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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 294

Chapter 294:


The bright blue trolls were looking around and muttering something.

Jaune and Santio, who used not only perception-impeding magic but also noise blocking magic, whispered among themselves.

“What are you talking about, those guys?”

“I don’t understand… Well, there’s no way trolls can use the common language of humans.”

Kangseol left them alone, unaware that Jamard was right next to them, and talked to him.

– These guys… are the Glaciermaw tribe.

‘Glacier maw? ah!’

Blue skin and pure white body hair were one of the famous genetic traits of the glacier anglerfish.

They evolved that way to survive in the cold polar regions.

– Those guys…

Jamard’s explanation follows.

However, even without hearing it, Kang Seol knew quite a bit about Glacier Maw.

A tribe that banded together to survive in the north, where everything freezes during a blizzard.

They had been reigning as losers for a long time in the north, where even the strongest people had difficulty surviving.

“They are moving. “Let’s go!”

“It should just stick. “The strides are so big that if you do something wrong, you’ll miss it.”

The members of the Glacier Maw stride across the snowy field, whispering among themselves again.

“I wonder what it means… If I could understand it, I would have a rough guess…” “

… It is said that light leaked from this place. “You’re insisting that you saw it.”

“what? If it’s light… it looks like light came out when we went up the stairs… Huh? “Where did you say that just now…”

“They said that.”

I understand what the troll is saying.

Unlike Mael, who was part of the Relic Society, the Glacier Maw did not use a common language, but the two looked in amazement at Kang Seol, who immediately interpreted the words.

“Do you even speak troll?”

“I learned it because I thought I would need it.”

“I also learned how to sew for a living just in case I end up on the street… but still, it’s a bit strange to think of it as a troll fish.”

“Still, I’m glad. At least we can find out how things will work out.”

Snowfall followed behind the Glaciermaw tribe and interpreted everything they muttered.

“It looks like they are a scouting team.”

“Reconnaissance team? Scouting for what?”

“I don’t know that much, but it looks like they are patrolling regularly. However, considering the frequency and scale, it does not seem to be that important.”

“That would be correct. It looks like they are controlling the entire 8th floor, so why should we be on guard and expand our reconnaissance?”

Square… Square…

The sound of stepping on snow and ice continues to be heard. Something transparent reflected on the horizon caught my eye.

“Oh my… am I seeing this right now?”

“… Things are getting a little serious.”

Where the scouting team was heading, there was a huge ice castle built against the surrounding terrain of varying heights.

It looked a little more rugged and practical than a human castle, but its scale was extraordinary.

“These guys… why are they so big? “I would believe it even if it were an ogre.”

“It’s probably the northern guys. “It must have become this huge in order to adapt to the harsh environment.”

Santio explained to Johnet what Kangseol had already noticed.

The reason why northern trolls have thicker body hair and are as large as mountains than trolls from other regions is due to the environment.

‘Jamad, if I reveal my identity to them, wouldn’t they welcome me as one of their own people?’

– Where have I gone and seen myself welcomed?


Jamard responds with a joke to something that was said as a joke.

– By the way, the glacier maws, who were obsessed with hiding in their own territory, poured out of the book… Hmm…

‘Do you think you know what book it is?’

– Roughly speaking. But if my prediction is correct…

Jamard frowned.

– Work will get a little annoying.

Snowfall asked Jamad for detailed information about the Glacial Maw tribe.

Although I originally knew a lot of information, I thought that some of the information I heard from trolls of the same species would definitely be information I was hearing for the first time.

Fortunately, information that only insiders would know came pouring out from Jammad.

– The Glacialmaw are a self-righteous tribe. Although they belonged to the Tribal Alliance, they were famous for not sending strong people to the Council of Elders.

‘Why is that so?’

– Well, there were many theories, but the most plausible one was that survival was their only goal as they were trying to survive in the polar region.

‘Did the Tribal Federation just leave them alone?’

– All northern trolls fell under the power of the Glacial Maw. If we don’t stick together, we’ll fall to the blizzard and monsters. So, as a single force, it may be the most powerful group. The tribal alliance’s provocation of such guys would have done more harm than good.

‘The world of trolls is also complicated.’

– The world of life is not always simple.

While Kang Seol and Jamard were talking, they soon arrived in front of the castle gate.

“It looks like we’re all there. Everyone, stick close. “If they go in and the door closes, it’s a problem.”

Hearing Santio’s words, Snowfall and Jone came close to the trolls.

Crrrrr… Wha!

“Didn’t the troll in front say something just now?”

