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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 296

Episode 296:

The first clash between the Raven and Branca.


‘Ugh… As expected, hand-to-hand combat is difficult when Grief is asleep.’

Branca made it clear from the first collision that he should avoid close combat with Kang Seol.

‘Is this really the guy who devastated the North?…’


“Hmph, for someone so confident, I’m not doing well.”

The subject of this fight was Jamard, not Kangseol.

So, it was he who answered these words as well.

“Hand-to-hand combat is barbaric, right? Moreover, going head-to-head with a monster as big as an old man proves foolishness.”

“Words are fair, but… this Branca’s true power is not the body.”

“I’ll check that out soon.”

At that time, several shamans jumped out from the corner of the collapsed castle.

They were people with unusual energy.

“Master Branca!”

“Go to the director! “Ahead of schedule!”


The staff that the shamans were holding up was probably a magic tool imbued with a powerful cold spell, but the snowstorm deflected them.

They ran towards the sleeping director of all things.

Looks like he’s going to do something to the director.

This side couldn’t stay still either.

“We’ll stop those guys!”

“Jone! hurry! let’s go!”

The original plan was for Jaune and Santio to help Kang Seol deal with Branca, but since the shamans who were clinging to the director’s side were unusual, they decided to deal with that side first.

Branca just stared blankly and did not stop them.

“I don’t have to stop it?”

“At best, what two young young wizards are going to do… I’m more interested in you than that.”

“Hehehe… The attention from an old man is burdensome.”

“I guess we should teach etiquette first.”

Branca refers to Zodiac members Jaune and Santio as young wizards.

Snowfall confirmed Branca’s information that appeared before her eyes.

[Cold Branca]

Grade: Immortal

Estimated level: Unknown

Cold Branca is a great troll who did not give in to the harsh polar environment and became the violent ruler of the Glacial Maw.

He was gifted with a larger body and tougher hide than other glacier maws, and was renowned as a warrior even before he learned magic.

The Ice Maw, who recognized his potential early on, began teaching him magic, and he eventually rose to the position of great shaman.

Then one day, Branca fell into a crevasse while fighting the enemy alone to help his clan retreat during the battle.

There lies the secret of the ancient northern trolls. Branca, who had recovered all of that power, used a spell of destruction that was different from before.

He returned alive to the world beyond printing.

Basic Abilities: [Ancient Glacier Spell: Opaque 2] [Unknown 4] [Unknown 5] [Unknown 4] [Unknown 5] [Unknown 5] [Unknown 5] [Unknown None 4] [Unknown 3] [Unknown 1] [Unknown 2] [Unknown 5] [Unknown 5] Special Abilities: [Unknown] [Unknown] [

Unknown ] [Unknown.]

[Branca’s Ancient Glacier Spell: Opaqueness activates.]

[Branca remains mysterious.]

‘The power of Shenjian… bounces out?’

Branca grinned.

“I have a lot of things to ask you, but I’ll put that aside.”


Branca’s eyes radiated a blue glow.

“First of all, it’s a test.”


[Branca uses the ancient glacier spell: Hail Snow.]

[Status Abnormality: Hypothermia also causes Status Abnormality: Slowing.]

[Status Abnormality: The effect of Slowing increases by 1% every second.]

[Slowing If the effect increases by 100%, you will fall into a status abnormality: freezing.]


The illusion that the snowfall has become stronger.

“Isn’t it a little cold?”


Branca’s figure disappeared beyond the blizzard.

Jamard took control of the Raven as soon as the battle began.


[Uses multiple sources.]

[Uses two or more sources.]

[The efficiency of the sources used decreases by 10%.]




Skeletons, which are the tools that support magic, came to mind.

From mountains to lightning and sulfur.



the skeleton of the man in charge of the source of the pitch blackness.


Jamard first infused the source of sulfur into the skull to defend against the opponent’s magic.

“It’s cold…”


– The flames… will devour it…

[The source power of sulfur is in effect.]

[The source power: Fire magic is used.]

[Seething flames This envelops the caster.]

[The caster is immune to damage from fire magic.]

[Fire magic has a certain probability of being transferred when it collides with another target.] [The

transferred fire magic is not easily extinguished and continues to use the target’s life force as a sacrifice. It becomes stronger.]

[Fire magic inflicts damage in proportion to the target’s lost stamina.]


“It’s so hot I’m going to die.”



– The thunderbolt will purify.

[The source power of lightning is activated.]

[Source power: Uses lightning.]

[Lightning continues to fall on the battlefield until the source power of lightning is cut off.]

[The caster is immune to damage from lightning.]

[Lightning strikes the location where the lightning seal is engraved. The thunderbolt seal is engraved on the ground where the enemy is located at certain intervals.]

