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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 299

Episode 299

“Huh… Huh….”

The group managed to stop the director before he reset the 8th floor.

Snowfall, Jaune, and Santio looked at each other.

“Did you buy it?”

“For now… I guess so.”

“Haha… ha….”

The book was thrown beyond the scorpion door.

What poured out from within was truly absurd power.

Even the words that gave goosebumps all over his body could not express the devastation he felt. I felt like I was experiencing something outside of the norm for the first time.

‘This much of a gap?’

A distance that seems completely out of reach. As of now, it was a distant dream.

Jaune and Santio were lying around talking.

“Hee… hee hee… I got a kick out of it. saw?”

“I am exhausted. “I don’t even have the strength to lift a finger.”

Snowfall looked beyond.

The rays of light pouring from the sky suddenly faded, and starting from the beginning of the snowy mountain, the entire area beyond turned into a bookshelf.

‘Is that… the original 8th floor?’

This is a snowy mountain, and beyond the snowy mountain is a library full of bookshelves. I was amazed by the bizarre scenery.


But now was not the time to express my appreciation of the scenery or something like that. A more important issue remained.

“What should we do with them?”

“Can you fight?”

“A little… but this many…”

The surviving shamans of Glacial Maw approached Jaune, Santio, and Snowfall.

“Please let go of this….”

“Please tell me! “The troll fish is meant to be used in situations like this!”

Jaune and Santio fall into their clutches.

The reason why Kang Seol didn’t step forward was because he didn’t feel any hostility from them.

A person who appeared to be the representative of the shamans approached Kang Seol. The level that can be felt is the beginning of transcendence.

“Are you the one who defeated the human Branca?”

“… then?”

“… I think you need to talk to us. “It may be shabby, but we invite you to our fortress.”

It was a ridiculous statement to Kang Seol and his party, who had already been touring the fortress to destroy the Glacier Maw, but they did not have the heart to reject it.

‘There are too many.’

The glacier maw trolls that the director had slaughtered were like a mountain, but even more trolls were continuously pouring out of the fortress.

It seems that the trolls who braved the blizzard to battle the director were among the greatest warriors of the Glacial Maw.

‘It was somehow unusual.’

I still remembered the troll warriors attacking the director with a weapon of power that I couldn’t tell if it was bravery or barbarism.

People dealing with trolls for the first time would probably break into a cold sweat if they saw that scene.

“What are you saying?”

“Are you John? “Are you targeting Jaune as expected?”

“Urajil! “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“It looks like they want to…invite us.”

“To the castle? Everything collapsed? why?”

“I don’t know why. Still, there doesn’t seem to be any malicious intent.”

“Hmm… then let’s go.”

“This is not something you should say while being dragged away, John.”

“Santio, your situation is only a little better than mine.”

Seeing the two archmages being dragged away by the trolls, Snowfall followed suit.

I still couldn’t believe that the stormy battle was over. Jamard seemed to have fallen into a long sleep as soon as the battle was over.

Snowfall was lost in thought as she followed the Glaciermaw trolls.

‘What will happen next?’

There was no way to know what would happen to the fate of the Mansang Library or the remaining forces of the Glacial Maw with Branca gone.



A sturdy troll entered the room along with the shamans who were controlling the group.

Inside the room, the two great wizards and Kang Seol were waiting to greet them.

“We can’t understand a single word of their language, so please cheer up.”

“We are in the cheering section again.”

“The learning process is short, so what’s the point?”

“But this is my first time seeing that troll…”

“What is it? “Why are you sitting in the middle?”

Kang Seol also had the same questions as them.

A sturdy troll they had never seen before was sitting in an important position, looking at Kangseol and his party.

“You know how to speak Korean?”


A straightforward answer to a straightforward question.

“Branca was my father. My name is Bron. “What is your name?”


“What’s your name?”



– Somehow…

– This drama is fun.

– Everything I do in the morning is fun these days haha

Regardless of whether the viewers, who were deducing the identity of the troll among themselves, were talking or not, Bron continued to say what he had to say.

“Are you against us?”

“Depending on your answer.”

“Tsk tsk… I like how decisive it is. So what answer do you want? “Why don’t you at least ask me a question?”

Kang Seol thought for a moment and then asked a question.

“You guys… what are you planning to do next?”

“If I answer wrong, will my head be blown off?”

“Just know that the worst thing you can do is answer like a joke.”

“This… should I say there is no room for it… this is cruel.”

“You look so relaxed.”

“I and my tribe, including Branca, are already dead, so what should I be afraid of? “Death is not as big a deal as you think.”

The other person’s behavior seems to be somewhat relaxed.

‘what? ‘This feeling?’

An ominous feeling ran down my throat.

There was both ferocity and leisureliness in the other person’s pupils.

