with Hyemyeong up until now was the same, but something was different.

“What… just now…”

Hyemyeong said in a tone that she didn’t understand why she had the same experience as Kangseol.



Snowfall looked around hurriedly.

‘Oh my…’

And then I found letters written on the ceiling.

Soon the real golden statue spoke.

– I handed you wandering, so please return to your place.


– Also control your mental weakness.

The frustration and humiliation I had just felt was an ordeal I had been prepared for.

‘Yeah, there wasn’t a phrase like that when I first arrived.’

Maybe I fell for Wattala’s trick from the moment I arrived.

Was it all an illusion?

Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8551114588 there?

“Damn, it’s closer.”

“Ugh…what’s going on?”

“Everyone needs to wake up and run!”

Hyemyeong ran with Kangseol, carrying Mia and Chiu carrying Seolhong.

That moment.

– You have overcome Simma, good one.

“… what?”


The ruins began to transform and a long passageway opened up before their eyes.

– Hurry, only Wattala’s relics can put the harm to rest.

The situation was so urgent that it was impossible to weigh this and that, so we had to hurry as Shinsang said.


Hyemyeong said while looking at Kang Seol’s body.

“Kangseol you….”


“A strange light coming from the body…”

A soft golden light was leaking from Kang Seol’s body, as if it had been painted over.

No, it was all the same.

Chiu and Hyemyeong were also clearly enveloped in a halo of light, although it was weaker than the snowfall.



The sound of collapse is getting closer.

There is no way that team could have passed through the gate properly.

Because he was a monster who would destroy if there was no path and move forward to create a new path.


A tremendous pressure was felt from behind.

I felt a ghost coming from so close that I thought maybe if I turned around, I would see him standing behind me.

Seolhong shouted.

“The road… is broken!”

It was as she said.

From the end of the passage to the next platform was not a distance that could possibly be crossed.

The road is broken.

“No, it’s not like that.”

Hyemyeong looked straight ahead and said.

There is definitely a way.

Is he trying to give strength to his words?

The golden statue opened its mouth.

– A path prepared for the enlightened.

At that moment, Chi-woo, Hye-myeong, and Kang-seol ran into the distance at the same time.

However, it was a long way short of reaching the podium on the other side.

Seolhong closed his eyes tightly in fear.

I expect that the feeling of falling will come soon. But for some reason, a sense of stability, like walking on the ground, came to him.

“It’s flying….”

From Seolhong’s perspective, it felt like he was running through the sky.

However, the parties running through the air were only looking ahead.

‘There is an invisible platform.’


As they were about to jump to the next platform, the narrow passageway burst open.

A young child with tattoos engraved in black lines all over his body. It was difficult to think of him as a child.

Because he was a red and black evil spirit.

“You finally caught it.”


The child’s body swelled, and the evil spirit inside the skin awakened.

It looks like a structure or a bizarre doll. From the diamond-shaped body to the large hands connected by small lines like blood vessels.

The team chased them.


“It’s coming!”


Kangseol and his party realized that they could not fight back with just the demonic energy emanating from Geunsondae, so they concentrated on running away.

A courtesy phrase was written on the podium.

The golden statue spoke.

– Realize that the body and mind are not different.


Go beyond the podium.

The body steps on the ground and the mind steps in the air.

In turns, the world accelerates.

Those running were breaking down the walls themselves. A much faster self, a much lighter self.

They run at such incredible speeds that they can hardly be considered human.

But the evil spirit chasing them was like that.

“no use!”

Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8551114588 there?

The platform where they stayed for a while exploded.

For those creatures floating in the air, animals living on the ground were at best just one meal.

* * *


“The road is divided!”

Five paths.

Which side of the platform should I advance to to overcome that group? Or, rather, to reach the wilderness?

[The road in front of you is divided into five branches…]

‘Get rid of it!’

There was no need for a choice.

The suddenly shining platform was already spread out before his eyes.


At the same time, Snow and his party disappear beyond the darkness.

“Do you think you’ll miss it?”

The group chasing them took a different path.



As I crossed the podium, not only did the distance I had to run increase, but the mental strength required also increased, and the podium became blurred.

The golden statue said.

– Limits are only those that have been passed down, and if you go beyond them, they are only someone else’s limits.


