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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 278

Episode 278 Snowfall,

dressed in black, and Qiu, with golden hair, contrasted with each other.

Two people with an unusual impression.

And unlike Kang-seol, who hid his energy, Chi-woo revealed some, if not all, of his energy.

Perhaps that was why the soldiers lined up were agitated.

“Is that blonde hair a dragon stone?”

“How is it? “He really knocked it out single-handedly?”

“Do you believe that? “Stupid b*stards…”

The chief of staff in charge of the Song Dynasty’s defenders welcomed the visit of Seolhong and his party.

“Chiu, you came with us. “I’ve only heard about it, but I’m really thrilled to see you in person.”


“Even after giving up the fight, you still stand up for the people of the empire…”

Chiwoo glanced at the people around him and responded like this.

“Yonghwa’s scent is only directed towards all people.”

That one word captivated people in an instant. More energy than expected and solemn words.



– Don’t be fooled!

– I just followed Seolhong?

– Eh? I just came here haha

– I’ll just have to look around for now haha

The staff member nodded furiously and closed the room.

“You are truly brave. Since Chiu came along with Seolhong, the Song Dynasty will definitely not fall like this. “The future schedule is…”

Seolhong cut off the advisor and told him about the schedule he had planned in advance.

“I plan to patrol the city on the first day of my deployment, so there is no need to tag along.”

“… That can’t be possible. Since Yonghwa was dispatched to Song Dynasty, he is the city’s highest commander. If something goes wrong with the commander, we’ll be in trouble. “If we assume the worst, it is not only a case of being found guilty but also a severe punishment.”

A soldier with a cold expression looked down at Seolhong.

It was an oppressive energy, but it did not seem to be an impure intention to threaten Seolhong.

It’s just the energy that is ingrained in a soldier’s body.

“… It’s good to be honest. “To say directly that you don’t want to get in trouble because of me…”

“Honest is my strength.”

“How many people will follow you on patrol?”

“We are planning on a small squad.”

“Let’s reduce it to three people.”


“I’m suggesting this because there’s no point in patrolling if we follow in a stampede. “The annoyance is a problem later.”

“I… um… I understand.”

The staff member turned his head back and shouted loudly.

“Banyul juo biran!”


“Come forward.”


The staff spoke to the soldiers who came forward, consisting of two men and one woman.

“This is Seolhong and Chiu, who willingly sent us all the way from Hongyeon to this place. “Please take good care of me.”

“I will keep this in mind!”

“Then, if you have any inconvenience, please let us know through them and we will correct it immediately.”

“Okay then.”

“Do you mind if I tell you one more thing for a moment?”

“… let’s listen.”

The staff hesitated and spoke to Kang Seol, who was looking around the barracks.

“Is this really Obsidian Snowfall?”

Seolhong tilted his head.

“That’s right. But why is that…”

“I heard a rumor that you have skills on par with that leader. Is that true? There is also a rumor that he single-handedly defeated the resurrected Eoduksini.”

– yes? Jangdu?

– I took it instead of his gambling money haha

– Jangdu suffers forever…

– Has it now become a combat power meter?

Kang Seol thought about the answer and chose an appropriate one.

“To what extent?”

The soldiers standing furthest were kicking the floor with their feet and whispering.


“Anyway, the dragon palace guys are bragging…”

“But you look confident and that’s good.”

“There are cities that have been swept away by that groundless confidence. “If you ask me if I’m coming or not, there’s no limit.”

Seol-hong and his group, who had bright ears, immediately lit up their eyes and glared at the soldier, but Kang-seol continued the conversation in a dull manner.

“I am truly fortunate. “Actually, there is a troubling problem in Songjo these days.”


“Yes, I would like to ask you a favor regarding that.”

The staff member spoke softly.

“Combat training along with troop organization maintenance is scheduled for today, and I would like Kang Seol to attend.”

* * *

After leaving the barracks, Seolhong and his party immediately went on a tour of the city. Seol-hong, Chi-woo, Kang-seol, soldiers Ban-yul and Joo-oh were together.

But there was one strange thing.

Throughout the entire time, Kang Seol did not exchange a single word with them and just silently walked behind them.

‘It’s not as difficult as I thought.’

The reason is that what is moving with Seolhong now is not Kangseol’s body.

One separate body.

This alter ego, which moves according to Kang Seol’s will, shares all of his senses in his form.

Seolhong and Kangseol, who are now moving around, were that same alter ego.



“What are you doing now?”

“… it’s nothing. And how about the wind blowing in your ears….”

“I’m sorry. “Please think of yourself as breathing more abundantly than others.”

Beside the real Kang Seol was soldier Biran.

Biran was a soldier who sometimes seemed cheerful and sometimes bored.

The reason why this woman and Kang Seol separated from Seol Hong and his group and moved separately was for efficiency reasons.

