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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 290

Episode 290:

The Old Gentleman of All Things.

An object that appears with a low probability in the Mansang Library.

No one knows the identity of the old gentleman, but the effect of encountering him was widespread. Of course, in this case, it applies to gods who have enjoyed the eternal world for a long time.


Kang Seol was now facing a person with a similar appearance to the old gentleman.

‘No, the old gentleman of all people is right.’

From the moment the old gentleman asked the question, Kang Seol was sure of that.

“You mean your favorite book?”

For now, I am hesitant to delay answering.

“Yes, you heard that. “Do you have a favorite book?”

There was clearly something that made me say no here.

And the player who squandered that golden opportunity ended up regretting it.

“of course.”

“Hoo… what’s your field?”

A choice came to mind.

[An unidentified old gentleman has spoken to you. The old gentleman asked you a question without doing anything special. … What kind of books do you like?]

1. I like technical books related to engineering and manufacturing.

2. I like books related to magic.

3. I enjoy religious books related to divinity.

4. Read trivia books containing a variety of knowledge.

There were so many different options that it didn’t even catch my eye at once.

“Ugh… who?”

Jin Ryeo heard the voice and approached Jiang Seol, but was taken aback when she saw the old gentleman.

“Grandfather who…”

“Hehehe… You can come later. Um… go that way.”


It was like a reading room, with desks and chairs to read books. Kang Seol, Jin Ryeo, and the old gentleman of Man Sang went there and sat down.


An old gentleman crossing his legs.

“Okay, what’s the answer?”

Kang Seol glanced at his notepad and pondered his answer.

‘The books you need to get are technical books, trivia books, or biographies… To get them…’

He looked at the list written by Xiamen and suddenly thought back to the question from earlier.

– Do you have a favorite book?

The old gentleman’s eyes were still sparkling.

‘Favorite… book.’

What is written on the notepad is the book you need to find.

It wasn’t his favorite book.

‘A book… a book…’

There were countless anecdotes related to Kang Seol’s book.

From old books found in monsters’ nests to records containing the history of an unknown continent.

I found joy in each and every one of these things. If I were to answer the old gentleman, I would probably say that I like all of them that I have collected and read over a long period of time.


Just one book.

If I had to choose just one book I really liked…

‘… it would probably be that book.’

No matter what, I would pick a book I wrote myself.

Although I wrote it myself, I didn’t know the details, so I would like to read it.

“… west.”


“I like magic books.”

“It’s a magic book… it’s an item for someone who desires the truth. “Yes… it’s a magic book…”

As the old gentleman continued to mutter, Jinryeo snuggled up next to Kangseol and whispered to him with a smile on his face.

“It must be the ghost of the library. Should I tell Kunna, slap her in the back and run away?”

– Jinryeo, a true romantic of this era.

– Umigwan is mine.

Kang Seol chuckled and whispered to Jin Ryeo.

“Don’t do that, try talking to that person in Jinryeo”

“Ugh… I can’t communicate with older people…”


The old gentleman looked at Jinryeo and said.

“Does the lady there have a favorite book?”

“Lady Sue…”

“Why do you do that? If you don’t like the title…”

“Lady is fine… I tend to like spell books related to Jin.”

Jinryeo gently tucked one side of her hair behind her ear. Her flushed skin was visible as the neckline below her ears was revealed.

– Umigwan went up for auction.

– Truth! The type that is weak to compliments!

The old gentleman asked Kang Seol again.

“Think of the book you specifically want. “It could be the author of the book, the values it contains, or even part of the content of the book.”

“Huh, why?”


“oh. You didn’t ask me! “I will stay quiet.”

Kangseol scratched his chin and answered:

“Um… there’s a phrase I remember.”

“oh! That’s good. “Any phrase that leaves an impression or is…uncommon is fine.”


Kang Seol rolled up the corners of her mouth and said this.

“Azran reports.”

Jinryeo, who was sitting next to him, tilted his head and looked at Snowfall.

“If it’s Azran…”

he then asked.

“Isn’t this the name of the Grand Duke of Frost?”

* * *

It happened quite a long time ago in heaven.

“He is the old gentleman of all worlds….”

“Lie! what! “You were with me just now!”

“It was divided into independent spaces. That’s when they split up… Anyway, he’s an old gentleman of all people! oh my god?”

“Everyone, come here! Eltrick said he encountered an old gentleman of all kinds!”

