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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 291

Episode 291:

The information written on the sign gave us at least a rough idea of how all this happened.

We sincerely ask that you never open a book here on the 4th floor.

If you would like to check the contents of the book, please open it at least 15 days after removing it from the bookshelf.

If a problem occurs due to failure to follow the usage rules, the library is not responsible for the safety of users.

There was a little more written in small letters at the end of the sign.

If a problem occurs and you are still alive, just wait patiently for the problem to take care of itself.

The more serious the problem, the faster it will be dealt with.

After Kang Seol finished reading the sign, he glared at John.

“… Did you open the book carelessly?”


“What book did you put your hand on…”

Santio lifted the cover of the book that was the cause of the situation from afar.

“This is it.”

「Griz’s Future Imagination」

He didn’t seem to be at all wary of the side effects that could occur when the words future and imagination were given to engineers.

Jaune hastily excused himself.

“No, that… that b*stard makes you curious! “The kid who wrote the book review also wrote something so meaningful that I couldn’t resist!”

– ‘The most shocking ending since letters were used!’

– ‘A story that shocked the whole country!’ – Kim Jeon-mi

– ‘The book that made the world cry!’ – Hong Se-sang

– Book review Only people who have been scammed know this lol

– I can’t stand this thumbnail!

– Jaune is not guilty!

Kangseol pressed his temples and asked.

“How on earth did you end up here?”

“Oh, does that matter now?”

“It’s important. “The library of all things is now in your realm?”

“… what? Are you an ear? “Is that really true?”

Kang Seol was puzzled by their appearance in Mansang Library.

I knew that the Zodiac’s 12 Magic Towers were a national organization scattered throughout Pandea, but they were not all spread evenly.

Moreover, the magic tower located in the Khan Empire was neither Aries nor Scorpio. It was hard to believe that they were sucked into the ghost world like snowfall and entered the library of all things before snowfall.

Jaune shot back at Santio.

“Ouch! Santio! What did I say! “I told you to stop and go back quickly, right?”

“That’s exactly what I said. “Johnny insisted that we keep climbing.”

“… okay? For some reason, it felt good in my mouth. Anyway… if what you say is true, we didn’t even know it was happening and thought it was carefree. It was a few months ago that we entered Mansang Library. “There is no way it could have entered from the ghost world.”

“… a few months ago? Are you sure you’ve been wandering around the lower floors this whole time?”

“The lower floor! Where is the madman who divides the Chronic Library into low and high floors! “Is that something you can say even after looking at the mess on the 4th floor?”

Santio raised his glasses.

“You are the one who made a mess on the fourth floor.”

“… okay? “For some reason, I felt guilty for saying it.”

Santio said this while looking at the snowfall.

“We encountered unexpected variables on the third floor. “Most of our time was wasted there.”

“Young man, how can there be no way? “That guy is blocking the exit so I should be able to get to the next floor.”

“How about waiting for it to go away on its own?”

“It’s already been three days.”


“It is not specified when it will disappear, so it will be much faster if we deal with it and move on.”

Kangseol moved little by little to join them, hiding behind the bookshelf.

“Do you remember how that giant soldier came out?”

“Remember that straight! That way! “If you open the book right there, wouldn’t something drawn on the book pop out?”

“I need to explain this clearly, John. To be precise, rather than seeing it as something that jumped out of a book, it is more correct to say that it came out of that ‘chapter.’”

As Santio scolded, Jaune pouted his lips.

“Yes, that’s right. But I’m not sure if it’s a drawing or a text. “Keep that in mind.”

“Something is sticking out of the open cabinet… Are you two unable to deal with that giant soldier?”

“Griz’s stuff? We are scholars. My main focus is transfer magic. This sheep’s head is about astrology and magic resistance. “I guess the one that has a chance of winning is the living thing.”

“Unlike Jaune, I have two types.”

“Astrology is useless now! And transference is a deep discipline!”

“Are you making fun of the future that can be discovered through astrology? I’ll tell you John’s future right now. Hmm… the shadow of death fell on Jaune’s face.”

“It’s just a shadow! “You’re just standing there so awkwardly that you’re casting a shadow!”

“Oh, excuse me.”

Jinryeo distorted her face and whispered to Kangseol.

“Do you know these people? “If you tell Kunna…”

“They are people I know.”

“I see…”

Jinryeo loses his appetite again.

Jaune asked.

“So, who is your teacher?”

“You’ve been away from me for a long time.”

“Um… that’s a shame. “Libra is a great power.”

“How about using transfer magic to transfer that giant soldier to another floor?”

