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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 300

Episode 300:

A bitter cold swept through the spire.




Jamard’s hand struck the book and knocked it out of Kangseol’s hand.

“What on earth…”

– Are you okay, Snowfall?

Snowfall caressing my aching hands.

“Oh, it’s okay. “I was just surprised.”

Kang Seol smoothed his hands and picked up the white book that had been thrown on the floor.


the cover of the book that is being rolled up.

It had a rough, bumpy feel and the strong weight unique to a book filled with books.

‘I don’t feel the chill anymore.’

Kang Seol suppressed his pounding heart as best as he could and tried to open the book.

“… ah.”

However, every time I tried to open it, the book started acting strangely.

Damn it!

It froze immediately and I couldn’t open even a single sheet. I heard

someone yelling

I heard someone shouting.

“You broke down the door in a grand manner. He’s worse than a troll. “I came to bring you the keys.”


It was Bron.

Bronn raised an eyebrow as he looked at Snowfall, who was crouching and groaning.

“It looks like you got what you wanted.”

Kang Seol hesitated to answer.

I got what I wanted here. Should I answer or pretend not to know? It was a concern because I still had no idea what kind of person Bronn was.

But the worries ended quickly.

“Yes, thanks.”

I still don’t know what Bronn wants, but there was no need to throw away someone who had done him a favor. First of all, it is clear that he was the one who helped me obtain this book.

“Oh, I just admit that you have to do good things sometimes. Well, it would be nice if you could consider this as repaying at least a small amount of the debt I owe you.”

“Do you owe me?”

“Well, anyway, you and your group were the ones who defeated the director, and you were the ones who destroyed Branca’s outrageous plan.”

“You could have stopped it, but you didn’t.”

“How can I, who was born from him, block his path? Even if you don’t agree, you should keep your mouth shut. I was honestly grateful that you showed up at the right time. And…”

Bronn turned and walked away.

“The director is at best a fake and an opponent I can’t do anything about. “You must have seen that when he touches me, I turn into letters.”

Snowfall witnessed that scene most vividly.

The sight of Branca’s legs, which were caught by the director, turning into letters and scattering into the air.

“Anyway… you got what you wanted, so you’re leaving now?”


Kang Seol looked down at the book and said.

“… That’s how it should be.”

* * *

Snowfall, who returned to her lodgings, was amazed by the cleaner surroundings.

I wondered if the world in the book would have been worth living in if it weren’t for the world we were trapped in.

Rather than that.

– The director is a fake at best and someone I can’t do anything about. You must have seen that when he touches me, I turn into a letter.

Among the things Bronn said, the part that was fake was caught.

He seemed to think of himself as a fake.

‘It’s not unreasonable, because the real Bron is already dead. You could think of it as a clone that inherited those memories…’

I was honestly taken aback by Bronn and Glaciermaw’s friendly behavior.

To the point where I feel a little bitter about the past where I fought against evil.

Would things have been different if Branca had come to her senses a little earlier? His words came to mind.

– Haa… haa… Jamad. If this Branca had lived in the same era as you… would our fate have changed a little?

I think that might really have been the case.

No, if I had changed my mind before waking up the director, things would have been a little better.

‘Well, it has no meaning now. The glacier maw will survive on its own…’ Whether

they consider themselves fake or are looking for a true life is honestly none of my business.

Because there was nothing that snowfall could do for their future.


So it was right to focus on the task at hand for now.

This book left behind by the Grand Duke of Frost.

I brought it back to the room and tried to unfold it again, but it still wouldn’t unfold.

That means in the end…

“Was it a futile effort?”

The seal is so strong that it cannot be opened at all.

For a moment, Kang Seol thought of the two archmages who were with her, then slowly shook her head.

Bornuil also predicted that they might have come after the Archduke of Frost’s books, so it was a risky move to go out of his way to provoke them.

He already knew that wizards can be a bit eccentric when it comes to realms, so he didn’t make a mistake here.

And if you really need it, it’s best to ask Frannan. Because you can trust him.

‘No, now that I think about it, there’s one more person.’

Kang Seol had an archmage by his side who lived in the present era and was a member of the Zodiac like the Prince of Frost.

‘Are you in Bornouil?’

– ….


– … The old man is sleeping.


Ur answered on behalf of Bornuil.

‘I found the Book of Ur.’

– Oh, that book. Okay, what did it say?

Kangseol recited to Ur the problem he was currently facing.

– It happens often. Books with limited readers are sometimes sealed. That’s right, since it’s basically just playing around with magical power, this body, the lord of magical power, can be destroyed in an instant.

There were times when I felt like Ur was so reassuring. It was usually like this.

Ur was so knowledgeable that it would be okay to call him the strongest in fields such as magical power or magic. I finally solved that riddle of nothingness and got it.

‘Then what should I do?’

– Send the book into nothingness. You know how to send it, right?

‘of course.’

