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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 287

Episode 287:

Oil painting.

She could hear the sound of blades. The sharpness and softness they radiate.

Yuhwa was not the strongest swordsman that Kang Seol had trained, but she was the most beautiful swordsman.

Her understanding of the sword was that it was something more than just a weapon for killing.

“Don’t be funny!”

A serpent ghost that lost one of its arms.

Although he still had four arms left, his balance was already broken.

There are only four arms left.

“It’s over. Stupid guy, that name is a shame. “I wanted to enjoy it more.”

As Duo-Eok-Sini muttered, Seol-Hong’s body glided forward.


[Seolhong uses Song of the Sword: Dream Slash.]

[The attack range of the slash increases significantly, and the sword’s durability does not decrease even if the cut fails.]


In an instant, you turn into a ghost . All arms were cut off.

Before his arms even hit the ground, Seolhong summoned all his swords.

“Uh… uhuhuh….”

The ghost, who had lost all his arms, was shocked and retreated back. Despair was reflected in those eyes.


All the swords that the ghost had wielded appeared around Seolhong.

When Kang Seol saw Seol Hong, he remembered something that happened a long time ago. The time when the sword dancer Yuhwa’s career path was being decided in heaven.

– Isn’t it a waste?

– What do you mean?

– Oil painting. You’ve raised it to this point now. But going into the Dragon Palace is a bit… If you just keep wandering around, it’s definitely…

– I don’t know…

– Huh?

– That’s just my opinion. I guess it’s much better this way…

Kang Seol didn’t want to force his wishes on the horse. What the horse wants is what he wants.

– Oil painting looks happy.

How far will the wind of oil painting reach?

‘… That’s it!’

[Seolhong Season: Uses a skit.]

[Song of the Sword: All blades affected by the fate have free will and attack at once.] [At

this time, attack speed increases by 50% and each attack is made. The durability of the blade is consumed by 2%.]

[This continues until 20% of the durability is consumed.]

The five swords that floated in the air started cutting with the ghost’s body in the middle.


Push shoo shoo shoo!

A sword that moves at incredible speed.

Something that instantly turned into an unidentifiable piece of meat remained in that spot.

A strong man who was approaching the transcendental level was cruelly defeated by Seolhong, who had attained the enlightenment of Yuhwa.



The two people behind the curtain clapped their hands.

“It’s pretty good. “I think it’s worth walking at this level.”


The veil was lifted.

“You must have come looking for a yaksha, right?”

The curtain was lifted, and the appearance of Duoksini, who had been hiding inside, was revealed.

The ferocious teeth and huge body had disappeared and a girl was standing there.

Cute canine teeth that could be mistaken for overlapping teeth and bright eyes.

However, despite its appearance, the strength felt was unusual.

“Follow me, I know someone who can help you hunt the yaksha.”

* * *

“Life is hard….”

It was a long time ago, when Khan was continuing the reign of Hongcheon.

He had already left behind numerous descendants, and the Khan’s situation was stable as if he was standing on a rock.

The one who wanted the dragon’s breath drank the dragon’s blood at the end and is now a corpse sitting on the throne.


Boredom and comfort brought Hongcheon to his knees, which did not collapse even under the evil dragon’s corrupted breath.

“Life circulates, but it stands still.”

The star-like guns were scattered across the continent, and the burning flames have now turned into ashes.

A person who still has warmth inside, but can no longer be called a flame.

Dragon Emperor Hongcheon is not yet dead, but he is not alive either.

It may be impossible to count every moment of the years we have lived, but there were still memorable moments.

For example, cultural entertainment that comes back every month.

“Today, the most famous woman in Cannes is scheduled to have an audience with me. You can look forward to it.”

Banghyu’s face looks a little younger.

Hongcheon evaluated the value of Banghyu as ‘a prime minister useful to Khan.’

Banghyu was sincere to Hongcheon.

I tried my best to energize it.

It’s as if Hongcheon declines and Khan declines.

“Nothing else is boring. “How can a person’s life be so short that the skills he has spent a lifetime practicing are nothing more than eye candy?”

The joys, sorrows and sorrows of that life had long since disappeared, and all that remained was anguish and futility.

After killing the dragon, Hongcheon also died.

No, he should have died.

If only I had known that I would survive this vainly.


The fog had settled down.

The only people watching this wide stage are Hongcheon and Banghyu.

When I thought about it that way, it felt like a waste of effort for someone to stand on a stage like this.

If you show it to another living person rather than yourself, you will definitely receive applause. However, what you will receive at best will be sympathy for your efforts.


The sound of the gourd that started the song came out loud, and soon a woman started moving on the stage.

And at that moment, Hongcheon’s eyelids stopped falling.

The sound of strings filled the stage.

It was clearly a nice sound to hear, but to Hongcheon, it was just noise.

Compared to the movements of a woman moving on stage.

“Oh my… I can’t believe it…”

The ice was melting.

The bitter cold winter was over and spring was visible with buds blooming.

The seasons are visible in women.

Seasons symbolized the passage of time and the prosperity of all things.

Hongcheon, who sensed something in the simple woman’s gesture, stood up straight away.

“Dance… stop dancing…”


the sound of the strings stopped.

But the woman on stage continued to dance.

It is truly a sword dance performed by the soul.

Banghyu shouted.

“The Dragon Emperor ordered us to stop dancing!”

But the dancing continued.

The man who struck the gourd to signal the start of the stage complained.

“Dragon Emperor, once you start dancing, you cannot stop.”

“… why?”

“She never stops dancing until the end of the performance.”

Even the dragon couldn’t stop her dancing.

Hongcheon woke up at this moment.


I felt life coming to the flower that bloomed with the sword.

Banghyu looked back at Hongcheon’s Yongan and hit the ground on his head.