Even though Songjo was a small city, there was no way to conduct a detailed inspection on foot in one day. The patrol, which would probably be conducted several times, was started by dividing it into zones.

And he left his self-immolation next to Seolhong in preparation for any unexpected situation.

Not long after Kang Seol and Biran went on inspection, Song Jo’s bare face was revealed.

From old people falling asleep on the floor with no energy, to people sitting blankly staring into space.

“They are probably the people who were harmed in the monster’s attack. “Family, home, etc.”

“It seems hopeless.”

“hope? That doesn’t take responsibility for our lives. “Most people are not chosen for those values.”

“You are pessimistic.”

“I think it’s better than being optimistic, at least in the context of war. “Isn’t that right?”

“Were you originally a member of the Song Dynasty here?”

“Oh, I belong to the Central Army. I was dispatched before the first air raid took place. “Luckily, I’m still alive.”

Kang Seol liked this woman named Biran. Because he spoke quite frankly, I was able to hear all the things that could have been kept hidden.

“The whole city seems tense. “Is it because of the air raid?”

“Well… In fact, in the process of blocking the attack, there was a lot of damage, and although the monsters were monsters, there was also a group of people who were looting while the attention was focused on the monsters.”


“There are rumors that they are transferees and there are rumors that they are thieves who secretly infiltrated the city… Anyway, the atmosphere is quite bad. Should we say that human distrust has reached its peak?”

People are always the scariest.

Biran led Kangseol towards a secluded alley. Biran passes by several suitable stores and stops at a seemingly idle store.

The owner of the store seemed to know Biran.

“Are you here to fool around while you’re at work again?”

“No, I’m a little thirsty. And we also brought Yongseok, who was newly dispatched.”

“what? This is Yongseok? That Seolhong? No, rather, what did you bring Yongseok here for?”

“For what? Of course I came to sell it.”


The store owner was a woman, and she seemed to know Biran.

Biran looked at Kang Seol blankly and spoke directly.

“Uh, well… hey… the sun is shining today, so why don’t you buy me a drink?”

“… So suddenly? Did we know each other before?”

“Wouldn’t it hurt your pride if I bought it for you, so you want that? “My consideration…”


Kang Seol was very amused by Biran’s behavior.

Since she was checking the situation of other soldiers who were acting rigidly through self-immolation, her heterogeneous behavior became more prominent.


Kang Seol flipped the silver coin and handed it to Biran.

“What do you like?”

“Something appropriate.”

“great! It seems like a good match for me. It’s not as tight as it looks? But there will be some change left…”

“I’ll save it so you can eat it alone next time.”

“insect! “I will achieve my goal with all my passion and determination!”

Just a little…

drinks and ice were placed in disposable glasses.

Snowfall opened her eyes and looked around, but there was no sign of uneasiness.

Now, it has become routine to examine it so thoroughly that it can even be called a disease.

Gulp… Gulp…


Biran gulped down his drink and wiped his mouth.

“Didn’t you cry like a monster just now?”

“If you take a look, you’ll see. It’s amazing.”


Kangseol’s eyebrows twitched.

“There was a little alcohol mixed in. “Can I drink this while working?”

“We already drank together, so I’ll take the blame from someone else. And I will definitely mention that Yongseok bought it for me, so I hope you don’t criticize me too much.”

“I won’t make it a problem.”

“Haha… but I can’t help it. “Because this tastes the best.”

Snowfall walked around while sipping a sweet drink. While we were talking about this and that, a story we had earlier in the barracks came to mind and I brought up that topic.

“But that is a troubling problem.”

“ah! “Are you talking about what your advisor said?”


“That’s the problem with transferees. Ugh…”

“Hmm… you don’t trust the transferees.”

Biran blinked for a moment, then leaned closer and whispered.


“Excuse me… are you a transfer person?”

“Don’t blow into your ears. But why are you suddenly asking that?”

“From now on, I’m going to gossip about the transfer, and if Yongseok becomes the transfer, I’ll be in quite a bit of trouble.”

“I’m having a metastasis.”

“It’s a good thing you refrained from gossiping.”

Biran said while sipping his drink.

“It’s obvious. In fact, other than the commander, other armed forces were dispatched, but as you know, there were not that many troops to be dispatched to Songjo. “It’s a bit hard to say this, but the level of the military officer dispatched was not that high.”

“Did the military officer lose his life during the great offensive?”

“answer. He died quite gruesomely. The problem is that even such a person was quite a high-quality person in our central army. At least he was much more reliable and stronger than most transferors. And first of all, you are devoted to your country, right?”

Vacant position for military officer.

And even a great disaster struck the city.

If the life of a wanderer had piled up with transference like instinct, a fantastic chemical reaction would have occurred.

“What does the Central Army want?”

“It is to control the transferees staying in Songjo.”


“To put it roughly, that’s what I’m saying. In fact, the unclear attitude of the former prisoners is causing many difficulties in future operations.”