“oh my god!”

“where! where are you?”

I didn’t know about the snowfall at that time, but when I think back, it was comical to see all the gods rushing in for the presence of the old gentleman.

“It’s right in front of you! No, you mean it’s right in front of Eltrick? Anyway… I finally have a chance!”

“The old gentleman of all ages really appears….”

“I’m jealous… Good luck.”

“El Trick was a horse blessed with good luck with dice. This isn’t fair…”

“Anyway! Let’s leave the envy later and come up with a strategy first. “They asked me if I had a favorite book. What should I say?”

“Didn’t someone organize the options the other day?”

“I just have to follow the flow, right?”

“Uh… it depends on what book you want, right?”

The gods gathered together and discussed the book Eltrick would obtain. It’s a strange sight that other gods are more excited than the person involved.

“There is a time limit for answers, so what should I do….”

“Choose carefully! “The questions are different from time to time, and the answers you want also change depending on them!”

“Then that means the rewards will also be different!”

“So what do you want?”

“Well… isn’t it the strongest book? Eltrick even has a talent for reading! “The chances of gaining enlightenment from books are very high!”

“The best book? “Where is something like that!”

“Okay… I’m sorry that I feel like I’m pouring cold water on an opportunity I’ve had, but you can’t change the fundamentals of a horse with just one technical book.”

Even through the mask, I could feel that Eltrick’s owner was frowning. He thought the other gods were jealous of him.

“No… wizards can. Instead of learning from the strongest teacher, you can learn from the strongest book!”

“So what is this greatest book?”

“Hey, there’s a limit to how much you can become stronger just by reading. If he could learn all those insights from books, Eltrick would already be a great wizard. But… isn’t it? “Your words are of ordinary quality.”

“Be quiet! Everyone, stop being envious and jealous…”

“Who said you were jealous?” It’s really funny… Even if I help you, what are you going to say… Are we going to fight amongst ourselves like this over something that we don’t even know is the best book or something?”

Conversations that only hurt feelings.

The owner of Eltrick thought for a moment and then said this.

“No, there is… If it’s a book left by the strongest wizard, what else would it be but the strongest book?”

“… that.”

“yes? Snowman?”



The gods’ eyes turned to Snowfall, who was far away.

Kang Seol responded with an awkward smile.

“Wrong… maybe not true.”

“yes! Your words! The founder of the Zodiac! yes? You left enlightenment before attempting ascension. “Somewhere in Pandea!”

“I left it. “To the library of all things.”

The gods were the flagship.

He left the book at the Mansang Library.

The book would not have been burned or lost if someone had not taken it first.

“Library of all things!”

“Look! Am I right? “He left the book in the Mansang Library, which can be accessed from anywhere, in order to pass it on to the next horse.”

“I didn’t mean to do that, but… um…”

Eltrick’s owner, whose eyes were shining with greed, shot at Snowfall.

“If you get it, even Eltrick can become like the Frost Duke!”

“Hey… Look, I know you’re greedy, but… That’s Snowman’s stuff. “It’s not yours.”

“Where are yours and mine among the items left in the Mansang Library? The owner has already failed to ascend to heaven, and the legacy left behind is something floating around the world, so what! Do you need permission? Okay, so all you have to do is get permission from the owner of the item, Snowman, right? “Is it okay for me to go for that book in the Universal Library, Snowman?”

It is an item that has already left your hands.

The owner was not determined.

There was nothing wrong with what Eltrick’s owner said. Also, Kang Seol didn’t really have any regrets about that item.

But that didn’t mean I could hand it over.

“Sure. Just…”

“Just? Are you really going to refuse it?”

“No, that’s not it…”

“Say it quickly!”

“Can Eltrick recall even part of the contents of that book?”

“… That uh…”

The gods began to mutter as if they had remembered something after hearing Kang Seol’s words.

“That’s right! In the end, the old gentleman must know at least part of the existence and contents of the book in order for the old gentleman to find it, right?”

“That’s… Snowman! “You just have to tell me.”

“Me to Eltrick? how?”

“Uh… um… oh….”

Snowfall from the past.

A snowman wearing a snowman mask said this to Eltrick’s owner.

“I wonder if I could tell you the contents of Azran’s book… There is no way I can take over my book from the old gentleman of all places.”

* * *

Looking back, it seems like words have become seeds.

