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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 274

Episode 274:

Gug, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, gu, guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueing all this

… “What on earth happened…”

“Did this happen to the golden statue of Hua?”

Hyemyeong and Mia are surprised.

“The road continues again…”

The wilderness spirit has already been obtained.

But the road continued.

Hyemyeong saw Kang Seol with a serious expression and spoke to the group.

“I don’t know how long the road will be, so why don’t we take a break and then move on?”

Chiu nodded fiercely.

“Okay, I guess that’s the correct answer.”

Since the other party members had also reached their physical limit, they did not object and accepted Hye-myeong’s opinion.

As for Snowfall, there were still parts that were left behind in the inspection, so I welcomed his opinion.

He could feel how tight this schedule was as he watched everyone quickly fall asleep despite witnessing the absurd situation.

Not everyone can have the stamina of snowfall.

Since Snow Seol had some free time, she first checked the things she hadn’t checked in her own order.

I was worried about his soul swallowed by grief, so let’s start with that.

As before, there were no major changes, and one ability related to Gsundae was added.

[Ghost – Iron Wall (Unique)]

– When grief blocks an attack and reduces damage by more than 80%, 5% of the lost ghost energy is refilled. Additionally, the probability of weapon blocking increases by 5%, and when weapon blocking is triggered on elemental damage, the damage reduction rate increases by 10%.

‘It’s an ability related to defense.’

This was much better than gaining new attack abilities.

Dark Shini’s Blade is an ability that consumes demonic energy, so if it had acquired other demonic energy consuming abilities, it would have been difficult to use.

If you activate this ability consciously, you will be able to fill up your demonic energy at a fairly fast rate, and if you use the demonic energy you have secured to fire the Blade of Darkness, which inflicts defense-ignoring damage, you will be able to fight a battle with a balanced offense and defense.

‘The downside is that I don’t seem to have a lot of ears.’

It started well.

Next, I looked at the equipment I had acquired earlier.

First of all, a description of a solid theory.


Equipment that can be used by a wizard or someone with a profession of that type. Snowfall had a heartbreak, and Ur, as a wizard, could not wear the equipment, so unfortunately this equipment had to be disposed of.

– First of all, 1st stack

– it’s a no-go haha.

Next is the incomprehensible double-edged axe.

Naturally, its performance was inferior to that of Karen and Karuna’s weapons, and there were no suitable summons to use them.


Have you ever been this unlucky?

I think it was a foolish move to have such high expectations after defeating Gesundae.

– 2 stacks lol

– What happens if 3 hits explode?

– The snowman’s mentality explodes haha

– I miss him hahahaha

– That’s right~ This is normal~

– You’ve been using your luck^^

– Ugh… There’s no special digestive medicine~ 7.7 billion~

Just the scene where Kang Seol gets good equipment every time. Viewers who couldn’t tell whether the other transferors’ compensation was good or bad made fun of it, saying that this was normal.

Kang Seol felt anxious and checked the following items.

‘This isn’t even equipment.’

[Unique Piece of Parchment]

Grade: Divine

Appropriate Level: 38 – 50

Weight: 0.1kg

Special Ability: Parchment engraved with the important secrets of ‘Ruins of Wattala’.


– Sick of it?

– Are you sick of it?

– What is a relief pitcher?

– But it doesn’t seem to be equipment?

There was just a picture drawn on the piece of parchment. It looks like people with their eyes covered are worshiping someone with their heads down on the floor.

The object was a large eyeball.

In other words, it’s an eyeball.

‘What… is this?’

That moment.


[The unique piece of parchment responds.]

Passssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss can cant…

The parchment suddenly crumbles and disappears along with the message.

Snowfall with a vain look on her face.

He was quite depressed now.

It felt like the energy of the parchment had been sucked into his nostrils, but nothing had changed.

‘Did you come all the way here to get this parchment?’

The answer was unknown.

Because it was impossible to bring the dead man back to life.

It was clearly like holding a handful of fine sand in my hand, and then it all disappeared somewhere.

Kang Seol checked the last item.

It was a large leather armor.

The moment I lifted the object with all my strength, I felt a feeling in my hand,

‘This… isn’t unusual.’

The message that followed proved that his prediction was correct.

[Unexalted: Obtained submission.]

[Acquired an object that did not exist in the world.]

– No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your mind?

– I said it was strong haha

– I thought something big was coming…

Unexalted Exaltation: Subservience

Grade: Exalted

Appropriate Level: 43 – 52

Defense: 210

Durability: 180/180

Weight: 0.1kg

Leather armor filled with the power of the evil spirit of domination. . As the soul of the soldier disappeared, all the evil energy contained in the armor was volatilized.

Basic Abilities: Strength + 50 Intelligence + 52 Stamina + 55

Special Abilities: Strengthen Strengthen (Unique) Weaken Weaken (Unique) Actions Born Dominator (Unique) Actions Stamina regeneration rate increases based on maximum Intelligence Magic Regeneration rate increases based on maximum health .


