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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 283

Episode 283 Doo

doo doo…

A small number of cavalry units ran near Gi Island.


Doo doo doo doo…

“Now is the time!”

Arrows are fired all at once along with Taeyul’s shout.

Push shoo shoo shoot!

The arrow cut through the air and crossed over the walls of Giseom.



Although there weren’t that many arrows, the effect was amazing.

As the Khan Empire was a leading nation in mechanical engineering, various engineering techniques were incorporated into primitive weapons, and arrows were also included in the list.

There was a big commotion accompanied by heavy drinking.

Naturally, the commotion is also transmitted to the ghosts and monsters that have devoured Kiseom.


“Monsters are running rampant!”

“Hey, is this a yaksha? “Has the yaksha returned?”

“lie! “I can’t feel the energy of the yaksha!”

“Then… this sound…”

“Human! They are humans! “The humans came on their own!”

“I have a horse! “You can fill yourself up several times!”


Monsters and ghosts arbitrarily tear down the castle walls and rush towards the cavalry.

Strangely enough, the cavalry made clumsy movements that seemed to be trying to maintain a certain distance from them without getting too far away.

As a result, some monsters caught up with them.

“Hehehe! “What will you do if I block your path?”

Huge, swollen ghosts blocked the cavalry’s path.



[Taeyul uses Command: Jingun.]

[The vehicle becomes temporarily immune to collision damage.]

[Collision damage increases by 300%.]

“Break through!”


The cavalry escaped the encirclement by drawing attention.

Taeyul’s subordinates also assisted their master, so the cavalry played a precarious but steady role as a decoy to create a gap in the border between the monsters and ghosts that filled the island.

“It won’t last long… Be sure to achieve your goal, brothers.”


The ceiling vibrated.

Perhaps it is the commotion caused by the monsters and ghosts of Ki Island escaping like the ebb and flow.

This was also evidence that Taeyul was performing his role properly.


“Wooow… I’m rotten…”

The idea of using the sewer was a tactic that the ghosts came up with in Songjo a while back.

But this time, it’s the opposite and a method used by humans to rescue survivors.

‘The defense is weaker than I thought.’

As I entered the sewer, I encountered a few ghosts, but because there were people with monstrous strength of their own, I was able to twist their necks before the ghosts could report the news to the ground.

The ghosts didn’t seem to have any idea that they might be attacked. It was understandable.

The size of the ghosts and monsters that filled Giseom seemed like they would never be defeated unless a fairly large army came forward.

“Compared to before, the vigilance has not increased. What a relief!”

Jinryeo, who was in charge of guiding the route, spoke in a voice full of hope.

That excited voice wasn’t as easily connected to the current despairing situation, but it was much better than the gloomy voice.

The sewers were now filled with the corpses and sewage of murdered people, creating a hellscape.


“Shinyo, this is… this appearance…”

Shinyo said to Seolhong, who was speechless at the tragic scene.

“We may be on the verge of Khan’s downfall.”

“What is that….”

“I have been in contact with the teacher.”

Shinyo’s teacher was a special being.

“From what you found out, Master, there was a gap in the border of the East, and ghosts took advantage of that gap to come in.”

“Is there a way to solve it?”

“The only way to do this is to eliminate the culprit… Master only tells us the future but never intervenes, so we have to solve it.”

Kang Seol, listening to Shin Yo’s words, became distraught.

‘The culprit is definitely the yaksha. However…’

The power of the Yaksha itself was stronger than any enemy Kangseol had ever encountered.

Just one collision was enough to cause me to faint from grief. In addition, it seems like there are two ghosts with powers beyond immortality as companions.

‘If Shinyo or Taeyul help… no, it’s not enough.’

Whether it’s Jangdu, Shinyo, or Taeyul.

No matter who came, they couldn’t deal with the other two ghosts.

To put it simply, it was as if it was dark and the devil appeared at the same time.

Of course, the actual combat power may be much stronger in the dark and dark, but it felt that way based on energy alone.

‘And that sword… the sword of Yaksha.’

Snowfall was sure.

The power that defeated Bitan was said to be the energy that flowed from that sword.