At that moment, the wall on the side collapsed and a dark red hand popped out. The hand looks like it’s wearing a glove.

“There you are!”

A piece of art that will take your breath away.


“Watala’s power will be used for the resurrection of Hwagmu!”

His hand slams down on the podium.

“The road takes a turn.”

The course of Kang Seol and his party suddenly took a sharp turn.

As a result, his hand only hit the small platform and there was no harvest.

“You b*stards!”


He was thrown into the wall at the same speed, but as befits the owner of great power, the chase was slowed down and there seemed to be no damage at all.

Kang Seol and his group quickly headed to the next platform.



“I’ll tear you limb from limb!”

The sound of part of the ruins collapsing continued to be heard from behind. It is not strange to be distracted by the approaching fear.

‘That’s how you keep breaking through.’

If so, you wouldn’t have felt it.

The wonders of the path guided by Wattala and his teachings.

The golden statue said.

– Gain freedom. Swim across the earth and walk across the sky.

A wall blocking the front appeared out of nowhere.

“Damn it, I can’t be seen from here anymore!”

Chiwoo showed signs of being left alone to deal with the guy at any moment.



Snowfall uses her shadow hand to entangle Chiwoo and Seolhong.


And then I ran towards the blocking wall.

“It’s crashing!”


But they were able to enter the wall without much impact.


The group went down as if they were going down a slide due to the steep slope.



They were smashing the wall they passed through. The distance was barely widened.

There is darkness at the end of the slope.

Chiu and Hyemyeong bit their lips.

“I can’t see…”

Now even Hyemyeong couldn’t see beyond.

As time passed, the golden light emanating from Snowfall’s body became more intense.


A shadow hand that entangled Hyemyeong and Mia.


Sentence remaining on the slope.

The golden statue said.

– If you want to gain everything, awaken everything.


“It’s falling!”

As they bounced off the slope, a black space greeted them.

Perhaps it is a space where those who cannot see must end in fall.

However, Snowfall’s hair briefly waved like golden waves.

Wattala’s teachings pouring in like a flood.

An invisible stone statue in the shape of Wattala was looking at the sky with its mouth open.

The snowfall flew towards that small gap.


Taking advantage of that gap, the sundae appeared in the space.

However, Kang Seol and his party had already disappeared into the mouth of the stone statue.


The space was about to be completely reorganized.



As if a huge whirlwind was not enough, pieces of the ruins the size of a garden flew at Gesondae and imprisoned him. He was quickly surrounded by pieces.

“I will definitely kill you!”



We reached the end of the breathtaking chase, leaving behind the sun that was buried in the ruins.


Snowfall and his party tread the following path.

The golden statue said.

– Go forward, O enlightened one. The power of Wattala awaits.

“Aisle! “They’re all here!”

“Then beyond is the wilderness….”

Chiu, Hyemyeong, Mia, and Seolhong are all unable to contain their excitement and are about to run away.


Hyemyeong turned around and saw Snowfall standing alone. Kang Seol stood there as if he were nailed to the spot, looking at Hyemyeong in silence.

“What are you doing… you…”

By passing that road, Hyemyeong gained something more valuable than the spirit of the wilderness. The true power of the golden statue.

And it wasn’t snowfall’s.

“Go forward, Hyemyeong.”

“… you?”

“I’m staying here.”


Kang Seol said.

“I already got it.”



“Go ahead.”

“I can’t do that… I can fight too…”

“Come on! Listen to me! Seolhong! Chiu!”

Chiu and Seolhong nodded at Kang Seol’s shout.

“I have to go, Hyemyeong! hurry!”

“But Snowfall….”

“You have to trust him!”

The trust relationship between Kang Seol and Seol Hong was absolute. To Seolhong, Kang Seol’s determination was nothing short of truth.

“Let’s go… Hyemyeong… she’s coming…”


Even Mia grabbed Hyemyeong’s hand and he couldn’t hold on any longer.


They hurriedly leave the place.

After a while.



A child appeared in the passage.

“Have you given up running now?”

“… I never ran away.”

“It’s useless. “Watala’s power is a matter of erasing your existence and taking it.”