Even if there were several ambiguous treasures, it was impossible to overcome one certain unexchanged item.

‘Fortunately, the options are customized as well.’

Jamard was the only member of the group wearing leather equipment, and coincidentally, an item that was quite suitable for him to use appeared.

– Is it true that it increases your abilities to over 50? Haha

– let’s see that only the main options are selected and uploaded;;

– Jamard: Dad isn’t sleeping. I’m watching everything.

– If it had been Karen, she would have already jumped out and taken it in lol

[Enhancement Enhancement (Unique)]

– When using an enhancement ability during battle, the enhancement value increases by up to 10%. At this time, the value is determined by the duration of the enhancement ability. Depending on the type of reinforcement, the types of values to be strengthened also vary.

‘If it’s an enhancement ability… does it also apply to titles?’

It seemed like it didn’t include abilities that could be used or constantly applied, but even so, it was quite useful.

No, it was clear that it was definitely better than nothing.

[Weakening Weakening (Unique)]

– When hit by a weakening ability during battle, the weakening value decreases by up to 20%. At this time, the value is determined by the duration of the weakening ability. Depending on the type of weakening, the type of weakened value also varies.

In the case of abilities that weaken the opponent, the range of values was often large, so the values appear to have also increased.

‘It could be useful for things like slowing down and stiffness.’

The more abilities you had to prepare for abnormal conditions, the better. Now that the effects of atonement have been felt this time, submission will also be of great benefit at critical moments.

[Born Ruler (Unique)]

– The user is given 100 points of dignity, a special ability.

[Special stat: The existence of majesty has been confirmed.]

[Special stat: Dignity is unlocked.]

‘Ah majesty!’

As the level increases, special abilities that are different from general abilities gradually appear.

Dignity is one of them and has the effect of giving one an advantageous position when interacting with others.

– Special abilities!

– But isn’t Jamard going to use it anyway?

– Then Jamard must be full of dignity!

– Rather good?

– Even if I get special abilities from Jamard, will I still be able to climb the snowman?

– Isn’t that right?

– I hope it doesn’t climb! I hope the snowman gets criticized like a piece of shit!

– Hey, you too?

Other secondary abilities related to physical strength and magic recovery were also a perfect match for Jamard’s current skills, so this item had to go to Jamard.

‘Oh and…’

Kang Seol remembered something she had forgotten.

[Equip the Unexalted: Subjugation to Jammad of all things.]

[Equip the Scout Party’s Fairwind Boots to Jammad of all things.]

– Hmm…? Still, I guess I was looking forward to this body coming back. I can’t believe I prepared something like this.

Jamard said with a slight bow to express his gratitude.

– Ta-ta… Did you wait for this body to prepare something like this for me?

– What is that way of talking lol

– The snowman’s pretense continues today as well.

Kang Seol consoled her regret as she looked at the items returned to Jamad.

Becoming stronger as a summoner was the way for him to become stronger, but he didn’t gain much.

‘Ah, a title.’

[Special Title: The One Who Cut Off the Right Arm]

Related Achievements: Slam Swoosh (Adventure: Wattala’s Legacy)

Special Ability: The fear felt by enemies increases when a body part is destroyed.

‘Even the title is ambiguous….’

Even a special title with a puzzling effect.

Aside from the non-appropriation, this compensation has not achieved any significant results.

Snowfall looked at the darkness beyond the road ahead. And I hoped. May what is hidden out there fill his regrets.

Adventure 33 – (Special) ‘True Power’

You have acquired the spirit of the wilderness, but it seems there is still more hidden in the ruins of Wattala.

It’s up to you whether you go back and be satisfied with just the wilderness, or whether you reach the end of the ruins.

Goal: Escape from the ruins of Watala or explore the ruins.

Caution: In this adventure, the situation changes from moment to moment.

Current remaining time 「Unknown」

Fortunately, the information about this adventure being dangerous has disappeared from the adventure description.

Now, Kangseol and his group had finished resting and were walking along the road in front of them.

After walking around for a little over 20 minutes, Chiu asked.



“Why are you looking like that? “Is something bad happening?”

“… no.”

– There are bad things happening.

– I got nothing!

– The paper burned to a crisp and entered the nostrils, and the summoned beast took the unsalted water!

– Looking at it like this, there is no harvest.

After about 10 more minutes, they arrived at the cliff again.

No, the only way forward is by applying the teachings of Wakanda.

“Then everyone…”

“We’ll stay here.”

Hyemyeong stood next to Mia and Seolhong and said.

“… what?”

“I can feel the energy of the golden statue.”


“If there is something ahead of me, it won’t be the path prepared for me.”


Hyemyeong from before was unable to obtain anything because the ruins collapsed after acquiring the wilderness. If there was something left behind this and Hyemyeong got it.

‘The future will change…’

Did the golden statue want to say that to Hyemyeong?

Or is it just a coincidence?

“ha ha ha! “The position has changed from yesterday, Kang Seol.”

– Step forward, Hyemyeong.

Hyemyeong laughed.

“Let’s go, snowfall. And Chiwoo. “I’ll be waiting.”

