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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 272

Episode 272


Light came into view on a sentence in an unrecognizable form.

– I haven’t gotten the ball yet, but that guy’s head would be perfect.

[The source power of jet black is in effect.]


In an instant, Karuna’s body was covered with the energy flowing from Jamard’s hand.

[Source Power: Uses Shadow Play.]

[The target of Shadow Play and the caster have all stats increased by 20%.] [

The target of Shadow Play shares the senses with the caster.]

[Insufficient information on known Shadow Play . ]

“What is this….”

– Now, let’s test it out.




At the same time, Karuna and Jamad split into two halves and jump at Gsundae. The striker belatedly struck the spot where they were standing.

‘What the hell is this…’

Strangely, Karuna’s senses seeped into Kangseol. Jamard’s senses were in the shape of a raven, so even so, he would have felt the energy of Karuna who was far away.

‘It’s an ancient scripture I found on the bookshelf of that immortal guy you mentioned.’

‘… what?’

‘So to speak, it’s theft. It’s my first time using this power. ‘Why do you feel embarrassed when you call it theft?’


A night crow striking his temple.

Kang Seol snorted.

‘No, I’m used to it.’

Jamard laughed.

“That’s a good thing.”



“Kill me… I’ll kill you!”

Contrary to his grandiose name, Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara, he behaved like a wild beast with a tough hide.

Did he abandon reason and gain a strong body?



It was not yet known whether that judgment was right or wrong.

In fact, Jamard and Karuna’s attacks weren’t working properly. No, Jamard’s attack, which was in the raven state, worked just fine, but Karuna’s attack, which was not in the raven state, bounced back several times.

‘It’s not easy to break through…’


By sharing our senses with each other, we were able to create a better situation. One side opens a gap and the other side launches an attack.




Even so, it is not an easy fight.

‘Hey snowfall.’

‘… why?’

‘I will now hand over leadership to you.’

‘what? why?’

It was Jamard who had been at the forefront of fighting against Gsondae all along, but why was he trying to hand over the initiative now that the tension of the fight was at its peak?

‘Because it has to be that way.’


This is what Jamard said when he returned and became a night raven.

– Be assimilated, Snowfall. First of all, understanding comes first.

At the time, the situation was urgent so I overlooked it, but there was something more important to say than a fairy tale.


I assumed it was an understanding of a new spell, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

Jamard suddenly handed over leadership of the night ravens to Kangseol.

‘I’ll help you. Go on a rampage.’

‘Suddenly that… huh?’

The immense power felt as one takes control of one’s body.


‘Yes, you felt it too.’

Snowfall gave the feeling that time passed slowly.


His eyes met Karuna’s gaze with whom he shared the same sensation.


A feeling like lightning striking a field.

A strange power that makes all the hair stand on end.

‘Yes… this is…’

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu the aan…

Even when the person lowered his head and avoided his hand, he could feel everything about Karuna.

The air flow that occurs when Karuna moves, the movement of the muscles, the direction the black wave is heading, and the next target his gaze is directed to.

I felt it all.

That moment.

[The time of self-reflection has arrived.]

[The probability of enlightenment occurring in a short period of time increases significantly.]

This is a situation where you can feel every single drop of sweat.

It wasn’t yet.

My thirst was not quenched.

This was not the desperation to find a way out for any movement or attack.

A rough road leading to a better and greater path.

Your senses are awakened and you enter a state of awakening.

And all these sensations were liberated as I met Karuna’s gaze once again.


[Shen Jian resonates.]

[Enlightenment! Awakening new abilities.]

[Crow: Awakening migratory birds.]

At that moment, Kangseol’s body and spirit flew away somewhere.

[Night crow: Use migratory bird.]

[Cancels the night crow form with ‘Jammard of all heavens’.] [

‘Jammard of all heavens’ is on standby.]

[Raven form with ‘Moonlight Knight Karuna’ takes.]

[Night Raven: Migratory Bird can currently be used up to 5 times.]

[Night Raven: All stats increase by 10% each time you use Migratory Bird.]

Karu goes straight without any preparatory moves or any dissonant sounds. The snowfall that merged with me.

Get the card!

Karuna’s energy suddenly changed.

【what? Why am I…】

Perhaps because grief is connected to snowfall, grief also changed places and suddenly merged with Karuna’s sword.

The surge of energy was filled with grief.


The snowfall that swings grief and cuts off the hand of the Sondae.

The breakthrough began.


Quasi profit!


If things continue like this with hands flying in from all directions, the flow of attacks will be cut off.

Lightning struck in Seonjian once again.

It’s so scary!

[Night Raven: Use migratory bird.]

[Cancels the night crow form with ‘Moonlight Knight Karuna’.] [

‘Moonlight Knight Karuna’ is on standby.]

[‘Jammard of All Things’ and the night crow form. .]

Soon the viewpoints are reversed.

No, since we shared a sense, it was probably just a choice.

【iced coffee! Again!】

I screamed with grief overlapping my armor.



Kangseol literally hit Guseondae, who had an opportunity to target Karuna.

