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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 301

Episode 301:

The great wizard and the magician of the beginning.

The two were looking at each other, sizing up the other. However, it was not difficult to predict what would happen if an armed conflict broke out between them.

In all cases, Ur is defeated.

Even if Karen and Karuna join together, there will be a time difference but the result will be the same.


I was able to picture that future without difficulty just with the magic I could feel. Since there was no other being in the world as sensitive to magic as Ur, the future was drawn to him even more clearly.

‘What does this absurd magic power mean?…’

If it were simply that it possessed vast amounts of magic power, it would have been possible to do something. But Azran’s magical power was special.

It protected him as if magical power was alive. It had the energy of frost wrapped around his body like a snake.

There was no chance of winning now that I was facing him.

There was no way Ur wouldn’t know that.

But I couldn’t back down.

Sometimes you have to fight a battle where you are certain to lose.

Now here, Heomu is the last bastion to protect snowfall. Ur is the general guarding that fortress.

That’s why he kept his eyes wide open and stopped the Prince of Frost’s attack.

The number of situations in which he would deal with the Prince of Frost kept appearing in Ur’s mind. When he launched a preemptive attack, he was creating a kind of code of conduct that would respond by bombarding the enemy even if it was somewhat unreasonable.


But Azran’s reaction was strange.

No, this was a reaction Ur had never expected.

Azran takes a posture as if he is lightly bowing. Karen also looked at Ur in confusion.

Isn’t it strange?

Well, this is just like what an invited person would do when visiting.

– … Let’s wait and see.

Ur conveyed his thoughts to Karen.

Karen nodded and swung her sword.



The sword she swung went straight into her scabbard, and the flames that had caused Azran to stand across from her all disappeared with that single movement.


Blah blah blah…

Only then did Azran slowly walk over.

As he approached, a chill invaded me.

However, it seems that it did not affect Ur or Karen and there was no problem with their bodies.

Since the other person claimed to be a guest, Ur couldn’t stay still.


As he waved his hand, a table appeared and a chair for the Prince of Frost to sit on also appeared.

The chair was a bit clunky and didn’t look like a guest chair, but it was still important to put it out there.


Blah blah blah…

When Azran sat down on the chair, the chair transformed into a well-crafted work of art. To Azran, a chair with such great sensibility felt natural. It suited his mood very well.

When Ur saw him in front of him, he felt fortunate that he had not hastily attacked him first.

Wuu Woo Woo Woo …

It’s an overwhelming presence.

To be honest, I didn’t think that the Immortal or the Prince of Frost that Ur had mentioned were such great beings.

The first starting point for me to abandon such thoughts was when I directly experienced the nothingness created by the Buddha, and the second starting point was now.

If anyone were to see Prince Azran of Frost in front of them, all attention would turn to him.

Ur acknowledged him.

I don’t know if he has regained all his original strength, but if I were to fight him now, I would freeze in an instant.


Azran introduced himself first.

He might have seemed a little more polite if he had spoken complete sentences, but that didn’t seem to matter to him. Well, what good can there be in an absolute being being polite?

“… to cry.”

“… Ur.”

Azran looked around.

Ur added one more word.

“The owner of the mental world you are currently in is a guy named Kang Seol.”


Azran continued to look around his surroundings step by step. As the silence continued for about a minute, Ur also sensed something a little strange.

– You damn b*stard… what are you doing?

Ur wonders about Karen for no reason.

Karen shook her head and gestured to tell her not to act rashly.



Ur frowned.

It felt like someone was groping the back of my head.


Ur turned back to check, but there was no one there. And soon he opened his eyes wide.

“…Did you use magic to touch this body?”

It was Azran who groped the back of his head. He looked at his opponent using magical power itself.

A level of extreme difficulty that is difficult to complete without becoming a master of magic.

It was an amazing use of magical power.

It was like treating magical power as if it were one’s own limbs.

Azran said.


Perhaps the reason Azran groped him was because he was curious about his exact identity. After confirming that the talking thing wearing glasses sitting in front of him was a spirit, Azran blurted out his inner thoughts.



At this point, Ur also started talking in earnest.

“… Yes, this body is a great spirit body. “The magic sensitivity is unrivaled.”

Of course, even so, he could not carry out an eccentric act like Azran. At least not yet.

Azran was purely amazed.

A reaction like a child.


The Absolute’s admiration encouraged Ur to shrug his shoulders.

Sometimes it’s the majesty of the absolute.

Sometimes it’s pure.

The Grand Duke of Frost, whom I met in person, was a completely unpredictable opponent.

If I got caught up in something like this, it would be the end.

However, openly hostile actions were also risky.

If you do it wrong, snowfall can be dangerous.

This is none other than Kangseol’s spiritual world.

If you act carelessly, the repercussions will be felt directly on Kang Seol.

Ur pondered how to deal with him.

I don’t know if he had immediately attacked Snowfall, but from what Ur could tell, the miracle he had performed was not a particularly life-threatening act.