Kangseol and Chiwoo nodded.

Actually, I was curious about snowfall.

I wonder if I would have gained something if I had just focused on enlightenment without worrying about Seolhong, Mia, or other people.

Now it was time to try it out here.

“I will be back.”


Kangseol and Chiwoo caught their breath and jumped loudly.



Kangseol and Chiwoo quickly move away from the group.


The space closed its mouth as if its mouth had closed.


Hyemyeong watched his receding back in silence.



The ruins continued to change.

The snow flew like a bullet and only ran forward, avoiding the closing ruins.




This wasn’t just a change in the ruins.

‘The entire space… becomes distorted.’

The ruins that envelop you just like the mental realm of the Sondae. What is different from the realm of dead ghosts is that all that threatens them are invisible structures.

– That guy called Wattala… he’s awesome!

Snowfall also merged with Jamad at some point. Therefore, Jamard was able to feel what Snowfall felt, and even for Jamard, the energy felt in the space was not normal.



Chiu was following the flow better than expected. How many times have you already crossed the firing line?

But soon even that reached its limit.

“… ah!”


Chiu’s hair turned golden. Chi-woo lags far behind with bleary eyes, as if he has realized something.

Snowfall glanced at him for a moment and ran forward.



The speed seemed to gradually increase.



The more it happened, the sharper the snowfall’s reaction became, but it seemed like it would soon be eaten by the change.

‘As it is… is this the end?’

Right then.

[Watala’s memories react.]

‘Watala’s… memories?’

A scene appeared before Kang Seol’s eyes. What the coming changes will be like and where the road will lead.

A golden line is drawn and how to break through it.

‘Is this… really?’

Kangseol recalled the piece of parchment he got from Geunsundae. At that time, golden energy was sucked into my nose.

“… see!”

– what?

The snow in the snow began to burn.

Just like the time before when I hugged everyone and ran away from that guy.



Snowfall that rotates and flies up.

– Danger….

A huge rock coming ahead.

Kang Seol briefly threw Jamard, who had merged with her, to the other side.

Tomu Woo Woong …

The two managed to escape the rock.


And then it was pulled back together.

Jamard was struck by a strange sensation after experiencing Snowfall’s actions.


The changes in space continued.

The ceiling sank and the ground rose violently.

Snowfall went through them like a fish in water.

Movements I don’t understand.

But something that makes it possible.

– Hahahaha!

Snowfall’s heart was pounding like it was going to explode.

At some point, they fell into unknown territory.


The movement of the snowfall was not caused by the wind.

Divided the space.

– There it is!

Snowfall flew toward the place where the light leaked.



The ruins that tried to crush him ultimately failed to achieve their purpose.


Snowfall, who came out into the light, became dazed for a moment.

It feels like I’m floating in space.

In fact, the debris floating around had been cleared away and they existed in a landscape that resembled the night sky.

– Ah… What is this…

Golden light was also flowing from Jamard’s eyes. It was the same with snowfall.



Something that emits intense light.


it was a huge eyeball.

Snowfall and Jamard trembled as they witnessed the huge size of the eyeball that overwhelmed them.

‘This…left on the parchment…’

As her eyes looked directly at him, Kangseol felt fragmentary memories pouring in.


And then I found out who Wattala was.

‘You are the progenitor of the Yeongan tribe.’

A transcendental person who shared his power with the Young-An tribe with strange abilities.

Kang Seol and Jamard actually welcomed Wattala.

Wattala said nothing.


He hands over the blazing golden orb to Kangseol.

‘This is…’

The ecstatic bead spun violently as Snow Seol caught it.



A mysterious energy surrounded his body. And in contrast, the bead in Kangseol’s hand gradually lost its light.


Wattala’s appearance gradually became blurred.

Slowly, like closing your eyes.





“Snowfall! “What the hell is going on?”

“… what?”

Kang Seol realized that Hyemyeong was shaking her body right now. At the same time, Qiu also woke up.

“Uh… this… what the hell….”

Chiwoo also seemed confused.

Kang Seol asked Hyemyeong.

“What happened?”

“… what?”

“No, I don’t remember…”

Hyemyeong said.

“You two were supposed to go here, but right before you left, you two suddenly collapsed.”

“… ah.”

Chi-woo and Kang-seol made eye contact.

What they experienced is different from what Kang Seol and Chiu experienced.

How is this possible?

‘Is this a trick by Wattala?’

So why do this?

When Snowfall held her pounding head for a moment.

[Amazing discovery! I know Watala.]

[Watala presents you with the seed of All Self, Buddha, who appears in various forms at once to save the people of the world.] Absolutely


A sound came from Kang Seol’s arms.

He rummaged through his arms and pulled out something.

It was a golden sphere whose light was fading away.

‘A moment ago…’

[The seed germinates.]

Something was planted in my chest.

[The soil is uneven. Appropriate time or great strength is needed for flowering.]

Strength that cannot be obtained right away.

However, something caught my eye in the message that emerged.

‘Wait, if you need some time….’

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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