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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 293

Episode 293


A shadow wolf howls and rushes towards Coco.


Around it, the bookshelves that were still intact collapsed.

Kang Seol clicked his tongue.

Although it is likely that he would have affectionate feelings for her because she is a member of the same race that no longer exists in the world, the shadow wolf she encountered on the 6th floor greeted Coco warmly.

Now that it was like this, it had to turn into a battle.

“Things don’t work out that easily…”

Just as Kang Seol was about to put both hands together and prepare a spell, he suddenly stopped.


The night ravens are one body, so if we work together, anything can happen. Jamard was holding onto his energy and not letting go.

‘Don’t you help me?’

– They say don’t help.


– Coco.




“Hi… hide!”

“Ride! be careful!”

As John and Santio hid in the corner, Kangseol thought for a moment why Coco had made such a decision.




Two shadow wolves went on a rampage, seemingly intent on destroying the entire place.


Coco passing by the snowfall.

Whoa whoa…

And another shadow wolf follows behind.



Snowfall rolled loudly on the ground to avoid being caught up in their battle.

‘… hmm?’

But something was strange.

I can’t think of the exact words to express it, but should I say that the fight is somewhat sluggish? The result was insufficient for the strength they had.

“We have to find a way to stop it! If this continues, this entire floor will collapse!”

“I can’t use magic carelessly because I don’t know the identity of that wolf. Rather…”

However, it seemed different to Jaune and Santio. Well, it looked quite plausible. Whenever you see things around you breaking and flying in all directions, it will look like a scene of indiscriminate destruction.

However, Kang Seol had different thoughts.

The Shadow Wolf’s battle was fought more quietly and more lethally. Especially in terms of speed rather than destructive power.

Coco was the one who usually ran wild but moved at incredible speeds during battles, but now for some reason, she was running at less than half of her usual speed.

– This can only be seen as a windfall.


Just as I was wondering about the battle between the two, Ur began to explain the situation.

– Some foolish guy twisted the rules that exist in the upper layer, and as a result, that shadow wolf can now exist as a ‘creature’. Otherwise, it would have disappeared long ago.

‘What does it mean to exist as a living thing?’

– Since it has become like that, it exists on its own regardless of the rules of use. That means it is possible to take care of that guy.

‘Does that make sense? No matter how mysterious the library of all worlds is….’

– Do miracles occur in any location? A miracle like that can happen anywhere, even if not here.

While Snowfall and Ur were having a conversation, the shadow wolf’s battle pattern changed.


The shadow wolf that was blocking the 6th floor lightly bit Coco’s neck and stayed still.


And this time, the roles were reversed and Coco asked the other person.

The two only pretended to bite each other, but did not raise their teeth and stab each other.

The hall became quiet.

‘… Is this really possible?’

– Ho… Even though so much time has passed, does this mean that the wild instincts remain? Library of all things… Interesting. Not only did they imitate the shape, but they made it into reality perfectly…


This time the two are rubbing their heads.

“… ah.”

– Is it in heat? No, there was no sign of that, so it could have been a simple expression of friendship. However, I am curious as to whether the shadow wolf that became your creation and the shadow wolf that underwent the mutation of the library of all things can become a couple.

Ur’s words were understood and not understood.

What this means is that I had just met that shadow wolf, and he looked quite vicious, so I never felt like we would get along as soon as we met.


– That guy seems to like your Coco. Also… Ugh…

Someone intervened in the conversation between Ur and Kang Seol.

– Oh, I’m embarrassed!

– …Would you please get out of my way?

– how how! I guess Coco was a guy too!

– Hey Karen. Okay, so I want you to move away from me.

It was Karen who intruded on the conversation.

His voice was bright, as if he felt quite relaxed about staying in nothingness.

Anyway, while Karen and Ur were arguing, Snowfall looked at the two shadow wolves with a blank expression.

‘…is it going to end?’

– couple?

– I can’t forgive!

– I am against this marriage! I am against this marriage! I am against this marriage! I am against this marriage!

– Bulyeosi: Father-in-law! Give me Coco!

– Coco is the man!

– Bulyeosi: I want to be with my father, Ii…

– Even if they are of different species, couples cannot be tolerated!

Now the two have gotten to the point where they lick each other’s fur with their tongues.

“… Coco?”

– Coco! You were supposed to eat popcorn and watch a late-night movie with me!

– I said I would support you for the rest of my life!

– eye patch!! Don’t fall for that bully!


As Coco was about to return to Kangseol, the shadow wolf that had been making love with her approached Kangseol.