– Ugh…

‘Jamade. ‘You’re awake.’

Jamard, who had fainted, woke up.

As soon as he woke up, he spoke urgently.

– Damn it, Bronn…

But Jamard, who had just woken up, seemed to recognize the other person.

‘Why… wait a minute, Bronn?’

While talking with Jamad, Kang Seol suddenly remembered a certain person.

‘Oh my…’

It’s a mistake.

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“… no. “What is the answer?”

“Well… my father’s plan failed… and most of those who sympathized with his ambition are dead… I see. “What should I do next?”


If Branca was a character from the previous era, Bronn was a character from the previous era.

An era before the current teetering glacier maw.

The hero of the glacier maw that sustained that era.

– Bronn… is a much more difficult guy than Branca. Even after he died, that power is still felt. If he had continued to rule over the Glacial Maw… but seeing as he appeared in a younger form… did he not find the strength?

Snowfall said while looking at Bron.

“You didn’t join Branca’s ambition?”

“Resisting Genshin is just Branca’s ambition and has nothing to do with me.”

“So you’re saying you’re not interested in everything?”

“of course. “What are you planning to do in a place full of books?…”

There was something strange.

“Even so, the director could have destroyed you all, so why didn’t you come forward?”

“Oh, that.”

Bronn grinned.

“It doesn’t matter if it disappears.”


“I told you, death isn’t as big a deal as you think.”

he said

“If there is no reason to live, dying is not bad. “At least it’s not painful.”

“It’s sophistry.”

“Hehehe… I guess it’s because they’re the ones who came up with an old plan to bring Genshin to his knees… They don’t communicate well with me. Oh… and… “Did you say Jamard?”


Jamard, who was in the form of a night crow, answered.


“It’s funny. Branca’s desire was somehow unclean, but what should I say about yours… should I say it’s clear? “It feels like there is no impurity.”


“… do you know me?”

“The absolute ruler of the glacier maw. He is a former figure who dominated the tribal alliance’s elder council. “I was mistaken in thinking that Branca was the only one that jumped out of the book.”

While Jamard was talking, Kangseol wrote down this fact in a suitable notebook and showed it to Jaune and Santio.

The two are shocked.

Bronn’s eyes became fierce.

“Somehow, I ended up getting out. Don’t praise me too much. “Because it’s just the past.”

“What about strength?”


“You couldn’t get it back?”

That moment.


‘… What!’

Bronn’s eyes turned as white as glass.

Everyone looked at Bronn as if the room had suddenly cooled.

Seonjian didn’t work on him either.

‘This guy… is stronger than Branca…’

Bronn grinned.

“Couldn’t you get your strength back? Hmm… I guess I can answer like this.”

He said, looking at his hands.

“I regained my youth.”

“… It’s the worst.”

“what? Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The cold in the room disappeared in an instant at Bron’s glare.

“It’s fun, it’s fun. “I was glad I left it alone.”

“Didn’t Branca know that you had regained your strength?”

“Because Branca didn’t know what kind of person I became afterward. And I hid it too.”

The more Snow Seol talked to Bronn, the more Branca’s last words came to mind.

– End it with just one death for me.

– … what?

– The remaining tribe members… have nothing to do with my plans. Let me live.

– ….

– Please.

‘Was it because of Bronn?’

Although it was a put together puzzle, its intentions may also be mixed.

‘The problem is serious.’

A strong man with unclear intentions was in front of him.

I thought Branca was the strongest opponent that Glacial Maw would present, but there was someone even stronger than him hiding, watching the situation unfold.

Jamard asked him.

“Do you have a grudge against me?”

“why? ah! By killing Branca?”


“It was the director who killed Branca, right? Well… and they didn’t particularly look favorably on us being resurrected and manipulating us as they pleased.”

“That means…”

“I’m saying that the glacier maw of before and now is completely different.”

Kang Seol, who had been wondering what to do with them just a moment ago, laughed at the now completely opposite situation.

‘I stopped Branca and an even bigger one came out.’

– I agree. We need to find out his intentions.

Bronn said, putting his hands on the table.

“What should I do? What should I live for from now on? I heard Branca’s last words. “I heard you spoke of the tribe’s well-being?”


“He also said to live for the future. By the way…”

He said as if he had thought about it for a while and made a decision.

“I’ll tell you the answer. The revived Bron and the surviving Glacier Maw will live as they please from now on.”

“… what?”

“I don’t really have any big dreams, and I’m not interested in the power of all things. “It’s good if I can get out of here, but if I can’t, there’s nothing I can do.”


“Well… Isn’t that what it is?”

An unpredictable opponent creates fear.

Still, it was fortunate that it wasn’t a clear enemy.

Boom boom…

“Come in.”


said the troll who opened the door and appeared during the meeting.