The power of the spirit that had already been awakened wearily in the ruins of Wattala. Close your eyes and draw a huge door.

She …

Kugu Uwoong …

The snow is now standing in front of a huge door.

A power that has now reached maturity.

“Then where… um?”

But the book I was holding in my hand disappeared.

Kang Seol tilted his head and then returned to reality. He was clearly holding a book.


– What are you doing?

“for a moment.”


Snowfall stands in front of the gate of nothingness again.

The book was gone again.


Kangseol conveyed this situation to Ur.

– what? If you enter into nothingness, books disappear?

“… okay.”

– Tsk… tsk tsk… Puhahahahahaha!

Ur burst into laughter.

“what’s the matter?”

– It’s a masterpiece. It’s a masterpiece. They even put a seal on the idea….

“Seal the idea?”

The name of the seal that the person who left Yuji did not even know.

Since the Grand Duke of Frost had done everything on his own, Kang Seol did not know how great the seal on the book was.

– What do you think is the essence of Byeongjanggi?

“The essence of weapons? “It must be a weapon itself.”

– So what is the essence of a book?

Only then did Kang Seol realize what he was saying.

“… detail?”

– That is correct. The cover of the book you are holding and the countless bundles of paper are useless. What’s important is what’s in it. But this kind of knowledge and truth is extremely difficult to manage. It’s easy to copy.

“You’re cloning?”

– Yes, it is difficult to steal the actual thing directly, so create a replica. It is a meaningless action since the quality of replicas of weapons will naturally be much lower, but books are different. All you have to do is extort that content.

Kang Seol nodded.

“Azran prevented it. So that only one copy of this book can exist. “So that only certain people can open it.”

– Yes, that is why it cannot be transferred to nothingness. Because cloning is possible once it enters the mental realm. This is not an ordinary book. I’m curious about the knowledge contained therein. A guy named Azran… he’s really unusual.

Snowfall that makes me feel embarrassed for no reason.

Azran was his horse.

In the end, Ur’s praise circulated around and some of it reached Kang Seol as well.

“Isn’t it amazing?”

– Let’s find a way. Oh… no. You too must find a way. If I leave it entirely to myself like last time, I might end up wasting too much time.


I’m sorry about the part about the book, but that’s it.

Kang Seol remembered another worry.

‘I also missed Branca’s spell…’

Overall, I was disappointed with the end of this adventure. Something was achieved, but the result was not very satisfactory.

I think it feels that way even more because I don’t have anything in my hands right now.

Kang Seol asked Jamard if he was disappointed with Branca’s spell.

– It’s a shame that the old man’s magic was put into practice, but… it couldn’t be helped. Dying arbitrarily.

Kang Seol chuckled and suddenly wondered what the other group members were like.

So, Jaune and Santio must have climbed to the 8th floor with a purpose, but do they gain anything?

Since I already got Azran’s book, I thought it would be nice to get some other books…

Thump thump thump!

Just as I was thinking about it, someone knocked harshly on the door.

“Are you there?”

Jaune’s voice.

It seemed quite urgent.

No, he was usually in a hurry most of the time.

“Why are you doing that?”

“A major problem has arisen… I don’t think so.”

“Maybe it’s a problem with the glacier maw…”

“Did you just expect that I had an accident?”

“…Did Santio do the same?”


“Anyway, I’ll leave.”


When he opened the door, Jaune, Santio, and Bron were looking down at him with wide eyes.

“Bron? you also?”

“Yes, it’s something I should know about.”

Even if it’s Snowfall and Santio, we also need to know Bronn, even though it’s not clear whether he’s an ally or not.

‘It’s not that unusual…’

Kang Seol frowned and followed them. The destination was surprisingly outdoors.

Bronn stepped on the snow and grinned as if this situation was amusing.

“Hey river….”


“Yes, snowfall. “It got a little fun.”

Perhaps there is a reason for the grin.

“It’s fun?”

Bronn spoke honestly about his current feelings.

“At first, I was confused and thought it wouldn’t matter if I just lived out my life here or died like this, but… I’m becoming interested just by watching you guys. “It would be difficult if I did this…”

“Why are you in trouble?”

“That’s natural, right?”

Bronn’s expression was bitter and full of regret.

“You want to live. “On a fake topic.”


“I have already died once. The same goes for those guys rolling around in the castle over there. There’s nothing more ugly than people who are already dead having regrets about life, right? “If you struggle so ugly… I feel sorry for the real Bron, who lived life faithfully.”

He is differentiating between real Bron and fake Bron.

I was proud of the real Bron’s life. And it seemed like he, being a fake, was anxious that he might be messing with Bronn’s final days.


“…what do you think?”

“It depends on what your goal in life is.”

“Tsk… you sound like Branca. Okay, it’s fun even if it’s just for a little while, so I’m satisfied with that.”


“… what?”

“I mean, are you really satisfied with that?”

“… I do not know. At one time, I wondered why I woke up again, or if this was fate… but that was just my wish…”

At that time, Bronn stopped talking and his eyes widened.