His movements became much lighter than before, and his fists contained greater force.


He seems to have sensed a crisis and is now screaming.

The hard body was breaking like sand in the face of snowfall.


This time, the hands are targeting Jamard again.


[Night crow: Use Migratory Bird.] As

Karuna’s energy surged again, it turned toward Karuna as if it had anticipated its movements. I felt something strange in the repeated situation.

However, snowfall is also just a variation.

[Night crow: Use migratory bird.]

Jamards rush into the gap once again.

【Wow! I’m dizzy!】

Bitan complained of dizziness due to frequent movement.

The arms of Geun-dae were right in front of us.

But there was still a hand blocking him.


of of that hand.

He didn’t notice.

Since Karuna and Jamad were recognized as two entities, the series of flows created by their movements.


The hand of the man cut off by Karuna’s sword.

Sharing a sense meant being able to create organic movement.


He said, pulling his other hand in with an urgent look.

But that action was already too late.

Jamard’s hand swelled greatly.

[Switch to prophet stance.]

[All attacks ignite flames.]

[An explosion occurs at the impact point.]

[Thunderbolt spreads at the impact point.]

[An aftershock occurs at the impact point.]

[ Continuous: Transferring flames are applied.]

[Continuous: Hotness and warmth are applied.]

[Continuous: Tingling is applied.]


His hand, which had become huge, went towards Geunsundae’s chest.

[Night Raven: Uses Iron Fist Rule.]

[Shadow hand persists: Affected by migrating flames.]

[Shadow hand persists: Affected by heat and warmth.]

[Shadow hand persists: Affected by tingling. It is affected.]


They say there’s a huge hole in the chest and cracks all over the body.

Blah blah blah blah-!

“Uh… uh-uh….”

He couldn’t continue his words.

Jamard looked into his eyes and said goodbye.

– Welcome to the unknown, ghost.

“Uh… Uh…”

Jamard came back from nothingness.

And soon the stand began to fall apart.

[Guseundae has been defeated.]

[Achieve the special achievement ‘Boom Clap Swoop’.]

[Obtain the special title “The One Who Cut Off the Right Arm.”] [

Settlement is made halfway through the long journey.] [

The evil spirit’s relics are collected. Obtained.]

* * *

“Heo-eok… Heo-eok… Come with me, Hye-myeong!”

“You can’t be late! I’ll go first, Chiu! “Take care of Mia!”

“Damn I got it!”

The golden statue that had been making noise earlier became quiet. That made Hyemyeong more anxious.

‘Snowfall… Please stay safe!’

May your strong wish reach you.

Through this valuable time he earned, Hyemyeong finally reached the wilderness.

This drop, which was so dazzling at a glance, was emitting an energy that was completely opposite to the magical energy. No, an energy that is opposed to all evil.

And that wasn’t the only thing Hyemyeong gained.

Hu Woo Woong …

The body of Hye -myung was as if the bonfire burned. The difference from a bonfire was that the flames were a brilliant golden color.

The moment you come in contact with the spirit of the wilderness, you become enlightened.

The power hidden in the golden statue of God.

The true power of Wattala.

And surely with this power….

‘I can deal with the pursuer. We can save snowfall!’

The situation would be a little more hopeful if I could deal with the pursuer along with Snowfall, but honestly, I didn’t want that.

‘Please just stay alive somehow, Snowfall.’

I wanted to somehow repay the favor and miracle I received from him.

Emotional turmoil often takes us away from enlightenment, but now it was different.

The storm of emotions created by desperation and earnestness in itself brought out another level of power in Hyemyeong.



A roar like a thunderbolt was heard with every step he took.

That was also the reason why we were able to almost reach the place separated from the snowfall in a short period of time.

‘Over there… if you just go through that door!’


Hyemyeong kicks the door and blows it away.

There was already nothing rough about him.

I was filled with the desire to sound the spirit of the wilderness even now.

It was a waste, but if I could ring the bell and save Kangseol’s life, I could have rang as many bells as I wanted.

“snowfall! “Where are you?”

Perhaps because of the aftermath of the fight, the surrounding terrain was in disarray.

The fight was so fierce that the road was damaged to the point where it was difficult to remember its original shape.

“Oh my god… no!”

I could feel the reverberations of the pursuer’s power.

And even other unknown powers.

Was he torn to death by this force?

“snowfall! Answer me! “Where are you?”



Debris floating due to the power of Wattala.

And Hyemyeong skips over there as if she were flying.

“… Hyemyeong.”

Snowfall’s voice was heard in the endless darkness.

At that moment, Hyemyeong felt as if her heart was falling.

“I found the spirit of the wilderness… I found the spirit of the wilderness. “That guy…”

Hyemyeong tried to see through the darkness.


He started saying that, but he already knew the answer.

Because its eyes contained the corpse of a gigantic being floating in a dark space.

Kangseol sat on the floating wreckage, turned his head halfway and answered Hyemyeong.

“Now…that’s enough.”

The horribly shattered corpse of the man was floating in the air.

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