Boom… Boom…

It’s a size that makes me think it’s even bigger than Coco in her prime. If Kang Seol were an ordinary human being, he would have fainted just by looking into those eyes.

[Charm comes into play.]

[Creatures that feel your charm inevitably feel curious about you.]

A charm activated at a good time.

As an ability that is difficult to obtain, he did a great job.

[Early Evening Kukuru]

Grade: Immortal

Estimated Level: 50~55

Among ancient creatures, the Shadow Wolf preserved its raw and pure power even to the moment of approaching extinction.

Just as lineage means more to a creature than just branching roots, so the bloodlines of the shadow wolves invariably wield the power of shadow.

Kukuru is a powerful shadow wolf that dominated an era long ago. She was naturally larger than other shadow wolves, even though she did not choose to become large.

When night came, her enemy always had to fear that she might come with her. As powerful as she was, she had many enemies, and her flame of life died out as she was swept away by those enemies and the trends of the times.

And now, thanks to a mysterious event that happened here in Mansang Library, she has returned to the world. The world may once again tremble in fear with her appearance.

One good thing is that Kukuru really likes Mansang Library and considers it his home.

till now.

Basic Abilities: [Bite 5] [Claw 5] [Solitary Life 4] [Crushing Bones 5] [Shadow Shift 4] [Inviscera Scratching 3] [Slimy Vitality 5] [Involuntary Bone Bones 5] [Smell Blood 3] [Sustaining : Shadow Beast 4] [Persistence: Lord of the Pack 5] [Persistence: Shadow Affinity 5] [Persistence: Berserk 4]

Special Ability: [Season: Waterfall Tear]

‘… Immortal?’

– I didn’t expect this.

Since Coco was a transcendent level, I naturally expected her to be a transcendent level, but the giant wolf called Kukuru was one level higher than Coco.

– Yes, considering that Coco is still growing, this could be possible.

‘Why are you trying to convince yourself… What should I do now?’

If he attacks, will he be able to subdue it now that Bitan hasn’t woken up?

“Joe be careful!”

Jonet hides himself behind a book.

I talked a lot in secret.

“Santio! “Is there any way to help?”

“My magic is only effective against strong opponents.”

“Just by looking at it, it’s powerful!”

“Then it seems you are weaker than you look.”


“So, is there something that Johnne can’t do?”

“I need your help to use my transference magic on living things! Basically, living things have resistance to forced transfer, even ordinary people!”

“Others need to hear me say that they can’t do anything without me.”

“That’s important now… huh…? Santio!”

“Anyway… then first of all…”

“Santio! “Look over there.”

Santio turned his head in the direction of Kukuru. I had an anxious mind. I wonder if it may have swallowed the snowfall in the meantime.


swoosh… swoosh…


Kukuru rubbed his nose against Kangseol’s hand.

Snowfall, who had suddenly touched the nose of this large shadow wolf, had an expressionless face.

– What is this?

– I’ve seen this situation somewhere…

– Is this Alkatron? Have I regressed?

Ur’s long-awaited answer was heard.

– It is difficult to accept it right away. There’s no telling what will happen if you take him out of the library like this… in the worst case, he may melt and disappear.

‘Then how…’

– I explained the method to Jamad. I’m sure he’ll deal with it appropriately.


Ur had a brief conversation with Jamad.

I clearly felt that it was a great luck to be able to communicate among the summoned beasts.


This time Jamard called Coco and explained something.

Perhaps because they were connected through their abilities, Coco understood what he said well. Just by looking at him nodding his head, it was like that.

“Now… then…”

Jamard began to mutter an unintelligible shaman. Meanwhile, Coco was clinging to Kukuru and crying inexplicably.


Kukuru answered Coco’s question with a growl.

‘Is it not going well?’

At that time, a choice occurred to Kang Seol.

[You met the happy companion of Coco, your creation, here at Mansang Library. Looking at the atmosphere, it seems like things are going well. How will you act?

1. [Required: Kukuru’s Favor] Ask Kukuru to step aside for a moment as he will pass by here.

2. [Required: Shadow Wolf][Danger: Kukuru’s disappearance] Accept Kukuru as a companion and head to the next floor.

3. Challenge Kukuru and defeat him.

4. [Required: Shadow Wolf Kukuru’s Favor Shadow Spell] Returns Kukuru to the core.

The ridiculous conditions of option 4.

It felt shameful to think that I could prepare for all that.

But in the end, all of those things were prepared for Kang Seol.

– Let’s begin.