“I said open the door…”


“What now?”

“It’s mostly profanity and I think it means cold.”

– Ugh… It’s so f*cking cold.

– It’s frozen! It’s frozen!

– Let’s go and eat it~


“Fortunately there are no traces that seem to have detected us. Then….”



The gates of the ice castle opened and Kang Seol and his party entered.


Snowfall’s party immediately got away from the trolls and moved to the outskirts of the wall.

A house style that seems civilized in its own way. If it weren’t for the trolls that existed here, it wouldn’t have been considered that different from a human home.

All the houses were big. Perhaps this is correct considering the enormous size of the trolls.


“Sa Santio.”

“Why are you doing this, John?”

“The beard… the beard is frozen. “I think my blood will freeze soon… Can’t we go somewhere?”

“In enemy territory?”

“We are not enemies yet. “That’s because we didn’t get caught.”

Snowfall beckoned.

I found a house where I didn’t feel like I was popular.

“Come this way.”

“Young man, you saved my life.”

“Ha… I can’t help it.”

“If I turn into a corpse, you won’t be in trouble either.”


* * *

They came inside.

“Hmm… Northern trolls’ habitats aren’t that different from humans’.”

“You don’t want to let the northern wind into the house. Unlike other trolls, you can see that the house has an intact door. “If there’s a blizzard, even those with advanced cold protection skills would freeze to death, right?”

“Anyway, I will erase your presence.”


The entire house was surrounded by a curtain created by Santio.

This is why traveling with wizards was convenient. This is probably why adventurers always add at least one wizard to their party.

“Then I start a fire.”


Jone activates the central cold protection device very easily.

“Haha… My back is cold and my stomach is warm. Is this what humans in purgatory feel like?”

Jaune said this with a tired expression.

Santio asked.

“What on earth just happened?”

“Hmm… I guess it means that some idiot changed the rules for using the 6th floor, and that’s when that shadow wolf also appeared.”

“I’m sure it will get there.”

“And at that time, the fact is that not only the book that summoned the shadow wolf, but also other books were opened, and trolls poured out of that book and flowed into the 8th floor.”

“Why did these trolls come up to the 8th floor? “Did you think you couldn’t deal with the shadow wolf?”

“Then were you able to deal with that demon beast earlier?”

“You’re smart for trolls.”

The Kukuru of the early evening that Kangseol easily obtained was of the immortal level.

These days, each enemy they encounter has the title of immortality, so Kangseol and viewers have become insensitive, but to the residents of this world, immortal-level beings are transcendent beings that they cannot even dare to fight against.

Of course, that’s just the perception, but if you chatted with immortal beings like Kang Seol every day, you could get used to it and think that it was worth dealing with.


The conversation between the two wizards continued.

“But that too is just speculation. “Isn’t it a little strange that a force of this size occupied the 8th floor and didn’t come down?”

“You can fight them, but you can’t guarantee victory or defeat, and they might not want to shed blood.”

“What are they aiming for?”

“Is it simply because I cherish my newfound life and want to survive?”

“It’s unknown. “Why doesn’t the director correct all of this…”

“The director position… isn’t it vacant?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Kang Seol and Jamard talked while listening to their conversation.

A huge ice castle.

Mighty troll warriors.

‘I guess it must be said that a leader exists.’

– maybe.

‘He is the leader of the Glacier Maw….’

Kang Seol searched for memories.

And after thinking for a while, I answered:

‘Something’s strange, right?’

He remembered one thing.

“The Glacier Maw is now…”

– Yes, there is no leader. They are now ruled directly by the aging Yuan Xin.

The snowfall was harsh.

‘No way, Genshin himself…. No.’

If Genshin had come out of the book, the Mansang Library itself would have been devastated.

– there was. in the past.

‘… what?’

– A pretty violent guy who ruled the Glacier Maw.

Jamard’s eyes lit up.

– Hey snowfall. I’ll have to check it with my own two eyes. …Is he back?

After a short rest, Snowfall and the two wizards followed Snowfall’s words and went deep into the ice castle.

* * *



“The wind is unusual.”

A huge troll was sitting on a chair made of ice.

It was so large that I wondered if any other troll could be as large as this being.

“A blizzard is coming.”

“The preparation is sufficient.”

The older trolls were standing next to him, talking loudly.

“It’s truly amazing.”

“What do you mean?”

“I thought I had escaped the terrible blizzard while I was alive by causing death… but now that I have come back to life, that hell is coming at me again.”

“It is a great pride for Glaciermaw to survive the northern blizzard. “It shows that we are stronger than other beings.”