“The fortress is being restored naturally.”

“hmm… Is it the power of all things?…”


The troll’s next words were more important than the previous ones.

“Bookshelves are growing in the castle.”

“… what?”

The meeting with Bronn ended hastily.

There was no feeling of people keeping a close eye on Kang Seol and his party, perhaps because the collapsed fortress was coming back to life and bookshelves that had never been seen were springing up.

“It’s a big deal…”

“That person like that came back alive… I barely killed that vicious warchief along with the director.”

Jaune and Santio’s expressions darkened.

“But the good news is that they don’t have to escape all over the place.”

“That’s right. So what’s the big deal? “Now that the director is gone, we can’t even open the books on the 7th floor.”

“… ha.”

“It’s a little disappointing that that’s the only positive thing, but…”

“Now I have to think about how to get out of here.”

“Okay, let’s stay here for now and make a plan.”

What I thought would be over quickly turned out to be more complicated than I thought. The biggest problem was that there was no immediate exit.

‘Is it okay since I still have some time to spare?’

Even if I were to go back right away, I had to wait anyway since preparation was needed to recover from the grief. In that case, it was a better decision to try to get what I wanted from this place.

So they spent several days in the frozen fortress. Although it wasn’t what they had hoped for, the Glacier Maw was surprisingly kind to them.

“Whahaha! Stupid guy! “I won!”

“behave shamefully! “It must be a trick!”

“You cursed, right? Did you just swear? huh?”

Jaune and Santio got along quite well without being able to communicate with the trolls.

The problem was that Kang Seol had to act as an interpreter every time they hung out.

Still, Kang Seol thought that the current situation was not that bad.

My physical condition slowly returned to normal.

My twisted body felt much better.

– The recoil of the golden drink is greater than expected. I must use it carefully.

‘I know.’

– Is it better than that?


Jamard asked Kang Seol a question.

A similar question to the one asked to the revived Bronn.

– Wasn’t there a purpose? That’s why you went up to the 8th floor.

‘Yes, I did.’

– Is there a harvest?

‘…Not yet.’

– Don’t be impatient.

Jamard, like Jamard, cheered.

Snowfall’s goal was on the 8th floor.

It is about finding the legacy left behind by the Grand Duke of Frost.

It was clear that the book was in Mansang, and the location left by the old gentleman in Mansang pointed to the 8th floor.

‘The problem is that the 8th floor is not the previous 8th floor.’

The bookshelves were scattered haphazardly, and to make matters worse, a snowy mountain had formed and the disappeared bookshelves were gradually appearing.

‘I wonder if all the bookshelves must appear before I can even get a clue…’

Now I was repeating the location of the bookshelf over and over again to the point where I could memorize it in my sleep.

Perhaps the end of all things is there. So I couldn’t help but feel impatient.

‘They’re Bronn and Nabal, and honestly, they don’t have much to do with me.’

He wasn’t planning as dangerous a plan as Branca, and he felt reluctant to antagonize Bron simply because he was stronger than him.

It seemed true that there were more things in the world that were unclear than things that were clear. At least that’s the relationship between him and Bronn.


Suddenly, someone spoke from behind.

“… Don’t talk to me behind my back.”

I already knew that he had been showing off for a while, but I never thought he would start talking to me right away.

The opponent was Bron.

“okay? “I thought you would welcome me.”

“I? why?”

“Because you asked me to do something.”

“… no way.”

Bronn grinned.

“I found the bookshelf you mentioned.”

“… what?”

“What you said on the top spire of the castle….”


Kang Seol ran away without even listening to the end.

“ha ha ha! “The key is…”

Bronn looked happy behind the scenes, but it didn’t really matter to Kang Seol, who had important work ahead of him.

– Snowfall Calm down.




The glacier maws looked strangely at the snowfall moving at an incredible speed.

Snowfall pushed through them and headed to the top of the fortress.


The snowstorm stopped as soon as the director collapsed.

While the pure white snow field was visible outside the window, the snowfall made my feet move constantly.


reached the spire.

I saw that the door was locked with chains. Perhaps Bronn was trying to tell him to take the key and go.

Quasi profit-!

Snowfall blows away the iron gate of the spire by kicking the door. There was nothing that could stop him now.

“Haa… haa….”

There was a bookshelf.

The 9th bookshelf starting with ㅁ on the 8th floor.

As Kang Seol approached the bookshelf, he could not control the trembling of his entire body.

there is.

It’s definitely on this bookshelf.

I felt that.

My eyes scanned the bookshelf.

“… there is.”

Able to know.

A book with a gold pattern engraved on a pure white cover was clearly visible, as if connected like a string.

Kang Seol reached out and slowly took the book.


that moment.

Blah blah blah blah-!

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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