If the sword’s energy is not destroyed, the result will be the same in the next clash.

‘Information is lacking… and power is also lacking.’

At the very least, if you can figure out a way to deal with Yasha’s sword, it will be worth fighting.

‘But fortunately, the energy of the yaksha is not felt here on Ki Island. ‘Have you gone back?’

– Come back quickly! To your hometown!

As the fox ghost said, they had probably returned to the ghost world.

The Yaksha was a truly special person who had the power to go back and forth between the ghost world and the real world at will.

‘I never thought I would face that Yasha in such a twisted situation…’

Jinryeo had already mentioned this at the meeting.

It seems that the ghosts of Kiseom are also brought by a ghost called Yaksha. And I even wonder if that door is still left somewhere.

If that question turns out to be true, regaining one’s pride will be a long way off.

“Shh… I’ll look out for the road.”

The number of people tasked with rescuing the people of the empire was not large.

Kangseol’s group, Shinyo, and Jangdu.

There was only Taeyul’s favorite person named Song No and a few other subordinates.

Songno muttered something while playing with his mustache.

[Songno mumbles: Uses Squeak.]

[Unfriendly rodents that are not hostile are controlled as a group.]

Songno’s special ability.

The power to communicate with animals could not only be used for combat purposes.

‘I guess he’s from here.’

This power was traditionally inherited mainly from the northern or far western regions. Guardians of nature, also called druids.



The sewer was full of rats the size of adult forearms, so they spread out in all directions and asked for information.

“Fortunately, there are no ghosts nearby. I think we can go up now. But…”

“Why are you doing that?”

Songno was confused as to what he saw on earth through the eyes of the rat. He spoke after not answering Jangdu’s question for a long time.

“Let’s go up first and check for yourself.”


The group moved to the place they had marked in advance.

When they got to the ground, they were taken aback by the air not being as refreshing as they thought.

To that extent, Giseom must have been trampled in such a mess.

The whole place was filled with the smell of blood and rotting corpses.



The group disappeared and everyone was looking at one place.

I can’t explain the crack exactly, but there was a trace of distortion in the air, like a haze.

The haze continued to twitch as if it were a heartbeat.

‘It couldn’t have been over there…’

Couldn’t that be the door through which the ghosts came pouring out?

That doubt was in everyone’s mind.

“Let’s go. Escape is the priority now.”

What Songno said was right.

“That is correct. “Shinyo’s Taoist arts.”

“Everyone, hold your breath for a moment.”


[Shinyoga uses the magic of dawn fog.]

[A fog that interferes with perception spreads over a wide area.]

[Surprise attacks or raids don’t occur within the range of the dawn fog.]

Notice A heavy fog was everywhere.

When you entered it, surprisingly, it was difficult to even notice the presence of the person in front of you.

“Fly away.”

[Songno mumbles: Uses chirps.]

[Manipulates small birds with non-hostile affinity as a group.]

Various types of small birds flew onto the shoulders of all personnel, including Snowfall.


Shinyo exclaimed.

“It’s a common way to move around while holding hands, but… it’s pretty good.”

Songno bowed his head in contempt at Shinyo’s words.

“If something happens, even if you just mumble, it will reach my ears. “Everyone, please be careful what you do in the fog.”


The border was clearly porous, perhaps thanks to Taeyul’s cavalry.

– All stop. There’s a monster nearby…


Before Song Ro could see the enemy’s movements with his bird’s eye view, Snowfall moved first. The sense of snowfall developed faster than snow.

– … Let’s go.

* * *

They entered the crypt along a hidden path.

“Who who…”

“A person… a person!”

“Shh… Monsters outside can hear. How many times do you say that?”

People were startled by the group’s appearance.

“I told you I would come back, hehe…”

“Thank you… I am truly grateful…”

“I survived… I survived!”

The number of people in the crypt was slightly reduced. Corpses haphazardly covered with spare cloth.

‘Pandemic… Is it. ‘Other people must be in danger too.’

Those who survived intentionally did not pay attention to where the body lay.

Maybe it’s their own defense mechanism.

“I don’t want to go out… there are full of monsters out there.”

