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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 273

Episode 273



Hyemyeong jumped over several pieces of space debris and came to Kang Seol’s side.


And I sat down next to him without saying a word.

Soon Hyemyeong’s violent energy subsided. After confirming that Kang Seol was safe, his heightened emotions calmed down.

Kang Seol felt his energy changed from before and said.

“You have realized the power of the golden statue.”

“… huh.”

“That’s a good thing.”

It was something I was a little worried about.

Because of the changed past, Hye-myeong may not be able to reach the same level as in the past.

But now the probability of that happening is extremely low.

‘I will continue to move forward using the power of the golden statue.’

And I will challenge the great ascension.

That kind of future awaits.

While Kang Seol was thinking about Hyemyeong’s future, Hyemyeong was thinking about something else.

He sighed when he saw the profile of Snowfall, who was just staring into the distance.

Did this incident make Hyemyeong feel deprived and walled off?

But Hyemyeong was not that kind of person.

Now I was just shocked.

They sat in silence for a while.


Chiwoo flew to the wreckage carrying Mia and Seolhong.

Since they also had eyes, they could see that part of the ruins had been devastated by the battle, and as a result, the giant monster in front of them had fallen.

“This is… the pursuer?”


Seolhong was taken aback when he saw the gruesome corpse of Geunsundae.

“This ghost… Kang Seol defeated it? “This… this…”

Seolhong immediately realized what kind of entity the fallen ghost was.

“So… right?”

“… You say that?”

After hearing Seolhong’s words, Chiwoo also felt that the corpse was really Geuseondae, one of the three ghost generals.

“Oh my…are you really saying that?”

Mia trembled.

“I’m scared…”

And then, like that or not, something huge came out of Kang Seol’s body, although it was nothing compared to Seondae.


it was Jamard.

– Still, I have to do what I have to do.

“Oh my…what is that again!”

“Stand back!”

An urgent reaction from the group followed. Jamard’s appearance shocked them that much.

Even Hyemyeong backed away from Kang Seol.

– Why are you so surprised? The reaction is strange.

Kang Seol chuckled.

You will be surprised.

I haven’t told anyone yet.


Jamard jumped up and stopped at the place where the main body of the gun was located.

[The heart of the evil spirit vibrates.]

[The source of the shadow reacts.]


An unidentified ominous energy was gathering around Jamad.

“What the hell is that…”

“Be prepared! That guy…”

[The heart of the evil spirit fills the source of shadow.]

[The energy of the shadow held by the heart of the evil spirit is not determined.]

[The source of the shadow is completely absorbed.]

Pussssss. ..

As Jammad absorbed the source, the giant body disappeared like dust.

And all that remains is a trace of that person who has turned into white bones.


Jamard only took the skull from them.

– It’s a little small, but it’s still not bad.


– Ho… Is there still a soul left?

A jamad that contains the spherical soul of the Sondae in a bizarre leather bag. It was literally ripped out to the bone.

In an instant, the body of the man decomposed in the air, and everyone had something to say about this shocking situation.

Jamard brings the skull of Gsondae.

And the group hesitantly retreats from him.

“That author…”

“Is he a ghost? No, it’s not a ghost…”

Chi-woo’s eyes turned to Kang-seol.

“This power… It could not be possible that the author…”


“Is Snowfall being controlled now?”

Kang Seol said, laughing at Chiu’s imagination.

“Stop it.”

“what? “Then what the hell is that… how are you going to explain it?”

Kang Seol touched her forehead and said this.

“I’m actually a summoner.”

One fact that has never been said before.

– No, I’m actually a summoned beast. The owner is Jamard.

– You were fooled, right?

– He was a summoner haha.

The whole group answered with blank expressions.

“Are you telling me to believe that right now?”

“That doesn’t make sense. “You are clearly on par with me…”

– Chiwoo really has no conscience

– How long will he occupy the position of equal rival

– If he sucks at that point, he should be satisfied!

– Ah, I will stick to my position until I am with Hye-myeong.

Hye-myeong looked back at Seol-hong and Chi-woo and said.

“Looking at the reaction, it seems like the group didn’t know either?”


“Okay, I wasn’t trying to hide it, but for various reasons.”

Chiu still did not approach Kangseol.

“I still can’t believe it… You’re that monster…”


Jamard’s fiery gaze landed on Chiu.

“Anyway, there’s something mental about that friend… Ah, does it make sense that you’re a summoner?”

Right then.



A black power was released from Snowfall’s grasp. At the same time, a knight in black armor appeared.

It was Karuna.