“That size? “It’s impossible.”


“To transfer something of that size, you have to draw a sign. It indicates that it will be transferred to a pre-designated space. “This is a magical ritual and cannot be violated.”

“Then shouldn’t I just remove it from the exit?”

“There’s another problem. After transferring something of that size, you’ll probably have to suffer from magical exhaustion for a few weeks. “Because of my age, my recovery is slow… I don’t want to be in danger like that at the Mansang Library, let alone anywhere else.”

“Transfer magic is a subject with many problems.”

“I told you it had that much depth!”

Santio said.

“I expected to be ridiculed because I ignored astrology. “I also saw this in advance through astrology.”

“… Does that have any meaning?”

Snowfall looked at the giant soldier and thought deeply.

‘If it’s an ordinary giant soldier, it’s enough to get rid of it… but if it’s a giant weapon created from Griz’s imagination… it’s embarrassing.’

Griz was a genius who designed the ‘universe’ that was the belt of snow a long time ago.

Not only that, he was a rare inventor who had an impact on the entire continent.

I didn’t even want to imagine the power of the giant army he dreamed of.

‘Of course, when Bitan was suffering…’

Because Bitan was suffering, Kangseol could not perform as usual.

When grief is with snowfall Snowfall is the brightest being when it is with grief.

Jaune secretly expressed his opinion.

“So I was thinking, how about this?”


“Since that giant soldier jumped out of the book, I have to find something out of the book to subdue that giant soldier.”

“Does this feel like…?”


Santio shook his head.

“It won’t be easy. That monster is also the invention of the evil Grizz. “Griz’s imagination is a monster born from a terrible resource.”

“Hi-Hi! That’s not a problem! All you have to do is bring out a guy who you can be sure will beat that b*stard!”


“For example… this guy!”


The book that Johnet showed me had a flashy title.

「Prosperity and Glory of the Zodiac」

The author was written in small letters below it.

Author – Jone Fria.


“Yes, it’s a book I wrote. “Do you know how the chief begins?”


“Azran! The bitter cold that freezes even death…”

“Isn’t this written about the Zodiac? Why is the story of the Prince of Frost….”

“Who would read a book that talks about something stiff like the Zodiac at the beginning! The chief must be provocative at all costs! Is there any subject matter more provocative than the Prince of Frost? “I even included illustrations of Azran, so it sold like hot cakes.”

Santio tilted his head.

“So, when you open the beginning of this book, the most powerful frost wizard in human history pops out?”

“You got it right. “How is it?”

Kang Seol shook his head.

“I reject it.”

Santio also supported the opposition to snowfall.

“Jone… I told you it was too dangerous, right?”

“Why not?”

“Are you sure that the Azran that popped out is our ally?”

“Well… huh?”

“I can’t be sure because I’ve never summoned an intelligent being from the fourth floor before… but that’s really a last resort.”

“Tsk… I got it.”

“Still, I’ll remember it. “It wasn’t the worst opinion.”

Most of Azran’s magic was frost magic that struck in all directions.

Of course, as a wizard who was close to ascending to heaven, his understanding of magic was unrivaled, but there was no guarantee that his clone would overshadow Fiia.

“Then what? “It’s hard to fight against that giant soldier with your bare body…”

“Then how about a book like this?”

“What book…”


Kang Seol held out the book and explained the plan.

The two archmages looked at the book he held out for a while, thought about it for a while, and then said this.

“This… seems like a good idea.”

“I guess I’ll have to look for a lot of similar types of books.”

“I know a few books on similar topics! “I read it, so it’s probably accurate.”

“But if this goes on, we’ll eventually have to approach that giant soldier. Which of us should take on that role?”


* *



Every time the giant soldier occupying the center of the fourth floor lightly swung his arm, several bookshelves fell over.

The damage to the book would have been restored anyway by the Mansang Library, but the chaotic terrain was quite unsuitable for dealing with giant soldiers.

Still, what can we do? Someone has to step forward.

“Griez. “Why did you imagine something like this?”



As Kangseol appeared, muttering, stepping on the broken bookshelf, the giant soldier looked at Kangseol.


A giant bottle spouting steam.

Kang Seol opened the book he had brought with him.

[You have violated the rules of use.]

[The story contained in Chapter 1 of ‘Witch Willaim’s Basic Alchemy – Sticky Grass I’ unfolds.] [

– Sticky grass is added to the body fluids of the moss widow spider…]


Acrid-smelling mucus squirted out onto the front of the book.

In the blink of an eye, one arm of the giant soldier was covered in mucus.

Jaune shouted.