“For example?”

“I don’t know when the transferees will turn into marauders and they don’t want to cooperate with the central army, so I just want to get all the transferees out of Songjo… Of course, that’s actually happening.”

“Which method did you choose?”

“We are putting the ex-convicts in charge and appeasing them with appropriate compensation. He also declared that those who did not comply with the control would be expelled from Song Dynasty.”

“If you’re not going to help, then you should just leave… Well, what about the backlash?”

“Of course there was. Still, there are some transferees who are determined to follow the order, as if they are not very aware of the current situation, while there are also transferees who try to persuade other transferees to raise a dispute with the military.”

“I think the latter will cause problems…”

“You guessed right. It’s them. They say that the Song dynasty will soon fall, but they don’t even think about helping others because they say the Song dynasty will soon fall, and their behavior is so bad that they can turn into plunderers at any time. “What do you think is the fundamental reason why such robbers can act like this?”

Kang Seol thought for a moment and answered:

In the end, all root causes were one.

“The central army’s strength is insufficient.”

“yes! They can act like that because the force to suppress them was virtually eliminated in the previous air raid. “I really want to feed you a lot of honey chestnuts…”

“Do you want to?”

“Unfortunately, you only have one life… Some of them are violent.”


“… If you’re too worried, just send me a signal. “There will be arguments during this visit, but if you are not confident, I will immediately stop you so as not to hurt your pride.”

Kang Seol laughed.

* * *

The first day of inspection has ended.

Seolhong and Chiu were talking with the staff, and Kang Seol attended combat training as scheduled.

It’s not that it wasn’t, there was no chaos like this.

“So, tell me whether it’s snow red or snow leopard!”

“It’s obvious. “Are you planning to just drive the transferees out to their deaths without even bothering to remove their noses?”

“Khan’s petty tricks are always like that.”

There was so much shouting and swearing that even Kang Seol, who came to observe, frowned.

Especially since he was voicing his dissatisfaction even to Seolhong, who had done nothing wrong.

In fact, the combat training was just a pretext and a ploy by the central army to tame the transferees, but the transferors were no easy feat.

“Why are you sitting around doing something that has no effect?”

“If you want to stay in the Song Dynasty, follow the Song Dynasty’s rules. I’m not saying it’s difficult. If there is a need to fight, we will fight. If not, avoid danger and withdraw from Song Dynasty.”

That seemed to be the central army’s policy in dealing with transferees who might pose an internal threat. It was interesting to note that the atmosphere in the South and East was quite different.

‘I guess that means the power of the empire is strong. But if this happens…’

Kang Seol was also in Jeon Ja’s position, so he knew their way of thinking well.

When they feel that something is oppressing them, they stand up like wild dogs and bite everything they can find.

“Kotaro, did you hear what that b*stard said?”

“heard. At this point, I felt like I was trying to tighten the leash…” “


A man with a ferocious appearance named Kotaro grabbed the collar of a soldier belonging to the Central Army.

“You don’t like it?”

“Leave it alone… it could become a problem later.”

“Don’t let that go! Transfer!”

“At the end of every word, it’s transference and transference… Is it a problem for us to remain in Songjo?”

Even the worse Biran came forward and spoke.

“If you act disorderly like this, no one will welcome it. The city residents also want you people who are causing trouble to just leave! Do you think you will fight for your city if there is another air raid? Also, it’s a good thing if you don’t get rid of that b*tch habit and stop looting! Even during the last air raid, you guys….”

“Don’t provoke the rain.”

“But those b*stards now…”

Suddenly, transferees flocked to Kotaro’s side.

“Hah… These idiots really can’t understand the situation…”

“What should we do with Kotaro?”

“Stay there.”

Kotaro put down the other soldier’s collar and walked in front of Biran.

“Don’t come too close.”

“You seem to be mistaken, but why are you trying to stand over the transferees with only a handful of troops at most?”

“I’m not trying to stand on top, but rather cooperate…”

“Mr. Lee… I don’t think you know where you’re up and where you’re down.”

“If you’re not going to fight, leave! Because he was afraid of monsters, he was confined to the city… During the air raid, he couldn’t even see his nose, and now he’s become evil…”

Kotaro finally exploded.

His hand went to the sheath of the sword on his belt.

Everyone knew that if the sword was drawn, a great disaster would arise, but it was felt that it was already a planned action to some extent, as the followers who followed him were not that embarrassed.


“… What is this hand?”

As a result, Kotaro’s sword could not be drawn.

Snowfall’s palm was pressing down on Kotaro’s sword soldier.


Kotaro met Snow’s eyes and froze for a moment. Kangseol whispered calmly, as if comforting a child.

“… It’s up.”


This time the sound is quieter than before.

“This way is up.”

I had to draw my sword to refute those words.

Toward the snowfall holding down his sword.


But for some reason, Kotaro was unable to move, as if he had become a statue.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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