“Yo, Dragon Emperor…”

Tears flowed from the man’s eyes, which had lost all joy and sorrow.

Now, I found an ember in the scattered ashes.

The movements of a woman dancing on stage without the sound of strings or response are truly a gift from heaven.

Yuhwa was a woman sent from heaven.

Yuhwa, covered in sweat, stopped dancing after the last movement.

Dragon Emperor Hongcheon deserved to punish her. I ignored the solemn orders and danced until the end.

However, Hongcheon moved his hand without realizing it.

Clap… clap…

clap… clap… clap…

Applause came out spontaneously.

Something beyond the realm of technology.

“… What is your name?”

For the first time in his life, Hongcheon asked the dancer’s name.

The dancer laughed.

“It’s an oil painting.”

Sword dancer oil painting.

“That’s a good name.”

Time passed and Yuhwa left and Yongje was left alone, panting and looking at the wax of the candle.

A flame that is now going out, or is sure to go out.

“Yuhwa… Yuhwa….”

The hazy light seemed to show the rest of his life.

“You still dance in my dreams…”

* * *

At the same time, the ghost world was busier than the real world.

Chiwoo said, looking at Duo Eoksini walking around with a grin on her face.

“Was it a kid?”

“How cruel! “How dare you be an animal!”

“What a beast! hey!”

“It’s noisy. Everyone, stop acting frivolously.”

A ghost who grabs Chi-woo.

After seeing the small reality of Kang Seol-do, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Was it all a play?”

“It would be more plausible to call it Taoism. “You were fooled, right?”

“It wasn’t the substance….”

“It was the substance, but it wasn’t the substance. “No one knows whether my true self is that of a girl or a giant.”


“Did you want to know?”

They ride on a large palanquin and move and sway. Every time the palanquin passed by, all the ugly-looking ghosts lowered their heads.

‘The power is amazing. As expected…’

The status of a master of the noble world.

It seemed that no one here in the noble world would dare to defy Duo Eok-sini.

“It’s late, but welcome to the castle of pleasure. I have to go to a nearby place to introduce you to my teacher, so I’ll answer any questions you have in the meantime. “Try not to ask too deep questions, because I won’t be able to tell you everything as we go.”

Now that I was welcomed, I was finally able to ask questions. Chiu, who had been waiting for this moment all along, dug in and asked Duo Eoksini.


“Why is the 3 ghost general a ghost king? Are you preparing for Hwagmu’s resurrection? “Is it your fault that he was resurrected in the dark?”

“It would be nice to ask one question at a time, but it would be too much to teach manners to an animal in a short period of time. “Let me explain.”

Chi-woo had different questions than Kang-seol’s.

Duoksini answered his question.

“Ghost 3 General is something you humans made up. Before the darkness and darkness arose, the three of us together ruled a part of this realm.”

“You were already king.”

“You can see that. Although the force was divided into three pieces. What appeared to us was the evil dragon Hwageumu. “He forced us into submission and headed to the present world.”

“Then you still…”

“Listen to the end. Unlike Eoduksini and Geuseondae, who were endlessly greedy for power, I had no interest in the real world. Humans may be a delicacy, but to me, who has lived for a long time, they are just something that bites me. So… I took advantage of the opportunity.”

This was a fact that even Snowfall knew.

The reason why Duoksini is not properly known to the public is also related to this fact.

“Taking advantage of the opportunity when it was dark and the others were paying attention to the real world, I went back to the ghost world and set up a guard and locked it down. They were isolated in the present world, and all the power and power that abounded in the noble world was mine. How do you feel? “Do you understand now that I am a different being than you were?”

“Then it has nothing to do with Hwageumu…”

“It has nothing to do with it. I hate that lizard. If you meet them, will all you do is run away?”

“Does it have anything to do with the resurrection of Darkness?”

“I don’t know. “It would be better for me if it got dark and was sealed for life.”

Chiwoo asked.

“What is your purpose?”

“Right now, it’s the same as your goal.”

Duo Eoksini grinned.

“Hunting yaksha.”

Snowfall asked her.

“Yaksha’s sword… can you suppress its power?”

“Isn’t that why you came here?”


Thunder rumbled.

When I looked outside, I saw that a tree had been struck by lightning and was burning.

“It’s a wall tree. “I think Mr. Cha will like it.”

“Who is Mr. Cha who is introducing you?”

“The tea you serve is of the utmost taste. Sometimes it tastes better than alcohol. He will give it to you too. “Let’s stop talking there.” A house that


like it would collapse immediately if lightning strikes. Strangely enough, it seemed like someone lived here.

“Oh… Teacher Cha! “You must have been inside.”


I could hear the sound of tea being prepared inside.

“You didn’t come alone today.”

Kang Seol tilted his head.

‘Where have I heard that before…’

Duo Eoksini laughed.

“Useful people have been flowing into the ghost world. “I came to introduce you to my tea teacher and maybe get some tea for you.”

The person to whom you use the honorific is the Duouksini.

“Please sit down. “I can give you tea at any time.”

Soon the owner of the voice appeared in the arena.


The tea teacher puts the tea cup down on the table and pours tea into it.

A fragrant scent spread throughout the room.

Scent immediately brings back memories.

Perfume spread from the tip of my nose to my mind.

“Are you still not drinking tea?”

With a gentle smile, the owner of this house asked Kang Seol.

A familiar face.

Although he looked a little haggard, as if he had been through hardships, a mysterious aura emanated from him.

[The powerful helper ‘Hamun’ appears in this adventure.]

[The powerful helper ‘Hamun’ joins your ally in this adventure.]

Hamun, a descendant of Orgo.

The man who had left Novira without even saying goodbye was here.

“…I will not refuse you today.”

Snowfall reached for the teacup.

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