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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 275

Episode 275:

It was when Kang Seol was looking at Mia for a moment and thinking of a way.

However, the surroundings changed as if it was not the time to leisurely think about such things.


“What does this mean?”


It sounds like the inside of the ruins is being flooded.

“Sound of water?”

“No way…”




The ruins began to collapse.

“It’s collapsing! “We have to get out!”

Hyemyeong’s golden statue opened its mouth.

– Leave.

Kugugugu palace…

As soon as the golden statue opened its mouth, a passage created by the ruins appeared before their eyes.


“It’s water! Water is pouring in here now! The collapse will get worse. “You have to hurry!”

“I think we should get out this way…”

A choice occurred to Kangseol.

[The ruins of Wattala are collapsing, as if everything has been overlooked. How would you like to escape?]

1. Stay still and wait for the ruins to stop collapsing.

2. Go back the way you came here in the first place.

3. Move along the artificially created path in front of you.

4. Move to the deeper part of the ruins.

Without looking at it for a long time, now I had to follow the words of the golden statue.

“Here we go.”

When Kang Seol said that, everyone nodded. If he made that decision, the perception that it was right to follow it had already spread like a code of conduct among his companions.



Snowfall and the others slide down.

Mia and Seol-hong were protected by Kang-seol and Hye-myeong, so there were no injuries.

“Uh… huh?”

“It breaks! “Be prepared!”


The road suddenly turned to one side.



The impact of the collapse gradually receded.


At some point, they were washed up with a liquid that they couldn’t tell if it was groundwater or something else, and they saw a hole that was shining a little brightly. It was in the direction they were heading.

“It’s the exit!”

“Prepare for a fall!”


Snowfall’s party exits the long passage with the ruins collapsing.

They were worried that they would fall as they were in the air, but fortunately they were not that high.

“It’s them!”

“excuse me!”

The ghosts camped at the entrance of the ruins under the direction of Geunseondae discovered Kangseol and his party who had escaped.

They tried to head straight to Kangseol and his party, but falling rocks prevented them.

“Ruins collapsed….”



The ruins of Wattala completely collapsed. The number of ghosts was not that large to begin with, but with some ghosts caught up in the collapse of the ruins, the number decreased further.

Among the ghosts that saved their lives, those with some sense realized that the situation was going strangely and tried to leave the place, but their attempts were limited.


[Hye-myeong’s sermon: Uses a giant slalom.]

[The weapon rotates and flies several times, and damage is reduced by 10% each time it hits an enemy.]


Puff puff!

Ghosts whose heads break like a watermelon.

There was no one who could be Kang-seol and Hye-myeong’s opponent, except for Seon-dae.


The petty fight ended with breaking the neck of the last ghost.

Water leaked out from the collapsed ruins.

“My painting…”

Mia felt regretful, perhaps expecting that the painting she had forgotten to leave behind would have been crushed under the rubble of the ruins. In fact, his subordinates had already burned it down.

Snowfall said a word while looking at the collapsed ruins of Wattala.

“… It’s all over.”

“Yes, it’s all over…”

Hyemyeong answered his words.


The two turn around.

There is not much time left now.

Those words applied to both Kang Seol and Hyemyeong at the same time.

* * *

That night, Kang Seol asked Mia a favor and took over the wilderness from Hye Myeong.

Hyemyeong was drinking again while looking at the moon to see what she didn’t like.

When everyone was asleep, Kang Seol approached Hyemyeong.

“Now that I’ve handed over that bell, my business is done.”

“Well, that’s right. “Now the work here is over.”

Hyemyeong took a swig of alcohol and then spoke.

“There is something I want to say to you, Kang Seol.”

“What I want to say?”

“Would you like to come with us?”


It was an unexpected reaction, but Kang Seol smiled calmly and responded.

“I have a place to work, Hyemyeong.”

“… okay. It was like that. “Did you say it was a relic society?”

“huh. “But why did you bring this up?”

“Well… I thought you were leaving.”

“Of course I have to leave behind such nonsense.”

Hyemyeong grinned.

“I feel like if I leave, I’ll never see you again.”

If the future goes as planned, he will probably never meet Hye-myeong again. Because Hyemyeong left for a distant place to ascend to heaven.

“Well, everyone has their own circumstances. “Then will you do us one last favor?”

“… ask?”

“Yes, please.”

The next day, Kang Seol found out what Hye Myeong’s request was.

“Is this really okay?”


The painter drew a picture on paper.

“Mia wants to leave a picture of you all.”

“When did I… I said that… but Hyemyeong said so…”

“Hahaha! “Mia, in times like this, it would be more realistic to leave it as you did.”

Mia and Hyemyeong laughed.

Hyemyeong and his group sat down on the rock, and Kang Seol and his group surrounded them and looked straight ahead.