When Karuna, who radiated unique energy just like Jamad, appeared, it was impossible not to believe it.

Chiu scratched his temple for a moment and then changed his words.

“This… makes sense? Really? Seolhong, did you know?”

Seolhong shook his head.

Then he frowned and looked at the snowfall.

“Why did you hide it?”

“I have never hidden it. “There was no reason or situation to say anything.”

“I see, then what now?”

“There was a reason to talk, and a situation to do so was created.”

Seolhong reluctantly nodded.

I wasn’t hiding a huge secret, nor was I hiding it specifically to harm Seolhong.

However, human disappointment is inevitable.

Then Jamard said, stroking his chin.

– Is the existence of this body such an inconvenience to you humans?

“of course!”

“Of course!”

Chiu and Seolhong took the lead in answering.

– This is too bad. This body is one of Kang Seol’s most useful helpers. They thought I was uncomfortable like that…

In fact, Chiu and Seolhong could tell just from the energy they felt from Jamad.

This incredible energy.

Obviously, the reason why the pursuer was defeated was probably because Lee Ja joined in.

Jamard is a monster.

A monster whose power is difficult to predict.

When he made that decision, Chiwoo strode forward and held out his hand.

“I’m cleaning up. If you help Kang-seol, then it’s okay. “I think it will be okay… if you get along well from now on.”

– Chiu, a true opportunist of this era!

– It’s an amazing way to live.

– The social skills of the Lang people are excellent.


Jamard held out a finger and Chiu grabbed it and shook it.

– I am Jamard.


Bitan used its tail to shake the hands they were holding up and down.

【That’s right, let’s get along well! Get along well! Bitan will be watching.】

Bitan said and sat down on Jamard’s shoulder, which was much wider than Snowfall’s shoulder.


Seolhong and Kang Seol’s gaze crossed.

Seolhong didn’t know everything about snowfall, but even so, he thought he understood it to some extent.

However, this incident made me question whether I still truly knew of his existence.

Kang Seol said to the group.

“For now, let’s get to a safe place.”

“Oh, that’s right. “I get tired when all of those subordinates attack me.”

Now that the strongest pursuer has been defeated, the anxiety that was suffocating the group has disappeared.

“So can you sleep now?”

“Okay Mia. “It was hard, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah… but everyone had a hard time.”


Hyemyeong stroked Mia’s head.

Since everyone has not been able to get a proper rest, it would be nice to enjoy the feeling of freedom now.

* * *



Warm bed.

And since the snowfall had taken away all the ominous feeling that someone was chasing me, I fell into a sweet sleep.

Even Hyemyeong, who was always in a tense state, fell asleep.

At times like this, Kang Seol, who possesses superhuman stamina, stands alone.

And I spent my time alone in my own way.


[Check the evil spirit’s keepsake.]

[The level increases.]

[The level increases.] [

Acquire ability points.]

[Acquire ability points.]

[Albuza’s special ability Activates.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points.]

[Cunning Blood Serpent activates.] [

Gain additional ability points.]

[Gain additional ability points. ]

[I activate its special ability.]

[I gain additional ability points.] [I acquire

additional ability points.]

[I acquire additional ability points.] [I read

a description of a knowledgeable theory . Obtained.]

[Acquired an enigmatic double-edged axe.]

[Acquired a unique piece of parchment.]

[Acquired submission.]

[Acquired 41 platinum coins (Khans).]

Defeat Gsondae. The reward you get from trimming.

Equipment poured out from the evil spirit’s relics.

‘First, check Jamard’s condition.’

As usual, Kang Seol opened Jamard’s status window and tried to check his information.

[Jammard of all things is a member of Heomu.]

[You do not have authority.]

[The authority over Jamard of all things is being transferred.]

[The transfer will take time.]


– Right away. You’re cursing me haha

– are you being bullied by emptiness again?

– Just hearing the word ‘nihilation’ makes me curse like Pavlov’s dog!

There is nothing I can do about it now.

I felt like I needed to take some time to check his abilities.

Then I heard Karen’s voice.

– I want to move on too…

– You can’t. Jamard alone has already exhausted Kangseol’s capabilities.

– The owner sucks!

Karen and Ur were having a conversation that made the listener feel sad.

‘Obviously… the shadow space is filled with Jamaard alone.’

So to speak, the backpack I always carry around is filled with a huge entity called Jamad.

If you put anything more in here, the backpack will not close.

– Fortunately, this is a problem that can be solved on my side.

Snowfall was pleased with Ur’s words.

‘Really? how?’