A whirlwind formed around it, as if a storm was brewing. A dark cloud covered the entire 6th and 7th floors, swirling around the snowfall.


“Be careful not to fly away!”

When Snowfall held out her hand, clouds began to gather on it.



– Yes, you’ve seen it once, right?

When Coco was killed by Ur, it turned into something black.

Ironically, when he showed it to his colleague Ur in the past, he said this.

– The shadow wolf gathers all its strength at the moment when death is imminent and returns to its original form.

Perhaps the core of a shadow wolf.

In that case, the round bead created on Snowfall’s hand would be Kukuru’s core.


After a while, the fog completely disappeared.

Kang Seol asked, holding the bead in his hand.

‘Is it okay to resurrect it like it did back then?’

– no. The Shadow Essence is not there, so send it into nothingness.

‘To nothingness?’

– Okay, let’s handle it inside. There’s a lot to find out, and there’s a lot of shadow essence here.

It would be possible to fill it by collecting only the essence of the monsters that dwell in nothingness.

Kang Seol nodded.

– Obtaining this guy is not just about increasing your power. This means that if shadow wolves form a male and female pair, natural mating is also possible.

‘Is that possible?’

Of course it was good if the number of creatures increased.

But is it possible for creation to increase on its own?

– Natural breeding has a low success rate. Because they are guys with clear tastes to begin with. However, judging from previous actions, it is not a bad prospect.’

“Ouch! What’s going on all of a sudden…”

“Hugh John. There is no need to come out trembling. “Because everyone knows we didn’t do anything.”

“Shh… If you don’t show up again shamelessly, you’ll lose face too much. “Young man… you worked hard.”

Snowfall quickly reached the 6th and 7th floors.

“What kind of idiot would let such an absurd thing go?…”

“He’s probably dead.”

Kang Seol felt grateful to that idiot.

‘I don’t know who that idiot is, but he did a great job.’

The breakthrough time was dramatically shortened, so it deserved the award. If this were the case, wouldn’t it have been okay to not have sent Xiamen’s group back in advance? It was to the point where I even thought about it.

‘So now only the 8th floor is left?’

The 8th floor is the library director’s area.

The usage rules do not apply to the floor where the director is located. Moreover, the director of Mansang Library is very powerful.

I don’t know if I could use all my power, but I couldn’t defeat the Librarian now that Grief was asleep.

‘… We won’t have to fight, though.’

The good news is that the library director does not particularly disturb users. And… the director of the Mansang Library passed away quite a long time ago.

In other words, the 8th floor was now nothing more than a space filled with bookshelves.

Then, all you have to do is go up to the 8th floor and find the item you want.


“Umm… look.”

“This is…”

Jaune and Santio said as they checked the path that had been blocked by Cukuru so far.

“There is a trace of magical power left. what?”

“Are you saying someone headed upstairs?”

“Yeah, but something’s strange.”

“What is it?”

“The one who headed upstairs wasn’t the guy who broke the rules with transfer magic. That guy must already be dead. “Using such nonsense techniques and hoping that the circuit is intact is already within the realm of faith.”


Kang Seol met Jaune’s gaze.

“That means there may have been one more book opened here.”


“Let’s go up first. “If my prediction is correct, you will know what happened as soon as you climb.”

* * *

Jeok… Jeok…

Snow and the party moved from the 6th floor to the 7th floor through a passageway, and then again to the 8th floor through a passageway from the 7th floor.


When they passed through the door through which the light leaked, what greeted them was not the sight of a row of bookshelves.


“It’s so cold…”

“What is this…”

A snowy field suddenly spread out.

It fell in the middle of a snowy field where a blizzard was swirling.

“I heard that the 8th floor is a space of imagination… but to think of it on this scale… ugh… my beard is freezing.”

“What on earth is going on….”


The snow field was so wide that the end could not be seen. I was wondering for a moment what had happened.


I saw a light in the distance.

They were getting closer and closer.

Santio said.

“Something is coming. “I’m going to flip over the curtain, so just hold your breath for a moment.”

[Santio is used as if he is present or not.]

[Unless his colleagues within a certain radius take drastic action, he exists beyond recognition.]

Snowfall and

his party disappear into thin air.

Jaune whispered, poking Snowfall’s side.

“Are you sure. “One more book has been opened.”

“What kind of book is this?…”



A group of people appeared holding torches imbued with magic. In addition to its rugged size, it also has large fangs.

Kang Seol was so shocked that he almost burst into laughter.

‘Northern troll?’

Trolls known to live in the polar regions with impressive blue skin and white manes have appeared.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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