The current conversation involves only opening one’s mouth without turning one’s head or eyes.

Kang Seol asked Hyemyeong.

“Hye-myung, didn’t you really like this kind of thing?”

“… It is called impermanence… There is nothing in this universe that does not change. “Moreover, the human mind is subject to change.”

Chiwoo scolded me for no reason.

“Now that it’s time to leave, Hyemyeong says something quite persuasive. “I thought he was a strange guy when we were together.”

“haha! “Is that so…”

Hyemyeong asked with a grin.



“I feel fortunate to have met you guys.”


“We changed when we met you.”

His expression gradually hardened.

“How do you feel, Snowfall? “Have you made any changes since meeting us?”

Kang Seol laughed and answered like this.

“Well… what about?”

Chiwoo helped.

“It was fun Hyemyeong.”

Seolhong said goodbye to Mia.

“Goodbye Mia.”

“Seolhong sister?”

A somewhat suspicious atmosphere.


Hyemyeong hesitated before saying what she wanted to say.

“snowfall! We…”


Mia burst into tears.


“Everyone… has gone….”

The presence of people has disappeared.

Before we knew it, Kang Seol, Seol Hong, and Chi Woo had all but disappeared.

Hyemyeong was frozen in a daze without any reaction.

“Hemyung… everyone has left.”

“… So, you left.”

Hyemyeong stroked Mia’s sobbing head.

“Mia don’t cry. It’s natural. “Customers have to go back at some point.”

“…Did you know?”

“… okay. “They are… the guests you invited from the future, right?”


It was impossible for the Relic Association to have a single member capable of defeating the Seondae by himself, and the unfamiliar energy that Kang Seol and his party had always felt told Hyemyeong that they were not the ones who originally existed here. .

“Everything goes as it goes…”

Meanwhile, Mia brought the completed painting.

“Hye-myeong… But you know.”


“This picture…”

Hyemyeong opened her eyes wide and was embarrassed.

* * *



Unlike when I went into a picture, when I came out of reality, I had to endure a bigger shock than before.

“Ah ….”

The sky has been crushed and the earth is turned upside down many times.

“Haa… haaah….”

And for a moment, they felt that they had returned to the exact place where they had first been sucked into the picture.

“Everyone is fine….”

Kang Seol couldn’t finish his sentence.



This is because Seolhong and Chiwoo were seen lying in pain on the floor.


Suspicious memories filled Seolhong, who closed his eyes.

I don’t know how he did it, but a man wearing robes climbed over the walls of Yonggung Palace and came face to face with young Seolhong.

– found! Do you know a man named Seolhong and Kangseol?

– Who are you? Snowfall again…

– … You don’t know yet. Then you don’t even know who I am?

– I do not know! For what purpose did you approach me! Guard!

– Umm… I see, I expected this kind of reaction, but I’m definitely disappointed. … Hey Seolhong.

– Guards!

The man placed his index finger on young Seolhong’s head.


there was a golden aura on the index finger.

– I enjoyed my time with you. This is the reward.

Touuuung –

The man’s finger touched young Seolhong’s forehead.

“Uh… oh oh oh…”

Seolhong grabbed his neck and rolled on the floor.


The tips of Seolhong’s hair turned golden.

“The hair…”

What happened?

What past has changed?

And Seolhong is Seolhong, but Chiu’s side was even more serious.


The man also went to see Chiwoo.

– What are you?

– You’re cleaning it up. Haha, it’s cute when you’re young. Do you know how embarrassed I was when I first found out that you were descendants of Hongcheon?

– How do you know my name? Who are you?

– Do you remember… the snowfall?

– Snowfall? Why should I remember a name like that and I don’t even know who it is?

– Really… there’s no trace left of snowfall. Where on earth did you come from? Where can I meet him?

The man’s unpleasant mood created an unknown energy. The air vibrated with his emotions.

– Ugh… Ugh… Come on more! Chiu is invincible!

– haha! That curiosity was innate. This is nice… Chiwoo I’ll give you a gift too. Remember this movement.

– movement…?

– Watch carefully. It only happens once.

Chiu feels like the world is turning black for a moment.


A move that seems light yet heavy.

The palm swung from top to bottom and stopped near the top of Chiwoo’s head.

– what’s this?

– haha! You’ll find out later.

– later?

– Yes, if the trip to a distant place ends.

– Tell me more about what it is.

Chiwoo, intrigued, pestered the man.

The man smiled sweetly and left the place.

– If it reminds me of who I am.


I remembered who he was.

Seol-hong and Chi-woo remembered that the man who visited them when they were young was Hye-myeong.



Seolhong was also Seolhong, but Chiu, who experienced some of Hyemyeong’s advanced inaction, stuck out his tongue and crawled on the floor.


His entire head turned into golden hair.

Like a mane.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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