A question posed after much deliberation.

“What is your purpose?”

“… purpose?”

“So, are you going to act like a fool when you freeze all the snow and the fallen beggars?”


The Grand Duke of Frost showed no emotion at all. He answered like a doll and was dry like a doll.

He delayed answering. Instead, I asked a question.

“This place…”

“It is said to be nothing. “It’s a special space.”


Azran stands up and moves.

Ur had no choice but to follow him.

“What are you trying to do?”

“… observe.”

Azran began wandering around the void, wondering if that was really his only purpose.

And with his delicate hands, he touched the world of nothingness that Ur had built and spoke.


Here too.


That place too.


Azran continues to move with admiration as if he were a baby crying, ‘This is amazing.’

His reaction…

made Ur excited.

“Hmm… Hmm… I improved it even more than the original.”

“Awesome? The restoration hasn’t even been completed yet? In fact, here, I came up with more than the original function…”

“Even though it was rude, my eyes are quite good. Even among wizards, there was someone who recognized this greatness. “I guess it wasn’t meant to be disparaging.”


No matter how insignificant it is, it’s exciting to see someone who understands your hard work. Moreover, the reconstruction of nihilism is a task so difficult that any being will put their tongues.

Although Kang Seol appreciated it, he did not understand the effort that went into it.

For the first time, Ur is now face to face with someone who understands it all.

“Come this way. “I’ll show you something more interesting.”


Azran nodded and followed Ur.

At first, it felt like Ur was worried about Ur and was following Azran when he moved, but now it felt like Ur was excited and was introducing nothingness to Azran.

This was such a strange phenomenon that even Karen was confused.

“Look at this area, it’s an area where we had a lot of trouble, but surprisingly, it’s not magic…”

Ur explained with great excitement.

“It’s amazing…”

And Azran is purely amazed by it.

“…damn it.”


“Why is it that the only person who understands the state of this body is an absolute person like you?”

This was Ur’s true intention.

“It must have all been lost a long time ago…”

Ur muttered quietly and led Azran into the deep space of nothingness.

“I’ll show you more.”

He turned around and walked away.

Karen looked at his back and escorted him slowly.

Surprisingly, Ur and Azran communicate well.

Azran did not speak particularly long sentences.

‘How do I do this?’ or ‘How?’ A conversation in which Ur explains things in as much detail as possible.

When Ur said something, Azran nodded.

For those who walked the path of magic, even that conversation was a form of training. Through that series of processes, Ur was feeling a great sense of satisfaction.

For those who walk this path, Jisung’s conversation was like meeting a great talent.

To the criminals, the conversation between Ur and Azran may have seemed like an ordinary conversation where Ur spoke and Azran only listened, but the reality was different.

Azran understood exactly what Ur was saying and was making Ur pour it out at the right time.

Just as Jamad devoured a more powerful shaman and Karen and Karuna advanced to a higher level of swordsmanship, the exposition of knowledge led to the advancement of wisdom.


Karen stopped for a moment and looked at Ur, who was excitedly commenting.

Karen somehow felt as if Ur’s body was getting bigger.

Is it an illusion?

No, his body was clearly growing.

Something has changed.

“Oh, don’t look too closely. “Because there are places where I just crammed it in.”

“Can’t I see it?”

“… It’s embarrassing. “The sloppy appearance.”


“As expected, I understand. “This is why conversations with intelligence are enjoyable.”

Karen was suspicious that Ur might have completely let down his guard against Azran.

Standing tall…

Azran, who was well on his way, suddenly stopped.

His head turned towards the closed door.

“Ah, inside…”

Before Ur could say anything, Azran opened the door.


Soon a loud shout came out from within.

Ur and Karen covered their ears and frowned.


Inside the door, a knight wearing a black aura was dealing with a large giant.

However, the giant’s movements seemed to have no reason, only instinct.

Ur continued.

“This is why emptiness was created.”



“Haa… haa….”

The black knight cut the giant’s body into pieces.

It was always amazing to see a small being defeating a huge being.

However, Ur seemed unsatisfied.

“Tsk… It’s troublesome if the growth rate is too fast….”


In response to Azran’s question, Ur explained the situation.

“Ah, like I said before, I’m not the one who created this place. The current emptiness is nothing more than a reconstruction of what was left behind by the previous owner. But that’s not enough either. Battles with strong demonic beasts promote strong experiences, but even if nihilism is an ideological space, there are only a small number of demonic beasts that create an experience comparable to actual combat.”


Azran nodded at those words and walked a little further forward.

Soon, we came to a place that was considered the largest space in the void.


When I opened the door, there were a lot of musty corpses piled up, and the putrid air and smell filled the air.

“This place was originally full of demonic beasts.”

“This place?”

“Yes, the troll you met cleaned it all up and is now using it as a place to store corpses.”

Azran nodded and rummaged through his arms.

“hmm? “What are you doing?”