– It is impossible for you to increase your shadow space by becoming stronger at an unreasonable speed, so the only way to do this is to reduce your body size.

In short, minimizing capacity.

‘Is that possible?’

– Yes, if you give me time. Maybe it will be possible for all four of us to move on when we’re done. But I’m not sure if that would be effective.

‘Is it rather inefficient for all four to come over here?’

– As you may have felt through this incident, nothingness is literally a paradise for those who take on challenges. You can accumulate practical experience and strength at an unusual rate. It’s a pity you can’t come over on your own. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have had to worry as much as I do now.

Jamard’s growth rate was truly bizarre.

He broke through the wall of immortality just by being away for a moment, and although he joined forces with Kangseol, he also defeated him without much trouble.

Even so, it was not believed that this growth would come without a price.

‘Wouldn’t the power of nothingness eventually run out?’

– Well… did the guy who created this ridiculous space design it so poorly?

That’s me.

Kang Seol thought about that and smiled bitterly. To be precise, it is a space conceived and created by Bulsa, so it is fortunate that Kangseol’s name is included in the creator’s name at the end.

– Emptiness is still growing. From what I understand, it seems that there is a magical beast sleeping here that even I can’t handle.

Snowfall was very surprised.

A magical beast that the current Ur cannot yet handle.

‘Really? Is that possible?’

– You might not believe it, but it’s true. So it must have been so hard for you just to open the door. It’s not because you’re not good enough. Nothingness is an unpredictable realm.

For some reason, Ur’s words that it wasn’t because you were lacking were a great source of comfort to Kangseol.

‘Well, it’s not easy to open that big door.’

– Anyway, the conclusion is… Karuna, come back here.

‘… what?’

Why is that conclusion drawn?

‘Send Karuna back?’

– Yes, since Jamad has gone over there, there is no reason for Karuna to remain there for the time being.

Snowfall listened to Ur’s words and waited for Karuna’s answer, who remained silent.

‘… surely.’

Karuna was definitely helpful.

However, compared to Jamard, who became immortal, he clearly felt something was lacking.

Karuna must have realized that too.

– I will go back.


Karuna’s answer came back.

– Jamard is rough but trustworthy. I will trust Him and return to nothingness.

– Come quickly, Karuna! I’m bored!

Karen’s generous words broke the mood.

– Well, anyway, we’re both busy here, so take care of your own business. Jamard will probably handle it well.

The conversation ends with that.

What’s different from before is that we feel like we’re together, even though we’re apart, where we can talk at any time.

[Moonlight Knight Karuna returns to nothingness.]

[Moonlight Knight Karuna cannot be summoned.]

Now that they have crossed over to Karuna, Kang Seol is alone with Jamard.

First of all, I wanted to continue to check the equipment I had acquired this time. Just looking at the list that came up, it seemed like there were some unusual items mixed in.

‘Wait a minute… now that I think about it…’

When I killed Darksini the other day, his soul was hidden in the reward box.

‘The soul of that person…’

Kangseol, who remembered that Jamard had taken it separately, asked him about the whereabouts of the soul.

‘What about Jamard’s soul? Earlier…’

– You mean that?

Oh my…

Grief engulfed my soul, which felt like I was trembling with my mouth wide open.


【Delicious! As expected, it’s a delicacy! I feel energized! Thank you, Jamard!】

– Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk

tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk. Kang Seol lamented for a moment why the distribution process of the reward did not go through him, the owner, but since it was an item that would have been returned to Bitan if nothing special had happened anyway, he responded with a short sigh.

“So what do you think?”


【What? Ah, it’s delicious!】

“No… not the taste.”

【Uh… So… something… something just came to mind…】

“It came to mind?”

【huh! It was like that back then too! I just… remember… uh…?】

Heartbroken eyes widened.

“what’s the matter? Any problem…”

【That’s strange?】

Snow’s response to grief is frustrating.

Soon the grief said something strange.

【Hey, you didn’t come because of that bell?】

“… What?”

Until now, Kang Seol and his party had thought that the reason why Gsundae had been pursuing them so fiercely was to steal Wattala’s power.

In fact, he also said that.

“What you were aiming for was… the wilderness? Then…”


The golden statue shook in Hyemyeong’s arms.


Hyemyeong woke up with that wind and he took out the golden statue from his arms.

A voice flowed from the golden statue.

– Take possession of Wattala’s legacy.

“No way…”

What Wattala left behind was not only the wilderness spirit.


The ruins shook and changed shape.

“what’s the matter!”


A new path was laid before them.

Something waiting for them on the other side of this road that they could not even get the benefit of from the past.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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