[It takes some time for the thunderbolt seal to activate.]


Branca’s eyebrows twitched at the sight of blazing fires and lightning as the snowstorm intensified.

“It’s tacky to talk about source power.”

“Unlike others, I tend to stick to the basics.”

“Come out, Longo.”


[Branca summons a phantom beast: Nightmare of the Snowy Mountain.]

[Continuous: Environmental Adaptation activates.]

[White Longo becomes even larger with the energy of frost.]


… An unusual white bear appeared.

It looks like it’s more than twice as big as Branca.

Jamard was as big as a child compared to the fantasy beast called Longo.



[Summon a phantom beast: Shadow Wolf activates.]

[Continuous: Surprise Appearance activates.]

[Happy Coco affects Jamard’s abilities.]


What popped out thanks to Jamard’s spell was Coco, who was infinitely smaller than Longo.

“Hahaha! “It’s so pathetic.”

“Show me Coco.”


Coco swallowed Gsondae’s skull.


Coco is much smaller than when she swallowed the mountain’s skull, but she still grows gigantic.


Coco’s shape began to disintegrate and spread like fog.

[The attributes of the phantom beast are temporarily set to cruel pitch black.] [

The type of the phantom beast is temporarily set to medium-sized evil spirit.] [

The phantom beast, Happy Coco, is temporarily changed into cruel Coco.]

“… Wow. ”

“Now let’s stick together.”

“good night!”


When Branca hit the ground, the accumulated snow bounced high as if an explosive had exploded.


Longo the White Bear took that as a signal and disappeared.


Coco also hid herself in the snowstorm.

As the night crow took a stance to prepare for Branca’s attack, Branca soon jumped out from a blind spot.



Wood clatter!


A plate of rock formed and blocked Branca’s fist.

“It’s fake!”



Branca gets angry with her eyes.

It was probably an immolation.


The ground where the crow was standing suddenly rose up.


Longo swung his large paws and threatened the raven. but.



Coco disappears, leaving claw marks on Longo’s arm. Blood dripped from Longo’s arm.




The moment Jamard pulled away to avoid Longo, who was attacking him even louder, perhaps to forget the pain.

[Branca uses the Ancient Glacier Spell: Snowball Fight.]

[A strengthened snow sculpture that is influenced by strength is formed.] A

huge arm made of snow appeared and struck the raven.



I tried to offset the shock by creating a lot of shadow hands, but it wasn’t easy. The night crow eventually bounces back.


The night crow rolled over the snow and prepared for the next move.



A crow creating the same rock plate as before in the air.

“The method is obvious!”

Just like before, Branca attacks using a snowball fight.

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Rock slabs breaking apart.


“… what?”

However, the fireball hidden behind the rock plate transferred to the arm and destroyed Branca’s spell.



A night crow seizes the opportunity and approaches Branca.

“Noooooom! “You’re still young!”

Branca thought he had gotten carried away and had chosen all-out war.

There has never been an opponent who defeated the cold Branca in hand-to-hand combat.

If the exchange was equal, Branca had the advantage.

Whoa! puck!





The two exchanged attacks.

Branca was surprised that his opponent was more skilled in martial arts than expected, and Jamard was embarrassed that Branca’s strength exceeded his expectations.

In the end, it was Branca who laughed.


Branca controls the flames clinging to her body with chills.

“It’s not ripe yet.”

“Is that so?”



At that moment, a brand appeared on the part of Branca’s body that had just come in contact with the raven.


“It will sting.”




Branca’s body was covered with Longo sticking out of the snow.

Lightning struck immediately.

Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa8551114588 there?

Kwahiah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Longo was so shocked that the spell was lifted and scattered into the snow.

Taking advantage of that gap, Coco aimed at Branca’s vital spot.




It wasn’t easy for Coco, who was of a superior level, to hurt Branca, who was at the top of immortality.

“It’s pretty good.”

“When did I not call you a child? Tsk tsk….”

“It’s ironic, fate.”

“… What do you mean?”

“Why are you, my descendant, blocking me?”

“Let’s just say it’s a difference in inclination. “Because I know roughly what you’re planning.”

“Tsk… Tsk tsk tsk….”

Branca laughed.

“You don’t know what my true purpose is.”

“Seeing you talk about a purpose you don’t even want to know, it’s clear…”

“I will liberate the trolls from Genshin.”


The night crow, who was about to continue his attack, stopped.

“So the trolls will have true freedom and the glory of ruling the continent…”


“… As expected of a guy who surrendered to Genshin.”

“No, it was you, not me, who surrendered to the original spirit.”

Branca’s expression became grim at Jamard’s words.

“You’re just saying whatever comes your way.”