He struggled for a moment to find what he was looking for, then pulled out a really small vial.

A blue liquid was contained within it.

Ur stopped when he saw the liquid Azran took out.

“No way…”

Azran dropped the liquid into the huge room.



At that moment

, whioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


A tremendous amount of cold swirled around, freezing the entire room. Fortunately, Karen and Ur, who were around Azran, were safe from the threat, but the scene that unfolded was truly hell.

Damn it…

Damn it…

The spirit of cold has awakened, condensing a power that is incomparable to the giant that Karuna defeated earlier.


And as if that wasn’t enough, that dangerous cold created an ecosystem.

Even reptiles and other creatures surrounded by ice crystals.

However, there were beings that did not wake up in the form of eggs, perhaps because the size of the room was not satisfactory, and there were also beings whose power was excessively concentrated in one individual.

How can something like this be possible in an instant?

Vibrant life and magical beasts with enormous power were all born from that blue liquid.

A voice came from behind Azran.

“…an ice spirit.”

Ice soul.

An item that can cause disaster with just one drop.

“What are you going to do if you pour it all here!”

Ur muttered.

“If this is the case, growth will not occur properly… Damn it… First, we had to tear down the outer wall to create balance… We also took the time to build the door… But why did you scatter ice spirits out of nowhere?”


“Can this be a gift?”


Azran tilted his head for a moment and then shook his head.



“You were in trouble.”

Ur froze in his posture as if he had been shocked.

“So…” I

did something crazy, scattering ice souls for Ur, who was in trouble, but it was helpful in the end.

Moreover, the intention behind that action truly…

truly shook Ur’s heart.



“Don’t disappear.”


The reason Ur said this was because Azran’s magical power was gradually decreasing.

“Don’t disappear, Azran.”

Ur grabbed Azran’s sleeve.

“You’re trying to disappear!”


As an absolute being, the Grand Duke of Frost twisted magical power and even ignored the rules of using the universe, but that could not continue forever.

Clearly, at the end of the 4th floor usage rules, it was written as follows.

– If a problem occurs and you are still alive, wait calmly for the problem to be resolved on its own. The more serious the problem, the faster it will be dealt with.

Azran’s existence was a serious problem for the Mansang Library.

He had to disappear.

It didn’t matter if he was fake or real.

Because it is something that will disappear anyway.

Even the eccentric journey of scattering ice souls in nothingness did not need to be given meaning.

Azran’s existence will soon disappear and so will the Ice Spirit. However, because it was scattered in the emptiness that is the space of ideas, the impact will continue.

Maybe it was the only use for the ice soul that would disappear.

“It’s time.”

“Azran… where should we head?”

“… I’m fake. The real Azran….”

“Where should I head to meet you?”

Azran, made of letters, paused for a moment at Ur’s urgent cry.

And then he stretched out his index finger and pointed upward. It was only then that Ur felt relieved as if that was the answer.

“… Right.”


Now Ur is left behind again.

A world where endless teachings must be given.

The brief encounter with the Absolute was a huge shock to Ur. This shock was much greater than when he was reborn as a spirit body.

Karen was embarrassed as she saw Ur shivering.

That’s because his body was getting bigger and bigger.

* * *

Blah blah blah…

The ice surrounding Snowfall’s face slowly melted and broke.

“Haa… Heo… Heo….”

My breath catches in my lungs.

He was still alive in the world of ice. It seemed like he was the only one awake now.

Damn it…

All the ice surrounding my body broke and my body soon returned to normal.


Even so, Kang Seol, who had regained her freedom, could not turn her head.

He was right in front of me.

Azran, Prince of Frost.

However, unlike when I first saw it, the impression was a bit blurry.


“River… snow.”


Azran hands a white book to Kangseol.

This book was what he took from Jiang Seol.

Azran thought for a moment and said this.



“Tell me.”

At that moment, the Absolute changed into type and flew away.

– Azran! A wizard of extreme cold who can freeze even death…


Snowfall, looking at the scattered letters, opened a white book.

He flinched for a moment.

The book that had been so unmoving now revealed its contents so smoothly that there was no need to even open it.

Because the book was unsealed.

However, when I tell you to pass this on to… who on earth are you asking me to pass this on to?

“… ah.”

When I opened the book, a seal clearly left behind by Azran was revealed on the first page.

It was a situation that couldn’t be laughed at because it was the author’s handwritten autograph.

Right next to the Prince of Frost’s snowflake-patterned seal, there was a magically engraved text.

– Ur looking forward to another pleasant conversation.

This book was left by Azran to Ur.

Before handing this book to him, Kang Seol first read the first line of the book’s title to confirm that it was truly the one left by the Grand Duke of Frost.

– Azran reports.

A legendary legacy left behind by the Grand Duke of Frost.

This was the frozen truth of his realization.

[A banned book appears! The frozen truth is acquired.]

[The frozen truth is revealed to the world.]

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