“Miss Willaim always skips introducing herself and starts talking about sticky glue! “Up to Volume 3, so don’t worry!”

“How do you know so well?”

“I liked it!”


When Kang Seol dodged the giant soldier’s fist, the fist fell in vain where he was.

I flinched…

It seemed like the sticky paste had had an effect.



‘This isn’t enough!’

A giant soldier that is about to tear its arm off the ground at any moment.


[Jone uses stepping stones.]

[A door is formed that allows passage in both directions.]


Jone’s transfer magic comes to the aid.

The necessary book was thrown from the door through which light leaked.

“Take it! Open any chapter except the last one! No, the back page is better!”

Kang Seol immediately snatched up the book and climbed onto the soldier’s shoulder.

Tap… tap…

and opened the book.

[You have violated the rules of use.]

[The story contained in Chapter 167 of ‘Monsters with Absurd Effects’ unfolds.]

[- Ishtald’s obsidian ax is an absurd weapon whose weight increases based on the wearer’s strength… ]


The obsidian ax sticking out of the book fell into the giant soldier’s arm.


As the ax stuck to his arm, one of the giant soldier’s arms remained stuck on the ground and did not move.

“Is that right? That’s some great trash! “You’re lucky!”


Steam spewed out from the giant soldier’s body, and one of his unusable arms separated.


Griz seems to have even imagined such a useless function.


“Take it! “It’s Sticky Glue Volume 2!”


Kang Seol snatched up the book and opened it straight away.

[You have violated the rules of use.]

[The story contained in Chapter 1 of ‘Witch Willaim’s Basic Alchemy – Sticky Glue Ⅱ’ unfolds.] [

– Sticky glue can be used for various purposes in real life. [Eco-friendly material…]

Oh my!

Sticky grass scattered on the giant soldier’s crotch.


A giant soldier shot out flames at Snowfall’s location.



Snowfall quickly jumped into Johne’s stepping stones, so if it weren’t for the disaster, he would have had to fight against the flames directly.

Of course, thanks to the fire monkey, it was possible to resist most of the fire damage, but it was better to be careful. If you take damage you don’t need, you could suffer losses in the ensuing battle.

“That damn guy set fire to the library! Santio!”

“I know.”



[Santio uses a coat of fire resistance.]

[Increases the fire resistance of allies within a certain range by 30%.]


[Santio uses Refreshing Breath.]

[Breath is not affected by harmful effects for a certain period of time.]

Snowfall quickly jumps back at the giant soldier.


Kangseol balled up his fist and struck the giant soldier in the chest.



Rather, it is a giant soldier’s outer armor so strong that it hurts your hands. I decided to give up the idea of striking directly.


“Damn it! damage!”

As soon as Kang Seol confirmed that the magic power was gathering in the mouth of the giant soldier, he quickly left the place.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Although it was far short of the iron cannon used by Seolhong, the attack exploded with destructive power that was absurd for a weapon attached to a large soldier.

Although I was able to avoid it, it was powerful enough to make my hair stand on end.

‘This is how it is…’

The anxiety that the library might collapse first was in everyone’s mind.

‘Should I change my methods?’

Just as I was contemplating what direction to take with everyone joining together to attack the giant soldiers, I heard someone shouting.

“I found the car! Kangseol! “I found something amazing!”


“Please believe me! “It’s a book I’ve read hundreds of times!”

It was the first time I had heard a voice like this from Jinryeo, shouting with such confidence.

“I believe it!”

“Happy! “No, please tell me this, old man!”

“This guy!?”

“hurry! “It’s urgent!”



Kang Seol quickly checked the title of the book he was handed.

「The one who reclaimed the Wing Mountains」

“This is….”

“Uh… Chapter 30! I remember it clearly! That’s definitely the point!”

“Is it a spear or a person?”


Huiwo Woo

Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo -Woo,

who became a soldier, stretched his fist, but the snowstorm ride his arm and climbed up to the head of the figures.


Before opening the book, Kang Seol thought for a moment.

‘This… it’s too dangerous… if someone jumps out, it’s over.’

When Kang Seol showed such signs, Jin Ryeo scattered money in the air.

Several platinum coins disappeared in thin air.

“Kunna says it’s right! “The 30th chapter is a window!”



A golden light emanated from beyond the book, an energy I had never felt before.

[You have violated the rules of use.]

[The story contained in Chapter 30 of ‘The One Who Recovered the Winged Mountains’ unfolds.] [

– The Dragonlord’s black spear was forged by the sky dragon’s thunderbolt…]


A ray of lightning struck the top of the giant soldier’s head.

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