“What is true freedom? “What is glory?”


“Isn’t what you are about to do just theft? Are you going to kneel down and ask for a favor from the beings you summoned by obtaining the power of all things? Please save the trolls from the original gods. Tsk tsk tsk… That would be so fun.”

“Shut up!”

“I’m sure. “Your desires will soon be eaten by mine.”

Jamard continued to push Branca mentally.

“You were scared by Genshin. “You can’t defeat Genshin with your strength alone.”

“Just talking about ideals is the same as your power right now! Done! “I will crush you like this, leaving only the snout!”

“Tsk… tsk tsk tsk…”

Jamard just kept laughing.

Branca glared at Jamard.


Branca prepared the next move.

[Branca uses the Ancient Glacier Spell: Perennial Snow.]

[Each time the Glacier Spell is used, Permanent Snow accumulates.]


[Branca uses the ancient glacier spell: Icicle Bombardment.]

[Shoots out a large amount of icicles, which are treated as blades.]

[The icicles accumulate a large amount of ice caps.



? Dangerous-sized icicles floating in the sky.


They quickly poured forward, targeting the night ravens.

“You’re excited.”



The ground rose up in an instant, creating a rock wall.


Let’s go!

The icicles collided with the rock wall and shattered into dust.

Doo doo doo doo doo…

Huge snowballs rolling straight in.


A night crow soared over the rock wall to avoid the snowball and found Branca’s location.

Branca was muttering a spell and closing her eyes.


[Branca uses the ancient glacier spell: Frost Storm.]

[Creates a large-scale cold vortex centered around the caster.] [

The damage increases the further you are located on the outskirts of the vortex, and cold penetration is applied.] [

Frost Storm is a large-scale cold vortex. Accumulates the ice caps.]

Branca’s face darkened a little.

Even trolls were bound to be affected by the forbidden spell that drained a large amount of their life force.


Jamad quickly pours out the source of sulfur, turning his entire body into a furnace.



As a frost storm came along with the snowstorm, it was a series of situations where you couldn’t see an inch ahead.

The chill invaded.

A single flame flickered precariously like a candle.

“Huh… Huh….”

Branca said this with a maniacal smile at the sight of Jamard struggling to hold on.

“There is no need to try. “It’s over now.”

“… what?”

[Branca uses the Forbidden Spell: Avalanche.]

[The damage of the avalanche increases depending on the amount of accumulated ice.] [

The effect of the avalanche is doubled in mountainous terrain.]

[The caster is not swept away by the avalanche.]

[The caster is immune to avalanche damage.]

[Forbidden spell uses the caster’s vitality as its sacrifice.]

‘Forbidden spell!’

A technique that was once used by Fierce Magra.

Geumjutsu was not an ordinary power as it was an ability that used life force rather than magical power.


The ice castle, which had already been hit once, began to collapse.

“Die helpless!”


An avalanche started from the top of the snowy mountain and began to sweep away everything.

Kwazizig! Kwazizig!

A night crow with its body curled up and its head buried in the snow.



He was no longer visible.

The avalanche swept everything away for a long time with white frost.


Branca was confident of victory, but was displeased.

– You were scared by Genshin. You can’t defeat Genshin with your strength alone.

These words seemed to be stuck in my heart.

“No… this is wisdom and reason.”

Branca answered what no one asked.

“In order to defeat Genshin, this is the only way…”

– What is true freedom? What is glory?

“Shut up… Once the Genshin Impact era ends, everything will end…”

“Ah, it was really dangerous this time.”


Branca turns her head.

A snowy mountain immersed in silence.

Where did the answer come from?

Branca mistakenly thought he was hallucinating.

I was about to turn my head again when something stirred in the snowdrift.


“Puh-haa! Ha ha ha ha ha! “It’s a little clumsy. So, is it my turn now?”

The tattered bones of the beginning. In addition, a night raven that was almost torn to pieces even though it was covered in earth armor.

But I persevered.

“… you.”

“Hey, the Genshin Impact era is coming to an end? Hehehe… True freedom won’t come from that.”


Jamard gets out of the snowdrift.

He shook his hands.

“It’s not important that it ends. The important thing is to finish! With these hands!”

Branca looked at Jamard as if he had seen a ghost.

“How did you survive?”

“This body is the mountain shaman. “Isn’t it funny that I die on a mountain like that?”

Jamard said.

“Snowfall… please. I have no strength in my arms. Complete the spell for me.”


The raven’s arms, which had not been raised, moved after Jamard spoke.


“Oh, thank you. And…you there.”


The whole mountain shook.


Branca is confused by the unusual vibration.

Jamard’s eyes lit up.

“This is the golden drink.”

[Forbidden spell: Earth movement is used.]


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