“I want to go home… I want to go home…”

The children who lost their parents backed away as if they were afraid.

“I have to go, I don’t have time now.”


Shinyo was worried about the ghosts who didn’t know when they would return.

on the other side.

“are you okay. “If you come with us, you don’t have to see anything scary.”

“… Really?”

“Yeah, you haven’t seen anything scary since you came here?”

The children flinched and came forward at Seolhong’s words.

It wasn’t just a word of comfort. It was because of its unique soft atmosphere.

A person who was able to move carried an uncomfortable person on his back. People’s faces turned bright red as if the small amount of food they had brought with them helped them gain energy.

But on the other hand, the faces of Shinyo and his companions darkened a little.

“The ghosts are coming back. “We have to get out quickly.”

“If you do something wrong, there is a risk of being surrounded. Go back quickly!”

The group exits the crypt like that.

Shinyo and his party are in the vanguard.

The rear guard was taken over by Kang Seol and his party.

It was a formation with those skilled in reconnaissance leading the way and those with strong military capabilities serving as escorts.

– Be careful. Ghosts that have already returned are blocking the path.

I couldn’t see anything in front of me, and only Songno’s voice could be heard from the small bird.

And then an ominous sound follows.

– this! You missed it!

If Gokbi had been there, he would have blocked the ensuing sound, but unfortunately, Gokbi was lying in a hospital bed.

“It’s them! “I’m human!”

Soon, ghosts and monsters flocked from all directions at the sound.

“where! “Where are you?”

“Get rid of the fog first! Grab them all!”

“Hehehe! That’s a lot! “It smells like meat!”

We have almost reached the entrance to the sewer.



The personnel who had been hiding in the crypt for a long time ran toward the sewer.

There is no major threat left in the sewer. It had to turn into a battle.

“Songno! Go first! “Lead them!”



“I will block the road, Shinyo!”


[Jangdu uses surging vitality.]

[When striking, a shock wave is generated in a wide area, and the shock wave inflicts damage equal to 50% of the attack power.]


The ghost that was hit by Jangdu’s fist fell backwards.

Even snowfall couldn’t stay still.


– It’s a mess in the end.

Huwoo …

The snowfall of the shadow hit the palm of the hand.



It reminded me of the skeleton I saw earlier.

The skeleton opened its mouth.

– A sea of fire will arise….

[The source power of sulfur is in effect.]

[The source power: Wildfire is used.]

[The wildfire continues to expand until the source power of sulfur is cut off.]

[The caster uses wildfire . Immune to damage.]

[Wildfire creates enormous heat and smoke.]

[Inflicts status ailment: Burn on enemies that come into contact with the heat with a high probability. Burn deals 1% of current health per second and lasts for 3 seconds.]

[With a certain probability, Status Ailment: Burn changes to Status Ailment: Burning after its duration ends. The scorching heat deals damage equal to 1% of maximum health per second and lasts for 5 seconds.]

[Additional effects occur depending on the size of the wildfire.]

– The source is not easy. End it as quickly as possible.


There was a huge flame burning the island.

“Ugh… What is this…”

“What is this flame…”

Jangdu and Shinyo looked at Snowfall with surprised eyes. The reason they were surprised was not because of the incredible power of the flames that appeared in an instant, but because Kang Seol used magic.

“Have you been hiding your magic all this time? Puhahaha! snowfall! How much are you going to surprise me?”

Jangdu was also willing because he knew that in a situation like this where enemies were flocking, martial arts would be more helpful than swordsmanship.



Snowfall kicked the ghost’s head and blew it away.

“Shinyou, build a wall with flames!”

When he shouted this, Shinyo responded to him.


[New yoga magical power: Uses high wind.]

[You can control the wind in a narrow range for a short period of time. The strength of the wind is limited to tailwinds.]

Woooooooo… As

the wind picked up, the fire spread straight around the sewer.



“It’s hot!”


The monsters and ghosts that were flocking in were in trouble.

It was an excellent response in an urgent situation.


Perhaps because of this, the ghosts suddenly run away.

“Damage! Run away!”

“I don’t like it… I don’t like it!”