That kind of ghostly spirit that overwhelms the energy of snowfall. It clearly demonstrated what the power of complete immortality is.

If Eoduksini showed only half of his power, unable to exert all his strength, he was showing off the majesty of a ghost general who ran through the era of Hwageumu.


When Geun-dae gave the command, Geun-dae’s two bizarre hands appeared from the black space.


A feeling as if time is slowing down.

The golden snowfall came here again.


The sky and the earth turned black and I stood in front of the door once again.

* * *

The world of spirit is a place that only you can perceive.

I found the door in an instant.

The Gate of Nothingness still boasts its majesty.

Kang Seol put his hand on the door.

“I’m back.”

There was no answer.

Did he get tired of waiting and leave?

– If you want to gain everything, awaken everything.

Surrounded by a mysterious power, Snowfall placed her hand on the door handle.

– Go forward, O enlightened one. The power of Wattala awaits.

I turned around in front of Wattala’s power.

Because it belongs to Hye-myeong.


Experiencing mental acceleration, Snowfall took a step forward. The imbalance was finally achieved.

“I will open the door now.”




It’s a different feeling than before.

There was clearly some movement in the door.

At that moment, a vague black doll appeared at the door.

– You are not me.

It is probably an image of immortality created by snowfall.

Kang Seol, holding the door open with a lot of veins, answered.

“Yeah, I’m not you…”

Kikigikkik… Kikigikkik…

Ujijijijijijik… Tap


The chain was breaking.


The door vibrated like crazy.

“So what should I do!”




A slight gap caused by the force of snowfall.


He poured out all his strength.

“Open the door you b*stard!”


In an instant, the energy beyond the door burst out with tremendous pressure.



The huge door opened wide to the left and right.


A tremendous force poured out of nothingness and made Snowfall’s hair flutter.

“Ha… Haha….”

Kang Seol opened the door.

And the one standing in front of the wide open door.


Magnificent physique.

Rings made of skulls, which I had never seen before, were fastened to both of his forearms, and each of the skulls was radiating a unique energy.

The eyes pouring out of the blue pupils were truly fiery.

Great Shaman Jamad said while looking at the snowfall.

“Ah… is this boredom over?”

[Forcibly opens the door to nothingness.]

[The abandoned paradise of nothingness welcomes a new owner.] [

The paradise of summoned animals and creatures, nothingness, promotes their growth.]

[Voidity grows on its own.]

Moment A black space that is breaking apart.



They returned to reality.

It was clear that the strange hand that the gun was shooting out looked like it was going to crush the snowfall. Until just now, I was confident in the result.


“… what?”

My hand was blocked by something and I couldn’t reach Kang Seol.

To a black monster with a majestic physique.



They say that there is no choice but to get your hand back.

“… Where did it come from?”

Jamard looked quite different from the last time I saw him. The body was shiny and full of flashy accessories as well as other items I had never seen before.

And what changed most of all was his energy.

A black and ominous energy that I had never felt before was rising from Jamard’s body.

– Oh oh! see! see!

– Look, I said it was a door that opens from the outside, right? If it had been forced open from the inside, it would have been a disaster!

– Okay, good job. Can you hear me? I can hear? master?

– Hey can you hear me?

[Voidity pulsates.]

Karen and Ur’s voices were heard.

– I don’t think you can hear me?

– No way?

As I left them alone, the message continued to emerge.

[Jammad of all things sits in the shadow space.]

[The shadow space fills.]

‘… Immortality?’

Jamad became immortal while remaining in nothingness.


A shadow clung to Kang Seol’s body.

It was a very sticky shadow that I had never felt before.


“What! You…”

So much power gathered in Kangseol that he was taken aback.



Not only the fang pattern, but also various patterns engraved on the bones of the beginning.

Each had a pattern of lightning, sulfur, and a mountain.

Not only that, there was one more pattern that was difficult to recognize.

[Take on the form of the shaman ‘Jammard of all heavens’ and a night raven.]

[Absorb the abilities of ‘Jammard of all heavens’.]

[Occupation: Shaman status.]

The following messages explain how Jammad has transformed so far. proved that it was done.

“Now get out of the way, scrap metal.”

Jamard, who became a night raven.

The fang symbol was excited.

“It’s my place.”

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