“Hmph, nonsense.”

“Yes yes?”

The troll sitting on the chair said as he looked at the snowstorm approaching from beyond.

“I guess you fell for Genshin’s trick. Not like that. “Having to overcome a blizzard and saying it’s glorious are all nonsense made up by the gods.”


“I can understand now that I am free from the shackles of Genshin. They just needed some power to give to themselves. “If we leave the land of the blizzard… he will be abandoned.”

“What an insult!”


“Eok… keuuk….”

An old man whose neck was grabbed by someone sitting on a chair.

“insult? “Do I still need to hear that even though I already died once?”

“Gagging… Gagging….”


“Knocking… Knocking…”

“Only in death did he escape the shackles of the original spirit. Now I can move according to my desires. Hey Grand Shaman.”


“The work of awakening the director of all things… how far has it progressed?”

“It would be quicker if you saw it in person.”

“Let’s go together.”




Every time the huge troll sitting on the chair moved, the earth shook.

The enema of all things they obtained was in the exact same shape as when they first discovered it. A mechanical device with its head bowed, surrounded by vines full of life energy.

The enema was placed in a place where it could be seen from anywhere in the ice castle. It was still like that now.

“Would you have ever imagined that a mere machine could bring us back from the dead?”

“Exactly, it’s probably not what this machine did. “This machine is just a servant, but the people who created all things are truly scary people.”

“That statement makes sense. When can the director wake up?”

“It’s about time, so once this blizzard passes, we’ll probably wake up.”

A huge troll touched the crown of all things.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. “What happens if he normalizes everything?”

“Don’t worry about that. Although it is a mechanical device, it is a servant with a spirit. “I’ve put a spell on it so we won’t be turned back to dust as soon as we are resurrected.”

“Okay, there’s only one thing he has to do when he wakes up.”


“Making the desired power flow from the desired book…”

“Yes. “You’re talking about normalizing the rules of use for the lower class.”

“okay. Then, after getting rid of those disturbing demons… we will be able to overthrow the whole heaven and earth with our forces.”

A blizzard is coming.

A blizzard that someone must stop.

“This Branca… This time, he will rule the world… This is a heaven-sent opportunity for this Branca!”



Branca and the great shaman leave the director’s side.

“Have you gone?”

“Went. “It seems like they are getting farther away.”

“Hehe… This is so… So what did you say?”

Kang Seol spoke from a position out of sight of the guards.

“It looks like the director will be resurrected and the rules for use will be changed to suit one’s taste. “It looks like the preparatory work has already been completed.”

“That kind of thing!”

Santio looked at me with a straight face.

“That means… the day he wakes up the director and goes down to the 7th floor…”

“He plans to take possession of the forces of the Mansang Library and come out into the world! It’s a disaster! “This is an unstoppable disaster!”

However, when the two wizards are in despair, Kang Seol shows a calm expression.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Is there some way?” Kang Seol said.

“Let me ask my friend.”


“Friends? “Didn’t everyone come down?”


Jamard, who is not as big as Branca but boasts a huge size, suddenly appeared around the snowfall.

“I got caught…”


“He’s my friend.”

The two, who were so shocked that they almost fainted, became angry.

“If the troll was your friend, you should have told him sooner! “I can’t believe you were so open-minded!”

“No, you were surprised!”


They could already tell that Kang Seol was the summoner when he summoned Coco, but they didn’t know that he even had a troll with him.

“What does your friend know about the current situation?”

Jamard said, snorting.

“The name Branca… I guess he was right.”


“This is a person from quite a long time ago. This ice castle has already collapsed a long time ago. “He is a figure from the past, if not from ancient times.”

“Did he have a glacier maw?”

“Yes, from what I understand, he is an amazing guy who used ancient magic that has already been put into practice. Since he is a strong guy, I thought it would be nice to stick

with him…” Kang Seol asked the most important question.

“So how did you feel about meeting him in person?”


“Your energy doesn’t live up to the rumors. “It’s a shame.”

Jaune and Santio looked fascinated at Jamard, who spoke the common language fluently.

It’s a situation where you feel scared, but feel fortunate that someone like this is your ally.

“So then how…”


Jamard said, bending his neck.

“The old man crawled out of the grave for the first time in a long time, so let’s let him enjoy the sightseeing for a while. And… I plan to throw him underground again as a courtesy.”

He was enjoying this situation.


“Of course, you’ll have to leave that spell behind. “This is…a heaven-sent opportunity for Jamard.”

it snowed.


A blizzard is coming.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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