Even Shinyo, who had no expression, smiled briefly as if he was satisfied with the current situation.

“It’s done! “The ghosts retreat…”

Jangdu, who was blocking the side, shouted.

“Run away! Shinyo!”

Something Shinyo hasn’t noticed yet.

The ghosts were not running away from the fire.

They were running away from something that was about to come.

“… what?”

“Well, it looks like something is falling apart!”

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

“Borders are collapsing!”

“no! “I don’t want to go back!”


of a huge amount of manpower.

‘No way…’

The haze that came into their field of vision when they came up through the sewer.

That unknown something attracted everything around it.

“No way!”

The ghosts were dragged into the original world.

Even monsters and the remains of buildings could not avoid this.


And Kangseol and Chiwoo, who were closest to the haze, were also pulled.


Shinyo was being pulled by Jangdu, who didn’t want to let go of her, on one arm, and the other arm was stretched forward to grab Seolhong.

“Don’t let go, Seolhong!”


Seolhong let go of her hand.

“Great work! Shinyo….”



In a moment, a storm swallowed everything.

Most of the ghosts and monsters that filled Giseom were sucked into the storm.


“Seolhong… Snowfall… Why….”

Seolhong and his group, who were in charge of the backbone of this plan, also could not avoid the storm.

“This doesn’t make sense… This is…”


Shinyo stumbled in shock.

How should I accept this situation?

She looked at the spot where Kang Seol and the others were sucked in with empty eyes.

Seolhong and Kangseol Chiwoo.

And although Shinyo didn’t notice, where did Jinryeo, who was sucked in along with him, disappear to?

“They… died like this?”

The storm didn’t answer.

* * *

Crows flew across the desolate background.

Somehow, there is sadness in this landscape I am looking at right now.

A round circle that will soon be filled.

The gallows was in front of me.

‘What is this…’

As soon as Kang Seol realized that this was a dream, he woke up from the dream.

“Huh… Huh….”

A sudden storm hit me and I was sucked in before I could react.

Kang Seol could guess what he was experiencing just now.

‘As expected… that was a gap in the boundary.’

A stepping stone between the ghost world and the real world.

It is clear that it was probably created by a Yaksha.

As for why it collapsed, we can only guess at the moment, but it may have been because the yaksha returned to the ghost world.



A puppy with golden fur was biting Snowfall’s boots.

“What is this?”

At that time, a voice was heard from a little distance away.

“Nice to meet you! My name is Jinryeo! Are you a ghost? He looks human on the outside…”

“… Jinryeo?”

The voice was the same, but somehow Jinryeo’s appearance had changed. Jinryeo looks 10 years younger.

She had become a girl.

‘The appearance has changed, no way…’


Kang Seol looked down at the puppy who had been touching her boots from earlier.


“… Ah, that’s it. Now the words are coming out.”

Jinryeo came over and looked at Chiwoo.


“It’s a wolf.”



While Chi-woo and Jin-ryeo bickered with each other, Kang-seol realized where this place was.

“Oh my…”

“Where am I?”

“Why do I look like this again?”

“Is the dog okay?”

“It’s a wolf.”

“Hands… ah! “Don’t bite!”

Kang Seol smiled bitterly and said.

“It’s a ghost.”

“what? “A noble family?”

“Then you’re saying we’re in a place where ghosts are?”

Kang Seol had some knowledge about the ghost world.

The birth of the yaksha also happened in the ghost world.

In the ghost world, everyone reveals the deepest traces imprinted on their souls. That’s probably why Chi-woo changed into the form of a wolf rather than a dog and Jin-ryeo changed into the form of a girl.

Appearance of Yaksa.

Snowfall and the others have now arrived at a place that touches its essence.

“I… But Kang Seol.”


“What does that look like….”

Of course, when Kang Seol reached the ghost world, his appearance also changed. Kang Seol looked at his unfamiliar appearance reflected in Jin Ryeo’s pupils.

[They stay in the ghost world, drawn by the collapsed border.]

[An unexpected adventure, ‘Land of the Demon King’, occurs.]

[This adventure is very dangerous.]

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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