Snowfall also cast its gaze where he was looking.

“This is…”

A place I’ve seen before.

“Isn’t this the front door?”

“It’s not exactly a scorpion moon… Isn’t there something strange?”

“Yeah… that’s strange.”

The Scorpion Gate was still formed on the ground and was still maintaining its shape several days later.

Not only that…

“Was it always this flashy?”

The Scorpion Gate’s previous appearance was that it was just a wooden door, but now it has become as splendid as the main gate of a nobleman’s mansion.

“It was in response to magic power. This door consumed magic power without realizing it.”

Everyone’s eyes were on Jaune.


“It’s not me! I blocked the magic a long time ago! No, there was nothing to block. “Because we had already run out by then.”

It didn’t make sense.

So why does the scorpion door remain the same?

“Then the reason this is still left is…”

Jaune rambled.

“So… this may sound crazy, but no, it is crazy. “But I’m not crazy.”

“Please speak.”

He said as if he were afraid.

“Someone across from me is holding the door handle and not letting go. So that this door does not disappear….”


“Who do you think it is?”

At that moment, everyone was embarrassed and retreated. An ominous feeling came over me.

Santio said, stepping back.

“This… this… can’t be…”

“If he’s still alive, what does he want…”

Right then.


Light began to leak out of the scorpion door.


Bronn moved quickly and blocked the door.

“What? how!”

The Scorpion Gate wasn’t the only place where ominous vibrations were felt.

Duddud… The Grand

Duke of Frost’s books that Kang Seol had also began to vibrate.

An abnormal magical power phenomenon was detected.



Snowfall that transforms into a night raven.

Jone creates a transition door for emergency escape.

And even Santio, who protects everyone by raising his magic resistance.

Their response was quick and perfect.


“Hey… I understand.”

“… what?”

Bronn said this while blocking the door.

“The guy beyond here… I’m not trying to come over.”

His words shocked everyone.

“They’re trying to take us away.”


That moment.


It didn’t even feel like the door was opening.

The surrounding scenery changed in an instant. Brilliant light ice was embroidering the surroundings. The snowy mountain and fortress suddenly disappeared without a trace.

If the ice castle is a crude art, this feels as if something alive has been frozen.

A world crafted with precision.


“… It’s a bookshelf. these are. “Everything… frozen.”

“Oh my god…”

Kang Seol couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“… It’s an enema.”

The director and Branca were frozen in the middle of the fourth floor. It was also the last time Kang Seol saw them.

“Fourth floor….”

“We must escape!”

“Everyone grab me!”

When Jaune shouted, his companions immediately grabbed his body.


White mist spread on the floor.

Damn it!

The body of the group began to freeze.

I didn’t even feel cold.

It felt like my senses had died.

How do you breathe?

“My wife, Lord Scorpio! Let’s talk…”

“This is Lord Baekyang Palace! Please talk…!”

Jaune and Santio shouted urgently…

Blah blah blah!

Their whole body froze.


Tendons sprouted from Bronn’s temples.

It looks like the magic power being transmitted is trying to use gold magic.


Blah blah blah…

He also froze.

“Haa… haa….”

Kangseol breathed heavily.



Someone was approaching from behind.


Suddenly Jamad came out of Kangseol’s body.

– Run away, snowfall!

Jamard, who had released his night raven, tried to swing his arm at the approaching person.

Damn it…

and then I froze.

Everything was frozen.

The cold invaded even Snowfall’s face.

The person who walked stood in front of the snowfall.

Then he took the book out of Kang Seol’s arms.

“How… why…”

Blah blah blah…

is it still there?

I was never able to ask that question.

Azran, Prince of Frost.

He looked down for a moment at the book in his hand and said.

“This book…”

As if Azran had decided on something, he placed his index finger on Kangseol’s forehead.


the spirit of snowfall invaded and instantly crossed the gate of nothingness.

Everything around him froze.

But right then.


Azran stopped walking unintentionally for the first time.


A line appeared on the ground that seemed to be divided by fire, and a knight holding a sword stood in front of him.


The article also caught his interest, but his eyes were elsewhere.

To the being sitting on the chair and looking at him.

“Don’t cross the line.”

The one who sees through his glasses the Frost Prince Azran.

“…On the topic of wizards.”

It was Ur.

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

The 31st Piece Overturns the Game Board, The 31st Piece Turns the Board
Status: Completed
Ever since he was young, Kang Seol had strange dreams every night. In his dreams, he was an adult wearing a mask and strange clothing in a peculiar world. ‘Alright, it’s time to roll the dice.’ The game in his dreams, ‘The World of Eternity’, in which he created and controlled character pieces on the table, was his refuge and his passion… maybe even his entire world. He enjoyed rolling the dice with the strangers in his dreams. He was happy… “How dare this insect not know its place and sneak into the heavens?” …until he became a piece on the tables himself.


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