– I wonder if I could tell you the contents of Azran’s book…

Kangseol remembered the past and the memories were scattered like smoke.

The old gentleman’s questions continued.

The old gentleman kept asking me what I liked about the book and its other contents and topics, but it was only after about 10 minutes of Q&A that I stopped asking questions.

“ah! “Follow me here for a moment.”

“What about me?”

“The lady there too.”

“By the way… don’t call me that…”


“I can’t help it if it’s comfortable for you.”

An old gentleman who goes his own way with great strides.

Also, I don’t know where the ladder came from, but there was even a wooden ladder prepared.

The old gentleman standing between the bookshelves grinned.

“I can’t reach it with my height. “Could you please take out the book up there?”

“of course.”


Jinryeo asked while Kangseol was climbing up the wooden ladder.

“Can I just stay there?”

“No, look to the left.”

“Left… huh?”

While Jinryeo turned her head to the left and checked the bookshelf, Kangseol was on the ladder looking for a book at the location indicated by the old gentleman.

“What book would you like me to bring out for you?”



“Um… Kangseol.”

When Kang Seol turned around and looked down, he saw Jin Ryeo trembling.

“The old man… disappeared?”


“And give me this….”

I didn’t know what book it was in Jinryeo’s hand, but looking at her surprised face, it seemed like it was definitely not an ordinary book.

‘The old gentleman of all worlds was activated by Jinryeo. Then…’

Kang Seol quickly scanned the bookshelf with his eyes.

And soon I found a book that stood out from the rest.

A book with no title written on it, with a black leather cover.


Snowfall sighed.

This wasn’t the book he wanted.

‘What did you expect… but what kind of book is this?’


Kangseol opened the book without getting down from the ladder.



“… no.”

There was no information written in the front of the book.

Feeling something strange, he quickly reached the last page of the book.


There was something written at the end of the book.

‘8 – ㅁ – 901.’

Kang Seol widened his eyes.

Then I checked the bookshelf where I took out the book.

3 – ㅁ – 153.

The first number refers to the stairs, ㅁ is the first letter of the title, and the numbers that follow seem to refer to the location of the bookshelf.

‘Could it be… that the book is on the 8th floor?’

[Amazing discovery! You encounter the Old Gentleman of all worlds.]

[The Old Gentleman of all worlds presents you with a book.]

Looking at the message, the Old Gentleman of all worlds has clearly activated.

It just seemed that the value of the book that Kang Seol wanted was far beyond what could be obtained on the third floor.

‘If this happens…’

The Yaksha was also a Yaksha, but since she knew that there was a treasure sleeping in the library of all things, she couldn’t miss that either.

‘…I have to go up to the 8th floor.’

Perhaps a book containing the thoughts of Prince Azran, the Prince of Frost, had been left there.




“Ahhh! yes!”

“Did you get what you wanted?”

A smile appeared on Jinryeo’s face.


“Then let’s go upstairs. “I feel like I got everything I could from here.”


Jinryeo smiled brightly and held on to Kangseol’s ladder.



The two of them walking towards the door through which light leaks.


The next flight of stairs greeted them.

A sign was placed at the entrance.

“There is a sign… there! “There is this time!”

“… And there’s something else.”

“… yes? uh? Huh? “That…”



A giant soldier of enormous size was destroying a bookshelf in the very center of the library.



Kang Seol and Jin Ryeo looked at each other and wondered what was going on.

At that time, a voice came from somewhere.

“hey! Hey guys!”

“Jone! Lower your voice. “The giant soldiers are listening.”

“Then how do you call me?”

“That’s… um? “That young man… I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

“Where can I see the view? “This is my first time seeing it at the Mansang Library… Huh?”

A voice I’ve heard before.

“Frannan? “You’re that one-eyed scale guy’s disciple!”

“Really. “I never thought we’d meet in a place like this.”

Kang Seol nodded and asked.

“Scorpion… Sheep?”

“It’s Jaune and Santio! Fortunately, he recognizes our faces!”

Suddenly, we meet on the 4th floor of the Mansang Library, Jone, the lord of the Scorpio Magic Tower, and Santio, the lord of the Aries Magic Tower.

There was even a giant soldier smashing through one floor of the library.

When Kang Seol looked at John with suspicious eyes, he hurriedly spoke.

“I’m not a ghost!”


Kang Seol decided that the only thing that could explain this whole situation was the sign in front of him.


Kangseol frowned as he read the sign.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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